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#words n stuff
kkujo · 12 hours ago
I’ve come across that persons blog before and they’re….something else lol they make like 50 blocklists a day but they’re completely useless bc they put t3rfs and f4scists on a blocklist with literally anyone who disagrees with them on anything no matter what. they have ‘people who think outdoor cats are okay’ on a blocklist with t3rfs (not saying outdoor cats are okay but come on that’s not anywhere near as bad as being a terf lol) and basically act like disagreeing with them on any random point no matter what it is makes you irredeemably problematic. on a positive note I doubt anyone’s using it as an actual blocklist bc it’s basically useless bc you can’t tell whether anyone on it is an actual bigot or just someone who pisses them off somehow lol
YES THANK U i scrolled their blog for a bit bc i was pissed off abt being put on a blocklist and wondering if i maybe was in the wrong but like. they get so mad over trivial stuff honestly it seems reallyyyy unhealthy
#asks#I DON'T GET WHY PEOPLE GET SO PRESSED ABOUT OUTDOOR CATS#my cats go outside bc we live somewhere with fields where they can go away from roads and they're neutered n stuff so#i get ppl having opinions on it but i promise you outside of tumblr it really isn't that deep#but yeah they put me and my friends on a list for us being 'exclusionists' which? absolutely has no basis??#and said smth like#'at this point i'm going to start assuming you're terfs' ????#most of us aren't cis and all extremely anti terf like if u bothered to check our blogs u would see that we continuously support trans women#but yeah i don't mean this unkindly but it seems this person has a lot of issues like. this is doing NOTHING to actually help trans people#in fact it's actively harming trans ppl because they're throwing us onto a blocklist w terfs for some reason?? like? yiiiikes#ALSO LIKE#ik i've posted vaguely anti pan stuff before but honestly i don't rlly care if ppl id as pan i just don't like when ppl say it's more-#progressive than bi yk like. i just think pan ppl should be careful of their language and definitions#bc a lot of pan positivity has biphobic undertones unfortunately#but fr if you bothered to interact w me like directly you would know that i rlly don't care if ppl are pan or ace like it doesn't concern me#i'm not an 'exclusionist' bc if part of ur identity is being against another group of ppl that's just cringe like wtf#and ppl suibaiting ppl just for identifying as pansexual are literally insane#ANYWAY. my point is they totally took what i said out of context#i said the 'delete that rb op is xyz' isn't terf exclusive. ppl use it for panphobes or aphobes or even like su fans or smth stupid#and they saw the word panphobic and ran with it😭 MY POINT WAS IT ISN'T A TERF SPECIFIC THINGGGG#but anyway idk maybe the original post was kinda appealing to terfs but. because i'm. not a terf. i wasn't thinking like that#i don't think like a terf so how tf am i supposed to know that would appeal to them 😭#ANYWAYS SORRY FOR THE RANT AGAIN fr tho that person is doing nothing for the lgbt community and they rlly need to relax
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teapartyships · 15 hours ago
*teleports over here so fast*
i heard you say something abt gay flower shop & idol boy ocs, please tell me more :)
~caspi ☆︎
[ @summerdawn ]
GDJSUAOIA ID BE SO HAPPY TO ANSWER THIS 🥺🥺🥺Ok so! None of them have names yet sadly, but their designs are somewhat worked out! They are in a more normal Earth, where there is no magic or anything, and they are most likely going to be college / university students bcs I’m sick of it always being highschoolers! WOULDNT IT BE FUNNY IF THEY ENDED UP AS ROOMMATES….
The idol boy is a rather successful lad, having become a star at an exceedingly young age due to his extreme talent with singing and dancing. Luckily for him, despite doing it for so long, he really enjoys both being up on stage during shows and giving his all in practices. He’s definitely earnest, but that tends to be hidden behind his brash and bold kind of demeanor. He gets loud easily - especially when mr flower shop is around - but that’s mainly because he has a lot of burning passion in whatever he does. His hair is long, reaching down to at least his waist, and man do the fans love to see what extra hairstyle he pulls of with it next. While it does give him away in public a lot (so its not unusual for him to try to hide it all under a hat or hoodie, much to mr flower’s teasing), he really likes wearing it in a loose side braid on his days off, being sure to give his scalp a rest from all the tugging it gets subjected to from how often he wears high ponytails on stage.
