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elektroblues · 5 months ago
the excitement of seeing the first peter murphy post on my dash for the day and guessing if the tags is gonna be like "i'd do him" or "what a rat fucking bastard of a man" before i finish scrolling
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feministfandomforever · 3 months ago
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helloitsbees · 11 months ago
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people on twitter will say literally anything huh
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crownkiller · 18 days ago
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smovs · 7 days ago
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page 7! (<- page 1) (page 8 ->)
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sunsetknowsaboutyou · a month ago
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earlgraytay · 6 months ago
this is absolutely uncharitable vagueblogging, but:
if you're defending depriving authors (or game devs, or animators, or anyone working in an industry that screws over creative workers) of their livelihoods because you want to pirate shit
and you say that that's fine because the market for $creative_workers is oversaturated and there just aren't enough jobs to justify paying
you are just as big of an asshole as the stereotypical-Karen who says that fast food workers ought to be abused and screamed at and paid pennies because it's a low-skill job that any warm body can do
just as a Karen's desire for good service does not erase the fast food worker's right to be treated like a human being with dignity, your desire for good free media does not erase the creative worker's right to be treated like a human being with dignity.
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presumenothing · 3 months ago
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i want to tell you this story without having to confess anything;     i want to tell you this story without having to be in it. — richard siken
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grammarpedant · a month ago
One of the things I love about the Murderbot Diaries is that it’s absolutely rife with subverted horror.
The whole story is basically narrated from the monster’s point of view! MB is an example of one of the most basic horror tropes out there, at the root of zombie movies and demon possession and xenophobia and fear of puppets: “the familiar, human-seeming entity isn’t really human.” And I’d say it’s one of the foundations of the fear that fictional AI like HAL 9000 inspire.
The MBD has a lot of that: the horror of realizing your technology is sentient, has opinions on you and your life, and enough agency to kill you (ASR), the stranger danger of putting your trust in someone you assume is safe but whom you don’t really know (AC), even the jump-scare moment of being in an abandoned place and suddenly having a dangerous entity loom out of nowhere (RP).
And normally the fear is resolved one way or the other: either the non-human entity is revealed as a danger, or integrated into humanity and thus made safe. But by the end of ES, that resolution is subverted. In affirming word and accommodating gesture, the people around our beloved Murderbot show that they recognize its inhuman liminality, and care about it as it is: a nonhuman friend and a person deserving of dignity.
And they’re able to do this because Murderbot cares for them first: because it chooses to help them, save them, sometimes at great cost to itself, when it doesn’t have to. Through compassion, offered and received, recognized and reciprocated, horror is subverted. There’s no intrinsic reason that the inhuman must be dangerous to humans- there’s nothing abhorrent about love.
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soracities · 5 days ago
The sky was sweet and plain. You remember how still it was then, a season putting its arms into a coat and staying unwrapped for a long, a little time
John Ashbery, from “Words to That Effect”, Quick Question: Poems
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lunlvns · 9 months ago
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word of honor characters: 01/? - valley master wen kexing
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feministfandomforever · 3 months ago
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taohun · 4 days ago
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many things to think about in the face of this but all my heart does is reach for the art I already know
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Honestly, shout-out to Sounds I don't know how I would ever get work done if it weren't for Sounds
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nael-opale · a month ago
"You're the real gift, kid."
- Bruno to Mirabel in All Of You
Can we talk about how true that is ?
Do you realize Mirabel did everything she said she would do in Waiting On A Miracle...?
❂ "I would move the mountains"
She literally opened a path to the past, breaking the mountain between them and the river where her grandfather was killed
❂ "Make new trees and flowers grow"
She helped Isabela discover the extent of her plant-making powers and find her true self along the way
❂ "Someone please just let me know where do I go"
She found Bruno. He was just as lost as she was, but he helped her realize the most important thing : she is exactly what the family needs
❂ "I would heal what's broken Show this family something new"
She stood up for her family when she confronted her grandmother, something none of them dared doing until then. She listened to them, she repaired their broken bound, she showed them they were more than just their gift... She gave them support and freedom.
❂ "Bless me now as you blessed us all those years ago When you gave us a miracle Am I too late for a miracle?"
You are the miracle, Mirabel. You were the miracle they needed all along...
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weneedtotalkaboutfic · 2 months ago
bitty when he’s referred for the first time as a dilf: *blushes and bats a hand* oh hush, that’s too sweet
jack when he’s referred for the first time as a dilf: 
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sprucewoodmpreg · 2 months ago
idk how 2 explain it but it feels like scar’s session 5 episode made everyone on trafficblr huff paint thinner and also sent them to a parallel dimension where the sky is fucking blue
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ngrogu · 11 months ago
Han: Hey, barkeep, you see a kid in a Mando helmet around here? About yay high? Skinny, kinda sulky, oh never mind—BEN. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Sorry to break up the card game fellas—What do you think you’re doing? Don’t say a word. Am I hearing correctly that you’ve been running jobs for Boba Fett? You’ve gotta be joking me oh don’t start with the “I’m upholding my creed, father—” YOUR MOTHER’S BEEN WORRIED SICK
han: this is his fault luke: i’d rather you not talk to my husband that way din: it’s all right, i don't care leia: han. You’re the only person overreacting. So he's collected a few bounties here and there on a few smugglers— han: and? what's? he got? against smugglErS???
din: he chose to walk the way of the mandalore. It’s not a kind calling, I assure you. din: something in the creed spoke to him din: perhaps he feels as all who choose this path feel. At times the hunter and at times the prey din: this is a way han: no he wanted a jetpack chewie: RGARGGGHRH han: oh shut up 
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presumenothing · 3 months ago
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the sad truth is that the truth is sad,     and that what you want does not matter. – lemony snicket
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manumenu · 8 months ago
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watching my friend (long-time mass effect fan) play the rerelease
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