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#work sucks lmao
catzgam3rz · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Was having a rough day creatively so I decided to go back and Colour my drawings from @letsfluxshitup​ s Quackity and Techno fic’s (Which are still fucking amazing and I 100% encourage you to check out)
the two doodles on the top of the first page are from  Technoblade Learns How To Relax
the bottom of that page are all from The Mortifying Ordeal Of Being Cared For
the bordering drawings in blue/grey on the second page are from Bonding B-over Broken Bones   
the final two bottom right drawings in purple aren’t actually from a fic but from an ask (I had just wanted to draw stuff from it since the idea was amazing)
(Original sketch postings for these comics can be found HERE) 
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justtrying69 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
So I'd say I'm ready for Book 4.
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cryinghour · a year ago
Tumblr media
(day 251)
And then, surprisingly enough to Steven - the world continued to turn.
He didn’t know why that came as such a shock to him as it did - perhaps, he figured, because the last time he had had such a meltdown, it had felt like the earth had come to a screeching, suddenly jarring halt? He expected the rug pulled out from him, because Last Time, he had transformed into the horrible, monstrous manifestation of his pain, and then for months on end he had existed in a state of almost - nonexistence. He had had to come crawling back into the reality of the world he had lived in, had to fight for the right to stand on his own two feet -
Except that when he did crawl back, he was marked, scarred by the experience of his breakdown (literally and figuratively, and he didn’t even want to think about the literal scars, coursing up and down his back like a branded note to the world), and then - had to spend months studying and learning: how to re-mesh with the world he had fallen out of, as well.
(Of course, when he had mentioned this all to Dr. A, she had pointed out that, most likely, this was a thing that only he had noticed, that no one else had mentioned anything of the sort to him at all, and it was all just a figment of his imagination. But he had brushed her aside, because - well, of course no one was going to mention it to him! That would be rude, and - they wouldn’t do that, no matter how true it was or not.)
There was a clear delineation (to him, at least) between the time of Steven before his extremely public breakdown, and the time of Steven afterwards - who was the Steven in recovery and who went to therapy once a week, every week, and took medication for his broken brain.
And never shall the twain meet. There was no way for him to really go back, after all, no way for him to erase what had happened - despite how much he really, really wished he could.
(read chapter 19 on ao3)
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ratmonky · 3 months ago
Curse of Innocence
A gift to my best friend for an eternity, @anti-interesting​
Word Count: 18.2K
Warnings: dub-con, gaslighting, manipulation, dacryphilia, voyeurism, cuckolding, bullying, obsession, alcohol
AO3 Link
Tumblr media
“Ya heard?”
“Heard what?” Geto asked with a sigh, exhaling his smoke along the way and watching Gojo munch on an anpan. That guy was eating too many sweets nowadays, he was going to gain weight.
“Apparently, there’s gonna be someone transferring here next semester.” Gojo took another bite from his snack and chewed slowly, savoring the taste. “Shoko said it’s gonna be a girl.”
“So what?” Geto raised a brow. It would be good for Shoko, there weren’t many girls on the campus, it would definitely mean that they could slip away from doing all the cleaning in the dorms as well.
“I call dibs.” A sinister smile was on his face.
Geto paused for a moment to stare at his friend and snorted. “You’re such a lout.” He pretended to wipe an imaginary tear from his eye. “She’s probably like Shoko, don’t get your hopes up.”
“Nooo, I heard she’s a pipsqueak. Preciously charming and weak, at least according to Nanami who met her when she was visiting.” Gojo’s smile widened, eyes sparkling with dark intent. “Well, it doesn’t matter, since you’re not interested, it means I didn’t even need to call dibs, huh?”
It had been a while since the last girl had dropped out. They were already going to become third years soon and it was boring here. Shoko wasn’t dumb enough to fall for their tricks or be a part of them and there weren’t any other girls around.
This new girl could change it. She could be the new entertainment.
“Hey,” Geto started, he was trying really hard to not let his lips curl up into a smile but he was failing. Gojo noticed it, eyes squinting and waiting for what his friend had to say. “Wanna go halfsies instead?”
The campus looked larger and more elegant than your previous sorcerer academy, you were impressed if not relieved. Although there were too many buildings and it was covered by trees, you hoped you could feel at home once you settled.
“So, what do you think?” Shoko suddenly asked.
You were hurrying after her with your bags and luggage. You nodded and when you realized she couldn’t see you since she was walking ahead, you spoke. “I think here is where I belong! It’s quite large and quiet, I love it!”
“I’m glad you think so, it’s large but it’s easy to get lost so make sure to not wander off alone.” She turned to look at you and flashed a smile. “Let’s move on to the dormitory.”
Finally, you were in front of a huge compound-like traditional house.
“This is the dormitory. Both girls and boys use it. Well, we have separate wards and bathrooms but we all stay in this building, it’s our duty to keep it clean and stock up the necessities with the allowance the academy gives us.”
Your mouth opened in admiration, the place was huge. Bigger than your parents’ house. Double… no triple the size of their house.
Shoko opened the door and invited you in. The entrance was small, you took off your shoes.
“Leave your bags here, I’ll first show you the left-wing of the building.”
Nodding, you followed Shoko towards the common room and the kitchen.
