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#women at work podcast
denialforme · 5 months ago
A complete guide to different eras of podcasting:
First era:
Podcasting's origins in blogging can be traced all the way back to the medium's inception. Both worlds shared a common political spirit in that, like early blogging, podcasting developed out of a belief in the internet's potential to democratize thought, a desire to bypass gatekeepers, and a desire to live and build on one's own terms. That isn't to suggest we shouldn't romanticize the early days. The first podcasts were mainly chatty amateur creations that were recorded in hurry, scarcely edited, and insular. This will evolve over time as podcasting increased in popularity and pulled in a larger audience. Early podcast companies, often in the form of networks (including, most prominently, Midroll Media, now rebranded as Stitcher), were formed in search of a business model, but capital remained an issue. Since the medium's core infrastructure has remained largely untouched throughout its lifetime, data on podcast listeners has remained rudimentary. At, we are offering the effective nocturnist podcast and septic podcast.
 Second era:
A sizable number of influential podcasting personalities are now eager to downplay Serial's relevance in the medium's evolution. They say that “podcasts were always taking off. There are a few things you can do to strengthen your argument. We might argue that Serial's cultural breakthrough just served to fuel the growth of narrative podcasts. One could add fuel to the fire by stating that podcasts in the tradition of talk shows — from personality-driven fare like WTF with Marc Maron and The Joe Rogan Experience to round-table conversations like Slate Political Gabfest and free-form improv like Comedy Bang! 'Bang'.
Much of this action had a crescendo arc to it. Every week brought a new mission, a new achievement, and a new manifestation of profound ambition. Things seemed to be moving thunderously, but it was unclear where they were going.
Third era: New era:
Spotify, who had previously dabbled in podcast streaming with unimpressive results, dove right in with a $340 million acquisition of Gimlet Media, a podcast studio, and Anchor, a podcast publishing website. These eye-popping purchases, with their unheard-of price tags, were swiftly accompanied by a letter of intent. “With the addition of Gimlet and Anchor, Spotify would surpass Apple as the world's leading podcast publisher, with more shows than any other organization.
In this leap, Spotify has likely ushered in a new age in podcasting, one that is well removed from the medium's haphazard and slow-but-steady beginnings. For the time being, we'll refer to it as Big Podcasting. There's been a steady stream of subsequent changes in the Spotify camp in the months following the acquisitions: unique alliance launches, buzzy talent recruiting, more expressions of ambition — not to mention new shows that have already launched, featuring big names including Jemele Hill and Joe Budden attached.All of this leads to a world in which Apple is no longer the leading provider, and the company may feel forced to shift its comparatively casual stance toward podcasts, eventually severing podcasting's links to its blogosphere origins for good. Our experts are highly trained to provide the best cardiology podcast, top leadership podcasts and pediatric podcast.
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saumya-us · a year ago
Tumblr media
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soledadcatalina · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[id: two digital illustrations featuring sir caroline and amaryllis of exile from the penumbra podcast. sir caroline is a dark brown skinned, Black Morrocan woman with medium length dreads. rilla is a deep dark skinned Bangladeshi woman with wavy black hair. the first picture shows caroline and rilla ahoulder to shoulder in a bright, ruffled pink flower, with leaves tied in their hair. caroline says with a sneer "Do you have your petals in place? IFf you give away my flawless camoflage, I'll-" and is cut off by a mortified rilla replying "Sir Caroline... You cut two neck holes in a big pink flower. We look ridiculous." The second picture shows the two sitting up on the ground, winded and dishevelled, glancing at one another and laughing. here, Caroline is in royal blue plate-mail armour, and Rilla in a yellow & blue salwar kameez.]
"Thank you, Sir Caroline. You saved my life. Again. That was amazing. I... don't know how you did it." 
"It wasn't very difficult. The witch slowed my fall." 
"I didn't mean that part, I could've done that part." 
"You could have jumped six stories off the edge of the world? Really? No, I don't think -"
"Can you chill out for like, one second, so I can finish complimenting you?”
sir caroline & rilla still an underrated dynamic tbh
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that-soccer-guru · 7 months ago
Sirs, ma'ams and nonbinary pals, today is the first day of black history month in the US. Allow me to drop the nugget of something Y'all should follow, because the black women in this sport we love so much have put in the work and it's about time we SHINE A FUCKING SPOTLIGHT on them, their hard work, and everything they do to make soccer a more accepting, diverse and better sport.
