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#wonder women

I don’t know about anyone else but it’s just been my absolute dream to get every and any Marvel and DC comic, I’m such a huge fan that I would love to have the whole collection!


Like I would start crying if I got somthing relating to Marvel or DC from someone, idk reblog if you agree

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The movie might not come out for a while but I think we all need to prepare ourselves for how horny people are going to be for this character, women in particular, because this is a perfectly calculated thirst trap for wlw nerds and we are not prepared to handle this right now

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Her zamanki gibi bir gündü aslında. Fakat ben “Günaydın hayat” diye gülümseyerek uyanmayı seçtim bugün.

Gün içinde birilerine kızdım yine, ”Amann yalan dünya!” deyip geçtim bugün.

Canım sevilmek istedi, bir elimle diğerini tuttum.

Üzülmek için bahanem çoktu,

Ama ben

Mutlu olmayı seçtim…..


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