Mr Flower is a good guy too, but its a lot harder to tell. He was kind of created from the “tough looking character who’s actually a super soft angel” trope, and he lives up to this well. Most of this is shown physically through the juxtaposition of the dark shaggy haircut he (most likely, it may change) has and the tattoos running up and down his arms against the sweet apron with embroidered flowers he wears to work. He kinda flipped between jobs when i first made him bcs I wasn’t sure what to have him do, but i eventually settled on flower shop boy because of flower language! He’s quiet, a lot quieter than Idol, thats for sure, and usually it can be hard to tell if he’s even listening or not since he has quite the poker face. However, he somehow met Idol and even became friends with him and is the best at getting under his skin.
One of the best ways to describe Idol is the kind of character who goes “HAAAAA?” Loudly in an anime if they catch wind of you speaking about them. He’s a sweetie, yes, but it can be hard to see under the layers of fiery passion. Sadly, some of his more die hard fans can recognize when he does that, so doing it in public is ill advised as it stirs them into a frenzy and he needs to leave quickly. Flower is the best at provoking him, and it mostly comes from his ability to “bully” (Idol’s words) him without actually putting in much effort, being capable of remaining calm and collected will ticking Idol off. Both also super love animals and, even though they “act” like they dont like each other, its not unusual to see them in an animal shelter together when both are free (which is rare). When Flower is working, Idol tends to like to come in to pester him and hang around and has since been able to pick up small traces of flower language (which Flower knows very well! You’d never guess it tho…) because of it. Idol, on the other hand, always leaves Flower special tickets to his shows and grants him permission (if he can, agents are hellspawns) to visit him during practice. Flower always says he doesn’t care n doesn’t want to show up to some shitty concert, but hes always there regardless.
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flygefisk · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ok, here’s lazuli’s gene plan + outfit! plus new baby, agate. gotta stalk the mp for genes bc theyre all hugely inflated on the ah rip
lore under the cut!
lazuli is a geologist/mineralogist- anning and archaea found her in the tunnels while participating in the massive dustcarve dig. while the other recently-awoken obelisks were greeting each other and the diggers, lazuli was perched on a crag investigating a bit of exposed crystal.
she and anning bonded over their shared interest in stones. lazuli was overjoyed to have names to apply to the minerals around her, the material she sprung from, and anning was happy to have someone who actually listened to her infodumping. anning suggested the name lazuli to her, and she took it, and agreed to go with them to clan flygefisk.
lazuli is... uncertain of the surface world. she loves learning, but she finds the vast sky and open spaces unsettling, instead sticking to alleys or indoor spaces. she feels right at home in the museum. she’s a quick learner and a very good researcher.
agate, the hatchling, was a surprise. on the trek out of the tunnels, lazuli filled anning and archaea’s bags with rocks. one of those rocks, a particularly large and stripey one, turned out to be not a rock, but an egg. an obelisk egg. several days later, as lazuli was settling into her new home and laying out her meager belongings, it began to shake.
lazuli panicked, a reasonable reaction, and brought the trembling egg to anning. they watched as it began to crack, a tiny paw poking out of the shell, and agreed to raise the little mystery together. agate is a mischievous and dangerously clever child, who enjoys climbing tall furniture and stealing a wide assortment of items. they have small hoards scattered about lazuli and anning’s homes, as well as in the museum, library, and gardens. everywhere.
lazuli- nb woman, she/they, probably pan
agate- uncertain, currently they/them, a baby
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sothischickshe · 3 days ago
howdy! for the fanfic writer questions: #2. Talk about your process for developing story ideas. #17. Least favorite trope to write? #28. Are there any words, phrases, mannerisms, or scenes that you tend to use a lot?
