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we witnessed the beautiful fall together

hand in hand, smiling ear to ear

as soon as I woke up

breaking this sweet nightmare

I started to walk in reality

it might be harsh sometimes without you

but I shall leave you

to live


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arriving in the future and expericing how life paved its way, yet being unable to tell one’s past self; a bittersweet sensation

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“the waves of uncertainty shall pass. for now, anchor yourself in patience and self love, while you wait for the tides to turn in your favor again.”

— iambrillyant

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What’s something you struggle with ?

It’s easy to think of problems than solutions I guess, there are many struggles I find now,and the list goes here.

  • I can’t communicate properly with people
  • I can’t choose between two things
  • I’m struggling to not think of that situation which hurt me
  • I’m struggling to forgive things, people situation, myself
  • I’m struggling to understand what others are saying behind me or infront of me, doesn’t mean that’s me
  • I’m struggling to not stress while my head aches
  • I’m struck in between bad memories / situation and not being able to get rid of them
  • I’m struggling with a deep sigh now, well it’s been raining today, and I have no time to enjoy the water droplets falling on the ground, I’m so busy to hide from the cold
  • I’m struggling to write a good poetry
  • I’m struggling to find peace and the irony is we don’t get peace in stress ?!
  • Well, let’s say peace needs peace, I need peace too, but before that we must struggle I guess, we can’t deny the nature of life, it’s been having a intention to give a valuable lesson that might fill this weary soul out of this dusty thoughts, while I may still find peace somehow now or later.


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I’m not used to quitting things that I’m about to finish. This might be the reason why I hold to things that are already trash, just keep them in a cabinet then told myself I’m gonna use them someday even though I know that that day wouldn’t come.

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Why is it when I’m already close to finishing my studies, tiredness come. Each day I’m realizing how much time I spent inside the school only to forget everything that I’ve heard from my professors.

One time I asked a friend who just quit school, she then told me that she doesn’t have anything to do with her degree. Then I realized that maybe we both feel the same way cause we’re not taking the course we dreamed of? Or the life we wanted?

Maybe because…

We’re feel tired cause we’re not struggling for something we want?

And I hate the fact that I can’t stop cause I’m already on the finish line, and if I stop, I’ll be asking myself, “what about those years?”

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