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Brovic Village - Patreon
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Oc Culture is having an easy time coming up with characters (backstory, personality, design ect.) but worldbuilding is pure horror.
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Operation: Longinus
Tumblr media
Today, June 6th, 1924, should be marked down by our record departments as the merciful end to a colossal military disaster.
Operation: LONGINUS has completed none of it's projected strategic goals. Casualties have, at this time, not been fully counted but have already exceeded standard acceptable losses for armed operations.
In this report details can be found of Operation: LONGINUS and it's strategic goals and objectives, to inform those not privy to them before now. To lay out the timeline of events during operations, and to detail the failure which has occurred to be reviewed by the Lord Commander and High Command an appropriately adjust doctrine and application of tactics for future operations.
For the last four years the Front has been in total deadlock with offensives unable to break through Imperial defensive lines. The simple goal of OPERATION: LONGINUS was to cripple Imperial ability to conduct defensive actions in the northernmost sector of the Front. And then to capitalize upon this with a mass offensive to push and eventually break through the Imperial lines in this sector.
In order to achieve this overarching goal several amphibious landings would occur in this sector, with the majority of marine troops originating from the Commonwealth North Province and crossing the Strait of Iod to land behind enemy lines.
Tumblr media
STAGE ONE would involve Naval Task Force Sierra moving into operational area. █████ intelligence reported that Imperial naval activity in the area has been very low for the entire war. With a reported minefield placed at the lip of the straight to prevent naval actions further east. The primary goal of Task Force Sierra was to secure the waters in between the marine landings, as well as provide fire support to the landings themselves. Bombarding the coastline to annihilate coastal guns and other defenses.
STAGE TWO would involve the amphibious landings. The 1st Blackwood and 5th National Marines would land on "SILVER" beach, followed very quickly by the 3rd National Marines. The strategic objectives of these forces were to:
1. Surround, engage, and eliminate the Imperial forces stationed in that area, who were meant to reinforce the front line.
2. Secure and control the city of Starfalsen, which was the primary logistical railway hub for the front line in this sector. The 5th and 3rd National Marines would focus on the Imperial forces what the 1st Blackwood would focus on pushing on to Starfalsen itself.
3. Engage and destroy the Imperial forces at the from in a flanking action and/or when said forces attempt to retreat.
The 1st Special Brigade would land and advance secure the city of Aushstadt. Destroying the train switching station there and holding the city against any Imperial reinforcements coming from the east.
STAGE THREE once the landings were confirmed successful a general offensive would be ordered at the Front against Imperial defenses. the 66th Penal Battalion would advance first, reinforced by the 14th National Infantry Division. Between this offensive and the forces landed behind the Imperial front lines it was projected the Imperial forces stationed at the Front would break within six hours.
Once enemy force had been nullified Commonwealth forces would advance to Starfalsen, including the 1st Special Brigade which would fall back from Aushstadt to Starfalsen; destroying key infrastructure during it's tactical retreat.
Once OPERATION: LONGINUS was confirmed to be successful in it's goals further reinforcements would advance to Starfalsen. Primarily the 3rd Armoured Division, to then sweep south in an encirclement action.
0100H - Naval Task Sierra begins to moves into position
0200H - Bombardment begins on shore targets by Task Force Sierra
0400H- Amphibious elements in Northern Province begin crossing
0430H - 3rd National Marines are given signal to begin crossing early. Encounter unreported mines during crossing. Coastal guns have not been destroyed by bombardment. 3rd National Marines take heavy casualties during crossing.
0500H - 3rd National Marines make landfall to heavy resistance however are able to secure local objectives. Communications of the early landings fail to reach Task Force Sierra and 3rd Marines are forced to retreat after taking friendly fire from naval bombardment. 3rd Marine Commander, Major Edward Sulveski, is able to contact Operational Command to communicate his location and the early landings; just before being killed by friendly shells. 2nd in Command of 3rd Marines, Captain Robert Antonovich, is able communicates that 3rd Marines has taken over 70% casualties and is combat non-effective. Captain Antonovich requests permission to retreat and is denied by Operational Command. Bombardment is ordered to cease immediately and does not resume at any point.