That's just a glimpse that the uswnt Instagram page put up on Midge Purce talking about the work the Black Women's Player Collective (BWPC) have been doing. It's a really good listen, I encourage you to check it out. (x)
And follow the BWPC on IG too! It's about time we stop looking at the bystanders and start hyping up the trailblazers.
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yououghtaknowmp3 · 4 months ago
NEW CLIP: “Say No”
#skam brighton#LET'S GO MASH UP GANG#so many skambr mashups can easily be imagined by listening to multiple songs#but this one. needed to be recorded to be appreciated.#am i insecure about my voice? yes incredibly so. but fuck my anxiety the Art is more important#also these are two of the best songs in hamilton#because the best songs are the ones with women and with burr soloing#also i've had this mashup planned for over 6 months and like. i am so incredibly proud of it#when the skambr music analysis podcast ep for this ep comes out. then you will see#current working title is infodumping with isaac#i plan to release the first episode at the same time as the last clip for this season#but the first ep won't be actual analysis it'll just be me vibing i think#just giving some Backstory on why i decided to write this season the way i did and stuff#i'm really excited to record it but i'm waiting til nearer hand the time#it's literally just going to be hours of infodumping with transcripts easily available#the programme my school uses for producing music actually automatically transcribes the audio you record on it which is cool#and i'm used to transcribing scripts and stuff from audios so it'll be easy enough#i'm just really excited :) it's my summer project to Become a Podcaster#i've applied for a summer arts course which will be my official summer project if i get in#but if i don't i'm going to be taking driving lessons#but either way i Shall be podcasting because i can just do it in my room at like 10pm and have a good time#there's probably going to be two or three episodes per skambr episode because i have so much to say#and i will go on tangents and sing little songs and tell Life Stories From Isaac's Past. it'll be a fun little diary thing
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ssweetthoughtsworld · 7 months ago
Transcript part three
M: But do you guys do any teambuilding exercises? Or anything sort of official? Or is preseason you to break you down and smashes you and youjust commiserate and hate the coach together?
J: See, this is where Leah comes in, because she organizes every single team event because she just cares so much about people like enjoying to play for Arsenal andbe happy, like she realizes everyone is farand no one has their family so she literally organizes every single team event. Which actually works perfectly because Kim's idea of organizing a team event is like, it's not her thing.
M: Cause she's the captain right?
J: Yeah, you'd think a captain would organize that kinda stuff but the Leah's personality is just,like she wants everyone to behappy an enjoying it so like Leah literally oragnizes everysingle team event.
M: So Leah is like the center and the team mom? Is that what you're saying?
J: Yeah?
L: Do you have to cut to be a mom cause then I would not be. No but I agree with Jen though, I do really appreciate that 40 minutes down the road I have my family. I'm in such a privileged position where I haven't had to sacrifice anything and all these girls come over and make such commitment to the club and I don't know, if anyone said they weren't having a good time,that would break my heart. So it's just nice to show people the way of the world down here as well. I quite like that to open their eyes to some things.
J: Yeah, you are a local.
M: What type of things in London do you show them? Like where do you take em?
L: Do you know what? I think, I mean I soend so much of my time in London, it's like the little secret things, the little secret gems. A couple of the girls though, I see it like on their Instagram stories,they are at are such cool places all the time, I'm like: Where's that?. I always tell them about the history and nobody ever listens to me and they all laugh at me but...
M: I wanna hearsome history, give us a piece of history!
L: Well I told Caitlin (Foord) about the Tower of London.
M: Yeah Caitlin, from Australia right? So far away from home.
L: Yeah, she seemed genuinely interested like most people are when you try to build a conversation. And I tell her the story of the Tower of London and Anne Boleyn getting her head chooped of. All very light and cheery and then we play a quiz the other day and she'd completely forgotten everything I said to her so I realised I'mactually just talking to myself and uhm yrah. I think I like it because London has got so much about it and I like people to fall in love with it as much as I did.
M: Yeah, speaking of family. On Arsenal do you guys have like different family roles on the team? So Leah is the mom/ maybe grandma.
J: Kim Little is the dad I feel like.
L: Yeah she's just so dissapointed, like you don't wanna dissapoint Kim.
