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lxst-in-outer-space · 2 hours ago
He’s Gone | Thranduil
chapter five : feelings
Tumblr media
❛ pairing | thranduil x oc
❛ story type | multi
❛ description | thranduil and alvena grow closer only to pull away once more, but after year away from her son and her king, the elven princess can’t deny her feelings any longer and neither can he.
❛ warnings | none
The feelings that came from growing so close were odd. For Thranduil, it felt like a breath of fresh air when Alvena entered the room, her bright, blue eyes always twinkling when they landed on him - her beauty amazed him. Her silver-blonde hair was always kept loose and brushing her upper thighs, a simple tiara made of silver rested on her head as a reminder of her station, and her pale features always seemed lively even when she was heartbroken.
More than her beauty was her caring attitude and wise council. Whenever a wanderer came in search of shelter, Alvena fought to have the traveler given hospitality if only for a short time. One occasion she even openly fought with the king’s advisors, leaving Thranduil in awe of her courage. She also liked to send supplies to cities in need outside of Mirkwood, taking delight in making preparations. Some started to call her the Queen of Mirkwood, even if it was never to her face, but Thranduil heard and had no qualms about it.
She always had helpful things to say as well. When dealing with Bard of Laketown - the newfound leader of his people - or the Dwarves under the mountain, her words always brought him comfort and reassurance in his decisions or gave useful criticism that never seemed chastising.
But Thranduil was afraid.
He had not felt this way since his wife was alive and in some way, he felt as though he was betraying her for loving another - for even feeling for another something that was far from innocent and platonic. Even worse than that it was his son’s wife, the mother of his son’s child, his grandchild. He couldn’t help it.
Every brush of the hand, every gentle smile, every sweet word - it brought him even closer to the inevitable.
He was in love and he didn’t know how it was possible. That was why he had gone to Alvena’s mother, Galadriel, for advice. She only told him that the Valar worked in mysterious ways, but if he loved Alvena - truly - and she loved him, then they could not ignore it, no matter what the circumstances.
For Alvena, it was different. She had always been fond of the king, but while married to Legolas, it had always been a platonic love, more of an admiration. Her romantic feelings had always been for Legolas, to whom she was faithful to until the moment he decided he could leave her. She had never even glanced at another elf in her time married to him or even before.
When she was left by her husband, however, with his child growing in her womb, there was only Thranduil to provide her with the comfort she needed and so longed for. He was the one who held her hair back when she wretched up her food, he was the one who had dresses tailored to fit her changing body, and he was the one who held her hand when the birthing pains overtook her.
At first she had believed her feelings were because of that love he had shown her, because he was there when no one else was, but as time went on and her heart healed, she realized that it was not. It went far deeper than simple feelings for the man who had saved her from herself.
For a time, the pair separated themselves from each other, avoiding spending extra time together like they used to. They were only in each other’s presence when advisors, other elves, or Earendil was around.
Alvena even departed the Woodland Realm for a year to visit her parents, dear friends in Lothlórien, and her niece and nephews in Rivendell. When she returned, things were different.
Having spent a year away from her son, he was excited to see her, waiting at the entrance of the kingdom, holding Thranduil’s hand. She had arrived when she expected to, the sound of “Amil!” filling the air as the heavy wooden doors open.
“My son!” Alvena had called, kneeling down and opening her arms. In the five years since his birth, Earendil had grown into a wonderful elfling, “Come here!”
As soon as the child was in her arms, she was standing up and twirling him around, pressing kisses to his silver hair. When she finally stopped spinning, she continued to hold him in her arms, “I have missed you, my sweet.”
“I have missed you, Amil!” Earendil cried, wrapping his small arms around her neck, “Can I come with you next time?”
“Of course you can, my son,” Alvena smiled, pressing a kiss to his plump cheek, “Did you behave for your grandfather?”
“I did,” Earendil said proudly.
Alvena kept her smile but raised an eyebrow. Her eyes went to Thranduil for the first time and the twinkle he adored so much appeared in her eyes. She watched as he walked over to her, bowing his head as a greeting. She curtsied slightly before taking his hand in her own, “It is good to see you again, Thranduil.”
“And you,” he replied softly, “Now you must be tired. I will have someone bring your things back to your room. I will visit later.”
Her heart fluttered slightly as she nodded her head, allowing herself to be led back to her room. For a long while she talked and played with her son before allowing one of his caretakers to lead him back to his room for bed.
A sigh left her lips as she slipped into the warm bath her maids had prepared for her. It was exactly what she needed after traveling. As her companions left her to her own devices, she did not notice the door creaking open until a bang startled her. Her eyes flew open to find the elvenking standing at her doorway, face neutral but lips slightly parted from the surprise, “Forgive me, Vena. I will come back later.”
“No,” Alvena protested before she could register what she had said.
A moment passed.
She breathed.
She stood up.
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❛ author’s note | if you’re having trouble finding it, here is the full story: he’s gone
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crosswaymechanicalllc · 3 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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phoenixflames12 · 5 hours ago
Listening to the end of the Radio 4 adaptation of Hardy’s Jude the Obscure whilst reading The Woodlanders is too much. Far too much.
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daveamisphotos · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Marshes and woods... Location: Winchelsea Beach, East Sussex, UK | Shot: 08/09.06.21
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wildermouse · 22 hours ago
escape with me for a moment. you’ll be alright <3
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m-wtacticai · 23 hours ago
Every club I go to and shoot a match, I like to identify my favorite stage. At Spartanburg, for me it's always Stage 6. There is only so much you can do with this stage but the creativity has always been fun. Tell me what you think of this stage run, and how I can make it better... Click on the in the bio and find out more about gun laws in South Carolina or your  state Hat: @munitionsweaponstactical  Eye Protection: @huntershdgold Shirt: @jm4_tactical           @csrashooters           @huntershdgold           @caetransfers           @theguncleanersllc           @reddirtshootingsports Holster: @jm4_tactical Lubricant: @theguncleanersllc #spartanburg #fun #enclosed #small #stages #excitement #WEtrain #getthastrap #getactive #woodland
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thecottagefairy · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Flowers in the window 🎶 🌸
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journey-junkies · a day ago
A Camping Trip to Blackberry Wood, East Sussex
A Camping Trip to Blackberry Wood, East Sussex
Blackberry Wood Welcome to a post about our camping trip to beautiful Blackberry Wood. Situated in the heart of the East Sussex countryside, in the south of England, Blackberry Wood is a very special campsite. Read on to find out why. We had wanted to take a camping trip to Blackberry Wood, near to the village of Ditchling, for many years. Somehow the time had never been right. Whether it was…
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