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wiirocku · 2 days ago
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Colossians 3:16 (NKJV) - Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.
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guy60660 · 2 days ago
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Sol Angeles
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thebeautifulwordlist · 2 days ago
Verb (used with object)
[ flout ]
1. to treat with disdain, scorn, or contempt; scoff at; mock:to flout the rules of propriety.
Verb (used without object)
2. to show disdain, scorn, or contempt; scoff, mock, or gibe (often followed by at).
3. a disdainful, scornful, or contemptuous remark or act; insult; gibe.
Origin: First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English flouten “to play the flute” (see flute); compare Dutch fluiten “to play the flute, talk smoothly, soothe, blandish, impose upon, jeer”
“Is it a safe thing, think you, Sir Count, to jest with a princess in her own land and then come back to flout her for it?” - S(AMUEL) R(UTHERFORD) CROCKETT,  JOAN OF THE SWORD HAND
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mahoganymamii · 2 months ago
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glowdetails · 10 months ago
is it just me but when i discover new songs i’m just excited to be alive again yes a bit dramatic but that’s how i feel when i discover new songs
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 7 months ago
Do you ever find yourself over-using the word “cry” (or “cried” or “crying”) in your writing? Try using these words instead:
sob / sobbed / sobbing
wail / wailed / wailing
weep / wept / weeping
bawl / bawled / bawling
whimper / whimpered / whimpering
howl / howled / howling
blubber / blubbered / blubbering
snivel / sniveled / sniveling
squall / squalled / squalling
yelp / yelped / yelping
whine / whined / whining
shed tears / shed tears / shedding tears
burst into tears / burst into tears / bursting into tears
tear up / teared up / tearing up
choke up / choked up / choking up
well up / welled up / welling up
break down / broke down / breaking down
let it out / let it out / letting it out
turn on the waterworks / turned on the waterworks / turning on the waterworks
open the floodgates / opened the floodgates / opening the floodgates
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thebeautifulwordlist · 3 hours ago
[ plan-juhnt ]
1. resounding loudly, especially with a plaintive sound, as a bell.
Origin: 1815–25; <Latin plangent- (stem of plangēns), present participle of plangere to beat, lament. See plain2, -ent
“It seemed as large as the shell of a cathedral, and for organ there was the plangent, echoing sound of sea waves.” - CYRIL ARTHUR EDWARD RANGER GULL, THE AIR PIRATE
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twitchyrose · 2 months ago
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ninasdrafts · 3 months ago
Somehow what we meant to say to each other got lost over the years, time chipping away at our words and wearing them down like waves slapping against stone. With time they lost their meaning. It's getting hard to recall the nights we were so close we could hardly tell where one body ended and where the other began. These moments don't leave visible scars, but on some days I find myself wishing they did. I want to look at a scab on my hand and remember that this is where you touched me, once. This is where your fingertips burned me and the skin never stitched back together. You did not manage to scar me that way, but you left a mark on me all the same and still - what we had is so far gone that on most days I can't even feel a trace of it. But sometimes, when I close my eyes and think of your smile, it's like I hear your voice on the wind, carried over by a soft breeze that kisses my cheeks. I hear your laughter in the rustling of the leaves and in the rain hitting the pavement. That's when I know that maybe we should have held on a little longer and it is then that it hits me hardest: how two people might change and adapt, smooth their once jagged edges to fit better together and how they fight to untangle these two pieces of a whole again once it's over. We spent so many days learning our curves and edges and mistakes to understand the full picture and when it all crashes and burns, we do our best to unlearn it all again. The way you talk softly in your sleep, how your hands have to be occupied at all times, that you never knew what it is like to trust somebody. I know all these things now and have to live with them. And I wonder what the point is - why I've tried so hard to get to know you just to forget you again. It feels like I've been preparing myself to let you go from the very first time your fingers brushed mine.
letting go from the get-go / n.j.
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