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Members of the Jabari Tribe, Black Panther (2018, dir. Ryan Coogler)
I think we all need to see more of the might of the Jabari women in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.
The film “Black Panther” (2018) is a typical Marvel action movie that’s not typical in its casting. A large amount of the action is performed by the women, main characters who don’t exist solely to assist the goals of a male character. They each have their own agendas and missions.
The groundbreaking film “Black Panther” features Chadwick Boseman as the eponymous superhero from Wakanda who officially spearheads the battle on the villainous players, while surrounded by the skills and expertise of an army of women. The film is exceptional for a number of reasons, and this essay will focus particularly on the power of the female agency in the film. This agency is heralded in the opening sequence when the panther goddess Bast is highlighted as the fountain source of truth and power in Wakanda. Bast’s gift of the secret, potent, heart-shaped herb is handed to the Wakandans via a vision, and is tended and guarded by mainly female gatekeepers.
The film’s principal stars are the country of Wakanda and the many women, not the titular “Black Panther” persona. The strong representation of women gives innumerable female characters a performance range and depth that is not traditionally seen in superhero films or mainstream movies.
The all-Black female characters are not conflicted by their roles; they are strongly independent, unflinching, loyal, reliable, and trustworthy in varying measures. From Angela Bassett, as the ever-elegant Queen Mother Ramonda, to the reclusive warrior women of the Jabari Tribe who fight to rescue Wakanda from the outside villains, the women of “Black Panther” teach the viewer about feminism without the need for a single white woman saviour feminist in sight.
(Bold and purple letters are my edits to highlight theme.)
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AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019) dir. Anthony Russo & Joe Russo DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS (2022) dir. Sam Raimi
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Hailee Steinfeld Wallpapers
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that lil' shrug
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Thoughts on the Black Panther 2 promotional art?
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Florence Pugh being the cutest human to grace this earth 🤍
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Emilia Clarke for Vs Magazine (2014)
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“It’s hard to say who you are dating: me or coffee.” “In my profile it’s literally written that you are my girlfriend.” “Yes. But maybe you should write ”wife“?” “Did you just propose to me?” “… So is it a yes?”
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News stills and BTS images from the Black Widow movie.
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Dark! Sharon Carter - Highest Bidder
Tumblr media
Dark! Sharon Carter x Reader- Highest Bidder (one shot) 
Words: 4.4k
TW: 18+, smut, Attempted human trafficking, non-con/dub-com, f+f sex, oral (both receiving), fingering, face sitting, threatening with torture, a dash of fluff, mommy kink, bdsm themes, smidge of pet play but to only referring to reader as “pet”, idk some real gay shit, happy pride month let’s do crime and eat pussy 
A/N: I’ve had this in my drafts for a month and had to get it out before the end of pride month. I couldn’t stand Sharon in either of the Captain America movies, but something about her as the evil powerbroker in TFAWS gave me heart eyes. Anyway, I tried to write in third person narrative which I never write in, so if it’s roughly that’s why.
I don’t give permission for you to take my shit if you do my sugar daddy is a lawyer idgaf 
“Lot #22 of the evening going once? Going twice? Sold to Mr. Calameki!” The auctioneer rambled on.
Sharon stood against the wall of the auction house. Silently watching all the money stuffed pigs all big on whatever items fit their fancy. Whether it be art, or drugs, or girls. Sharon didn’t care; she just made note of who bought what and schemed around using it against them.
“Lot #23 for the night is the most exciting!” The elderly auctioneer clapped his bloated sausage fingers together in excitement as two men brought a nearly nude girl on stage.
In a surprising turn of events, something actually caught her eye. The girl on stage only dressed in a white bra and panties with a cloth gag in her mouth filled her with deja vu and she could figure out why.
Where had she seen you before?
Slowly migrating further into the room as rowdy men bid higher and higher for the crying girl on her knees. Standing as close to the stage as possible Sharon got a good look at you. This time she realizing who you were.
Your mother was a member of SHIELD. Of one pre hydra exposed and frankly quite a fucking bitch. The middle-aged mother would nag and nag on and on about whatever bullshit Sharon and her team had done wrong that day or if they breathed wrong.
Sharon had seen you at office parties but never paid attention. That was before you were a woman. Must not have been blipped considering how much you’d developed.
The howling of bidders around her created a challenge.
“$790,000, $790,000 going once? Going twice?”