0630H - 1st Blackwood and 5th National Marines make landfall, due to early cancellation of bombardment these forces meet far greater shore defenses than expected and take heavy casualties securing their local strategic objectives. Commanders of both forces, Major Natasha Nalklov and Major Adam Denislov would later report that the Imperial Home Guard stationed in the area were far better trained, organized, and equipped than they had been lead to believe.
0657H - 1st Special Brigade makes landfall to minimal resistance and begin to advance on Aushstadt.
0710H - Loss of communications with 3rd National Marines, entire force assumed dead or captured.
0714H - Two ships in Task Force Sierra, C.N.S Dread and Stalker are hit by underwater torpedoes launched from undetected enemy U-Boats and begin to take on water.
0800H - 1st Blackwood commander Major Natasha Nalklov communicates high casualties and that minimal progress has been made. Opposing Imperial force possibly too great to continue. Operational Command orders that the 1st Blackwood regiment continue with strategic objectives.
0815H - 1st Special Brigade reaches and begins to engage garrison there.
0825H - 1st Blackwood attempts to break through out of beachhead to advance towards Starfalsen while 5th Marines remain to secure beachhead.
0900H - Field commanders at the Front assume at this time that landings have been successful and order general offensive along the front. Imperial forces stationed at the front are unaffected by landing operations and are able to conduce defensive actions with normal success.
0905H - 1st Special Brigade is able to enter Aushstadt and overwhelm local garrison. Major Nicola Tunnlov reports Imperial reinforcements have already begun to arrive including enemy armour. Operational Command ordered the 1st Special Brigade to continue with strategic objectives and to hold Aushstadt at all costs.
0925H - Crews of C.N.S Dread and Stalker abandon ship and vessels are deemed destroyed. Task Force Sierra is ordered to retreat from the area.
0930H - 1st Blackwood reaches Starfalsen, meeting heavy resistance. Major Natasha Nalklov reports that strategic objectives are impossible and informs Operational Command that she has ordered a retreat.
1000H - 66th Penal Battalion reports 98% casualties, 14th National Infantry Division begins second wave of offensive.
1002H - Major Nicola Tunnlov reports that the 1st Special Brigade is completely surrounded in Aushstadt. Operational Command gives approval to retreat. Major Nicola Tunnlov reports that this is impossible and requests immediate reinforcements.
1045H - 1st Blackwood retreats to beachhead, begins evacuation procedures along with 5th Marines. Major Adam Denislov requests fire support from Task Force Sierra but is denied by Operational Command.
1050H - Major Nicola Tunnlov again requests immediate reinforcements and repeats that retreat is impossible. Major Tunnlov reports the 1st Special Brigade has taken 20% casualties. Operational Command informs Major Tunnlov that reinforcements are on the way and the 1st Special Brigade must hold out for 4 hours.
1200H - 14th Infantry Battalion reports 89% casualties and ends offensive operations on the front. 66th Penal Battalion is reported totally destroyed. All offensives in the sector are halted.
1232H - 1st Blackwood successfully evacuates beachhead and begins crossing back over the straight. 5th Marines is reported by Major Natasha Nalklov to have taken 80% casualties and was unable to evacuate. Entirety of 5th Marines assumed dead or captured.
1245H - Major Tunnlov reports 50% casualties and again requests reinforcements, Operational Command claim that reinforcements will be there within 3 hours and orders 1st Special Brigade to compete it's strategic objective of destroying the switching station in Aushstadt.
1315H - 2nd in Command of 1st Special Brigade, Captain Nick Serknov reports in that attack on switching station failed, Major Tunnlov is injured and the brigade has taken catastrophic casualties. Operational Command finally informs them that no reinforcements are coming and orders the 1st Special Brigade to not surrender.
1357H - Captain Nick Serknov reports that Major Tunnlov is dead and assumes command.
1415H - 1st Blackwood arrives back in Commonwealth territory, upon hearing of the situation in Aushstadt; Major Natasha Nalklov demands permission to land her regiment nearby and move to rescue the 1st Special Brigade. This request is denied by Operational Command.
1456H - Captain Nick Serknov reports his forces are scattered and few but still fighting.
1623H - Final communication with 1st Special Brigade, unknown soldier transmits that there is 27 men left alive and they have no intention of surrendering. Last words of communication were "Long Live the Commonwealth." All of 1st Special Brigade assumed dead.