“We all hang out here mostly, the guys usually rent movies on Saturdays so they do movie nights here. The kitchen always needs to be clean. Do not leave any dishes out to do them later, wash them right away or put them in the machine. Then there’s this coffee machine-” Her shoulders slouched and she sighed as she showed you the broken handle by pointing a finger at it. “It’s broken but don’t throw it out. We use the oven mittens to grab the decanter. If you want coffee in the morning, come by at seven sharp because Nanami often gets over himself and drinks the whole thing.”
“It’s fine,” you said, putting a hand on your hip. “I like instant coffee better, it’s more convenient and easier to make when I want more. You don’t need to make extra coffee for me or anything. I even brought some with me.”
Shoko raised her brows and smiled at your feigned solace. It was easy to tell, acting confident when your hands were shaking from trying to keep up the facade. “Make sure to hide your coffee then, we share the place with two greedy guys and another caffeine addict like me. But again, I wouldn’t mind sharing my coffee with you, it’s practically nothing too important so don’t hesitate to take some.”
The two of you continued chatting before finally, Shoko took you towards the library and the study rooms after passing the dining hall.
“We have a bigger library but this is for when we need to study here. The books are all about curses, sorcery, and the history of sorcerers.” Shoko said, leaning against the door frame and watching you admire the books she knew no other library had.
Your eyes landed on a hardcover book and you gasped in excitement. “I can’t believe this! You guys have a copy of Sukuna’s Impact on the Japanese History?”
Shoko smiled smugly, “It’s the original.”
“Ahh, you’re so lucky.” You put the book back and smiled at her. “My previous academies only taught us about clans and curses, this is like on another level for me. I’m so happy I transferred here. It’s nice to finally become a student in one of only two of the best jujutsu schools.”
“You know…” Shoko pointed at the book you put back, “You can take it.”
“Can I?” You beamed, your cheeks flushing.
“Well, it’s here so the students can read it. You can take and read any book you like as long as you’re going to return them.”
You gently pulled the book out from the shelf and held it against your chest with both arms wrapped around it. “I’m gonna read this tonight.”
“Knock yourself up,” she chuckled, the boyish and geeky side of you was already showing through.
While you were lost in your thoughts, planning how you were going to read about that one curse anatomy book you saw after this one, Shoko’s voice filled your ears. “At the end of this hall is the laundry room. There’s an equipment room and a large pantry.” She snapped her fingers as if to remember something, “Ah yes, cleaning supplies are also in the laundry room. Nanami will show you those on Sunday, we all clean the whole building weekly.”
You nodded slowly, processing all this information.
“Now, it’s time I show you to your room…” Shoko walked past you and back to the common room and then to the entrance once again.
Quickly, grabbing your bags, you followed her to the right side of the building. This side was broader. She slid open the door and continued walking in a straight line. “Here’s the boys’ dorm.” Her eyes landed on the stairs leading upstairs. “Ours is upstairs. It’s divided poorly, I know.”
You sighed and she chuckled. Climbing the stairs was hard when you had so many bags with you.
Shoko slid open the door and ignored a couple of doors until she reached the one that had her name on it, “This is my room, yours is next to mine.” She pointed at the door next to hers before fishing out a pair of keys from her pocket. “There you go.”
You took the keys after putting down one of your bags. “Why are there so many?”
“It’s for the entire campus. One for the library, our rooms, the building’s door, and many more that you’ll figure out on Monday.”
“Okay.” You looked around and saw that there was another door at the end of the hall.
“Behind that is the girls’ bathroom. Leave that sliding door open after you’ve taken a shower otherwise it gets really foggy on the other side of the hall.” Shoko put her hand on her hips and rested her weight on one leg. “That’s it. You can get settled now. I’ll call you out for dinner.”
You bowed down slightly, “Thank you for showing me around. I hope we get along well, Ieiri.”
“Ah, you’re being too formal! Please call me Shoko.” Shoko grinned but bowed her head out of habit. “Let’s get along well, (name).”
Smiling, you repeated her name quietly. Perhaps the two of you could be really close friends even though you were going to be here for a year.
“One last thing,” Shoko said, just as you had unlocked the door to your room. “It’s a piece of advice from me.”
“Don’t let the boys see you as weak. They’ll tease you for it.” She looked serious, her friendly smile and big, wide eyes were gone, replaced by a frown and half-lidded look.
“I can handle a little bit of teasing!” You were grinning, putting on the facade again. “Besides if you don’t get teased for being weak, how will you get determined to improve yourself, haha, right?”
Shoko didn’t answer.
Your smile slowly faded.
“Just… be careful.” She turned around on her heels. “Nanami’s fine, though. At least I think so.”
That was the last thing she said before walking away from you and sliding the door to the hall closed, leaving you confused.
Dumbfounded, you walked inside your own room, hoping that you could get the most out of your senior year here in Tokyo Jujutsu High. Unaware of the things to come.
As soon as Shoko put a foot down on the main floor, she heard the chatter coming from the common room.
She exited the dormitory and slid the door closed behind her. When she arrived at the common room, she found Geto giving Nanami a pack of cigarettes.
“Yo, Shoko!” Gojo waved at her from the couch he was sitting on. “Did the girl settle in yet? What does she look like? Does she have big boo-”
Geto slammed his fist on top of Gojo’s head. “Ah, Shoko, your brand of cigarettes was sold out, I bought the same brand as mine.” Retrieving his hand from the dumb one’s head, he reached inside the plastic bag and pulled out the pack to hold it towards her.
Shoko’s eyes were on Nanami as she walked closer to Geto and snatched her pack. “Thanks.”
Nanami hid his in the hidden pocket of his school jacket before speaking. “I didn’t know you were here, Ieiri.”
