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my-little-bit-of-magic · 2 months ago
Remus: I didn’t break that window
Peter: I didn’t break that window
James: I didn’t break that window
Sirius: I didn’t break that window
Lily: Glad to see you all exploring the English language but who the HELL threw my cat out the window???
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theblacklupins · a month ago
Remus: my type is shoulder-length black hair, grey eyes, a Gryffindor, and a bloke named Sirius Black
Sirius: who the fuck has the same name as me what
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wolfstar-things · 2 months ago
hc: remus and regulus were besties
Remus and Regulus: *studying in the common room*
Regulus: *falling asleep against Remus*
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drarryjustbecause · 7 months ago
Sirius: The Malfoy kid? The Malfoy kid!
Sirius: *Laughs hysterically*
Sirius: You’re DATING the Malfoy kid!
Sirius: Merlin, Lucius is going to hate this!
Harry: It’s not funny. His father hates me.
Sirius: EXACTLY!
Sirius: This is almost funnier then when I told my family I married moony!
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mysteriousmarauders · 20 days ago
Remus: I am alive for three reasons.
Remus: I was born, I have managed to not be killed yet, and Sirius refuses to let me die.
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nymphadorathebubba · a month ago
Sirius *bursting through the door* : OH MY GOD I THINK I'M IN LOVE WITH REMUS
James *turning around dramatically in a chair stroking a cat*: Well well well, look who finally realised
Euphemia: *flicks on lamp ominously*
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heyitsremus · 2 months ago
“remus sweared like a sailor” i say into the mic
everyone applauds. no backlash. it is a fact
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mooniesstars · 7 months ago
in second year,
sirius: remus, there's something i need to talk to you about
sirius: a-are your... weekly disappearances... you going to v-veela meetings and beauty sessions...
remus: what
sirius: *taking in a shaky breath* are you part veela-
remus: im a fucking werewolf
james, sirius, peter:
james: oh yeah that's definitely a better explanation-
later that day,
sirius crying to james: but how is he so beautiful
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moonysloverboy · a month ago
sirius: i got my driver’s license last week
remus: no you didn’t?
sirius: just like we always talked about
remus: we’ve never talked about that??
sirius: ‘cause you were so excited for me
remus: no??????
sirius: to finally drive up to your house
remus: what the fuck is going on???
sirius: just let me sing the song goddamnit remus
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prongsandprongslet · 7 months ago
"James no"
—a book by Lily Evans, co-authored by Marlene McKinnon and Dorcas Meadowes, introduction by Minerva McGonagall with excerpts from "Stop James" by Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, followed by a sequel "James yes" by Sirius Black.
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aimitachibanana · 7 months ago
remus defending sirius’ reputation and psychotic tendencies from anyone in the ootp:
Tumblr media
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my-little-bit-of-magic · 3 months ago
Remus: *lying facedown on the bed*
Sirius: Moony…
Remus: Eurghhhhh
Sirius: Honey, move if you’re alive
Remus: *sadly does the worm*
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theblacklupins · a month ago
Remus: I love you
Sirius: So? I love you more. Doesn’t make you special
Remus: I—
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wolfstar-things · 2 months ago
Remus: You’re the love of my live, i love you and i would do anything for you.
Sirius: I want you to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night and eat 3 meals a day.
Remus: No, absolutely not.
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jilywolfstar03 · 7 months ago
Remus: I know you think my judgement is clouded because I like Sirius a little bit.
Lily: You doodled your wedding invitations
Remus: That's our joint tombstone
Lily: My bad
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mysteriousmarauders · 25 days ago
*on his first day of Aurour training*
Harry: Fuck the government!
Hermione: Harry you are the government!
Harry: Well, fuck me then!
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nymphadorathebubba · a month ago
Remus: *wearing a cool outfit*
Sirius: *sigh* i wish I could pull that off...
Remus: go ahead
Sirius: what
Remus: what
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wolf-stxr · 8 months ago
Sirius: My gaydar's unmatched. I can tell if a person is gay just by a glance.
James: Moony's been hitting on you for four weeks?
Sirius: He 𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩?
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multi-bookworm · 2 months ago
Remus: what are you, 12?
Sirius: yeah, on a scale of 1 to 10
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marlenesfilms · 5 days ago
sirius: *looking at himself in the mirror* im straight. definitely straight.
remus: *walks in*
sirius: nevermind.
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