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How my workday has been going:

1) Me: “Hi, it looks like you screwed up and didn’t do anything with this project for three weeks after I gave it to you, but I’m not going to call you out, just gently remind you since this is now late.”

Lady who cannot handle technology and is not doing well in this WFH environment: “This has never happened before” (it has) “Moving it along now.” Ten minutes later “Oh btw I didn’t do anything with it because there was a tiny mistake that could have been easily fixed and I wanted to ask about it…so it’s kind of your fault. Please change your entire department’s procedures so I don’t make a mistake in the future.”

2) “This deviates from our procedure. It might be an exception, but I need to double check with my boss.”

Some Man: “Please double check with your boss. This might be an exception.”


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I got my first paycheck today! This is my first ever proper job, even though it’s not full time, and I have mixed feelings.

You probably all know that post going around about how you can just love your job for the paycheck and not because it’s your dream job. I definitely feel like that. Yes, there’s aspects of it that I enjoy. I enjoy the mindlessness of it. I enjoy the order of shelving stuff and making it look neat.

But do I enjoy lifting 20kg packages of beer and coke? No. Do I enjoy being crouched down half of the time? Do I enjoy that I called my doctor this morning to get some pain meds that won’t ruin my kidneys? No. I don’t like that this work is bad for my back and that it increases my risk of lumbago.

I love, however, the fact that I get paid. I get paid almost as much as my government pays me each month to support me going to college. I have almost twice as much money now. I can get therapy for my ADHD. I can afford a proper psychiatrist. I don’t worry about buying the cheapest brands when it comes to literally everything. I can even afford to do fun things. I can afford a tattoo that I’ve wanted for over a year now. Maybe I can actually go on vacation at a retreat and let my back relax for a couple days.

I don’t love my job. But I really fucking love getting paid.

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I’m posting this cuz I’m at work and have to use a pic of me in a ocument, but i cant open instagram, facebook or linkedin here, but I realise that I can open tumblr

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I feel like i havent done enough for my research job but i have written the equivalent of like 6 uni term papers in about the length of time of a semester. Its more than I ever did at uni. The project started so so so broad and I had a hard time finding starting points for a lot of stuff. I did do a lot of work, but it still doesn’t feel like enough.

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At lunch at work and I hear my radio going off But! I do not hear it over the sound of these delicious chicken tendies :)

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it actually happened on black friday. i was working with a customer, being all excited and shit, and helping her find what she came in for. after i talked up this product that she liked, cause it was on sale, she looked me dead in the eye and said;

“you are a terrible person. I mean, you are great at your job, but you are horrible.” and ended up buying everything i talked up.

after she checked out, she sought me out just to thank me.

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Okayyyy I’m gonna tap a nap before work because if I dont I’ll end up spending the next 2 hours crying

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Day 45/100 days of productivity

Wasn’t doing too great today, I allowed myself to take some time this evening to make peppermint hot chocolate and to just to calm down.


  • Went for a walk in the park
  • Planned out my timetable for the next few days
  • Read some of my books
  • Finished reading through my essay and completed my list of sources

Not much done today but I really needed to recuperate and get focused for the rest of the week.

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