“One million,” Sharon yelled, raising her hand in the air. The room stopped for a moment. No one was going to pay over one million for this girl. You were pretty and easily pliable but not one million dollars worth. But they didn’t know you, they didn’t have a grudge against your bitch family.
“My my, well one million going once? Going twice?” The auctioneer chuckled and Sharon stared daggers into anyone who thought of competing. “One million sold for lot #23!”
The guards from the auction house helped escort her new prize back into Sharon's home. She lived close by and was on good terms with the two men from previous biddings. Plus the money she slid them sure didn’t hurt.
“Where do you want her, Miss?” One, his name was Darius, bellowed carrying the gagged girl by the arm like you weighed nothing more than a sack of potatoes. The second one, Monty, shorter than Darius but more muscled up. But neither drew more than two looks from Sharon.
“You can put her on the ground in the lounge.” She directed as she left the door open for the men. She pointed past the set of stairs into an open layout loft, to a vintage pit-style living room.
They both nodded and carried the girl down. She watched them nonchalantly, following behind them on the stairs before sidelining to the bar on the other wall.
You whimpered as Darius and Monty tossed you on the ground, they knew better not to let you sit on the furniture.
“Anything else, Miss?” Monty asked Sharon and she shook her head.
“You boys are so helpful. That’ll be all for tonight. I trust you can let yourself out.” She praised as she poured her signature two fingers of whiskey.
They left, their steps practically synchronized together like little toy army robots. Tweedle-dee and tweedle dumb.
Sharon's boots clacked till she stepped from the hardwood down to the carpeted pit sliding herself onto the couch.
Your red-shot eyes still had tears pouring out. Spit soaking from your gag. You’d been washed and waxed and put in new panties and bra before being auctioned. Groomed and brushed like a prize pig.
Sharon stared down at you for a moment taking a sip of her stiff whiskey. She could tell her silence was making you more uncomfortable and she enjoyed watching you squirm just a bit more.
Leaving the glass on the table from the side of the couch she pressed the remote to turn on the fireplace behind them. The whooshing of fire started made you jump, your head whipping to the fire.
Sharon leaned forward digging her fingers against your overheated cheeks and dragging the gag down your neck. You panted in deep breaths trying to catch up.
“Do you know who I am?” Sharon interrogated. Her eyes took their time to admire your figure.
“Y-Yes, you’re Agent carter.” Your voice was crackled from the crying and screaming you’d let loose over the past few hours.
Sharon clicked her tongue in disapproval before taking another sip of her drink. “I was. But your cunt of a mother took that from me didn’t she?”
“If you think my mom will pay some sort of ransom you’re very wrong.” You sniffled trying to catch yourself from the edge of a panic attack.
Sharon let out a condescending chuckle. “You’re lucky you’re so pretty because there’s absolutely nothing in that head of yours is there.”
You furrowed your brows in confusion.
“I have more money than your mother will ever have. I don’t care about her. Maybe I’ll kill her too. She was an awful bitch.”
You nervously stiffened your body. “Why do you want me? Why did you buy me? For that much money.”
Sharon leaned back against the leather couch taking another drink. “Because hurting you is going to be rather cathartic won’t it be?”
“I never did anything to you.” You began to cry in terror at the threat of impending doom.
Sharon let out a gentle shush before pulling her fingers to signal for you to crawl over. Submissively you followed her demand; what choice did you have.
“Oh darling, but your bitch mother did. It’ll make using you even more fun now won’t it?” Sharon guided her fingers in a downwards point for you to sit on your knees perched between her legs. “Very obedient aren’t you.”
A tear streaked down your face as you avoided looking at Sharon.
She scoffed, leaning forward gripping your jaw to look up upon her. Her hold wasn’t rough but the pure threat of it alone carried the same effect. “You didn’t think I was going to save you did you?”
You shut your eyes in silent defeat, more tears leaving. “She’s dead… My mother…”
Sharon didn’t know how to react so she sat in their silence for a moment. She didn’t mourn the bitch, and if she showed condolences and remorse to her new prize it would be mistaken for weakness.
“You grew up to be such a pretty girl didn’t you?” Sharon sighed with a soothing tone brushing her hand upon your hair putting you in your place as nothing but a pet. “The less you think the better. I bought you to be my dumb little slut, that’s what you’re going to be.”
You nodded with a little sniffle punctuating your defeat.
