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Birds in a tree, linocut mono print by Mariann Johansen-Ellis


Birds fascinate me, imagine being able to fly, sitting on a branch in the highest tree, what a view that …

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Going out for a Sunday walk, wearing the Axinite Horizon from The SQUARE Collection.⁠



🏠 Welcome to @TinyWoodWatch.

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January 3, 2021 - Green-striped Brush-finch (Arremon virenticeps)

These New World sparrows are found in mountain forests in parts of western and central Mexico. They usually forage in pairs on or near the ground. Little is known about their diet, but they are thought to eat various plant foods and insects.

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Tԋҽ αɳƈιҽɳƚ ɯσσԃʂ ʝσιɳҽԃ ƚԋҽ ƈԋσιɾ σϝ Ⴆҽɱσαɳιɳɠ ʂԋαԃҽʂ

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