“You started smoking a little too early, Nanami,” Shoko squinted her eyes in irritation. “And you, why are you buying cigarettes for him? Shouldn’t you be an example of a great senior year jujutsu student?” She was pointing at Geto who shrugged his shoulders with a grin.
“What? Are ya gonna rat on us?” Gojo grinned as well and got up from the couch to pat Nanami on the back. “Besides, Nanami’s a responsible adult now, he bought it himself!”
Nanami nodded reluctantly to confirm.
“He turned eighteen barely a week ago.” Shoko rolled her eyes and her eyes landed on Geto holding his pack of cigarettes out to her. She stared at him with a raised eyebrow.
“So you won’t tell anyone.” Geto was smirking. “Also a gift before you leave for your training.”
“That’s a cheap bribe.” Shoko took the pack with an eerie smile.
“She took it anyway,” Nanami scoffed softly.
“They’re scary~” Gojo leaned towards Nanami. “Smokers are easy to bribe with more of those killer sticks.”
“What’s for dinner?” Nanami then asked, ignoring the idiot.
“Since I’m on kitchen duty tonight, I was thinking curry and rice, since it’ll be five of us from now on so we can’t eat takeout all the time.” Shoko put the cigarette packs in her coat pockets and walked towards the kitchen. “It’d be nicer if one of you helped me cook too.”
Both Geto and Gojo put a hand on Nanami’s back to push him forward.
When Shoko glanced over her shoulder, it looked like Nanami was silently following her to the kitchen to help her. “Thanks, Nanami, I appreciate it.”
While the second year was glowering at the other two seniors for sacrificing him, Geto took out another pack of cigarettes he had hidden in his pants’ pocket.
“I’m gonna go out for a smoke,” he said, informing his friend.
Without saying anything, Gojo followed him out. They walked down a path leading to Geto’s secret smoking spot.
“We didn’t get any first years this semester,” Gojo pouted. “I was looking forward to it.”
“You just want them to idolize you,” Geto tore the packaging of the cigarettes open and pulled one out, putting it between his lips.
“I just wanna have younger people cheer for me! I miss being told how great I am!” Gojo pouted, acting cutesy. “Nobody praises me anymore.”
Geto lit his cigarette and inhaled deeply, “We’re not children anymore, that’s why.”
“It motivates me when someone tells me I’m strong~” He leaned his back against a tree and looked at his friend over his sunglasses. “I bet, the new girl will be all over me.”
“Maybe she will,” he answered, exhaling the smoke with a smirk. “Shall we do the friendly and stoic guy gimmick again or try something else?”
“Nuh-uh! Overly friendly classmates! That always works!” Gojo laughed to himself and paused. “I just got shivers thinking about it.” Wrapping his arms around himself, Gojo trembled. “Ahh, I hope she’s the errand girl type.”
“Those are easier to trick.”
Geto hummed before nodding languidly. “You’re right. They are also considerably obedient, they’d do anything to not upset anyone.”
“A people pleaser like that girl who dropped out! They are pretty adorable,” Gojo chuckled. “Ahh, what was her name again?”
Shrugging, Geto took a whiff of his cigarette before giving a blatant reply. “Who knows.”
When there was a knock on your door, you were already done packing and were reading the book you had borrowed from the library.
Closing the book and putting a small divider on the page you were reading, you walked up to the door.
Although you were expecting Shoko to be on the other side when you opened the door, there was a blonde guy standing in the hall.
“Hii,” you chirped. “I think we met before!” It took you a small pause to remember his name. “Nanamin… right?”
“Nanami,” he corrected, looking anywhere but at your face to avoid making eye contact. “Dinner’s ready.”
“Sorry… Thanks for letting me know.”
As he was getting ready to turn around and leave you walked out of your room, closing the door behind you to tail after him.
Not really the type to enjoy small talk, Nanami felt obliged to say something when the two of you reached the stairs. “It’s curry and rice.”
“The food. It’s dinner and rice.”
“Ahh, it had been a while since I last ate curry. Did you cook it?”
“I only helped Ieiri to make rice.”
“That’s still cooking,” you giggled and offered him a pat on the back. “Next time I need someone to cook rice, I know who to call.”
Nanami chuckled at that.
You were also grinning like an idiot, stupidly happy for no reason other than managing to make him chuckle.
Inside the dining hall, Shoko was already seated, Nanami quickly sat on an empty chair.
“Nice dress,” Shoko commented when she saw you bouncing on your heels, unsure of where to sit. Twirling around to show off your dress, you thanked her with a smile. Soon after she pointed at a seat next to hers, “You can sit here.”
“How many are we?” you asked, noticing how there were only two more plates placed down on the table.
Before Shoko could answer, two guys entered the dining hall, laughing merrily.
You turned around and stared at the guy with raven black hair, it was half tied up, his hair was long and silky, dark eyes blinked before they landed on you. His lips curled up to a smile.
The guy beside him was grinning from ear to ear. “You must be the new girl!” Either the guy was a loud fellow or he was very nervous talking to you because his voice got only louder each time he opened his mouth to speak. “Ugh, it’s very nice to meet you, hope we get along well.” He rubbed his neck nervously, “I’m Satoru Gojo!!” His tone changed into something a lot softer and his cheeks flushed pink. It was even more noticeable when he reached in for a handshake.
“Nice to meet you, Gojo,” you replied and took his hand. “I’m (name).”
