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#work problems
lemonjoonah · a month ago
Company I Work For: Even though you are well qualified for the position and desperately want the hours, pay raise, and benefits, we have decided not to fill the role at this time...
Me: *heads home and immediately starts to apply to more jobs* Unless I’m a mistress for the sexiest man alive, 15 hours a week on that wage is not worth being fucked around for.   
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positivelypositive · 6 days ago
Well this is just me venting about my personal feelings surrounding me having to start my first job ever very soon, and since 'we really need the money' being the main reason for the job it's gonna be something in the customer care field which i know is gonna be brutal for someone with extreme social anxiety, someone who always struggles to pick up any random call. Doing 30 something calls per day talking to angry customers is really gonna do wonders for my anxiety isn't it? Lol /s
I know everybody has to get a job but the transition from a recently graduated 21 year old like me is still very intimidating, especially KNOWING that I'm starting out in a field of work that is one of the most mentally draining ones out there. I also know i can quit if i can't take it but in reality after quitting one job i hate I'm gonna have to get one i hate just a little less, but still similar nonetheless. The anxiety of this new chapter of life is just way too much to deal with.
hey anon,
i understand what you're saying. please feel free to vent here at anytime.
i'm sorry you've got to take up a job which yes, might be mentally draining, especially if you're socially anxious. i hope it never gets too bad. i really hope you don't have to face too many callers who are negative.
be strong anon. others can bother you only as much you let them. let your work hours be a time when you don't take anything personally. by no means, am i saying that this will be easy but i surely know this can help.
you can do it anon. i'm rooting and praying for you. sending you hugs and positive vibes ✨
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canalciego · 7 days ago
It is my break time and I’m trying to catch up with the content but one of my coworkers keeps talking to me 😭😭😭
Like sis yes I wanna talk but I need to see the bois even more.
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exhortcist · 2 months ago
My back has been killing me from work lifting and lowering boxes for hours so i did some research on proper ways to lift properly to avoid fucking up my back and BITCH THIS IS HOW IMA LOOK LIKE AT WORK 💀
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dreamy-mess · 2 months ago
Me * being too anxious and depressed to go to work * "I CAN'T"
Also me * being too anxious to tell my boss I can't go to work cause of my anxiety and depression...and instead goes to work * ".... It's just 8 hours... 7 if you finish fast and your boss is having a good day"
.......all I want is to sleep the entire day please
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lesbolandpopulationme · 5 months ago
Me when people show up late to my zoom meetings:
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Me showing up late to zoom meetings:
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So... I work in a kindergarten and we've been short on staff. This leaves me and one other colleague to look after 18 children in the age range of 2 to 6 on our own because everyone else is sick.
Oh BOY those little monsters are working their way through the last of my patience.
Now tell me, @dangertoozmanykids101 and @caffiend-queen is this what it's like having children? Because oh man... If so, I don't think I want them
I'll just go and dissolve into a puddle of tears and pure stress now
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theglowstickchronicles · 3 months ago
Jesus Christ. J E S U S. C H R I S T. J. E S. U. S. C. H. R. I. S. T. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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rosegaming117 · 2 months ago
I made a new friend at work today
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This is Peta ❤
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positivelypositive · 2 months ago
I got rejected from a job that meant a lot to me. I feel so emotionally hurt. I feel extremely sad.
Do you have anything that could make me feel better?
hey anon,
i'm so sorry about it. it's tough out there in the world and i am sure you gave it your best. sometimes it just doesn't work out for no fault of yours and you can't do much about it.
it's okay to feel low about it. i would only ask you to not let it bring you down for too long. soon enough, you'll dust it off and get ready for the next challenge. remember that your worth is not decided by your job. a lot of your traits come together to form a unique personality, which os you.
an exam or a job is not enough to decide if you're good or bad. you can always try again later or at another place. in such situations, i personally find it comforting to think that better things are in store for me and that's why i lost this opportunity. see if that works for you.
sending you hugs and positive vibes ✨
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russellscuffle · 3 months ago
I was working on the fitting rooms yesterday at work & a lady was trying some clothes on & her husband kept saying really horrible comments to her like 'that makes you look fat' & 'mutton dressed as lamb'. I really wanted to fucking deck him, I'm sorry mate, that is not how you speak to your wife. Why do men have the fucking audacity to say that shit??
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strawberries-n-ships87 · 13 days ago
My boss isn’t letting me wear my pronouns pin bc “we might lose customers”
Huh??? Then let us lose them???
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womble1 · 2 months ago
A guy just sent me 6 attachments and a long email to say he doesn't want the changes I've proposed. Only he's looked at the wrong plan and gone barking up the wrong tree. I'm not sure how to let him down gently, he's clearly put a lot of work into this, and he makes very good points, if I was suggesting what he thinks, that would indeed be stupid, which is precisely why I didn't.
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Just a wee bit horny
Who am i kidding I’m super horny
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