After reviewing the result of Operation: LONGINUS with the remaining commanders involves I have concluded that serious reviews to █████ █ ███ █████████ ███████ ███████████ ███████ █████ ███████████ █████ ███████ ███████ ███████ ████ █████████ ██████████ ███ ██████████ ███ ███████ ███████████ ███████ ████ ███ ███ ███████ █ ████████
█████ █ █████ ██████ ███████ ███████ ████ ███ ███ ███████ ███████ ██ ██████████ ██████████ ██ ██████████ ███████████ ███████ █████ ████████ ██ ████████ █████ ██████ ███████ ███████ ████ ████ ██ ██████████ ███ ████████ █████████ ███████████████
█████ █ ███ █████████ ████████ ██ ██████████ ██████ ██████████ ██████████ █████ ████ ███ ████████ █████ ████ ████████ ████████ ████ ███████ ████ ████ █████ ██████ ███ ██ ██████ ██ ███████████ ████████
█████ █ █████ ██████ ███████ █████ ████████ █████████ ██████████████ ███ ███████ ████ ███████ ██ ███████████ █████ ███████ ███████ ███ ███ ███████ ███████ ███ █████ ███ ███████████ ███████████ ███████ ███████ █████ ███████ ████ ██████████████ ███ ██ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███ ███████ ███████ ████ ████ ███ ███ █ ██████
After reviewing this document it has been declared that the details of this document shall not be discussed, distributed, or copied. Personnel already aware of Operation: LONGINUS or this document are prohibited from discussing the existence of either to any non-cleared personnel. Failure to comply with this order shall result in court martial.
This document has been seized by the Commonwealth Protection Agency,
By order of the Lord Commander,
Long Live the Commonwealth.
Tumblr media
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iguanodont · a year ago
Tumblr media
A painting I started months ago and suddenly found the motivation to finish
Swooce helps out with herding “carrier sheep”; so called because they exist mostly to host hundreds of fat red ticks that rich birdbugs like to eat like grapes.
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laurenwordwisp · a month ago
Magic Worldbuilding PSA
When magic exists in your world, you can create fun crazy magical creatures and you can explain their existence WITH MAGIC.
You don't need to figure out how a MAGICAL creature with Z trait can exist real-world logically when all you need to say is that Z trait is an adaption due to their main food source being this certain MAGICAL plant, etc.
Also "it is used to attract a mate" is another great explanation for weird adaptations that look really cool but do not seem practical or logical.
Remember, normal real-world creatures are CRAZY WEIRD if you spend half a minute learning about them. So whatever crazy creature you make, as long as you create some sort of explanation for it that works for your world, you are okay.
Go wild. Have fun. \^o^/
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butterfly-winx · 3 months ago
Heyy hi!!I hope I don't bother, but could you talk about Dark Fairies(Like when Bloom became one). And is there a witch version?
Hey, not a bother at all!
In my verse I have Bloom being controlled but not directly turn into a "dark fairy". I just think a magic stream is not equal to a moral compass and fey magic users are just as capable of doing atrocious evil things as witchcraft or sorcery users. On the flipside witchcraft users can be benevolent.
That being said, I was thinking of giving the Trix an intermediary form around S6, marking the boost of power they get from the Legendarium. They are of course ot possessed in the same vein, allying their powers with the book and Selena by extension, but I like to think of both "Dark" powers in the same way, in that they make the magic user lose inhibitions. Their power levels might be similar than before, but like how a powerful burst of adrenaline is able to make you perform beyond the limits of your body, so is a "Dark" boost. But in both cases it required malicious intent and an outside source influence.
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auxiliarydetective · 4 months ago
Not me going completely insane on my wordlbuilding, making a complicated philosophy out of earrings and intentionally having a seperate category for gender-neutral outfits...
If anyone wants to hear what I've got so far, I'd be more than happy to spill some Tehiko crystal tree tea!
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thatlassinquarantine · a year ago
Can gay couples or anyone else have a baby by useing a spell to combine their DNA
Hi anon, I was already planning to answer your previous question about the same thing. You don’t have to send it more than once, I answer all my questions at some point but some take me a tad longer to write or I don’t have enough time to answer them. This being said thanks for asking nonetheless.
I want to say yes, I really do, but it’s complicated.