“You have such a nice name, perfectly fitted for a girl like you,” he smiled. And with that, he blushed even harder.
“Thank you,” you chuckled, your cheeks also blushing a little because of the intensity of his stare.
Gojo then encouraged another man who looked a similar age to you to introduce himself as well but the guy didn’t. He stared at you instead. His dark eyes wandered on your face for a moment too long before he clicked his tongue with a smile. And while you were staring back at him, you noticed something. He was magnetic almost, pulling you towards himself.
He reached in to shake your hand, “Suguru Geto.”
“(n-name).” Sharply gasping, your cheeks flushed and your heart started throbbing hastily in your chest but you tried to look indifferent. “N-nice to meet you two.”
He and the other guy exchanged a knowing look with each other when you stuttered.
“Argh! I thought we were both going for the friendly and shy guy!” Gojo rubbed his nose bridge while cringing. “You made me look sooo stupid. I told you to stop with the stoic guy thing!”
Geto was indifferent as he flipped a page of his book. “Well, she fell for it anyway.”
“You’re trying to steal her, right?” Gojo started pacing around the room. “I should’ve known! Ahh, you’re so scary, I hate you.”
“That’s not it.” Geto closed his book with a sigh, keeping a finger between the pages to not lose which page he was reading. “She’ll trust me and come to me if things get out of hand instead of going directly to someone else. We have to think ahead or it’ll end up like the others.”
“Still, you could’ve told me something before I embarrassed myself! Nanami and Shoko were holding in their laughs ya know!”
“You always make a fool of yourself so what’s the difference?”
Gojo visibly tensed, Geto had managed to get on his nerves.
“I apologize,” Geto said to avoid conflict. “Since I upset you, I’ll let you take the first step.”
With that his friend pushed his sunglasses up to his hair, smiling foolishly. “That’s very generous of ya.”
Geto realized he may have made a mistake to let Gojo take the lead. His friend enjoyed watching more than being a part of it.
The next day, your uniform came.
“It’s cute,” Shoko said, looking up from the magazine she was reading.
“Really? I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have a gakuen-like uniform. Does it suit me?” You frowned as you struck poses in front of the mirror.
“What’s important is if you can move in it. You’re going to wear that while fighting curses.” She sat up on your bed to get a better look at your uniform.
“You’re right…” You smoothed the fabric of your skirt and decided that it was perfect. “I think I like it.” Turning around to face Shoko, you smiled. “It’s so unfortunate that you’re going away to train as soon as I start though…”
“I’m not exactly the fighter type, I’m trying to become an autopsy technician after I get my degree.” Shoko mirrored your smile. “So you better be careful on your missions or I might be the one to dissect you.”
“I could never look at a dead body yet you’re willing to do that as a job?” You got goosebumps on your skin, “You must be very strong!”
“Mentally? Yes. Physically? Not at all.”
“By the way… why do you wanna become a jujutsu sorcerer?” As simple as the question was, it differed from person to person. Nobody wanted to become a jujutsu sorcerer for the fun of it.
Taken aback, it took her a long moment before she answered. “Money, not being sure what to do with the power to see curses, not having a future as a normal civilian. I don’t know, could be all of them at once.” She noticed your smile widening as if you were fascinated by her choice of path for the future. “What about you?”
Your answer was quick, you said it with your whole chest, eyes twinkling with determination. “To protect people from curses and collect all of Sukuna’s fingers.”
“Woah, talk about being selfless,” Shoko joked but you didn’t laugh. “While I’m away, you should hang out with Nanami and avoid conflict. Heated arguments can make all the hell break lose.”
You nodded in response.
“You don’t like to be seen as selfless, huh?” She didn’t want to leave for the internship tomorrow like this. It was clear you were upset. “Is there a special reason for you to hate it?”
You fidgeted with your fingers, confident and cheerful girl facade wavering yet again. “It makes people think that I’m weak. That I wanna become a sorcerer to feel better about myself when I actually wanna do something good with the power I was gifted.”
Ahh, the type who wanted to leave an impact. Rather, desperate to have some sort of validation.
At that moment, Shoko pitied you. “You care what people think about you, don’t you?”
“I… do.” Shoulders slouched and with those fidgeting fingers, you looked anything but confident.
“What others may think of you doesn’t truly define you. It’s hard to accept but not everyone will like you. It’s impossible to be loved by everyone, so you should worry about getting your degree along with your sorcery license.”
She was trying to encourage you but it felt more like a talk some adult would give to a kid that wouldn’t stop crying.
“Y-yeah, I’ll do that.”
Shoko got up from your bed and ruffled your hair, “You have my number and email address. You can contact me whenever you wanna.”
With the mood lightening, you were able to fix your posture and nod rapidly. “Same goes for you too!”
Monday started with you and the others seeing Shoko off from the bus station. The four of you took the bus that came after hers.
“This bus goes all the way to the stop by the campus and down to here.” Nanami handed you a card. “Ieiri told me to give this to you. It’s a transportation card. Works with everything.”
You took the card and thanked him as you put it in. “Tokyo is a bigger city than I thought.”
“Let’s see,” Gojo turned around his seat to stare at you and Nanami. He clasped his chin between his thumb and knuckle, thinking carefully. “There were two different curses reported around here. We should split up and meet back up in the dormitory when we’re done.”
“Wait,” you said, chuckling nervously. “We’re gonna deal with curses by ourselves? Without a supervisor?”
Three of them stared at you in the same confusion you were looking at them.