molte grazie! <3 <3 <3 (and especially for this extremely sophisticated questions-in-the-ask stuff :o)
#2. Talk about your process for developing story ideas.
oof! extremely chaotic lawful?! haha
i guess it typically goes something like:
have an idea > leave it > over time return to it and think through how it might make sense > have varied other stray ideas over time about lines or moments or dialogue or something and maybe put some of those 'in' this idea > eventually maybe write down a placeholder title on the list of things i want to write > keep thinking a bit about the idea and indeed the other ideas while writing other thing/s > eventually decide to Write The Thing at a point where i've pretty much worked it out in my head > do whatever research is desperately needed to complete the process of working it out in my head > choose a title! listen to the source song; cackle > tell myself the story in my head a few times till i've got it all worked through plotwise and to an extent languagewise > make some notes? (might already have some notes from rewatch; title source song) > write the whole thing on paper, ideally in one go but that's happening less and less cos they keep being too long waah > read through paper draft and make light edits > type the thing up > discover how long it is > get to editing!!!!!!!!!!!!! > once i can read through it without getting wildly frustrated, turn it into an ao3 draft > edit edit edit edit edit > eventually go: fuck it post it > rest
#17. Least favourite trope to write?
um ok: one answer, and i think it's more LESS faves for me than LEAST cos if it's a trope i don't want to write then i won't lol, but for another:
ummm maybe HEA...? or at least for brio lol, they suck. like i have written it a few times (mostly/only AU or future fics i think...?) but i do generally prefer a more open-ended ending for them.
howsoever, i have seen the light and Understood why most of rhea's name is hea
#28. Are there any words, phrases, mannerisms, or scenes that you tend to use a lot?
lmao, im trying to take this q seriously but ive stumbled straight off...
are there words i use a lot? um yea, 'the' for example... (now obsessed w/ the idea of writing a story w/o it, o no)
im very pro repetition of words/phrases/stuff! that’s how you build a pattern, n if u build one u can make diverting from it impactful!
...& it hurt, but only a bit.
...& it hurt, but only a bit.
...& it hurt, but only a bit.
...& it hurt, but only a bit. Just a little bit.
...& it hurt, but only a bit.
...& it hurt, a whole fucking lot.
or even:
plus re words, phrases, mannerisms etc... i should think they are repeated cos i write a lot of stuff abt the same 2 dummies and mostly from either of their povs. ok should write abt more interesting ppl, good note.
scenes, um:
mirror sex
can’t have a normal conversation to save their lives
poor traumatised mick
...and im back to the same good note haha
play with me 
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simveong · 4 days ago
#i’m in the bath rn overthinking so i need to rant#sry i hate to rant on places but it’s the only way i can get it out#my friend n i went to fl a week after we graduated#this was like almost a month ago n a few days#n we were having a good time n stuff#n then since we got home she hasn’t said anything to me at all or respond to my stuff 🤣🤣#i rly feel so used and i’ve already been down n it really just added shit on top of it#not to mention she literally made my mom (i don’t have an income rn but i have my first nursing job in a couple weeks yay!!)#pay for almost EVERYTHING while we were there (n she has her own income)#and THEN she got home and she was like omg my brother just gave me $750 for graduation like….#that’s more than i got from numerous ppl 🕴 but idc i don’t like gifts anyway it’s not the point#but i was already down bc we share a friend group (needless to say she did introduce me to them!!)#and after graduation they kept hyping her up n stuff and they did none of that for me ☹️#i’ll admit i’m prob more self aware of that stuff bc what i’ve been through but ya#also i didn’t tell any of u this but for my nursing interview i got offered SEVEN POSITIONS IN ONE DAY!!!!#i was so excited n none of them….even cared#idk i haven’t really been on socials except here and my kpop twt (i deactivated my locals twt)#and none of them have said a word to me no check up or nothing and i even cried out for help 🧍‍♀️#i just really want ppl to be there for me like i am for them like srsly the ONLY thing i can’t do rn is drive but i’m working on it!!!!