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Had a go at the Wolfwalkers art style bc I felt like drawing Nero again

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Wolfwalkers 🐕

this movie is beautiful! 💖

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Okay now I wanna say something!

If you haven’t seen these cartoons u have to stop everything that you’re doing right now and just watch these ✨

I mean they are so pure, a pure delight, I’m in love with these three story and the style of the cartoons

They are all based on Irish folk, the are basically named “Irish folklore trilogy” huh and it’s beautiful

Full of mystery, spirits, adorable creatures and, what is the most important, heart.

  1. The Secret of Kells (2009)
  2. Song of the sea (2014)
  3. Wolfwalkers (2020)

Just take a look at there posters 😱😍

I mean, these are my fave cartoons of the last ten-fifteen years okay


The director, producer and writer for all three of these cartoons is Tomm Moore and I just want to donate as much money as I have for him just TO DO MORE PRECIOUS THINGS LIKE THESE THREE

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Hey if you ship Robyn and Mebh that’s gross and I’m not gonna stand for it so like don’t follow me thanks cause like

For one they’re literally kids gtfo, none of your excuses are valid. and 2 they become stepsisters by the end of the movie Dude?? What the fuck?? Sorry but ew??

And three they’re KIDS, again, NONE of your excuses are valid for shipping kids :) so stop bein gross :)

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Made by @meme-queen-of-the-hills

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At night, you realize that homework deadline is finish today

Me :

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I don’t think i’ve ever mentioned that Annihilation, with Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson is actually my favorite movie… of all time.

But when it comes to animated films, Happy Feet, Coraline, Into The Spiderverse, and Wolfwalkers are visually my favorite movies

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I do think Mebh as an adult Wolf would be as big as her mom. I like to imagine Robyn as an adult wolf would be the smallest of the wolfwalkers, but she would still be bigger than when she was a child.

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A doodle I wanted to clean and color, here’s this little red-haired character from the 2D animated movie WolfWalkers.
The 2D animation, the character environment is all gorgeous. Really, if you haven’t seen this one, or at least one animated movie made by the Studio Cartoon Saloon, just go for it, you’ll not regret this.

Wolwalkers © Cartoon Saloon
Sketch made by me.

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Wolfwalker re-watch got me noticing and appreciating little details of animation I hadn’t before and also CHOKING BACK MY SOBS 😭

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accidentally started going down the cartoon saloon rabbit hole and uh.

I have seen the secret of kells two times now,,

and am absolutely. in love. with the fairy girl

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I decided to watch Wolfwalkers and I kid you not, not even three (3) minutes into the movie and I am already crying.

All it took was cut trees and “sad” forest animals overlaid with a beautiful haunting singing voice and the floodgates opened.

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I have not stopped listening to the WolfWalkers soundtrack for at least three days.
Will I ever?
Probably not and I have no regrets.

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