“We learn on the field after the first year,” Geto explained. “Most of the schedule for us is exorcising curses. We don’t have classes on campus nowadays either. Our teacher is abroad.”
“B-but isn’t it dangerous to exorcise curses without a teacher or a professional sorcerer around?”
“Was that how it worked back in your previous schools?” Nanami was trying to be understanding, you clearly weren’t confident in your abilities or needed supervision.
“Y-yeah. I-I mean curses can be really dangerous and we’re still not professionals.”
“You’re overthinking it!” Gojo said, looking at you over his sunglasses. “We can go together, you and me. I’m the strongest so you don’t need to worry about anything.”
Geto sighed, glancing over his shoulder to look at Nanami. “You’re okay with being paired up with me?”
Nanami shrugged.
“Great!” Gojo pressed the stop button attached to the pole. “(name), come on! This is our stop.”
Nanami got up from his seat to let you follow after Gojo towards the bus door.
“It’s only my first day…” You hesitated.
“You’ll do fine,” Geto encouraged, “Satoru will help you out.”
You blushed faintly and bowed your head in acknowledgment as the vehicle rolled to a stop.
“Satoru, don’t force her too much on her first day.” Geto was smirking when the doors opened.
“Sure sure. I won’t.” Gojo waved at him lazily and got off the bus with you. He turned around, stretching his arms over his head before talking. “Do you use cursed tools to exorcise curses?”
Without letting you finish your words, Gojo pulled out a dagger from the inner pocket of his jacket. “You’ll need this then. Curses here in Tokyo are intelligent.”
Grabbing the dagger from him, you nodded sluggishly. “O-okay.”
Once you put the dagger in your utility belt, he draped his arm over your shoulder and started walking, leading you towards an alleyway. “Now, tell me all about yourself! I need to know everything.” He was pressing you to his side, his hand on your shoulder slowly slid down to your waist.
“Um, Gojo… this is a little t-too close,” you mumbled shyly.
Gojo leaned down, his face got awfully close to yours. He managed to bite down the urge to grin. “Sorry, what’s that? I didn’t hear what you said.”
You were completely silent, blushing in embarrassment and looking away. “N-nothing.”
“Hmm.” His fingers pressed on your hip, caressing your skin over the fabric of your skirt softly. “How have you been liking Tokyo and our college so far?” he asked, leading you down another street.
“It’s been barely three days… but I can say that it’s different from where I come from.” That was all you had to say as you tried to not give much thought to his hand on your hip. You dipped your head in a nod when he gestured towards another alleyway.
“You’ll love it here! Shoko said she liked you already and I can tell we’re gonna be really close too!” he laughed, his smile was contagious. You couldn’t help but smile despite being uncomfortable. “Maybe you’ll even befriend Suguru in the future!”
“I-is it hard to befriend him?” Oh, so innocent.
“Definitely,” Gojo let out a dramatic sigh. “He doesn’t trust people that easily but I hope you’ll be able to see him smile one day. It’s a sight ya don’t see often.”
“How could I befriend him?” you politely asked.
“By befriending me!” he replied, his thumb drawing circles over your clothes. “It took me two whole years to gain his respect ya know. I can help speed up the progress by telling ya all about him.”
To move away from his hand without saying anything that might make you seem like such a prude, you pressed yourself flush against his side but it only made everything worse. His hand slid further down your hips, smoothing the fabric of your skirt and-
“Don’t!” you suddenly said, pushing him away from yourself.
Gojo looked dumbfounded and confused as to why you were upset. “What happened?”
“It’s just…” The expression on his face made you feel guilty. He clearly had no ulterior intentions or anything. You were overreacting. You had to be overreacting.
“Ahh.” He softly slapped a hand on his forehead, “Sorry, I must’ve been too friendly. I’m the type to be comfortable around friends pretty easily. Shoko told me to be careful but I clearly failed, so sorry again if I made you uncomfortable,” he said, catching you off guard.
Your heart shattered into a million pieces. Now, you were going to be known as some prude who thought everyone who came close to you was after you.
“N-no, I was the one overreacting. I-it was just too overwhelming for me I guess, I don’t know. Please don’t blame yourself!”
“Don’t worry about it,” Gojo said, smiling brokenly. “I’m used to it.”
You had messed up already. It was only your first day but you had already managed to make the cheerful guy somber.
“The curse is in that abandoned building,” he pointed towards a two-floored apartment building, changing the subject. “Let’s exorcise it and return back to the campus.”
It was silent between you up until you arrived at the building and entered it.
“I’ll check upstairs so you should check here.” Gojo’s tone was colder than ice, it lacked the usual chipper you had grown used to in such a short time. “Just call out my name if you need help.”
“Yessir!” you chirped, trying to ease the mood. To add to the goofiness, you saluted but Gojo didn’t do anything more than stare at you blankly. Somehow, it made you feel even worse. Now, you were both embarrassed and guilty.
Quietly, Gojo climbed up the stairs, leaving you alone.
Ugh! This was the worst. What Shoko had said before had scared you and put you on the edge around the guys. You had to be out of your mind to ruin your relationships with your classmates over a possible prank Shoko had pulled on you.
You jolted, listening carefully.
It was quiet again.
Maybe it was your imagination.
This time it was loud and clear, you walked further inside the building and listened again. “Hello?”
“Over here.”
The voice was coming from upstairs.
“Gojo! Are you hearing this?!”
No response.
A sudden rush of panic took over your senses.
Was Gojo hurt?
