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Title: High on bravery
Pairing: Oliver Wood x Female!Reader
Word count: 2k
Published: 1 October, 2020
Author: Heloise Daphne Brightmore
Notes: A very busy “Queen of Oliver Wood fics” is back. It’s just a little something something. I didn’t want to write anything serious, just something. I don’t make sense, do I? Just go ahead and read it. <3

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You flew across the quidditch pitch, the quaffle tucked under your arm, leaning forward on your broom. You were barely visible, your speed making heads turn, people screaming your name from the spectator stand. It was only a couple inches more until the hoops, just a couple, but you didn’t reach the end of those couple of inches.

You felt something collide with your chest, air squeezed out of you, your eyes involuntarily closing, your hands slipping off your broom, as you felt yourself falling. It didn’t register in your head though, not the fall, nor the pain in your chest. By the time you were free-falling, your brain shut down, darkness taking you with itself.


When you woke up, you heard nothing. It was completely silent around you, except for the little waterdrops coming from a sink near you. You forced your eyes open, the dim light still hurting your vision, making you blink furiously.

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Bei mir in der Arbeit stand eine Holzpalette herum, deswegen habe ich zusammen mit jemand anders diese (etwas maritim wirkende) Bank daraus gebaut.

Sie ist sicher nicht handwerklich preisverdächtig, aber ich finde sie cool und man kann darauf sitzen. Außerdem hat es rießig Spaß gemacht sie zu bauen und anzumalen.

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