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Logan’s Daughter

pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader

summary: In which you’re Boyfriend received a lecture from your Dad.

warnings: FLUFF!

author’s note: I was thinking and forcing my brain to process since I’m having a friggin’ Writer’s Block this past few weeks! I was literally thinking of any ideas to start writing a Bucky fanfic but this plot crossed my mind. And who am i to say no to my brain, right?


Logan noticed it all, he’s not stupid. He’s also once a teenager. The way the Peter guy looks at you, the way you blush whenever he sets his gaze on you, The way you both smile to each other like you’re talking, The way you’re face lit up whenever he will mention the name of the Quicksilver himself.

He notice it all, all of it.

Just like how he notice Peter’s eyes lingering on your figure at this exact moment, and although Logan admits that you really have a good taste when it comes to men, He still can’t help but to get pissed off at the thought of Peter dating you behind his back

If he’s a man, He will date you right in front of him no matter what the result would be. What was he? A fucking Coward? That don’t work for Logan, He don’t want to see his little girl date a Coward.

You deserve someone who will show you off, Heck you deserve the universe!

Logan decided to invite Peter in his Office to talk about his Grade, he also seemed to be getting distracted on class this days. And he knew exactly why, The Door of his Office remained open and almost all of the students are standing on the Hallway, walking towards the Cafeteria for Lunch, or going back in their dorm to get some things.

They both have a better view of the students interacting right in front of them, And among the crowd. You stand out, There you are walking with Jean Grey heading towards the stairs, Book in hand and giggling.

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Scogan Five Word Writing/Art Challenge Revisited

For those fanfic writers/artists out there, I thought I’d re-post a mini-challenge for everyone. If you send me a DM I’ll send you 5 randomly chosen words that you must use for an art and/or writing challenge. You can either do an art piece or write a story. The story you write must be at least 250 words minimum. The maximum is up to you in what you want to write, but with the story and/or art the topic must be about Scott and Logan and you must use the 5 assigned words in some way shape or form within the context of the story. Aside from that you can pick whatever kind of genre you want to work with (i.e. comedy, bromance, drama, romance, holiday, etc). It can be from any universe they are in together. You can even blend universes (i.e. Movie Logan/ComicScott, AUs). It’s up to you!!! The imagination is the limit on where you’ll go with it!!! I know it’s a very random challenge, but just to generate some interest, let’s see if anyone wants to give this a try.

When you are finished with your story, please let me know so that I can reblog and share the link to the blog followers. Also be sure to tag it with #scogan and #scoganfivewords so that way it will be easy to find! I know it’s random, but let’s see if anyone is up to the challenge.

Best of luck everyone! Let’s have fun with this!

(Note: I ran this a few times, so I’d love to see people try it again as it worked pretty well in the past)

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Kill me part one


Originally posted by reveriegifs

Pairing: Donald Pierce x reader 

Y/N: This is gonna be a series and it will at some point contain smut. I hope it is good and that I did write the sarcasm good. I can’t believe I actually did write this tbh lol 

Summary: Reader is a mutant who can’t die. Pierce and the reavers capture her and there is a lot sarcasm and bickering between them. Which leads to both of them getting frustrated, sexually frustrated…. 

Warnings: violence, cursing, does sarcasm need warning 

Words: around 2k 

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