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by autumn_mint
Луи всегда нравились ленивые утра в постели со своим супругом, но сейчас, когда его омега носит их щенка, они достигли нового уровня наслаждения.
или история, в которой Луи любит боготворить тело своего омеги, а Гарри ему это с радостью позволяет.
Words: 3759, Chapters: 1/1, Language: Русский
Fandoms: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Альфа Луи, омега Гарри, Mpreg Harry, флафф, романтика, Поклонение телу, омегаверс, анальный секс, Игры с сосками, кноттинг, Запахи, Barebacking, Harry is constantly horny, porn with love
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"home" knightrook song analysis. [Wonderland]
Anylyzing this musical from a knihtrook lense is going to take loner since im listening to the music in more depth.
This and abr could be like seprate kr mudicals or it vould be a mjc and match buffet. Im not actually directing anything so i think im good to either incolde other points from my abh analysis or leave them dependend on if i think theyll add to my point and all.
Music notes: the first verse and the rest of the song have a fairly subtle change in the piano part. At first its 3 notes in sucesseion and then its one note one note and then a chord.(or on note chord chord i cant quite tell.) Im seeing it represnting change/loss? This whole song is very minimally indtrumentated in conaprison to msny of the other songs. There IS percussion and all but its mostly things like windchimes and other very quiete pieces of a drumset. Or even maybe just a cymbal? Its very minimal. And the moeldy isnt doing anything too wild. The vocals are simplistic. Theres no trills or holding out the note so damn long youre wondering how to actress didnt feint. Its got almost a airy qulaity to the vocals. Which i can see being a longing tone.
"Home is not a place
An adress you memorize" home isnt just where you live
"its mlre than seven floghts of stairs tonapartment 8A" in this play they repeatedly use the apartment number in lyrics so...ill need to decide how i want to use this. But its saying the tower was made a home by sonething other than it being where she lived.
"its where yiu'll neber feel lonely whenever you're alone" she never felt too alone when she knew herpapa was close by/on his way home
"Thats how you know you are home" same point as the above lines so heres a good as place as any to discuss the blocking.(my new pet fascniation it seems.) I know whwt id do for a movie/screenplay of having alice and wish!hook together kinda intersepreed the samw way as thry did with the duel in knightfall. But since stageplays have constraints of you know reality: this will habe to be a linear song. Them plsying (dancing) together in the tower and then hes just gone. And sonhow soneaay that reason would need to be communicsted to the audience and imnreally not sure HOW yet?
"how i wish that we could feel that
Somehow right now" alice longinf gor her papa. Sitting on the windowsill in her tower. That set piece isbgetting a hell of a lot of use so im sure deoending on bduget of the playhouse they could fighre somthingnout thatd work for this. Looking out the window where theres shadows behind a sheet mimicing thr same choreogrpahy we JUST saw from wish hook and alice. Thered have to be a different actress for this part of shadow alice and probabky for ease of it wish!hook may need a shadow actor as well. Actually i love that concept. Somehow incoporating throughout the ENTIRE play a shaow wish!hook and a shadow alice. It being inenetd as a reoresentation of a haunting of a decision you made tgst yiu just cant fix. Wisb!hook vonstsntly bring hsubted by his guukt and alie being haubted by his memory and the effects of his one bad decision on her?
"home is like a smile you see in a photograph
"no matter what you do its not supposed to change" no mstter what he did mistske or not he wasnt supposed to be gone long. And now hes gone REALLLLY long. Maybe a way to communiste the duel to the audience could be the shadow hook and shadow ahab(he only gets it for this scene. Alice and wish hooknwoukd be the only ones with cinsistent shadow actors appesring thrkughout the play) habe thwir duel behind the screen. Kinda no sure hoe to make it work timeline eise in this thing but thwt can wok i think. If hes posioned in the first act RIGHT before intermisson itd be pretty powerful. Thered need ro be other thing tonswt up the tower and such. Before this point obviously.
"why cant we all be togetwhr the way we used to be" she just wants her papa back
"back on the ground no mlre racing around here safe and sound" she hopes hes okay. from the top of thr tower as rhe cutrains start to close alice is sitting down on her bed, wish!hook lying at what is reoesiting the outside o the tower. And we have nobjdea if hes okay or not.
Then act 2 can open with githel taunting alice and explqining the poisoned heart.
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19 Photos That Prove the Human Body Is a Wonderland Indeed
19 Photos That Prove the Human Body Is a Wonderland Indeed
The one definite thing about the human body is that it’s full of mysteries and variables that medical science cannot explain. For example, both Catherine O’Hara and Enrique Iglesias have situs inversus, where all of their organs are on the other side of the body than the norm. Each of our bodies may house something rare, without us even noticing it, even if it’s not as dramatic as the examples…
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“Lavender Summer Dream”
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And March Hare design concept :)
Very inspired by those rubber face toys, though why he’s blue? I dunno, but that’s where my brain went and I’m trusting it. I also thought it would be funny if he was massively taller than everybody else-
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All the people are insane Looking through the glass of shame I wane in this existence of pain Cars driving by in the rain Every day is the same
In the endless pit we fall, Not able to hold anything at all
When will we end up On the verge to stand up Never to look back again Dreaming with us to plan Even rabbits will follow swift Realising it's all a myth Leaving everything behind And let us feed our mind Need I to remind we, Deemed rightly.
"As a mad man once said It's all in our head." -Tischa
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he’s marvelous
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