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#wonder and joy
fuguhui-8 · 5 days ago
Guys how expensive is it usually to buy the whole Chuck E Cheese band as full animatronics?
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does anyone else question why these cops end up in kembleford?? like i would assume that there is a kembleford inspector, then his son rises through the ranks and takes over then his son and his— etc.
so, why do they end up in a little village in the cotswolds?? i have two theories.
1. the hot fuzz theory
they were too good in their respective towns, they were showing everyone up
pros: i got to bring up one of my favourite films
cons: they’re all so shit at their jobs that a priest has to do it for them
which brings me to my next theory:
2. it’s a father ted type arrangement
they all did something that was so bad in their previous counties that they were sent to a seemingly quiet village in the middle of nowhere to be kept out of sight. maybe valentine, like ted, accidentally misplaced some money into his own possession? sullivan could have just put everyone off with his personality, like jack? what if, like dougal, mallory is just too thick?
pros: look, they are terrible inspectors
cons: they aren’t terrible people, plus valentine and sullivan went back to london so they clearly couldn’t have been that bad
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incomingalbatross · 13 days ago
...I wonder if there are any fics out there of Susan Pevensie traveling in the TARDIS?
Like, I don’t wonder enough to LOOK right now, because I’m picky about my Doctor characterization and extra EXTRA pick about my Susan characterization. But--assuming it was written from a viewpoint of “Susan needs to reconcile with Aslan at some point” as the end goal--I think that could have Potential...?
She wouldn’t even ever have to mention Narnia to the Doctor, honestly. They could just have normal TARDIS adventures and her backstory would be “my entire family was killed in a train accident” and that could be IT. The Narnia/Aslan factors could inform her inner life and add depth and you could ALSO have a perfectly good TARDIS Team dynamic without them ever needing to come up in conversation! Just Susan, being herself, having heroic adventures and rediscovering what’s really important with her new best friend.
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citrispace · 16 days ago
how do u keep the motivation? i want to get better so i like my art better but i genuinely just... do not enjoy drawing in my current state T_T feels like a chore
This got a lot longer than I was expecting so I'm going to put it under a read more!
Unless you're drawing for a job, art is all about fun!! If you're not having fun with what you're doing absolutely change it up. I've gone through periods where I just hated what I was drawing and honestly if you don't enjoy it, it's hard to improve!
When I'm in a rut I just go nuts and start drawing stuff completely out of my norm. If you normally do really polished art, do a whole bunch of pen on paper scribble drawings. Try abstract stuff. The first step is to just loosen up and have fun with art again. I go through phases sometimes where I can't stand lineart, so I just make lineless art. Figure out what you don't enjoy about the process and scrap it! Or, if you're really feeling burnt out, it's okay to take a break entirely. I've had long stretches (sometimes a month or so) where I drew very little, and returning to art at the end of the break felt refreshing in a way it would never have without that break.
Only work consciously on "improvement" when you're enjoying making art. Studies, gesture drawings, anatomy stuff, etc is always great, but always work on stuff you genuinely enjoy, as well. Turn your studies into your own characters! Doodle fanart on the margins! Drawing what makes you happy is the best way to be happy with your art.
And as hard as it can be, try your best not to compare your art to others. It's so easy to get discouraged. Your art is great because you made it with your own hands! Where your skill is now is not where it will be in five years! If you see someone's art you love, don't think "I'll never be this good", try to figure out what it is that you love so much about the art, and try to work on that. And not everything you do yourself has to be shown to an audience! I do lots of art just for myself or friends that doesn't get posted here, and I feel better experimenting with styles or making goofy bad art, because nobody will see it but me.
I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated with your art - it's a horrible feeling, especially when it's something you love, or have loved to do in the past. I hope some of this might have helped, and that you can get to a point again soon where you genuinely enjoy drawing. ❤️
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7-oh-ta1 · 25 days ago
Me once I get to know someone: *jokingly* yea lol I have abandonment issues 🤪 so I people please sorry if that's annoying
Ppl: awwww that's ok just b urself :)
Me: haha if ur sure I'm just playin anyway it's fine
Ppl: I'm sure, b urself 🥺
Also ppl the moment I express emotions other than adoration or acting goofy: *leave my life forever without a word and I never hear from them again*
Me: ...huh. this could have easily been avoided if I didn't express emotions, I should stop doing that
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cursefelled · a month ago
Tumblr media
{Time for me to get Hella Mushy on the dash because honestly I just wanna say that I have been having THE time of my life on this blog and I don’t know why I hesitated so long when deciding whether to make it, because this has been a blast and a half. So like, thanks to everyone that has engaged it and joined me though I really just gotta give a big ol’ shout out to my most dearly beloved friend @forgedwill​ and wonderful girlfriend @cursegiven​ because you two are literally the life, heart and soul of me as well as of my muses in all truth. I can’t believe that after 8 DAMN YEARS LOL we’re still here finding new ways to have fun on this platform, new muses to enjoy, new horizons to explore, and really I don’t think I’d even be on tumblr still if not for you two that make the experience one to constantly strive for.
You guys are literally everything to me and I just want to say thank you for staying with me so long and continuing to bring me (and my muses lmao) so much joy and love every single day. I worship the both of ya’ll 💋 }
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