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Fiona works in sculpture, drawing, installation and text. Her desire is the create ‘still movies’ by handwriting or printing text in her own words that tell a whole movie!

“containing action and time in a prescribed form.”

I am amazed how she has written so much by hand and it hasn’t come out wonky! Ruler? Did you use a ruler?

I’m not sure wether I like her printed text or her written text more, think I prefer to look at her printed text as it would capture my attention more, though the amount of text she has hand written really is amazing and I feel more impressed by it. Both techniques are amazing especially the movies she’s basing them off like ‘Apocalypse Now’.

I would love to do something like this but the whole text is like some sort of mash up of all the words that have been said to me in one day or the words I have said. That would be sick and I’m going to do it tomorrow. Il have to have a notepad on hand. Feeling inspired and I’m very happy I’ve discovered this artist. 😘

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i wonder if you


stare at pictures of me and smile at night

fear i’ll break your heart

can’t stop trying to unravel my mind

think about that time we first held hands

try to memorise what my mouth feels like against yours

tell yourself i won’t let you down harshly

hope i won’t let you down

pray you don’t let me down

because i do

i do

i do

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