#i can’t even tell if it’s me or the other ppl anymore#i even asked my mom bc i will own my mistakes if it’s me and she said she doesn’t think it’s me they’re just selfish assholes#none of them understand mental illness either and they’re just like lol suck it up be happy but i try to overlook it#idk i’m pretty sure i have undiagnosed borderline but i still don’t think i can contribute ALL of these issues to me bc i will own up n say#i’m a drama queen sometimes but this happens way too often….it just makes me feel so down#i feel like everyone already has their besties and i’m just left out#i truly feel so so so so alone#ik ppl say they’re here for me but i never want to dump my problems on someone but sometimes that’s all i need#i just want a friend….a genuine friend#text#i really just sit and wonder like….would kms fix all this
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aroperyton · 6 days ago
i admittedly think about my akoiromanticism more than i do my greyromanticism, and i think thats bc its a lot more hard-set and easy to explain than my greyromanticism and a lot more... to the point? like instead of thinking out the whole sentence, my brain is only on repeat for the end of it, "...and even when i DO experience romantic attraction, i can't date, which is seen as THE expression of romantic attraction, so all in all romance just doesnt have much payoff or is worth the effort to me, and THATS why i id as aromantic!" but i'm still very excited when i see the greyro flag included in posts instead of like, the demisexual flag and thats It for aspec but-not-just-aromantic-and-asexual identities, and am mentally cheering us on every time i see it (imagine me cheering for u if u wanna, other greyro ppl :P!), and still suuuuuuuuper think arospec discussion centers Heavily on just never experiencing romantic attraction and never caring abt it at all, which is fair and im not like Mad about it cause you dont really have anywhere else you can have that, ....but i really do feel like there isnt as much room or acknowledgement of the nuance and varying in aroSpec identities and experiences and feelings etc. even when we do experience romantic attraction its not the same as an alloro person would, and when we aren't it doesn't mean we're Biding Our Time for the Next Crush cause we're Secretly Alloro, it means!! we're arospec!!!!!! i wish there was a chance for more discussion of experiencing romantic attraction in an arospec way, and experiencing total lack of romantic attraction when romantic attraction is still a thing that can happen, etc
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c-kiddo · 6 days ago
What happened, if you wanna talk about it? If not then just take this ask as a sign to have a nice day :]
just,, stuff on a discord server (i know.. i know.. ) i thought since its a cr server for autistic/adhd/nd people it would be safe to jus quickly ask for clarification since there’s a bunch of shipping channels you need roles for. and there’s a bunch of cad ship ones. so i thought it was ok to try and ask if it’s inherently romantic or...? to know that its safe for aroaces? i just wanted to feel safe. and immediately a bunch of people got mad at me for asking and didnt answer my actual question. and then more peopl joined in to pick apart everything i said and get mad at me even though i was asking people to stop and saying im upset and repeating my original question. some other people helped me eventually (like after an hour or two) but like,, it was so much :( so much all at once. people being that defensive and angry at me for just being like ‘is this place safe for aroaces?’ was scary and just a lot :(
idk.. its so horrible to feel that unwelcome and dismissed and unsafe, and hav people react so hostile in a place you thought was safe :(
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I think some of y'all need a reminder that content creators are NOT characters, they're real people with real human boundaries and disrespecting those boundaries is gross. Just because it's over the internet or they won't see what you're posting doesn't make it okay.
And I'm especially calling out people who break CC shipping boundaries :/ it's gross and weird to disrespect a real person over a made up relationship. I've been seeing a lot of it for some reason in the past two weeks, and idk what happened, but please educate yourselves and/or do better.