Sharon lifted her two fingers upwards. “Stand.” She commanded. You stood with a shaky leg, the flame on the fireplace casting a shadow. “Aw, you’ve been very obedient so far. Let’s see how much longer that lasts.” Sharon challenged. “Strip.”
You hesitated for a moment before inhaling deeply. Unhooking the back of your bra and letting it slide down your arms, discarding it on the ground. You shimmied the panties off down your long legs and Sharon could practically growl at the sight.
“My, my. Look what we have here.” Sharon purred. She spun her fingers in representation and you immediately obeyed. “God, I’m not sure what I’m enjoying more. That gorgeous body of yours or how well you follow my orders?”
You blushed at the praise before being ordered to get back on your knees sitting at her feet. Sharon spread her legs out.
“I guess that means I’m your mommy now, right sweet girl?” She smiled, running her hand along your jaw. You grimaced in shame, shedding another tear in the moment's exposure.
“And we’re gonna play a little game.” Sharon’s hands moved to caress and pet gently along your cheeks. Enjoying and making note of your reaction at the minimal praise. “We’re gonna play Mommy Says. You’re a smart girl, you know how to play Simon Says. It’s just like that but for grownups.”
You only nodded hesitantly awaiting further instructions.
“Mommy says, unbutton her pants,” Sharon ordered tilting her hips at an advantage for you at her feet.
With shaky fingers, you hooked the buttons and slid the zipper down, before your hands returned folded into your lap.
“You’ve been very well trained, haven’t you? That’s a bit of a shame. I would just love watching your ass turn red under my whip because you couldn’t follow orders.” Sharon sighed with fake disappointment and you continued to blush furiously. “But I’m sure I’ll be able to break you easily enough. I’ll get what I want. I always do.”
“Mommy says to unbutton her shirt and then take it off of me, along with my bra.” Sharon set her glass to the end table in preparation.
You forced self-calming breaths as you undid each button exposing her toned body making you feel almost insecure.
Your chill fingers slid under the sleeves of the blouse before peeling it from her, throwing it with her clothes as well. You fiddled with Sharon's bra for a moment not used to having to remove it from this angle. Sharon adored the way your face squinted ever so slightly in exploration trying to find the right hooks.
You gasped as you stared down her now bare breasts with hungry eyes. Without realizing it, you gathered Sharon’s breasts. Playing and twisting her nipples gently in hand.
If Sharon wasn’t sure about your sexuality this definitely confirmed it.
“I didn’t say you could play with them. Did I?” Sharon hesitantly scorned. She loved the feeling of your hands feeling her up and watching the excitement cross your face but you needed to be trained. “That’s strike one.”
You let out a hushed apology barely loud enough to detect. You were too scared to speak out of turn but too worried not to apologize. Sharon stroked your soft cheeks with a delicate brush of a finger. “You’re an awfully hungry little whore. You can grope them once more.”
You silently nodded and cupped her breasts. You rolled her nipples across your fingers and Sharon hummed in pleasure. “Mommy says, take one in your mouth.”
You were quick to swoop in and wrapped your mouth around the woman’s breast. Your tongue swirled around the hardening bud enjoying the gentle reactions being drawn from Sharon.
“My, my little pet, that mouth of yours is surely going to be put to good use.” Sharon hummed in pleasure. “Now, mommy says to take off her pants.”
You pulled away frustrated before a confused look graced your face as you thought of how to undress the sitting woman. Your hands rubbed over the woman’s muscular thighs for a moment before sticking your fingers under the waistband of the pants. Your shaky hands slid under the fabric, your wrists dragging the material along with it. Sharon shimmied her hips in compliance with your good behavior.
On her knees you tugged the rest of her pants off, throwing them off to the side. You pressed faint kisses and touches along her shins, traveling to the tops of her thighs. You were trying to pretend like this was just a hookup, well one you never had, to think of every softcore lesbian porno you’d ever seen.
Sharon drew her fingers under your chin. You looked pleased as if you were being praised. When Sharon’s hand came smacked across your cheek it was a real surprise.
Your eyes got watery. “Aw, little cry baby.” Sharon cooed, rubbing over the reddening skin with gentle circles. “I love your enthusiasm but you need to follow the rules. That’s strike two.”
You sniffled a bit before leaving your gaze atop your lap in disobedient shame.
“Mommy says,” Sharon began before spreading her legs wide amongst the couch. “Move my panties to the side.”
Excitement filled you again before you dragged the maroon lace of her thong far to the side. You stared in awe like a starving man who walked in on thanksgiving.
