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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Note: This should be read figuratively.

When you find yourself feeling lost

in the face of the mirror

or on the surface of water,

wipe away the cloud on the glass

Scatter the cloud

Wipe the face of the mirror

with a gentle touch

You’re right there

But lost at sea,

or disturbed by ripples

Understand something: pain and life difficulties are not easy to overcome just like that. I do not expect you to take this poem literally but figuratively. Wiping away unclear image in the mirror or on the surface of water represents you wiping away your tears, raising your head, and battling and overcoming your struggles.

This is Courtesy of Lanre Madiba

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Every moment

we are breathing

as our bodies beg us

to see cause to


like we chose this

on purpose

Through every pain

my body saw to it

that I’d

keep breathing

All this life

In and Out

The body works so

hard to keep us alive



The least we

can do

is accept that gift

with grace


live like

we mean it

Perry M. // Breathless

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i made a new accent a few days ago but i need to actually sit down and make the preorder forum post for it

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This goes for all of my chubby wlw out there who have been afraid of being taller than their partners and have been afraid of their weight since you were little.

The media shoved it down your throat that you have to be accepted and attractive in today’s society. ‘Be thin, petite and straight.’

You are beautiful, regardless of your weight, your love for women is wonderful and valid. It’s okay if you are taller than your partner. I love you and I remember that you don’t have to change anything about yourself.

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I’ve been told I keep overstepping my boundaries into other peoples jobs. The truth is I just feel so useless and a waste of space that I try to do so many things so that i can atleast be helpful. But I’m not, I do too much and I take on more than I can handle. I do things that aren’t my job. I dont mean to make it like I am trying to do your job or something like that. That is not my intention at all. I just feel so worthless and like i am just dead weight so I try to compensate by going to far. I just want to be helpful. Make your job easier. I seriously never meant to overstep the mark. I just want to feel like I am contributing in some way. I just want to be useful. I am so sorry. I just feel like such a failure and I want to try make it stop. I want someone to notice that I put in the effort. I want to help. I just want to be helpful. Does anyone else do this? Take on too much and overstep just because you want to be helpful? Is it just me? Am I being a dick? I honestly don’t mean to in anyway. I dont mean to overstep, to try and do you job, i want the opposite. Please I just wanted to be useful for once in my life. I am so sorry…

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I spend my life in examining things: I write down in the evening whatever I have remarked, what I have seen, and what I have heard in the day: every thing engages my attention, and every thing excites my wonder: I am like an infant, whose organs, as yet tender, are strongly affected by the slightest objects.

Montesquieu, Persian Letters

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