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noodledrabbles · 9 days ago
To Chance Upon A King
The prince rode on his stallion as it galloped across the lush green woods a distance away from the castle. Following behind was his entourage of guards, who also rode on strong stallions to keep up with the prince.
The entire group was on a small hunt. A stag had been spotted in these woods. This presented an opportunity for the prince to leave his residence for a bit of fun.
The thrill he felt as he felt the wind flow past his body and through his hair was intense. Horse riding in the woods was the best way the prince could bask in a little bit of freedom before returning to his princely responsibilities.
Soon, the stag was within his sight. His entourage came armed with ornately decorated rifles, and they took aim. One of the guards accidentally released the trigger, but the bullet fired into the empty woods, the stag having evaded them successfully amongst the trees and wild greenery. And nobody could tell where it went; it seemed to have disappeared into thin air.
The prince wandered forward, putting a little distance between him and his entourage, and attempted to gain a sight of its tracks. Alas, nothing could be seen.
Well damn, the prince thought. It seemed luck wasn't on his side today.
But his attention was soon grabbed by a faint cry echoing in the woods. It seemed animalistic, most likely the cry of a creature. It dragged on for a little while, the cry quickly descending into a wail.
The prince followed the sound, hearing the wailing increasing in volume as his horse trudged forward. Once the sound became clearer, it dawned upon him that the sound was of a stag in distress.
The prince's hope grew. Perhaps it was the stag that he had been chasing. As he nudged his horse on, he entered into a small clearing, whereby a pond stood in its natural beauty. In front of the pond, however, he saw the stag from which the cry emanated. The stag, however, was much larger in size, its antlers much more impressive. It was not the stag he had been chasing.
What intrigued him more was the man standing beside the distressed stag, who lifted his arms and petted its hide in an attempt to pacify the poor creature.
After a moment or so, the stag had calmed sufficiently and resumed its peaceful stance, tilting its head down to take a drink. The man, meanwhile, had seemed quite flustered by the whole scene.
"Are you alright?" the prince asked from his steed. The man with the stag immediately turned around to face the prince, his expression indicating that he was quite clearly upset.
"Are you hunting?" the man queried, anger evident in his tone, "Do you have the slightest clue of how much your guns would frighten him?"
The prince dismounted from his horse, his expression changed from concerned to apologetic as he approached the other man, who he realised was dressed in a toned-down fashion with a long brown coat. Despite the simplistic style, the man's appearance was neat. His white hair was combed back in a rather handsome manner.
"Yes," the prince replied gingerly, "I do apologise if my men had frightened you."
"I'm fine, but you certainly frightened my steed over here. Creatures like him tend to be more afraid of the thunderous sound of guns firing," the man indignantly answered, gently petting the hide of the drinking creature.
The prince was somewhat puzzled at this.
"Your steed?"
"Yes. Well, believe it or not, it is possible to tame a stag for riding, though it is considerably much more challenging than if with a horse."
The prince marvelled at this. Domesticating stags to accept a rider was unconventional and quite unheard of in the kingdom.
"Look, I am sorry," the prince said, lowering himself for a moment. The man softened his expression and turned to the prince. Strangely enough, the man seemed rather familiar. The prince was certain that he had seen his face in a history book of monarchs before, though he couldn't confirm it.
"It is quite alright. It's just I ride out here often while I'm here in the country. Unfortunately, its proximity to the castle means that it becomes a hunting spot for the royals."
The man let out a sigh and turned to face the horizon of the lake. "It just annoys me quite so when the guns fire here. A frenzied stag is not good for all involved."
The prince couldn't help but feel somewhat ashamed.
"You mentioned that you come here while in the country. Do you come from one of the major cities?" the prince asked. The opposite man shooked his head and patted the stag's snout.
"No. When I mean 'in the country', I actually mean while I'm here in this country."
"You're a foreigner?"
"That I am," the man replied, his attention still fixed on his stag.
"I forgot to ask earlier, but may I know your name?" the prince asked. He tried to associate the man with several foreign names he could think of, but there were many possibilities, given that he wasn't actually aware of where in the world the man came from.