J: Don't know what's worse, dissapointing your own dad or Kim.
*All laughing*
M: Why?
L: She's just got like a, you really want to be good for her. She so doesn't put her foot and is always everything you need her to be all the time. So you just want to be better.
J: She also would a hundred percent belike, if we did something wrong, I'm not angry, just dissapointed.
M: Oh noo, not that line. That's just mean!
*All laughing*
L: She literally looks after us all, doesn't she? She's the glue so...
J: Yeah.
M: Who's the best dressed?
J: Actually Leah!
M: Leah's like: Pick me! Pick me!
J: Nah, Leah a hundred percent!
L: No I always say it's about myself I'm only kidding, I do think we've got quite a good team of well dressed people though. There are teams where horrific stuff pops up every now and then. We don't really have that. Lydia Williams loves to wear whatever she sees. I feel like she goes to the wardrobe and grabs whatever is in front of her and then just comes back out. She even looks cool with the time. She does gym in like work boots or Wellys.
J: She actually had DocMartens on in the gym the other day. She's like, the more color the better and then you've got Kim who's like grey and black. So like honestly I think it gives Kim anxiety a bit, seeing Lydia turn up everyday with like just a colorfuk pattern. Uhm yeah, Jill Roord got quite good style.
L: Yeah, she's trendy
J: Leah weren't you like in Vogue?
L: Once upon a time.
*All laughing*
L: It was just a Nike shoot that ended up in Vogue. Yeah, it was cool uhm I'll pay you later Jen!
J: No worries.
M: Who has the best music taste?
L: Jen, you are in for sure with this one.
J: Do you know what? You actuallyhave like the broadest range, so Leah does the pregame music, again because she wants everyone to be happy all time. Literally every genre, Leah will cover it. So Leah does the music.
M: What's on the playlist?
J: What's not on the playlist?
L: Yeah literally, I hate people that say a bit of everytging but I do play a bit of everything (...) Strom Z, background to John Mayer and Malin playing along.
M: And Taylor Swift?
L: Yeah, exactly! Just a bit of everything really.
M: I've heard you like Country music, actually you have told me that you like Country music, we've heard Country music this evening.
L: I looove Country music, I love it. Well me and my grandma used to go to Lady and the Bellin concerts.
M: They're amazing!
L: Yeah,they were the only ones that were sort of touring in the UK, other thancountry to country you didn't see that many come over uhm and she used to take me to them and then yeah just like, got family in Canada you know so kind of hear it when we go over there and stuff and I'm just in love with it. I'd say it is my number one go to, a hundred percent.
M: Yeah same. Jen what's your favourite music genre?
J: Ehm, I love this singer songwriter acoustic type of stuff.
M: So Malin Gut is your best friend basically?
J: Honestly yeah, I've genuinely already thought that after this Covid stuff she will be teaching me like everything. She was so good honestly, but I learned playing guitar because of my friends, both of them wrote music in sort of like our free periods we would go to the music room and they would like play music and write music. And I was just like in awe of what they did, I was not as good as them but ehm one of them actually also went down the country music route as well. And yeah classic but just this singer songwriter acoustic stuff. So when Leah puts that on I'm like...
L: We just look ateach other!
*All laughing*
M: Who's the most chilled on Arsenal? The most chilled player?
J: Malin
L: Oh yeah, yeah.
M: Malin Gut? Not Viv?
L: I mean Viv is but once Viv gets going she gets going whereas Malin is just is in a constant state of calm, she radiates it.
M: That is so nice.
J: She's just the most calm player ever.
M: We've had Viv Miedema on the podcast with Kelly Smith and she was talking about how she was super chilled but it was partly due to the fact that she'd get really riled up sometimes so she had to chill herself out sometimes. Yeah she did mention she might bite a few people's heads of now and then.
L: Oh yeah!
J: A few?
L: When she goes for it we all go down. Yeah, you know what? Viv is our pair of (...) her but she's a genius and I get that so I think she's constantly driving her own standards so she wants everybody else to be on the same level so she's pushing for better all the time so I always laugh because I think that would tire me out so I would probably end up really chilled because uhm she is is, she is such a good footballer and she is gifted so I think that's quite a burden sometimes but then she is on the one hand the most chilled out person in the world but on the other the most demanding I'd say so that's good. I don't know, she's one of the most interesting people I've ever met.
