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#work in progress
justalost4girl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
(not proofread. this isn't a part of the multiverse!)
When Ekko said he had a surprise, you expected a new board to fly, a new paint for your gear or official combat boots since you went back to training with him for almost 2 years and you still haven't got them back.When Ekko said he had a surprise, you expected a new board to fly, a new paint for your gear or official combat boots since you went back to training with him for almost 2 years and you still haven't got them back.
A part of you knows it can be anything but the last alternative since in his eyes you are seen as a talented, fragile and helpless artist (which you doubt since whenever you train with him, it takes longer to fall than the others. others).
Something like you being "more useful within the community than taking risks out of here" or how he doesn't want you to meet the same fate that his old best friend has been part of the repeated speech you've heard for nearly 5 years, ever since last incident. At first it broke your heart for him to disregard Powder as your best friend too, but after helping him so much on nights where the bad memories spoke louder than the good ones and he begged you in tears to be safe, you got used to the the idea of ​​being silent and expressing her grief through art, just to make comfortable the only constant in her life.
Having grown up orphaned in Zaun, you grew up on the streets and consequently learned how to fall, run and steal, but you never needed to use the last knowledge because since the "Little Man" saved you and gave you the title of sister, nothing was lacking. you. You shared a small mattress with him in the basement of Benzo's bar, and like a normal child, you discovered your appreciation for art. Something that did not go unnoticed by Ekko, who decorated the space with your paintings, as, according to him, they "gave a feeling of home". Sometimes he painted too and you soon realized that the moments he allowed himself to be a child were rare for him.
Every month, Ekko would give you a box with pencils and new drawing canvases and every year, on the same date, he would renew your paints and brushes, these materials had the Piltover symbol and you're sure these petty thefts were the way Your way of telling yourself that even hiding in Benzo's basement and without any prediction of the future, you were safe.
You repaid gifts by gathering supplies Benzo didn't use at the bar to make nice dinners once a week. At first, the food burned, but over time (and the unlikely help of Benzo), you gained experience and some burn marks. After a month, Ekko started to invite Vander's protégés to visit the two of you, and you started to see the old colors take on new meanings.
Pink, Red, Yellow, Brown, Blue, Black, and Purple were familiar colors, but Vi's pink hair was a different shade, something bold and fluffy that contrasted with the dark red that marred her wrist bandages. Red was a vivid, fierce, mysterious and sometimes deadly color, but pink is the color of love, softness and fragility. Something akin to what went through her eyes when you volunteered to tend to her wounds.
Sometimes your thoughts wandered about the pains that crossed her path and how strong she had to be to take it all.
The Brown of Mylo's pants and the Yellow of Claggor's coat were magical, they always seemed to be very clean, even though the smell was unbearable and also made them stylish, regardless of the occasion.
It was known that they had a difficult childhood, but you found it amazing how Mylo could always make some kind of joke, however cruel, and Claggor was too quick thinking for his age.
However, what became permanent on your canvases was the Blue hair of the youngest of the group, Powder. Her blue wasn't just plain blue, it wasn't the blue of Claggor's coat or the blue of Piltover's sky, it was something deep and mysterious that somehow filled you with peace and tranquility, everything the girl also seemed to seek. . She was a little taller than you, but it was unnoticeable as her blue eyes were almost always on the floor. This bothered you and you always tried to make her smile, whether telling jokes that Ekko had taught you, or inviting her to make a painting or look for something.
The black you used before to draw dark places or as a metaphor for what your life was like before Ekko, has become a symbol of hope. The reminder that although the past is dark like a dark canvas, someone can come and present you with new colors. He did it for you and you decided to do the same to the girl with hair the color of the night sky.
After a few dinners, which were sometimes at The Last Drop, you noticed that Powder felt out of place in the group and decided to move into isolated conversations with her. While the group delved into stories of robberies, you invited her to have blackberry juice at the counter, away from the table. Sometimes Benzo had secret business with Ekko and you had to stay out of it, these moments of solitude were rare, but the fear of abandonment knocked on the door whenever one of them entered the room after talking. The idea of ​​being discarded and going back to the streets made you panic some nights and that fear you didn't wish on anyone, not even Powder.
In one of those conversations at the counter, she claimed that Purple, not black, was your current color because she assimilated magic and safe haven, things she saw in you. You also knew it was a mix of Blue and Red, and you were happy to have earned the girl's and your sister's trust.
