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【お仕事】会報誌 『いろどり』6月号

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In every twenty-four hour period, I take approximately eight hours off. Totally. No work. No thinking or planning or strategizing. No meetings, no writing, no speaking, no helping, no serving. No anything. And guess what? Every single day, I wake up and not only are his mercies new every morning but the world didn’t implode. There is still air to breathe and water to drink and ground to put my feet on when I roll out of bed. God’s got this. He created us and sustains us. He holds everything together.
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The feeling when you keep turning half your grill off because its literally 98° and slow so ½ is plenty, but the broil cook won’t use that half so he keeps turning it on at 400° when its supposed to be on 350, and you told him like 3 days ago that’s why the grill is off, but he still keeps turning it on and you don’t know how to bring it up a 2nd time because your non confrontational. And!! And, he’s cooking on the coldest part of the grill in front.

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I’ve been working my ASS off the past few days at work, I kinda got to know my boss and coworker and they are dope asf! Makes work so much better. I’m TIRED and beat but my pay check is gonna be nice and much needed!

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I had someone from work get firey jealous toward me- like giving me bad attitude because of my spiritual maturity and saw and compared me to their life and told me they felt like a failure— I told them by what standard? You’re comparing your life to mine instead of being inspiring to what’s possible because of your potential. If God ever convicts you of where you are it’s because He’s giving you direction, laying out a path toward your destiny, not to put you down or to tell you who you can’t be or that you’re not enough. And if you failed, you know He’s a merciful Father. He sees you for more.

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Well. Work fuckin sucked. My coworkers are lazy fuckers, my managers were assholes, aside from one, and about halfway through my shift I was ready to walk out.

Now I’m ready to call the GM and get their asses fired for being lazy fucks and get them replaced by people who deserve to be in the position.

This isn’t a one time thing, this is just the boiling point. I was about to start yelling because they don’t do shit, but I got a delivery just as I was about to. So I got a chance to calm down a little.

Then they kept me an hour late on a shift that was already 10 hours. Thankfully one of my managers is half decent and noticed I was pissed, he said he’d also have kept me an hour late, but didn’t realize that wasn’t why I was originally upset, I told him it was because I was being yelled at for getting a drink while she wasn’t doing fuck all and letting her friend sit around and get paid for it. He said he’d talk to her, and maybe that’ll actually change shit, but I doubt it.

The other managers work their asses off, the other women work their asses off, the other men work their asses off. It’s just those two.

We don’t get breaks, we don’t get time to get a drink, we don’t get food. They leave work to get all of that, never clock out when doing it, and I get yelled at for taking a ten second break to get some water.

There are good people there who contribute and I appreciate them to no end. But those two, they need to either get their shit together or be fired. It’s a job, not a hangout.

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