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#women who draw
thesedangankids · 2 days ago
i know i just sent u something but HOLY. I was humming to myself while scrolling through tumbler and saw your new characters and INSTANTLY got gay panic. how??? are??? you??? so?? talented?? like really they are so pretty!
advertising for my oc’s by showcasing people’s gay reactions to them lets goooooo hsbdjhdfv
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pulledfrom0rbit · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The first 2 cards in my new fairytale tarot project Little Red and The little mermaid
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gay-as-in-fuck-you · 9 days ago
there was a post going around a while ago about a certain user revealing herself to be extremely transmisogynistic and most of the people in the notes were talking about how surprised they were
and i didn't say anything because i didn't want to derail, but she was very obvious about her gender essentialism before she labeled herself as transmisogynistic? all her most recent posts were about how butches are extremely misogynistic and more privileged than femmes?? she had an entire post dedicated to how bad she felt for femmes dating trans men since all the trans men would always go out and cheat?? cause for some weird reason not at all connected to gender essentialism, she believed all masculine people are inherently cruel and violent and self-centered and feminine people need to be protected from them
she was genuinely saying shit like "masculinity is always upheld as the ideal and feminity is ignored" without the slightest shred of sarcasm. which is plain wrong on so many levels, one of which being that feminity and masulinity aren't useful classes when talking about gender-based oppression
but it was absolutely wild to watch this happen, cause all of this was just so clearly the viewpoint of someone who believed in gender essentialism, so why was there surprise in her transmisogyny?
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pulledfrom0rbit · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
A recolour of some old art
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rotationalsymmetry · 25 days ago
Who’s the enemy? Who exactly?
Don’t know, don’t care, people are people, you can have compassion for literally anyone — literally anyone — while still thinking oppression is bad and we can do better.
The enemies are whats, systems and behaviors and ways of thinking, not whos. And people can be both oppressed and also complicit in oppression at the same time. There’s no way to divide people up so that you get a group of people who are completely “safe” and incapable of participating in systems of oppression.
An article about that: here.
I see so many post that seem to be based on the assumption that the world can neatly be divided into “the oppressed” and “people capable of perpetuating oppression” and that it’s important to figure out exactly which demographic goes in which category. That’s not how it works.
Anyone who knows what “intersectionality” means should already be fully aware that that’s not how that works.
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pulledfrom0rbit · 25 days ago
A little bit of DS9 fan art. I absolutely love these 2
Tumblr media
#deepspacenine #startrek #majorkiranerys #majorkira #kiranerys #nanavisitor #jadziadax #DS9 #myart #realisticart #fanart #terryfarrell #startrekdeepspacenine
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pulledfrom0rbit · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Defy Gravity!
A little bit of Elphaba to brighten up you're Tuesday
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pulledfrom0rbit · a month ago
Tumblr media
"Stay down darlin' I got this"
Demeter protecting a very muddy inured Munk after his fight with Macavity
@storyweaverofgondor hope this is what you had in mind 🐱
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picaresquerogue · a month ago
hey if anyone knows any good sci-fi/fantasy stuff with specifically transfem major or main characters can you send it my way i am feeling spectacularly bummed about never seeing myself in the kinds of stories that i like. massive bonus points if its wlw
#i just feel like i read so much wlw stuff but literally none of it has any trans women#and if they do happen to be there they're always like. the friend or the helper or something#never the main character#and i feel like.#im seeing more trans characters in the type of genre media i consume#but they're all transmasc#like the only stuff i ever see with trans women as the main characters is stuff that i'm not interested in#like pose or euphoria#like thats all well and good but why are stories about trans women always vaguely sad-looking dramas#like why do we never get to be the fucking like fantasy heroes or space explorers or whatever#even in like self-published webcomics i go into the transgender tag on tapas#and for every abandoned comic with a transfem main character#there's about a hundred stories of all kinds with transmasc mcs#like is there something that makes us less palatable to creators or what.#i just feel like im about ready to tear my hair out here i feel like theres walls surrounding me just like all the time#like no one writes about us. no one draws us. even when i see artists who draw nothing but wlw art hardly any of it has trans women#its just like what the hell#it constantly feels like we're an afterthought#and whenever we are included its only ever for woke points#like maybe one of those wlw artists will draw a nice little piece for tdov or something#and then immediately go back to ignoring us for the rest of the year#im just so tired. like when will i get to see trans women in the stories i like to read#when will i get to pick up a book that everyone's recommending for wlw romance and see a trans woman in one of those main roles#its just so tiring and im honestly just sick of feeling like this. like just. abandoned. an afterthought#sorry for the massive rant in the tags#im just. anyways this is why representation in media is important
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