One fine day, after a successful robbery by one of Benzo's henchmen, you managed to grab some threads of various colors and two pendants of pure gold while the men were distracted. The yarn material was good, like all Piltover stuff, and you spent the night braiding matching bracelets for each of your friends and a special one for you and powder.
Ekko received a bracelet that mixed the colors Black and White, symbolizing the two of you and your path illuminated by him. He was your personal light and you remember how he hid his tears when you gave them to him.
Vi received a bracelet that blended Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Blue, Brown, White and Black yarns to remind her that she would always have a family, no matter where she was. All of you would be with her, even if she wasn't with you.
Claggor and Mylo received matching bracelets as they were a great pair within their own group. The two knew how to open everything, whether exits or locks. You admired them for it.
Joining two strands, Purple and Blue, you braided two bracelets thicker than the others and with a finishing touch, put on the cloud-shaped gold pendants and handed one to Powder. You explained that regardless of the situation, her paths were forever connected and that she could always count on you. You would never leave her, she promised the same and said she would never take the bracelet off.
.You handed over the bracelets on the last night you all would have together, but you didn't know that yet.
Everything went so fast
Within a week you were celebrating at The Last Drop with the most important people in your life.
In the second week, an unsuccessful robbery caused your group of friends not to attend your dinner
.One day Vi arrived early and asked you to visit Powder, but she didn't go into detail. You gathered a few things and left the house, but you couldn't talk to the blue-haired girl for more than a few minutes. Just enough to deliver a painting you had made based on your bracelets. The frame had stylized blue clouds and shades of purple around it. She was holding a toy looking very sad but didn't want to talk about what had happened.
After a few minutes of sitting silently on the bed, Claggor and Mylo arrived and started discussing matters you didn't pay attention to. Your mind wandered far about how to help your best friend and she lay on your lap in silence, playing with her bracelet pendant while you stroked her hair. Before you could say anything, Vi walked through the door nervously and Powder ran to her.
When the pink haired girl saw you, she gave a tight smile and told you to look for Ekko. You didn't argue, wished you good luck and said until next time
It was the last time you saw them.
You made your way home and before you arrived you noticed a compulsively crying Ekko curled up in a ball on the floor, leaning against a wall. You hugged him and he tearfully explained what had happened. Benzo was dead, Vander kidnapped. Now it was just you and the gang. He said that everything would be fine while you cried and he promised that he would take care of you, as he had done all this time.
You went back to the bedroom and he hugged you until you fell asleep. Tomorrow would be a new day. You would have to be strong.
In the morning, Ekko delivered the worst news you've ever received. Claggor, Mylo and Vander were dead, Vi and Powder missing. Your world fell apart and you cried as you arranged things to escape Silco's new control. Be sure to steal all cash from the cashier and take any items that may have some value before setting the bar on fire.
Some friends of Vander and Benzo welcomed you and you noticed that something changed inside Ekko, he acted like an adult, strong and determined. He had a single goal: to destroy anything related to Silco.
Something has changed within you too.
Looking at the pendant in your pulse made you hate Silco, he had stolen everything it took you to build. Thanks to him, Powder and Vi were gone and could be alone and scared somewhere.
After finding a safe haven along with other survivors of the threat that Silco posed, you survived small raids on goods from the man who was once Vander's brother and built your community little by little.
You never gave up on finding them
However, as you guys grew up, Ekko stopped you from going on missions where Silco's main henchmen would be. You tried to rebel and told him you didn't care, but after going on a group mission, against his will, you got hit from behind with a bullet in the thigh. It was supposed to be an easy mission, stealing a simple lot, but you fell and before you could turn around to react and see who your attacker was, Ekko asked to get you out of there.
You only remember hearing a laugh, but it could be your trick.
Upon waking up, Ekko said that you would no longer go on missions and that the man who shot you was dead and that he found a bracelet. A bracelet exactly like his, the bracelet you had given Powder that night. He told you the man had killed powder and stolen the bracelet.
You cried for hours that day
You cried every day that week
You hadn't been able to say goodbye properly.
A month later you went back to painting abstract shapes and in 3 months, together with Ekko, you drew a mural in the community with the image of the big family you once had.
You got the news that Vi was alive and decided you were going to make a good place so that when she returned, she would have access to a community away from her sister's killer.