On one hand, it would be a really nice and sweet representation. I personally had never seen anything quite similar to it anywhere. From the few gay couples I know, who are planning to start a family, they would love to have a child with both of their DNAs but it is simply not possible, at least from what me and them know.
On the other hand though, it raises a lot of problems. Where is the child going to grow? Is it just going to pop into the world already 9 months old? What type of magic is it? Healing? Constructing? Type of some weird Necromancy/Life Magic? Who can do it? Who cannot? Is it allowed or forbidden? Accepted or despised? The list goes on and on.
I really want to go through this and find the best possible way to write it, because this would be great, and a really interesting piece of worldbuilding.
Maybe they could be grown inside some vessel or container but it sounds pretty harsh.
Anyway anyhow I’ll greatly appreciate any help with this matter, so if you anon, or anyone else, have some good take about this. But for now, thank you.
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mafelandiatm · 4 months ago
There is no separation between the artist and the work of art. The artist —to create genuinely— must give her/his/their life to the work [the fire one carries]. The existence of the work emerges from the artist and it is the artist, reflected in the work, that which transcends. However, all forms of existence are ephemeral. We can think in hundreds of billions of years, and it will always happen that an entity will transform into something else and it will enter into another state. It is difficult to think about it, but it is the most thoroughly realistic approach to worldbuilding that I have so far.
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riftclaw · a year ago
Tumblr media
remember how i said the other day that i do most of my shitposting on twitter now the other day?
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ddullahan · a year ago
Hello!!!!! I live!!!!!!!!!!! Woof guys the future is uncertain but you know what isn’t uncertain? Love. I love y’all, this is the most I’ve ever worked on a solo project in my life and I hope the month-long wait was worth it. Big thanks to my friend @tigersdemon for keeping my brain occupied with the gays while I struggled with this chapter <3 might change my tumblr name to sorryformycrimes cause - well. I’m sorry for the angst LOL Here’s an excerpt! --------- Blake was walking on clouds. Her entire body buzzed with raw energy and honestly, why had they waited to kiss? It eclipsed over all other avenues of thought until she was left in a sea of heat and the ghost of pressure on her lips. Oh kissing Adam had never been so earth-shattering. All she wanted to do was break the world again. But the silence had stretched between them, yawning like a chasm with the things they still had yet to say. They made it all the way to the training room without saying a single word, though it wasn’t an uneasy walk. Blake was pretty confident she’d gotten her emotions under control, that she’d had time to cool down. Except they tried to go through the door at the same time. Their eyes made contact as the door slid open, and suddenly Blake forgot everything, and cared about nothing except the fact that Yang still had a tint of redness on her full lips and their bodies were wedged together in the frame. Yang’s lilac eyes were lingering lower than her nose, they were just standing in the doorway but Blake couldn’t find it in her to move. Yang had an air of armageddon about her as wisps of cold gold flames twisted around violet shadows in an intricate dance, a few set adrift in the small gap between them. Blake was just about to crawl out of her skin with the tension, but her ears swiveled towards the room beyond. Voices were rising, one high and sweet, the other rasping and tired. “I know you’re fine, you keep saying that Weiss! All I’m saying is it’s okay if you are, and it’s okay if you’re not! Why are you fighting me on this?” “I am not fighting you on this, I am simply stating that you don’t need to worry. I have everything under control.”
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rustymaps · 6 months ago
New Village
Day | Night | Winter
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thehappynoodle · 8 months ago
after a very long time i finally made another video lmao
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theironclad · 6 months ago
The Commonwealth was sort of founded on this collectivist-Marxist idea of totally destroying all previous divisions and placing them into new ones. Those being the Labourers (“Browncoats”) the Military (“Blackcoats”) and the Intellectuals/Politicians (“Bluecoats”).
As a consequence of this everything else that was seen to divide people/give them a distinct sense of identity outside of the state was destroyed. Religion being the big one, but also any social clubs, sports, etc.
Traditional femininity was targeted as the idea was contrary to the sense that every woman should perform to the Commonwealth’s needs, not their own. So things like childbirth or being a homemaker couldn’t fly, you need to be in the factories where you belong after all.
Really this is just a really long way of explaining why i have this idea of Natasha getting exposed to feminine things and her going. “Dresses??? I can be pretty????” For like a whole chapter.
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iguanodont · a year ago
Do birdbugs have recreational / competitive sports?