“Beg to lick Mommy’s pussy.” Sharon ordered, wrapping a fist around your hair, ordering your eyes back to her own. “Mommy says beg.”
“M-Mommy, can I p-please lick your pussy?” You stuttered, internally restraining yourself from diving in.
“You can do better than that, pretty girl.”
You looked back up at Sharon with big doe eyes filled with tears of frustration. “Mommy, I’ll be such a good little girl if you let me lick your pussy. I promise I can make you cum. I want to make you cum all over my face, all over your toy.”
Sharon's whines oozed domination as she spread her legs a bit wider. “If your mouth is that nasty your tongue better live up to it.”
You eagerly wrapped Sharon’s strong thighs over your shoulders, dragging the damp panties to the side before devouring every bit.
“Oh fuck,” Sharon moaned out as your tongue darted in patterns around her cunt that was occupying her mouth. You stiffened your tongue before beginning to tease around the woman’s pussy.
Only a moment more of begging did you wait before dragging your tongue up the tight pussy to toy with the swollen clit at the top. A soft massage with your lips drew a soft suction along her pussy crescendoing more in more as the moments passed.
You didn’t want to tease Sharon. It wasn’t smart especially with being so close to a punishment.
You wrapped her arms around Sharon’s toned thighs as to wear them like ear muffs. Nestling your nose into the blond landing strip, drawing your tongue in separate directions. Letting out a groan of desire at the pure taste of the powerful woman above her. Sharon grabbed her glass cup of scotch sliding it down her throat so nonchalantly to pretend it felt like the pet wasn’t even there.
“What a good girl you are.” She panted, her eyes rolling back into her head. “God you’re the best purchase I think I’ve ever made.”
Sliding two fingers into her wet pussy, Sharon quickly grabbed you by the scalp, throwing your ass on the ground
“Did mommy say you could do that?” Her chest rose in breaths. “Dumb whore, who do you think you are?”
Sharon grabbed your hair once more, pulling you to your knees. Your head tilted from her burning grip. “I-I'm sorry, mommy.”
“That’s all you have to say?” She chuckled. Her stiff hand slapped hard across the face, gripping your hair to pull you back in place after. “Beg or I’ll have some fun with that fireplace and a poker. I’d love to see your pretty skin burn.”
Your eyes widened in the threat of pain. “Mommy I’m sorry. Please I’m so sorry, I don’t deserve your kindness. I was only wanting to please you and show you how grateful I am.”
Sharon made a disappointing click on her tongue. “You promise to behave? I’d hate to punish you so early.” Her hand stroked across my wet cheeks.
“Yes, yes I promise. Please let me please you, mommy. I promise I’ll be such a good girl.” You begged in fright.
“I shouldn’t reward such disobedience but you have quite a skilled tongue. I’m gonna have so much fun abusing you.” Sharon pulled on your hair once more to get you to stand. Your legs shaking as you followed instruction, the sight of your own slick-covered thighs was not missed. “Aw, dumb cum slut. Your pussy gets wet when I hurt you, what a whore. I’m gonna make your cunt cry, I’m gonna stretch you out, make you scream my name for hours till all you can think about is my fat strap. You’ll be my personal sex doll.”
Your thighs clenched in desperation and defeat before whispering a gentle, “please.”
Sharon smiled cupping your cheek. “Lay down on the couch, baby.”
You nodded as Sharon stood, submissively laying back flat against the couch, your chest rising and falling in rushed anxiety while being at the hands of a sadist with a pointless vendetta.
“Mommy says you will make me cum while I ride your face. Do you understand?” Sharon ordered, straddling you.
“Yes, mommy.” You whispered. “Please let me lick your sweet pussy.”
She smiled in pride as she took a pace above your pretty tear-stained face, one knee kneeling on the other side of your head, the other leg standing to give herself enough freedom to be as rough as she wanted.
Sharon lowered herself and you inhaled her wet arousal. Swirling your tongue along her pussy, taking more pressure as you ran over her clit. Sharon hissed in pleasure each hit.
Your tongue movements moved vertically over and over again. Your thick tongue devoured her tight pussy so desperately.
“M-Mommy says you can use your finger now.” She whined. It was shocking to see such a strong woman so powerful be so vulnerable.
Latching your arm around her kneeling thigh around her tight ass. The other hand sliding its fingers inside her quivering pussy. Beginning to finger fucking her, you enjoyed the gentle teasing that was being allowed as you sucked along her clit. You changed different patterned suctions to drive her owner closer to the edge.
