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Oh. Woe is me. I appear to be out of bread. Poor, poor me. I must bake bread tomorrow. My life, it is so hard.

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Ducking I don’t know

Okay autocorrect changed fucking to ducking so that is 100% not fair nor my fault


Uhhhhh slskdjdjdkslslssjdjsks right colors color my favorite color is like uhhhh o n sb yeah

Purple? Depends on the context tbh

Can I only wsee one color for the rest of my life (be it perhaps in different hues or whatnot)? If so then I’d say blue or green. Everything is blue or green. Red? Blue. Blue? Green. Purple? Blue. Orange? Green. Anyway

M uhhhh slskdjd so

Purple is nice. I like purple. Can you tell I’m not thinking through these responses omg I wanna edit it do badddluyyy aghk I’m writing too quickly to catch mistakes as they happpen

Anyway hi yes thank you for sending the anon

My favorite colors is (ocolr dammit NO COLOR DAMNIT) I struggle anyway m

My favorite color of all time is the color that reminds me of


Ask me an slsjdjdjdksl send me an anon and I’ll respond without any filter whatsoever or editing the response bc I’m tired and I want to talk to people hi hello thanks

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DOWN 1.4lbs IN 7 DAYS!!!! I’M 105.8lbs !! On to GW 2!

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                  deathrot said:♕       swearing    fealty

 hes      seen      this       scene       ;           many        times         before .          knights          swearing       their         loyalty         towards        his       father       ,         a         sight         he       found       inspiring         as        they       grasp          his        fathers         hand       ,         kneeling         down         before           swearing        with         a         kiss         to            fight           in           his         name  .              hands          grasp        his        ,        a        kiss           that         almost           warms          his         skin          as           he                helps          her           up.           “       we         welcome       you         into         our        home       and        however     how       long        you         shall          remain         with         us,         you         won’t       face        your         troubles        alone,        ”            the        rest        of            his          coven         mates          are         present      ,         witnesses       upon        an         old           tradition .           whether          she            decides         to         leave         or           stay,           they’ll          come           to          her          aide.                “          tonight,        we          feast.         ”

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@unseencne​   ↹   your portayl? well, let me tell you something, if you care to know i believe you are one of the best jaskier out there. i love it and i am sure you write him with a lot of love because it is felt on the way you write him. i just adore and will admire every time!

beep beep hows my portrayal?

aslkdjalksjdaslkmxalksmx THIS IS SO FRACKIN SWEET IM– HOW DARE, you come into my house and make me weep real jesus tears!? thank you so so much angel, this was so kind and heart warming, ily and ill love you forever <3

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Generation One: Mint

You’re a mischievous scientist that really loves the color mint. you’re career driven but still make time for silly pranks and outings with your closest friends. However, you are selfish and self-centered, creating your ultimate fantasy image; the mischievous scientific mastermind. 

Updated Rules by @sweetlysimss

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v-bobafickle replied to your post “Do you think Mabel gets too much hate? I noticed when a female…”

Gender had nothing to do with Mabel’s overall character arc… Criticisms on Mabel are about her actions in the story. Let’s not forget what ‘character’ is, for any genre concerning writing. If it does happen to be about her gender. Then it’s obviously a problem.

One of the first famous experiments I learned about when I began sociolinguistic research was an experiment in which students listened to an audio lecture recorded by a native (ergo, non-accented) English speaker. While they listened to the recording, the students were shown a photograph of the “professor.” One group saw a photograph of an Asian woman, and another group saw a photograph of a European American. Although they listened to the same lecture, the group in the experiment that saw the photograph of the Asian woman reported they had difficulties understanding her due to “her accent”. They also demonstrated lower comprehension of the material than the group that saw the European American photograph. The perception of that one audio sample changed, with measurable comprehension differences, based upon the demographic of the person they were looking at. One person ended up being judged more harshly for the legitimate same thing, just because she was Asian.

Another well-known study that comes to mind is about music: how orchestras used to hire more men than women during auditions. Even when they tried to do blind auditions, more men got hired… until they realized that the people conducting the auditions were hearing the auditionees walk in and out of the room, and the people who you could hear walking in with high heels ended up getting lower ratings. When they no longer could hear the auditionees walking in and out, and had the blind audition, then the hiring of musical performers became a more even gender split.

I feel like those experiments do a good job demonstrating how demographic-specific biases happen. Sometimes they’re intentional discrimination and sometimes they’re innately trained inside us. Especially in cases like the sociolinguistic lecture experiment, people even subconsciously perceive something differently based upon the demographic information they have before them. You’re absolutely right: gender isn’t a critical part of Mabel’s character arc, and criticisms against Mabel are based upon her personality and character arc. Her gender is irrelevant to those plot elements. However, the question becomes whether or not there is disproportionate negative judgment in relation to the character’s actions (bolding just to make my point stick out more ^.^). If two characters in a story demonstrate similar flaws, similar levels of flaws, and a similar number of undesirable choices in the storyline, but only one character gets hated upon by fandom and that character is the woman, then there is a legitimate question to be asked: if that harsher judgment is on account of the subconscious gender biases we’ve all learned and carry inside us. It often is.

In the analysis I posted, I quickly mentioned I don’t think that peoples’ aversion to Mabel’s personality and plot elements are primarily sexism, but that I’m not sure I can rule gender biases out either. I’m agnostic leaning toward a “no, not sexism”. Nevertheless, whether we agree or disagree that there’s a sexist nature to how people respond to Mabel, I think it’s important to consider that even when the character’s arc has nothing to do with their gender, how we perceive the character’s actions will be colored by their demographic characteristics. If two groups of people watched the exact same scripted Gravity Falls but one group saw a male Mabel and hated her less, then that would be gender bias.

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“Hindi ba’t masyado kang marikit upang magkubli sa aking likuran lalo na’t ikaw ay buo?” turan ng ulap sa buwan. “Heto’t tignan ang mga taong nakatingala sa'yo”

“Hindi ko naman gustong maging marikit, ulap.” ani buwan. “Ang gusto ko lamang ay tanggapin sa oras na ako ay kulang”

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According to my clock it is 10:3 [sic]

I’m sorry for not posting more today, particularly about what the heck my children are up to in the WHG, and that’ll come eventually

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I found my new favorite nail polish. It’s the O•P•I Infinite Shine polish.

I tried it in a light purple a few days ago. It stayed on, no chipping even through baking bread.

Normally nail polish just chips or peels off my nails in less than a day, but not this stuff. This polish is built to last. I just love it.

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