J: She usually gets mad at us all for being so rubbish and then...
L: And herself (being rubbish), then literally takes a breather and then scores the winner for us so
M: I know right? I mean if I were a defender I would have hated to mark her cause the worst ones are the ones that are just sitting there and then you don't think they're doing anything and then all of the sudden they pop behing your shoulder and the ball is in the back of the net. And you're like: You weren't even moving the whole game, why now?
L: Yeah
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thoughtportal · a month ago
Podcast about the early history of women in the revolutionary Industrial Workers of the World union in the United States, in conversation with Heather Mayer, author of Beyond the Rebel Girl: Women and the IWW in the Pacific Northwest, 1905-1924.
Get Heather’s book here: Episode 6 of our podcast gives an introduction to the IWW in the US so we recommend listening to that before this unless you are well acquainted with IWW history and terminology already.
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nigerianing · 4 months ago
hopefully the super league gets men to stop watching football so they can all finally learn how to hunt and build like the patriarchy intended ❤️
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blackwomanvibes · 6 months ago
Black Woman Vibes podcast is back with a new episode for season three which is “NARCISSISTIC MOTHERS & THEIR INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIP WITH THEIR SONS (PART 2)". In this episode we are discussing the diabolical and even incestuous relationship with narcissistic mothers and their sons. We are wrapping up the subject matter that is narcissistic personality disorder in mothers. This is a two part episode, in part two (this episode) we are providing resources and self help tips for sons suffering from narcissistic abuse and even some advice for narcissistic mothers. What you want to hear, I deliver, so make sure you're an active member of the Black Woman Vibe's Tribe.
Black Woman Vibes is on:
Facebook: Black Woman Vibes
Instagram: Black Woman Vibes
Twitter: Black Woman Vibes
YouTube: Black Woman Vibes
Podbean: Black Woman Vibes
Patreon: Black Woman Vibes
#BlackWomanVibes #GoAskVie #ShadowWorker
Like the content? Support the content creator cashapp: $BlackWomanVibes
Email questions/dilemmas for Spiritual (Eye-Hour) *pronounced hour* at
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mitchmarner · 10 months ago
i am reminded of the fact that mitch was going to be on sp* ch*, then there was some techincal/scheduling issue that meant he never even recorded it, they never bothered to try again, and there has been no indication that he ever will. i am grateful every day.
When he was like “oh I have some interview to record with Paul Bissonnette” my fight or flight kicked in so hard. But the willingness to go on.... I know literally every single hockey player treats chiclets as fuckin gods, but it’s exhausting. How revolutionary, a bunch of sexist men with a podcast!
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iamthatgal-com · 4 months ago
LIFT Your Story Emma B F Leadership Coach & Speaker For Women In Tech
LIFT Your Story Emma B F Leadership Coach & Speaker For Women In Tech
Although the landscape is changing, there are still challenges that face women in “male dominated” industries.  Emma, having experienced this herself as the only woman in a leadership role, and a junior by 20 years, in a technology role, she shares her story about the first meeting she attended in that position.  It was not what she expected.Emma coaches women, primarily in the tech industry, to…
Tumblr media
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subaruseventhsister · 7 months ago
Some interesting points:
Women in Court Masques were common, but generally weren't allowed to speak or even move much. Because if you were speaking you were "acting" and that was a low class activity.
An interesting pet theory about the apparently Highly Revealing Clothing of women in court masques, basically saying that as male impersonators became more common, taking off your clothes became a way to prove you were an actual woman. Get that? As young working class men wore more dresses to play women characters in prominent cultural performances, high class women took off more clothes in their own performances.
Speculation that the style of fictional women that impersonators created, which ended up very dry and very still (to the point there was a trend that women characters either turned into literal objects magically or just flat out died), was a direct reaction against the freedom of movement and liveliness seen in female performers like rope dancers. Basically the male actors were trying to distinguish themselves, even forge themselves into a higher class of performer. She says it's her unproven theory, but it seems legit to me. Lol she even mentions how difficult the boys would find it to move in corsets, so I'll add my own speculation - it's much harder to tell he's an impersonator in that dress if he isn't moving.