Fingers curling inside in a waving maneuver, ever so often brushing against the soft spot inside of her. She clenched around the fingers each time. Her pussy was gripping so tight it felt like she could cut off circulation.
“Mommy’s gonna cum. Don’t stop, toy. Make mommy cum and I’ll treat you so good baby, fuck.” She moaned above you. Your movements grew quicker and harder as she clenched and shook above you. Hard breathing and cries till your face became flooded from the sweet pussy.
She stood from you, sliding her leg back over to stand. You panted loudly as you caught your breath.
“You’re such a good girl.” Sharon purred, her hands stroking over your hair in admiration. “You look so pretty like this.”
You were brought to tears in happiness. So many days of pain and terror unsure of who I’d be sold to. I never expected someone so caring and loving. You slid your fingers back in your mouth cleaning the reward given to you by your master.
“No tears baby. You’re safe with me as long as you behave. You're mine now, and I don't like getting rid of my toys.” She cooed from your cries. “Would you like mommy to make you cum, doll?”
You nodded in glee at mommy’s generosity. You were already infatuated and willing to do whatever Sharon pleased.
Sharon sat on the other side of the couch and patted her thigh. You crawled over and sat waiting for further instructions. “Straddle my thigh.”
You furrowed your brows and hesitated for a moment.
“Ah I forgot, guess I’m still shaking a bit. Mommy says for you to straddle my thigh.”
Smiling wide with the new permission you swung your leg over her thigh. Mommy slid her hand underneath your drenched pussy, pressing the palm of her wrist over the clit, her fingers not diving into your aching hole. “Mommy says to ride my hand.”
You eagerly began to hump her, little whimpers leaving you. Sharon’s mouth pressed against the side of your neck, using her other hand to pull you closer against her chest. Like a good girl, you nestled your head into the crevice of her neck, smelling the sweet scent of her hair product.
Mommy’s kisses curled hungrily around your neck as you humped her palm harder. You cried against Sharon’s neck as Sharon alternated bites and hickeys along your neck. “Mommy.” You moaned.
“You’re doing so well for me.” She whispered in your ear before reading her tongue against the far side of your jaw. “It’s cute how much of a desperate Virgin you are. So obedient for me.”
You blushed as your obvious lack of experience was so apparent to your new owner. At another wave of pleasure, you whimpered in her ear. “Mommy, I’m-“
“You’ve been so well behaved, little one.” Mommy praised you. “Mommy says you’re get to cum. You deserve it for that perfect tongue of yours. You haven’t even tried to fight mommy off yet.”
You rode her palm faster as your breasts bounced against hers. “I’m gonna ruin you. You may be happy now, but when you try to escape I’m going to lock you up and violate you till all you know is me.”
You threw her head back howling in pleasure, your vision practically became filled with dots as your throat felt like it’d erupt from the screams. Your bare pussy rode slower after you came. They both breathed heavily in unison.
Sharon pressed a sweet kiss to your cheek. “You actually are a good little girl.”
You could only nod too blissed out to form actual sentences. You yelped in surprise as your master threw you over her shoulder and carried you up the stairs. Mommy set you on the cold marble bathroom counter. You gasped at the cool touch on my quivering thighs. “You’re really strong.”
She giggled for a second. “I was in the fieldwork for the FBI before…” she cleared her throat in tension. “But I still work out so I can throw pretty toys like you as a rag doll.”
You blushed as she waltzed to the obscenely large bathtub lined with jets. She had a separate rainfall shower on the other side of the room, an overly extravagant bathroom for just one. A pair of jack and Jill counters lined with cool-toned marble.
As the bath began to fill she waved you over. You stepped down and followed with wobbling legs. “Get in the bath, princess.” Sharon stroked over your bare thigh as she kneeled on the side of the tub. You took an unsteady step into the filling bathtub. “Mommy’s gonna give you bath time, okay?”
“Yes, mommy.” You nodded leaning back against the porcelain. Once the tub was filled, mommy switched it off and grabbed the bottle of sweet-smelling soap from the counter. More heat bloomed within you as you watched her pour the elixir in hand.
Sharon leaned forward from the side of the tub and rubbed it over your waist trailing up your torso. You let out a pent-up sigh as your master’s magic fingers made all the stress leave your body. She stroked the suds over your breasts, thumbs tickling against the hardening peaks. “Ever thought about getting your nipples pierced, little one?”