Was he ignoring you?
Was it all of the above?
Without any hesitation, you climbed up the stairs and walked along the long hallway until you reached a dead end.
A low growl filled your ears and cold shivers went down your spine. You could feel the presence of something evil behind you, something with a ton of cursed energy. Definitely not a low-grade curse, maybe a grade one but nothing lower than that.
Turning around was a simple task, you could have done it solely by thinking about doing it but your legs wouldn’t budge. Your hand that was clutching on your belt to pull out the cursed tool Gojo had given you was shaking violently, nevertheless how you had exorcised some other curses in the past, this was the first time you were facing one alone, without anyone watching over you.
The cursed energy coming from the creature filled all of your senses and wrecked your nerves. It was as if you were drowning after being stung by a jellyfish, the shock was making you unable to move and although you were about to die, you couldn’t do anything about it.
What a way to go!
Dying on your first day on the field after embarrassing yourself in front of a classmate who clearly was defeated by this curse, otherwise, where could he be?
A sharp breath left your lips when the curse abruptly pulled you into its skin, absorbing you into its flesh and many hands it had started groping you.
The hands were going under your skirt, caressing your inner thighs, fondling your tits as you sank deeper into its flesh without fighting back. Then there was the wetness, warm, slick muscle wrapped around your throat before moving up towards your face. It was a tongue you realized. The wet muscle forced itself between your lips and pried your jaw open to snake itself down your throat.
Tears started streaming down your face right away. Multiple hands kneaded the soft flesh of your thighs and tits roughly as the tongue started swirling around in your mouth. Foreign feelings of all of the hands and a wet muscle grazing the back of your throat were too overwhelming, your head got lightweight, eyes rolling up. You were about to lose consciousness, it had to be the curse’s doing.
“Ah, you’ve found the curse.” Gojo’s voice was the last thing you heard before your vision went dark.
Gojo on the other hand was smirking, secretly glad that you weren’t able to see his cock swelling up under his pants as he was watching you get violated by the curse. Your body was still reacting to its tongue moving inside your mouth, eyelashes fluttering, and legs desperately trying to press together from involuntary pleasure.
It was quite a sight to see. Having your legs spread open by many hands of the curse that was ignoring him wasn’t something he had been exactly planning to see today but he was grateful nonetheless.
The hands that were spreading your legs moved further up towards your inner thighs, hiking your skirt up completely before another hand helplessly tried to tore your panties off of you.
Now, it was going a little too far.
“Over the clothes is fine but trying to touch her bare skin… you’re getting ahead of yourself, you shrimp.” Gojo rolled his eyes, curses could be excessively selfish, thinking that they own everything.
With a flick of his finger, he exorcised the curse in an instant. Its body exploded into a million different pieces and your body, released from its groping hands fell on the ground in a silent thud.
The next thing that echoed in the empty building was the sound of a belt unbuckling and a zipper being undone.
You jolted awake, eyes wet with tears and body trembling.  
“Hey,” Gojo’s voice above you was worried yet calming. “It’s just a nightmare, I’m here. You’re safe.”
You were being torn apart, emotions a wreck that couldn’t be fixed. Memories of what had happened washed over you frantically, leaving you breathless. Your arms quickly reached for the only person in front of you, begging for his closeness to feel comfort.
Gojo’s reaction was a bit delayed, but he carefully wrapped his arms around you and almost immediately you started sobbing pathetically.
The curse was gone, you couldn’t feel its presence. He must have exorcised it to save you. All you ever did today was to cause trouble for him.
“Sorry,” you said quietly, in between sobs.
“Hey, there’s nothing for you to apologize for,” Gojo’s voice was soft like honey, his sunglasses were pushed up to his hair and he was holding you in his lap. “Are you alright? Have you calmed down a bit?”
You frowned, tears gushing out from your eyes again. “I-I was so scared.”
“Anyone would be.” With your head pressed on his chest, you could hear his chest rumbling as he spoke. “You’re safe now.”
You sobbed as you remembered what had happened once again.
“What happened?” he asked, lulling you into a false sense of comfort, pulling you closer towards the trap.
You told him your story, slowly, a little at a time with small breaks of you crying.
You were raised in the hopes of becoming the head of your clan, forced to act tough, and were taught to be caring and loving yet you had never received any real love or care from anyone. You were in no way treated fairly by anyone.
So you had assumed the role of the caretaker of others with a facade of a motherly figure. You helped others and hoped to get happiness in return but in no way it was as easy as you had hoped. People were only loving to you when you were doing something for them in return and that was how you noticed you could be loved. By being useful to others. And eventually the habit of taking care of others to feel validated developed inside you. However that also became a problem, you were now being seen as weak, someone who could never lead others. Then you were sent to many different jujutsu colleges in the hopes that you could become somewhat more courageous and leader-like.
But that never happened, you couldn’t change what you were or what others would think of you no matter what. You felt lost for many years.
Later after being told that the Tokyo Jujutsu High could be the one to fix you, you had transferred here overnight.
You had thought moving to Tokyo was going to be like any other place but as soon as you arrived at the campus and met the others, you felt the warm feeling of a home. You realized you belonged here.
People here treated you like a person. Like you were a part of whatever they had going on here without judging you for being weak like any other people you had met so far would.
For a while, he was oddly quiet. He listened to your sobbing and sharp inhales until they calmed down.
“Well,” Gojo pressed his cheek on top of your head, arms tightening around you and legs moving to bring you closer on his lap.  “What can I do to ease your pain?”
