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prokopetz · 7 months ago
Describing gender as a spectrum implies that there are people whose gender cannot correctly be displayed in digital media because it falls outside the RGB colour gamut.
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yugioh-puns · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
“Transcicada” is a portmanteau of trans- and cicada, in reference to the insect’s transition from its shell.
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phoenixyfriend · 24 days ago
Proposal to insist on using “self-made man” as slang for transition to the point that rich people stop using it to describe (lie) about how they got rich.
I like queer slang and I hate rich people claiming they got there through hard work when it was really taking advantage of others.
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exlibrisfangirl · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
This guy doesn't get it...
Tumblr media
This person does...
Tumblr media
Then there's this guy...
Tumblr media
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haikkun · 10 months ago
Aren’t You A Little Too Old For Birthdays???
It’s funny
Because hyphens
Subtract numbers, yet add words
*Swings sword sing-songily*
*Shakes shoulders, haughtily*
A year later
And I’m still writing nerdy maths poems
Nothing’s changed
Except we’ve gone around the sun and come back again, alone
Try to dig my heels in
Prevent the deletions
Bring you back
Remove the spaces
To clip us at the hip
Unless I was just another number
Nothing hardly changes anything
When what you want
Is 9,246 miles away
Maureen Armstrong @haikkun
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jaerie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to the Traphouse 
A WordPlay 5.0 Series by jaerie 
It was social media success that brought them all to move into this six bedroom gated mansion that had already been affectionately dubbed The Traphouse with a pool and enough space for all the antics they were sure to get up to.
Being a Viner himself, Harry had known all the guys for a long time. There were a lot of million plus follower creators that Harry had come to know during the app’s peak. Vine for reVine had initially started their relationships and running in the same circles had them bumping into each other at events and even meeting up for a collab or two here and there. Harry deciding to move to LA had been perfect timing for him to be roped into this project that was only just beginning.
They’d come together and they were all on the same page. They would treat the house as a set, all of them filming their videos both together and on their own. It was a social experiment that was already proving successful. With only tweets and Instagram posts about the house and roommates, Harry’s following had already started to grow. It was an exciting time for all of them and Harry was lucky enough to be right in the middle of it.
One house, five YouTubers, and the unexpected results.
Week One - Struggle 
Week Two - Reduce
Week Three - Divide 
Week Four - Rise
Week Five - Sketch
Now complete as of August 21!
Please check out @wordplayfics​ for five years worth of fics!
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medblrforlife · 6 months ago
Let’s play a game
What is a totally non-food-related thing that makes you think of food. Bonus points if medical/pathological.
Claudication makes me think of clotted cream. Because they sound similar.
My cardiovascular final is tomorrow and I’m desperately trying to deny how much studying I still need to do.
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tomlinbuns · 2 months ago
take the time for you by pixies (tomlinbuns)
Harry/Louis | One-Shot | Meet cute
Dating hasn’t really been very easy for Harry lately, not ever since he moved to London earlier in the year for his job. He’s had terrible luck with online dating and is too dedicated to his current projects at work to make time to go out to the bars and try to socialize more than once every few weeks.
aka, Harry ends up at speed-dating to get his friend off his back. He has a better night than expected.
Written for Week 1 of @wordplayfics! The prompt word for this week was “struggle”. (Something I definitely did when trying to decide what to write!)
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elsewhereuniversity · 8 days ago
Etymology is such a useful and lifesaving class; you know all sorts of loopholes when you understand the history of words. After all, "The pen is mightier than the sword." Or I guess in this case the word is mightier than that guy.
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prokopetz · 5 days ago
I love the “high-ranking military title plus oddly specific crime” villain naming format. Stuff like “General Manslaughter” – like, what is the implicit hierarchy here? Is there also a Captain Aggravated Assault? A Second Lieutenant Reckless Endangerment? A Private Civil Liability?
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yugioh-puns · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
The “Rescue” archetype seems to be a pun on 急 kyuu (”sudden, urgent”) and きゅうきゅうkyuukyuu, which can either mean “first aid” or be an onomatopoeia for squeaking.
This kyuu sound can be found in the second syllable of “Rescue,” and is symbolized by the large “Q” symbol on the Rescue Squad’s helmets.
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sepublic · 7 days ago
I don’t know if this was obvious to everyone else, but the title Thai Feud is likely meant to be a pun on Thai Food, as it’s apparently set up to be another episode about Anne cooking Thai cuisine, this time with her parents and their food truck involved!
Tumblr media
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baileylang · 2 months ago
Time Will Explain
Tumblr media
“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a failed popstar turned songwriter in possession of a decent career, must be in want of a big hit.”
Louis' career ended when he was outed in The Sun. His new songwriting career is doing well, but it could do so much better if he wrote a hit with Harry Styles. What he hadn't figured into it was how much of a struggle it would be to figure out exactly who Harry Styles actually was.
This is part of a Wordplay @wordplayfics prompt challenge for the prompt "struggle". To read the amazing fics that were written by the others on this prompt, click here, and to see all fics written as part of the challenge (including years 1-4), click here. You can also find the masterpost for this year’s challenge here.
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“past tense” is depression
“future tense” is anxiety
“present tense” is panic
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soktokki · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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autumnsunshine10 · 2 months ago
Assay Anything
Rubbish bins overflowing
No slowing the derailed train
Smear campaigns launched inanely
Canceled programs only to show
More of the same under a new name
Bunny ear antenna picking up
Lamebrains braying, spraying
Spittle and sputum downplaying
The downgrades while upgrading
Games that give everything away
If players wake before taken
To task, made to pay
It's okay it's all ingrained
Trained in this from an early age
To take it
To the grave
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neondiamond · a month ago
Tumblr media
love so soft, you ain’t had nothing softer
A 6 part series by neondiamond
Written as part of the 2021 @wordplayfics challenge!
The fic that started it all: Sweet like candy (4.1k – written for the @1daboficfest)
Struggle: Forts & Fortunes (2.8k)
It’s finals week at uni and Harry is struggling to find a healthy balance between studying and tending to his needs. Lucky for him, Louis is there to help him out with that.
Reduce: One way to reduce tension (1.8k)
Harry knows of a few ways to help Louis get rid of some pent up stress…
Divide: Center of Attention (2.5k)
Harry may or may not be jealous of how much attention Louis is giving their new kitten.
Rise: Rise & Shine (1.7k)
It’s Louis’ birthday. Harry has a few surprises in store for him
Sketch: Feels like home (2.4k)
Louis comes home from work with an exciting surprise. Daydreaming and celebrations ensue.
Read the whole series now on Ao3!
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