“I dunno…” You stammered looking down at her mommy’s curious fingers. “Doesn’t it hurt really badly?”
“Only for a bit, but then it’s all better.” Sharon’s soap-covered palms moved to your shoulders and down your arms. “You’d just look so delicious with them, they make you so sensitive. Some girls can even cum from playing with them alone after they get them pierced.”
“Um, maybe.” You mumbled just trying to enjoy her gentle touch.
“Darling, I wasn’t asking permission.” Mommy chuckled as her hands went down your torso again and began to rub your soft tummy under the water you laid in. “Once you get settled here, we’ll be having them done for you.”
You nodded in both excitement and fright, biting your lip at the thought of it. “Yes, mommy.”
Mommy gathered her hands around your sore pussy, beginning to rub her fingers through the remains of my slick-covered lips. Every time her finger would brush against your clit, you’d cry out and flinch from sensitivity. “You’re such a good girl for me, letting mommy clean your pussy.”
You only nodded with a faint whimper as most of the adrenaline was beginning to leave your body. You could hear a soft ‘aww’ noise from her master after laying your head back and shutting your heavy eyes.
You flinched awake as the drain was pulled from the tub. “Time for bed.” Sharon smiled, helping you up out of the tub. Mommy wrapped a warmed towel around you, patting each inch of you dry, punctuating it with a gentle kiss.
You followed Sharon back into the bedroom where she was gathering a pillow and extra blanket from the bed. “I don’t have a puppy bed, but I’ll get one in the next few days.” Mommy pat the arranged blankets and pillow on the floor beside her bed.
“But, why can’t I sleep with you?” Your lip wobbled as you were on the brink of tears.
“Oh, pretty girl.” She cooed, taking your face in hand. “Pets sleep in their own bed. And you’re my good girl aren't you?”
The pet sniffled a little with a nod.
“Let me get you settled in.” Sharon kneeled to the ground beside you and maneuvered the plethora of blankets and pillows to lay you comfortable. “Go to sleep, kitty.” She pressed a kiss to your forehead.
You sat up and quickly pulled Sharon back down to peck her cheek. “Goodnight, mommy.”
Sharon tossed and turned till the early hours of the morning. When she’d gotten out of the shower earlier her pet was long asleep. She could hear the soft echo of your breathing, envious of you that way. Her bed was cold, lonely. She hadn’t slept beside some since...well since she lived in DC.
She looked back down at her pretty toy that laid curled up on the ground, knocked out cold. Sharon huffed to herself in defeat as she left her soft sheets, then to carry you from the ground into her bed.
“Mommy?” Your voice was thick from sleep as Sharon tucked the blankets in around them.
“Go back to sleep. Mommy needs a cuddle bug.” She told the half-asleep girl.
Sharon scooped you up into her arms, you laid your head against Sharon’s breasts. Sharon’s heart warmed at the feeling of someone being this close to her.
Her heart thrummed at the feeling of the pretty doll in her arms. Oh, how she was the best investment ever made. Oh, she’ll never let her beautiful girl go.
A/N: AHH, I’m so gay don’t mind me. There will probably going to be more parts to this series. Not a legit legit fic, but a collection of one shots. I hope you enjoyed, happy pride month 
Jk I made it into a series: Highest Bidder Series Masterlist
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SYLKITHECAT: 31 days challenge (22/31)
“She was the type of woman, you had to take in small doses, because her aura was addictive.”— iambrillyant
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this lizzie is such a vibe
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hailee steinfeld as kate bishop
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Kate shoots a fire extinguisher | Hawkeye (2021)
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I'm just going to take this as a tease of Natasha also being a super soldier, but the MCU never addresses it directly. Cuz what amount of training would cause you to land on your feet after hitting every protruding metal object on your way down from a 5 story fall?
Granted, by comparison, Steve jumped from much higher than Nat, but still. The other widow's leg is visibly snapped like a twig, and Nat just has a limp and a side injury that might not even be broken, just in pain.
So I say Natasha is canonically a super soldier. Not perfectly like Steve since the serum hadn't been perfectly recreated (up until TFATWS) but still, I'll take a sliver of the comics referenced.
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“Maybe the real emmy is the family we made along the way 💛🏆🏆” - from @/agathahaness
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I feel better right now. We’re family after all ❤️✨
/Photos with out watermark found by @kathrynhahndaily/ - Thank you so much 😭
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Undercover mission
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