You became responsible for managing the expenses and maintenance of the community and teaching art in your spare time so that the children had an outlet for their feelings.
Art was the outlet for your feelings.
Your gallery was full of paintings of how your life was once and in almost all of them the blue remained.
blue, pink, red, brown, yellow
You signed with the purple ink that was once your trademark for Powder.
You didn't draw clouds anymore, but you still wore the bracelet as a reminder of the future that was taken from you.
Ekko didn't talk about how the city was, only that Silco had a new partner named Jinx.
Ekko knocks on your door softly and takes you out of the reverie you were in, the surprise is waiting for you downstairs.
You get up from your chair, put the brush in place, and follow. All the way, you try to read in his eyes what the surprise is, but he avoids your gaze and seems tense.
It's a new board, you go back to work
When you reach the base, near where the painting is, you see pink hair glistening in the sun. The figure turns toward you with a crooked, almost goofy smile, and you feel your heart stop when it meets the green eyes.
She comes towards you quickly and Ekko holds your shoulders for support.
Arms encircle you tightly and tears cascade from your eyes. She is crying too, but
you can't care less about the tears wetting your shirt
Vi is here, she is real. She is alive.
"Vi? Is it really you?" — your voice is shaky, but she hears you
"Yes, my dear, it's me." — she is still sweet, although older
"What happened? How were you arrested? I thought Silco had killed you too" — you say, touching her face. she is real
"What do you mean 'too'?"—her thumb saves an errant tear from your cheek
"I'm sorry, you didn't know what happened to Pow Pow?" You look sadly into her eyes and touch her arm. She still wears the bracelet. It warms your heart.
Ekko gestures behind you, but Vi doesn't seem to understand. You turn around and notice he's looking away.
He is nervous.
"But Powder isn't dead. I was with her just a little while ago" — Vi says aloud, frowning, looking between you and Ekko
You look at Ekko who takes a deep breath
"YOU SAID THE POWDER WAS DEAD" — You say very aloud, holding Vi's hand, who looks at him in surprise
Ekko looks at you and Vi and as if taking off a bandage says
"Our Powder is dead, her name is Jinx now"
hey everyone!
I wrote this at dawn after a dream I had. This is a mini series that will have 2 or 3 chapters, I'll try to post them before the beginning of the multiverse saga, but I don't guarantee anything. Hope you like it. I love you, stay safe and drink a lot of water!!!
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leona-florianova · a day ago
Tumblr media
working on plague doc mask.. now im modeling the form.. soonish ill be fitting the leather.. there is still alot of work to be done but nonetheless im excited. 
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keiko86chanart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I’m (slowly... >_<) working on some commissions I’ve received (thanks so much folks!), meanwhile I found some time to draw this quick little sketch of Beetlejuice meeting SMOL!Lydia (or the soft AU where she still can see him even when she is a toddler, probably wawing at him happily while thinking he’s just some funny looking guy while walking with her parents... While BJ will be totally shocked that a small breather child could really see him).
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peanut-booi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
WIP Q~Q sketch is done !
Soon, the final project 👀
( emotional pain )
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sanssupremacy · 2 days ago
Good boy-
Tumblr media
Ahaha i need to finish this- my arm hurts since I got the vaccine and I'm taking a break with the plushies. I wanted to draw for so long.
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etherealsaul · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
💐 Susie with Flowers wip 💐
If you’d like to support my art and see lots of works-in-progress, sketches, exclusive art videos, and even monthly goodies, please check out my Patreon!
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heatherchasesyou · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
doin a funne comic
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sintrup · 2 days ago
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(Work in progress) I just can’t stop listening to @yuurivoice ‘s Bittersweet series (I just love these boys and their story so much, I’ve rarely ever felt gayer in my life)
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aufi-creative-mind · a day ago
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✨ a WIP preview~ ✨
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Tumblr media
Now you tell me what the hell (or heaven) I'm supposed to do with these two.
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melonnyan · 2 days ago
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eisly · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Platypus dragon! Forgot I was working on this... Posting it now in case I lose interest again lol
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kaedynce-is-a-writer · 26 days ago
me: I promise not to get distracted while writing
also me: *goes on Pinterest, Tumblr, Spotify, does literally anything else but writing*
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pien-art · 2 months ago
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something im working on 👀👀
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