You pressed a hand on your cheek to wipe your tears to save yourself from the stickiness but most of it was dried snot, or at least that was what you thought it was. “Right now, I just wanna go home. I feel so dirty…”
“Yeah,” he spoke into your hair, taking a long whiff. “Smells like you need a shower.”
The reason why you were crying past forgotten, a laugh escaped you and you smacked your hand on his chest playfully. “Hey!”
“Whaaaat? You stink!” Gojo used his thumb and forefinger to press his nostrils together as he grimaced.
Pausing, you looked up to him through your lashes, suddenly self-conscious. “D-do I?”
Gojo’s arms around you were kind of pressing you down onto his crotch and his flip phone was poking your ass but you tried to ignore it, you didn’t want to cause another misunderstanding as he leaned forward towards you. “Let me check again.”
He pressed his nose into your hair but you didn’t hear him inhaling. When you turned to look at him, he buried his face into the crook of your neck. Face completely blushed, your eyes widened and your heart skipped a beat.
After a long sniff, his hand on your back reached further around to wrap tighter around your shoulders to press you flush against his body. “I take it back, ya smell nice.” He spoke into your skin, lips brushing against your neck and the hot breath of his mouth making goosebumps prickle your skin.
You let out a breathy laugh to cover your nervousness. “T-thanks!”
He smiled against your skin before pulling himself back. “But I’d say ya still need a shower. You smell exactly like a booger.”
“You! You were just-!” You pushed him away as you blushed furiously, flustered by all of his teasings. “You’re soo mean!”
“Hehe, I’m mean? I saved your life, ya know!”
That was true. The unpleasant memories flashed in front of your eyes once again but this time, Gojo was ready to help you get up to your feet and exit the building to go back home while holding his hand.
“There’s this ramen place down this street, let’s eat lunch before we return, whaddya say?” His glee had returned, his smile was more gorgeous than you had realized.
“O-okay!” You let him intertwine your fingers together but blushed harder as a result.
“Ah, the others are still out…” you said as soon as you stepped inside the dormitory. Their shoes weren’t by the entrance.
“We have the whole place to ourselves, isn’t it great?” Gojo kicked off his shoes to walk further inside. “We can watch this one movie I rented out last week… ah... I forgot to return it… Anyway! We can still watch it! The movie’s about-”
“I think I’m gonna take a shower first,” you shyly interrupted. “But we can still watch it after I’m done!”
He nervously rubbed the back of his neck, “I see, you should be quick then. Once Suguru and Nanami come back, we won’t be able to do anything.”
You nodded, hurrying up to the girls’ dorm, grabbing clothes and your towel to head towards the showers but then you saw the large sign with big red letters just as you were about to enter.
Although you were already bummed out about not finding your body towel and only had your hair towel with you, the sign made your day worse.
Walking downstairs, you found the person you were looking for in the kitchen.
“Um, Gojo?”
The guy mentioned closed the cabinet he was checking and his lips curled up into a smile but it disappeared as soon as he turned to face you. “Yeah?”
“It says that the water pipes are damaged upstairs…” Hugging your clothes and towel tighter on your chest, you raised your eyebrows to ask him something he had planned for you to ask. “Where am I supposed to shower?”
Gojo hummed in thought. “Well, you can use our bathroom. I can stay on the lookout for you so Suguru or Nanami won’t walk in on you.”
You looked hesitant but you had learned to trust Gojo. He had made sure of that.
“Leave your dirty clothes in the basket by the door, I'll wash them for you.” He walked around the counter to put an arm around you, walking you towards the boys’ bathroom.
“I can do it,” you said softly.
“I’m gonna wash my stuff anyway so I can do it for ya!” he insisted, easily having had figured out that you couldn’t say no to people.
Nodding reluctantly, you spoke after clearing your throat. “Can you please make sure nobody comes in? I-I would feel safe if I knew you told them to not come in.”
“Of course!! I’ll call Suguru right away!” Gojo offered you a polite smile. You stood in front of the bathroom door, he pushed you inside. “So it’s the exact same as the upstairs but the only difference is that you should wear one of those slippers while showering.” He grabbed a large pair of slippers for you, putting them in front of you as you were taking your socks off. “Do not, and I mean this, do not walk barefoot here. We don’t clean the floors, we should but we won’t.”
“That’s kinda icky…”
“You can clean it if you wanna but we won’t.”
“It should be your job to clean your own dorm.” You put on the slippers with a sigh.
“Take your clothes off and take your shower before they return or I’ll bring them in here.”
“You heard me.”
Of course, you heard him. You were blushing furiously.
Gojo giggled and walked over to you. “You can’t bathe in your clothes, can you?” He pulled you out of the shower area. “Come on!”
“I-I will! You have to get out first!”
He stared at you with deadpan eyes, almost in disbelief. “I thought you wanted me in here so nobody would come in?”
When you blushed harder, his facade fell and he snorted before long he was laughing merrily.
“You’re so easy to tease!”
Covering your face in embarrassment, you told him to leave politely.
“I will I will!” He ruffled your hair, leaning down to whisper in your ear. “I’ll be back to collect your laundry so don’t freak out about that, right?”
“So adorable…” He patted on your head one last time before leaving.
As soon as he left, you took your uniform off, folding them neatly to put them in the small laundry basket. Since after this separation you only needed your towel, you left your clean clothes next to the basket, folding them as well.
