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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Ang lala ng shift na to queuing tapos sobrang kupal ng mga customers badtrip talagaaaa.

So the account I’m supporting is a music streaming app. In light of George Floyd’s death at the hands of the police, the company made some (temporary) changes on the app to show its solidarity with the Black community.. Tapos andaming kumokontak with complaints and negative comments about this move. Kesyo offensive, or racist, or propaganda daw. Like wtf, seryoso ba kayo? Na-bother kayo sa changes sa app pero yung may namatay because of police brutality aimed at Black people wala lang sa inyo? San na decency nyo as human beings? Kung may nakaka-offend dito kayo yun. Kung may racist dito kayo yun. Kung may nagpapakalat ng propaganda dito kayo yun - by trying to sweep your oppresive history under the rug and pretending that everything is alright in this world. Sobrang nakakapikon, I can’t fucking believe these people.

Tangina gusto ko naman tong trabaho ko (I won’t go as far as saying I’m passionate about it, just that I enjoy the challenges and appreciate the benefits) pero minsan talaga nakakatempt itapon tong trabaho ko for that opportunity na barahin tong mga ganitong klaseng tao. Kahit hindi totoong “the customer is always right” kailangan mo pa ring maging courteous and polite at all times kahit na di nila deserve yung respeto mo. Nakakaubos din talagaaaa! Pucha.

Buti patapos na tong shift na to. Buti last shift of the week ko na mamayang gabi tapos RD na ulit. Makakapag-recharge na ulit para pagkatapos nito handa na ako ulit harapin ang mga hamon ng buhay char.

Ang hirap talaga maging alipin ng salapi ano.

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My (home) office corner haha.

So Ma bought me an office chair from a yard sale and my brother repaired and repainted our old computer desk so I guess pass na muna ako sa gaming chair and office desk na gusto ko.

Sa wakas graduate na ako sa sofa at monoblock na mesa for my work from home setup. Feeling ko nasa office din talaga ako kahit nasa bahay lang ako lol.

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Covid-19 Era

It’s been a tough couple of months since the Enhanced Community Quarantine was enforced in the Philippines. A lot has happened and it’s a lot to process. 

I’ve been working from the comfort of my home and while I’m that this is 100% a privilege, the way that we’re being exposed to this virus and the incompetence of our world leaders is traumatizing. You don’t need to be a direct victim to be affected. 

I thought I wouldn’t have the need to write things on Tumblr again. I only go here when I have something to document; something to say to myself. It looks like that time has come again.

Not gonna lie, my cat is one of the things that’s been keeping me sane. 

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Journal entry #141-142📝

Date: 5/30/20

Today’s mood:😄

Amount of water (cups):10

Skincare routine:❎✅

Dental hygiene:❎❎




Today’s talk: I have to combine Friday and today because they are basically the same day. Hanging out with Dylan, Tess, and Sarah was so much fucking fun. We played games, watched Netflix, they drank, and we had hours of laughing and screaming. I feel bad for Dylan’s neighbors. We stayed up until 3 am this morning and made cookies at like 1. We all were awake by 10:30, got breakfast at Waffle House, and watched Mulan and Zootopia. At around 5, Dylan nicely kicked us out and the three of us went to go get Boba tea before heading home. Rest of the day went by quick and it is suddenly 11 pm. It was such a fun weekend and was definitely needed.

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Monday, June 1, 2020

I’m back at work today (still at home, but back after some time off). I jumped right back into planning for the museum’s reopening. After working on some procedures for employee health self-assessments, I turned my attention to pulling together the results of the Visitor Survey that I released two weeks ago. We had 108 respondents and got a lot of good information about what people would like to see when we open back up. 

There is a surprising amount of push-back regarding requiring visitors to wear masks. Some of the responses use almost identical wording, so I wonder if an individual answered the survey more than once or perhaps multiple people in the same household did. Never-the-less, all visitors will be required to wear masks when in the museum. Employees and volunteers will also be wearing masks when on the gallery floor or when working with visitors and researchers or in close proximity to each other. For me, this is non-negotiable (outside of medical conditions). Protecting visitors, staff, volunteers, researchers, students, mail carriers, delivery people, elevator inspectors, and anyone else who walks through our doors, as well as their families and people they come into contact outside the building, is the priority. Those who do not understand that will just have to get there local history fix somewhere else.

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I haven’t been on Tumblr for a while.

I’m curious.. How old are you guys?

And since many of you are interested in korean / japanese culture, are any of you also interested in working for a korean / japanese company? Or curious about korean / japanese environment?

If you are interested, I can share my experience with you all~

My ask box is always open so feel free to ask me 🤗

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