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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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“Between the stars the beauty

Upon the dark sky

In the deepest

Unheard sound of clear unseen bright light

In the deepest of the black

In each crosswords directions sign

Unseen followed by heart

In an nature and upon the mandala of life

Universe is giving the time

Between the in and out line.

The clones of the shadows

As the birds sing the song

Waving their wings in the mandalas form.

In the deepest of the night the sun shines bright.

Into the nowhere land

The lightest backdraft blows in the left eye.

The earth and the sun.

As the moon reminds me of that sulfur head.

The steps of the mountain show the nearest breath.

Beyond the answer of its significant the most incredible..

Gude of every nonsense and good.

What is more than the highest intelligent love and its dove,

Ah above! Above!

There is flow and there is Flow.

That one comes from above and This one from below

As I know my place, please do not magnetize me to say hello

In and from the back there is BD or so right

Moving the heart beat on the breath of the universe

I disperse out of every tear drop of remembrance..

In advance.

Ah love infinity! The molecules made of pure light”.



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„In the beauty of Your breath

In the safety of Your arms

My heart beats to Your melody

Ah love infinity!

The unity upon Your breath

In the purest light

Only a spark of time

Is the most beautiful, indescribable moment

The whole existence is the same

Ah amazement of it all.

What a miracle!

Ah love, love”.



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e for e·piph·a·ny /əˈpifənē/ noun

a moment of sudden revelation or insight💡

i need to get back to learning calligraphy. my callig pens are feeling abandoned. & it’s such a satisfying feeling when you figure out just how dramatic you can make a simple word look

i did this out of boredom at work about a week ago. i don’t care what you say a real artist uses a blue ballpoint pen and a yellow sticky note.

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