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#women’s rights

I want a founding daughter

Not a founding father

I want a seed

Not a legacy

I want a mother,

I want a sexual assault survivor,

And believer

I want a Black woman,

An Asian woman,

A Brown woman,

A woman

I want a nation changed,

Not rearranged

I want everything Zoe Leonard wrote,

And Amanda Gorman spoke

I want someone who was told,

They were asking for it

They wanted it

I want someone who was told,

“We went with a more qualified candidate.”

Just another codeword for man

I want;

No, I demand,

A woman for President

m.n.// “I Want a Women for President.”

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Not only is he speaking facts,that look at the end was kinda 😏 ya know?

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In my uterus - trigger warning, mention of domestic violence in this poem

In my uterus lies the quiet hum of change

Of upheaval

Of revolution.

In my uterus lies the blood of millions of women who died because they were women.

My uterus cries

red tears

red violence


us apart.

It weeps for the oppression that tampers with its freedom,

thick patriarchy

heavy in my uterus

bloating me with its foul waters.

Nothing can survive in those waters.

“Oh but we don’t need feminism anymore” drips from a scrawny man’s mouth, they’re malnourished words.

His voice thick with the blood of the oppressed woman who gave birth to him

Who lives

Who is abused in a marriage she can’t escape from

Who he protected from being hit at the hands of his drunken father

Behind walls she was forced to build.

And they say because we build the walls that we like it,

That we want it

Asked for it

And actually we’re the problem for complaining about it.


My uterus is a channel for my anger

A burning beacon to the fight for equality.

It cramps from the underlying homophobia of my boyfriend’s parents

Cries raw frustration.

There is the echo of abused women in my Fallopian tubes,

eggs travel on the waves of magnificent women before me.

Yet my uterus crumbles under the earthquake of sexism

I clutch myself to hold it all together


sand through my fingers

at one with nature.

Try and tie me down if you dare

For this uterus floats on

as a ship gliding over the negative judgements.

My blood is in every woman who is a feminist

an abuse survivor

a writer

a life saver


The space in my uterus is the one where equality should be

We’ve been trying a long time


to become pregnant.

It’s a team effort.

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