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#woman of color
pro-royalty · 7 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alexa Demie for “Fairy Tales” by Petra Collins
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renlo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Microsoft Paint.
A simple looping blinking GIF since I wanted to finally finish this sketch!  I don’t often make full body drawings (at least when I’m working with MS Paint), but I wanted to draw legs at least once this year.
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dailyhistoryposts · a month ago
Frida Kahlo
Halfway through Hispanic Heritage Month, it's time to talk about Frida Kahlo. Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón (1907-1954) was a Mexican painter and a badass. A communist, a disabled, bisexual woman of color, and one of the greatest artists in human history, it's no wonder that Kahlo's work is known around the world.
Tumblr media
["The Frame" by Frida Kahlo. 1938]
Kahlo was disabled by polio as a child and then was in a bus accident, effectively ending her aspirations to go to medical school (which had very recently opened its doors to women), Kahlo began to paint herself while recovering in bed, sometimes using a harness around her head to help her look at her easel.
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["Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird" by Frida Kahlo. 1940]
She quickly grew in talent and fame, and traveled international to the United States and Europe to put on exhibitions. She also taught students at the Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura, y Grabado.
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["Me and My Parrots" by Frida Kahlo. 1941]
Her paintings death with wellness and disability, politics, self, death, Mexican identity, gender, class, and postcolonialism. Her art style is Surrealist and Magical Realist. She was the first Mexican artist to be featured in the Louvre, and is an icon in Chicano, feminist, and queer history.
Tumblr media
["Marxism Will Give Health to the Sick" by Frida Kahlo. 1954]
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kolacheco · 4 months ago
The first few steps to being a better woman or high value woman is :
•Minding your business -worry about yourself sis work on YOURSELF
•Not to speak down or belittle other women -that’s Dry ass Puss Puss energy sis keep that to yourself **
•Upgrade yourself for YOU
•Take care of yourself -make sure self is good
•Stay grounded and never stoop to anyone else miserable level
•Never put energy into something that serves you no purpose or is pointless to you -just move on and keep it pushing
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thinking-about-fiction · 13 days ago
Why do people think that being a love interest or in love with a man takes away from a female character?
If a woman is otherwise a good character, then unless being in love with this man is making her act in a bad way, it shouldn't make her any less of a good character
Even if she is a woman of color in love with a white man
It doesn't make her any less independent, and it doesn't make her bad WoC representation
I saw someone say that the fact that Makkari is in love with an "awful white man" like Druig takes away from her character. Please stop this. The fact that Makkari loves a man who is sweet and affectionate with her, cares about her, and treats her well, doesn't make her less of good WoC representation.
Anyway, I thought y'all wanted WoC shown in healthy interracial relationships, and now that we got that, you've found something else to complain about?
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tyrannoninja · a month ago
Tumblr media
This eagle-taming huntress represents an enigmatic prehistoric people known as “Population Y”, whose existence has been inferred from traces of ancestry they left behind in the genomes of modern Australasians and some Native American groups in South America. It’s possible that the Population Y people migrated to the Americas millennia before the primary ancestors of modern Native Americans (the latter arriving around 15,000 years ago), and human footprints in New Mexico dated to 23,000 years ago may record their presence.
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dailydoseofmelanin · 8 months ago
I’m Every Woman
You don’t need to like pink
You don’t need to have kids or even maternal instincts
You don’t need to be graceful or emotional
You don’t need to to dress a certain way
You don’t have to wear makeup or have a pHD in walking in high heels
You don’t need to have breasts or menstruate
You don’t need a certain body type or a “normal” love life
You don’t need any of these things to be a woman
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silkycub · a month ago
Can I talk about something really quick, being a POC?
I have spent countless years of my life being told that my 3B/3C curly hair is bad, ugly, “too big”, etc. along with racial discrimination, micro aggressions, etc. from friends, family, strangers. As a result of this, I grew up hating my hair. I was led to believe that only having silky, straight hair would mean I was “beautiful” or “good enough” for society’s standards.
I’m recently seeing a movement for curly people, feeling liberated and free that they’re finally able to embrace their curls to the fullest...which is AMAZING! But I’m seeing yt people talk about this. I’m confused...?
Their hair “texture” (not curl pattern) is silky smooth and always has been- they’ve always had the chance to wear their hair “curly” (it’s mostly waves) but they just chose not to. Some of us didn’t have a choice, because of the social pressure and discrimination we faced growing up. THAT, is why it’s liberating to finally be able to fully accept and embrace your curls now.
It’s really angering me that these yt people are making things about themselves and their experiences with their “curls” when I know damn well they’ve never faced racial discrimination or injustices growing up. Curls or not, they’re fully yt. It’s like they’re trying to oppress themselves and I’m stressed.
Thanks for listening to my rant. I hope I’m not coming off as insecure or racist. I’m neither of those things. This is just very frustration to see knowing what I’ve been through. I’m not even FULLY black, so I can’t imagine what black people have had to go through and still go through.
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chekhovsfiringsquad · 7 months ago
I just figured out why rivals to lovers is more appealing to me than enemies to lovers. I’m a queer woman of color. My enemies are just bigots.
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radfemblack · 7 months ago
Racism 🧾
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As a black radfem I will say that the most racism I’ve seen and faced since becoming a radical feminist is from white/non-black TRAs. The other people of color, like this clown, are often even worse because they think that not being white gives them some pass. This shit was under my post of a meme criticizing makeup of all things. It had absolutely nothing to do with race either way but ofc, derailing. There is definitely racism in radical feminist circles, but it’s in no way endemic or unique as these clowns would have you believe. The feminist movement as a whole has always struggled with racism, and broader progressive circles have race problems themselves. Hell, many leftist thought leaders have made wildly racist comments, who’s gonna cancel Marx? White radfems are not special in this regard. Last week there was a post going around to ~cancel~ two “radfems” for parroting racist propaganda, so nah that shit isn’t accepted here. But clearly anti-blackness and racism against black women who don’t wanna be compared to men and be mules and pawns and tokens for “trans rights” is accepted by TRAs.
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repeatiloveme · 4 months ago
when you're arguing with someone and they bring up the fact that you don't have basic human rights:
yo ass really mad 💋😘💅😍
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tyrannoninja · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
This is a representation of the famous Egyptian goddess Auset (better known as Isis) that is inspired by assorted double-faced “janiform” vases from the ancient Mediterranean. On the left side would be the face of the goddess as a native Egyptian woman, whereas the face on the right is based on how the Romans would depict her once they adopted her cult as one of their own after annexing Egypt.
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