The man gave a slight, knowing smirk.
"Arthur. What do they call you?"
"Alex," the prince replied, "They call me Alex. Where are you staying?"
"A small country estate, not too far from here. It's peaceful, being surrounded by forestry," the man responded.
"Sounds rather lovely," the prince remarked, "How long do you plan to stay here?"
"Oh, I'm not sure. Probably a few weeks, at least," was the man's reply, accompanied by a simple shrug of his shoulders. The prince analysed the man. The royal admitted that he found the man somewhat alluring, that beneath the aura of authority which emanated from him was a kind soul who cared for those around him. He could imagine him to be a gentle person in a different circumstance than this.
But the thing that struck him the most was how familiar he looked. He swore he could have looked like a particular someone, but it simply slipped off his tongue, and it bothered him to a great degree. However, he simply chose to keep quiet about the matter. The man certainly didn't look like a royal. It probably wasn't him.
The man managed to pick up on the troubled expression the prince had on his face.
"What troubles you, sir?" he asked, a tone of concern evident in his voice. The prince flinched slightly and briefly made eye contact with the prince. It was only for a brief moment, but it seemed to have awakened some kind of feeling in the prince.
"Oh, you know, life," was the reply he could muster, "How much it can all weigh down on you." It was very much a white lie, but some part of it was also true for him.
"Ah yes. I've had those same feelings. Life places many burdens on us, regardless of status," the man mused, "But, I like to think of it as a learning curve. They can teach a great many things, no?"
The prince was inclined to agree. "That's wise of you, sir," the prince commended.
"It comes to you once you've lived long enough and experienced enough. I've seen quite a bit in my day."
"Oh?" the prince quipped. The man was about to speak in reply, but suddenly a voice rang out from the trees.
In the distance, on an elevation, a man on horseback stood amongst the woods, his eyes focusing on the two men, but mainly on the white-haired man himself. He seemed as if he had been waiting for quite a while, but the prince was quite sure that he had just chanced upon them.
"Ah, that would be one of the aides," the mysterious man said, "It would seem that I have to go."
"Might I see you again?" the prince asked. He felt curious about this man, and he wanted to know him more.
"Perhaps. Like I said," the man said as he got on his stag steed effortlessly, "I do come to these woods rather frequently."
"I hope our paths do cross again," he added, settling himself on the back of the stag.
"I like to believe it will," the prince finished, "Safe travels, good sir."
And with that, the man rode off, his stag gracefully traversing the forested ground towards the awaiting man on the nearby hill. The prince looked in that direction for a while before deciding that he should return before his entourage began to send search parties after him.
He got back up on his horse and turned his steed back into the woods, but not without looking back for a moment, seemingly amused with what had occurred.
He hoped to see the man again—the white-haired man named Arthur with a stag as his riding companion.
Arthur made his way over to his aide, who gave a slightly confused expression.
"Who was that, Your Majesty?"
"Let us say, a gentleman who might become a friend," he replied knowingly, nodding his head over in the direction from whence he came.
"Ah. A new friend," his aide repeated with his lips forming into the slightest hint of an amused smile. "Well, shall we head back? Luncheon will be ready soon."
Arthur looked down at his stomach for a brief moment. "Yes. Lunch sounds about good. I've heard that the kitchen staff got their hands on a fine pheasant."
"Fresh from the local farm," Arthur's aide added, "A nice treat, if you were to ask me."
The two men rode in their steeds down the hillside and back towards the quaint little country estate that stood in a clearing surrounded by woody trees.
Arthur chose not to reveal who exactly was the man on the white horse was, but he knew exactly who he was, judging by the signet ring on the man's right ring finger he managed to catch a glimpse of earlier.
Arthur knew that he had just met and conversed with a prince of this land, but the other certainly didn't know that he had chanced upon a king of a foreign country.
And for now, he wanted to keep it that way.
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