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i am either illiterate or read a 500 page book in 3 hours and that’s that on that

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I like the intricacy of words. You can say one thing, but mean another. You can hide layers within text that will speak different volumes to different people. Perception is very intriguing. I enjoy poetry. Something may seem positive to one and negative to another. A compilation of words which may help one and hinder another. Perception creates contrast.

Below is a snippet of my brain in words. I don’t know if it’s good, I don’t know if it’s bad. I don’t care. My perception is that it’s an outlet. Good or bad becomes irrelevant. What do you think?


//I call this “The son”//

“The sun goes up

The sun goes down

On my face a smile

You don’t see the frown.

I stay afloat

But I feel I drown

I’m full of hope

But I feel a clown

I’m on a slope

Can’t get a grip

As I skip

And slip

Can’t muster a quip

A person strong, a mind that’s sick.

How do people handle it?”


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49 / 100 days of productivity

A snippet of the poem I wrote for Escapril 2020 (ft. another picture of the sky at sunrise)

I also did some more things:

  • Finished writing a new research project assigned to me at the beginning of the week
  • Emailed the project
  • Started proof-reading a friend’s essay
  • Wrote two poems for Escapril
  • Finished writing my song (it took 2 months wow), but I’m still not happy with the background guitar

Here is some information about the Escapril Challenge if you’d like to participate or if you’re just bored and want some good writing prompts.

Tunes: Atlas - COIN
(this song is one of my best first-year memories and now I’m sad)

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Half of the weight of the soul is buried in the surface of a shallow and tortured skin, as also in it’s depths. The speech of truth is only but in a ghostly tongue, hidding in the comforts of other endless words.

So much is lost and at cost. So much is a mirror, a photograph less or no more.

I would like to grab a knife and reopen all of your hidden wounds. Watch the blood shout out of your body in different speeds, quantities, directions and places. To look at it all thoroughly, then stich them all together with the same knife and new eyes.

I would like to finally meet you.

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One day I start running.

I start running and I don’t stop. I outrun the place where I was born. I outrun my friends and family.

I outrun my lifespan.

I outrun the country I grew up in. I outrun my species.

I outrun my continent. I out run my planet. I outrun my solar system and its star. I outrun my galaxy. 

And one day, I run far enough that I can see the edge of the universe approaching. I don’t stop as I throw myself off, fighting its pull.

In the end, I outrun my universe as well.

I run and I run and I run until I stop. I find myself back where I started. My friends and family are there. My planet is there.

The only difference is that I wore my other favorite shirt one day.

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when you messed up your words

and told me you loved me,

you had me fooled,

thinking maybe we could be.

and though you continued

saying you missed me,

you told me that night

that we never would be.

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ — (‘LB’) myself.

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Hey family & friends, I’m one of the writers in the anthology “It Hurts”. It is the 1st of a 3 part series of anthologies. Here is a short clip with excerpts read by the some of the authors on this anthology “It Hurts”. By the way, the anthology is out & I have your copy available now! Have you bought your copy yet? If not, ask me how to get yours today. Myself & 14 other amazing poets have collaborated in bringing you the first of a three part anthology series, the first being entitled “It Hurts”. Within these pages you will read & feel the pain behind the words written by each writer, while witnessing the art they create to get relief from the pains they’ve endured. Get your copy today!

The poets you will find sharing parts of themselves within these pages are:
@justmerlin 👈🏽(that’s me!)

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