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SeneGence® SongDivision Custom SeneGence Song

I Love this!!! Let’s Do it NOW! See me? I spy myself with lip Glasses on! This Global EPIC Event was amazing to be part of! I attended with so many thousands from around the world in the first-ever Global Virtual SeneGence Event. I not only attended, but I was a speaker AND a trainer for this 3-day Phenomenon! I am proud to be a SeneGence Distributor!

#cosmetics #cuppawiththequeen #homebasedbusiness #SeneGenceGlobal #jeritaylorswade #liquidmakeup

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Pay Rate : $25/ HR

Position Available :DATA ENTRY OPERATOR


Job Cost: Free.

Training: 1 week.

Payment: Weekly.

Expierence : Not needed .

Hours : Flexible

Requirement : Provided By the company .

Location: Anywhere of your choice

Respond to Me directly for More Information, only if you’re interested.

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Having trouble going to sleep. My new shift tomorrow - or wait is it later - is at 2 AM. I’ve grown used to going bed late (sometimes as late as 12 MN) so now I’m having a hard time adjusting. I really hate going to work sleep deprived. Not really good with shifting schedule, I hope I get used to this new sched again soon. Hurr.

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Right + Click + Save - Part 2

Summary | Bucky isn’t interested in his profile so much as he is in the person helping him access his account. A FaceTime leads to a strange text message.

[As of now I am not tagging this as anything but fluff and sarcasm with a little hint of what is to come. It won’t be dark territory but Hydra will make an appearance. This is a bit of a first for me writing so much fluff but it’s pretty fun so far. If you want to be added to the tag list, let me know!]

A/N: Bucky x Female Reader. This amazing plot was a request from the lovely @tom-hlover​. I hope I am continuing to do it justice 👉🏾👈🏾.

I cannot for the life of me remember where I got this gif from but I want to give credit so if you know who made it, let me know.


“You can smile, you know. You know how to do that, right? Lift up those luscious lips upward,” Sam urged, holding up the camera once more. “Give us that Kate Moss energy.”

“Who the hell is that?” Bucky’s eyebrows furrowing at the comparison while the camera flash went off.

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