THIS FREAKING QUOTE: "There’s a fantastic scholar called James Stokes who has done decades of work for the records of early English drama. And he has discovered so many examples of performing women that he has decided that what we think of, you know that the time of Shakespeare, Webster, Fletcher, Middleton, this high point in English theater, he has flipped that on its head. He thinks of this as an interregnum, a low point for women in theater. "And so more and more, what we’ve put at the center of culture and what we returned to again and again is starting to look like a little bit of an anomaly. And it’s an anomaly in Europe as well. It’s not the norm there either. That won’t be the first time that England is strange compared to Europe, but I think it really matters in this, because it speaks to what we as a culture have chosen to look at and what we’ve chosen not to look at." - Clare McManus
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First and foremost, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all of the new followers on this blog. I can’t thank you enough for trusting in me. I hope this gives you a little inspiration that you can definitely turn things around and have the life you always wanted. It is achievable! I wanted this blog post to share quite a spiritual experience that I had two weeks ago. I listen to Ashley…
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mocacheezy · 8 months ago
Transforms: War For Cybertron
Earthrise: Ep. 2
(recorded my reaction yesterday and transcribed it here because it's hard to multitask with how much happens in a single episode)
I love the coneheads, that's a thing.
I love how we see the diff models/frame types. Prime and Animated really didn't have this (Prime I can kind of understand, and Animated did give it a nod with Wasp and Bee having the same protoform mold(I think))
Baby no, baby no holy shit
Who the f- are... Are those Quints?
"There are no heroes on this ship" I love it
They will get every what
Intro could you please work like you should I want to see the pretty animation pls
Megsie! Husband!
Whoops indeed
Fuck you're mad.
Megsie... *hissing through teeth*
Oh my goth
"Ideals with ideology"
Welp, you tried, what can I say?
Megsie you really are loosing it. You really are loosing it and I don't even fucking blame ya. I don't even fucking blame ya.
Ouch, Bee did you HAVE to wake up just now?
"The ugly one," *snort* the one that looks like you?
Prime, you are such- Prime you are such a big idiot.
You are ssssoooo-
Wife, Jetfire.
Jetfire is a very big asshole.
Oooo I adore the design... I think this is from Quints. Lot's of pipes...
Yea, yea their name is Quintessons, that's it.
Oh? Oh.
Gee, thanks!
Abject? [smth]
Oh? Yeah but they are back in shackles.
You're gonna say that's how they got the T-Cog?
Allspark, Allspark...
"The breaker of shackles" Mhm.
Good question~
What do you need from them, come on.
Well, who took over the control? Oh I adore you lady! I adore you lady. Took things into your own hands, and that's that.
*Hisssss* Oiiiii
ELITA-1 name is ARIEL? (flashback to the little G1 info I know. Oh the angst...)
What way, come on baby, tell him.
*Hiss* I mean!
Bravo wife, I respect you so much, I respect you so fucking much you don't even know.
"I would rather die believing that they do."
*my love for Elita-1 continues to burn like the sun*
NOW, who could that be?
Bmcbcd okay so they are gonna be saved?
Ehhhh dude.
Ha. Ha. Hmmm.
He is too big to sneak around like this
[had to pause at this point and resume after a while]
Unlikely allies, no not unlikely, just not expected.
HAH! Chromia I love you.
Oh my goth.
"It's from the Ark"
Oh my fucking goth, what the hell is this?
"That's how we deal with the Innocents" well, let me see.
"The ugly one" (is this going to be a running joke? What is it with aliens and yellow paint?)
Deesius you are very dumb do you know that?
Thanks, can we pls see you now, episode stop glitching.
No, you won't meet again, you're dying on the spot.
I very much like Deesius
*frustrated groan*
AND YOU ARE VERY STUPID. You truly are so stupid. You are so stupid Prime.
Well, where are you darling?
1.Who are you, 2.What are you?, 3.What the fuck is this?
WELP! It really is the ship.
What is your mission?
Yeeea, joj- come on... Yeaaaaaa well, hmm, hmmm, oh. OH.
You are so stupid, but I still respect you and I still love you.
This whole episode, and probably the whole Earthrise summed up with how Optimus is AND with how Megatron is acting by EPISODE 2 DAMMIT:
Tumblr media
Idiots! A bunch of giant metal morons!
[ID: gif reading 'but mama, i'm in love with a clown /EndID] (I think the credit goes to animatedtext, but I can't find the post on their blog, if anyone has the link to og gif please reply in the post)
*honk honk*
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