They do! Team sports similar to capture the flag or balloon tag where you try to snatch the opponent’s rear tassels are common. There are some ballgames as well, usually involving pushing the ball around with the mid-arms (they can’t really throw things like we can).
During mating festivals wrestling and competitive dancing are extremely popular as a test of young males’ strength and agility. These dancing games typically involves two opponents donning flashy costumes and prancing around each other in a mock battle until a competitor stumbles or accidentally brushes the opponent with an arm or leg. Referees judge the dancers on their synchronicity and how close they stay to their partner without touching them.
Tumblr media
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laurenwordwisp · a year ago
Kraken creation: day 3
After three days of watching nature videos, reading articles, and general brainstorming, I have come up with a “realistic” kraken I am satisfied with. 
Most depictions of kraken either look like squid or octopus.  I chose to go with squid mainly due to size, behavior, and habitat, taking heavy inspiration from Colossal squid and Humboldt squid.
Kraken are going to be a living magical creature species in my world and not just one solitary mythological monster.  Similarly to how very little is known about Colossal squid due to the inability for humans to easily access their natural habitat to study them, not much will be known about kraken for the same reasons.  Most information comes from dead specimens either washed up on shore or caught in fishing nets.  Kraken attacking small ships does occur, but the attacks are rare and thought to be triggered by illness which causes individuals to act erratically.
It is believed an average kraken can grow to 80~100 ft. (24~30 m.) with half of that length being its main body and the other half being its eight arms and two tentacles.  Each arm is lined with suckers, and each sucker is ringed on the inside with sharp teeth.  Its hard, beak-like mouth can pierce through bone.  Its arms are incredibly strong and fast.  It attacks its prey by grabbing/strangling and dragging it to a lower depth to either suffocate it or kill it with the sudden change in pressure. 
Their main food source are whales but kraken also feed on magical energy and they can sense sources from a great distance.  Because they do not perceive magic in the same way humans do, concealment enchantments are useless.  Similar to other species of squid and octopus, kraken display high levels of intelligence and problem-solving, though the extent of their intellect is  unknown.
Kraken can naturally change the pressure within their bodies which allows them to quickly move between different depths without their cells rupturing.  Kraken attacks are always heralded by a severe thunderstorm and this is due to the sudden change in air pressure from when the kraken rises rapidly from great depths to the surface of the ocean.
I haven’t thought much about the appearance yet but I read that the eyes of Colossal squid glow in the dark so I plan to look more into bioluminescence and how it could be incorporated.
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google-plexed · a year ago
Worldbuilding: Education
Crafting an education system can be important because they have such a large impact on character development that it can explain a lot about how people think and the preconceived notions they hold about the world.
Is there any formal education in your world?
If so, how is it structured?
How is it similar or different from the education system(s) you’re familiar with?
What are schools like?
Are there different types of schools? What are they for?
What subjects are emphasized in the curriculum?
Is education available to everyone? Or only certain groups?
Are most people literate or illiterate?
Do most people go to school? How are most people educated?
What kinds of requirements are there to become a teacher?
Are teachers respected in the society? To what extent?
At what age do children start school? When do they leave school?
Are children in school most of the day/year like in real life? What does a school calendar look like?
How do children learn?
Does the school system cater to children’s needs in terms of how they learn or is it more standardized?
What kinds of technology are available to teachers/students?
Is there a written language?
How highly does the society value education?
More Resources
If you’re writing a dystopia, this Wikipedia page can help incorporate propaganda into your curriculum.
If there’s anything you want me to cover, shoot me an ask! To learn more about worldbuilding, check out the tag!
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asimplechaos · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
DID YOU KNOW DREAM DEMONS JUST GOT A BIG UPDATE ON INFO? The old doc was 10 pages and now I’ve almost doubled it with more info and more LORE.
Go check it out maybe!!!!
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underconstructicons · 11 months ago
Anyone besides Scavenger like any earth (or other) animals? If so what are they and why?
Longhaul liked the pigeonoids that would follow him as he drove the long mostly empty roads between Cybertron’s great cities. They made for good company. They look like flying manta-ray’s with turbines and lazily glide on air currents on their long migrations to and from the rust sea.
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fitiusvol · a year ago
Tumblr media
Archive of Luccerno N°1
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