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He doesn’t know why life is so harsh to him

He seems to complain about almost everything

Everything he sees

He blames

He likes to point fingers

But never at him

There’s always a negative outcome that comes his way

At least that’s how he feels

And he asks himself at midnight

Why life is so unfair?

Why me?

What did I do to deserve this?

He blocked his own heart

So he won’t feel a thing

Numbing the pain sounds like a better way

Why don’t you come and join?

He says

Let’s have a few drinks until we become insane

He doesn’t want to be alone

He wonders why his friends are weird and grimy

Maybe because he attracted those friends

Not knowing he is worthy

He continues his day with his head low

But with others he puts on a wide smile

Masking it all away

His whole life always been this way

So when you come and judge him

He’ll treat you like he treats himself

Sending hate and violence

That’s what happens when you attack his ego

It’s been growing since the day he was born

Think twice before judging another

Everyone has their own little problems

And they never want to acknowledge them

But maybe one day, he says..

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