Sluggishly, you unhooked your bra and slipped out of your panties, placing them in between your clean clothes. There was no way you were going to let Gojo wash your underwear, that was too… too-
You were blushing and had to internally shake your head to clear your thoughts. Once naked, you wrapped your hair towel around your body, it was a lot shorter than you thought, not the actual towel you planned on using to cover your body. Ugh, whatever. You were going to get out of the showers and put on your clothes anyway. It didn’t matter what length of towel you had.
After taking a deep breath you walked into the bath area to take a shower.
Gojo had all of your clothes in the laundry basket and was walking towards the laundry room when Geto entered the dormitory with Nanami.
“Yo Suguru!” he chirped, “Don’t enter the bath, she’s in there taking a shower.”
Geto snorted, covering his mouth with a hand, “It really worked huh?”
They were all standing in the common room as Gojo nodded rapidly. “It’s all thanks to Nanami, his handwriting is soooo professional. I bet she thought it was from some janitor or something. She didn’t even question how Shoko was able to shower just this morning.”
While Geto and Gojo were snickering, Nanami was staring down at his feet. “Can you keep me out of this one?”
“Eh?” Gojo deadpanned. “Getting cold feet already? You promised you’d join in?! This is a once in a lifetime chance, Nanami~”
“Don’t force him,” Geto said, still a smile plastered on his face. “I think he’ll get around anyway.”
Gojo’s grin returned on his face, “True true! She’s sooo adorable and easy to handle. It’s like she was made for us.”
Nanami shook his head, trying to look serious but failing miserably.
“It’s no worries, Nanami,” Geto informed, placing an ensuring hand on his shoulder. “You’ll always have an open place.”
“Yeah, women have three holes ya kn-OW!” Gojo’s words were cut short by Geto flicking a finger on his nose.
“What do you have there?” Changing the subject way too quickly, Geto pointed at the laundry basket.
Gojo rubbed the tip of his nose and pouted. “Her clothes.”
“All of them?”
“Did you use six eyes to spy on her?”
“Nooo~” Gojo tried to hide his smile and lie but failed to keep his face neutral.
“Bastard.” Clicking his tongue, Geto rolled his eyes. “How did the exorcism go?”
“Well, it went well,” Gojo sighed.
“You said well twice,” Geto pointed out, “Tell me what happened.”
“It was nice,” he said, shrugging. “I don’t know what else to say.” He tried to avoid Geto’s gaze on him. “Got to see her getting ravished by some curse and all…”
Geto grimaced and went quiet. The sound of the show playing on the television in the common room wasn’t loud enough to fill the silence that Gojo had created.
Nanami was blushing but he couldn’t leave as Geto still had his hand on his shoulder, keeping him there.
“I shouldn’t have let you take the lead, you always go overboard on the first day.” Geto was angry at himself.
“Take this as a token of my condolences.” Gojo held your bra up towards his friend.
“He wants the panties for himself.” Geto leaned towards Nanami to complain, “He thinks he’s so smart but I want the panties.”
Gojo shook his head dramatically, “It’s for Nanami. He should take the panties since we made him go through all that trouble. It’s also like an honor to receive the panties, right?”
Nanami refused to look them in the eye.
“He’s acting like the good guy now,” Geto snickered. “We’re not doing anything wrong, Nanami. (name) is in good hands, we wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.” At least physically.
Geto’s voice was calming and soft like cotton, giving the second year a sense of comfort.
“Yeah man, trust your upperclassmen a little!” Gojo laughed merrily, holding out the pink panties towards Nanami. “We’re only trying to teach you!”
Taking the panties from his grasp with shaky hands, Nanami nodded. “Yeah…”
Geto patted him on the back, “Now, where exactly are her weak points?”
Nanami jolted, blushed faintly because of how he has used his ability before. He opened his mouth to say it.
The other two listened attentively.
Don’t freak out.
Don’t freak out.
With a hair towel barely covering your modesty and on the verge of tears, you were trying to talk yourself into running out of the bath and upstairs. If you run, nobody would see you.
Why had Gojo taken all of your clothes?
Ugh! You shouldn’t have put them there, he probably took them thinking that they were also dirty but deep down you knew you were clumsy enough to end up in this situation anyway.
It was quiet.
Too quiet.
You could run.
Just run upstairs.
Yeah, that was all you needed to do.
You stepped out of the bathroom and instantly heard footsteps. Like an idiot, instead of going back inside the showers, you lurched forward, trying the first door you stumbled upon and successfully opening it to enter the room to hide.
Pressing your ear to the door, you listened to the footsteps, they didn’t come close to this room but you heard a door being opened and closed shut.
Letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, you pressed your forehead on the door. You were going to wait a little more before bolting out of this room to run upstairs.
“Can I help you?”
You jerked so suddenly that you managed to hit your head on the door. When you turned around, you found Geto watching you intently from his bed.
Your cheeks flushed, unable to say anything other than gibberish you started stuttering.
He got up from his bed, putting the book he was reading aside and heading straight towards his wardrobe.
“I’m sorry it’s Gojo, he took all of my clothes and-”
“Here.” Geto held out a shirt and sweatpants towards you, cutting your sentence short. “You can wear these and leave.”
You stared at the clothes he was holding out to you, eyes wide and cheeks burning up. Pressing the towel harder on your body, you tried covering yourself as much as you could.
Meekly taking the clothes from him, you bowed your head to show appreciation. There was a moment of silence between the two of you before he walked away and turned around to give you privacy.
You stood still, indecisive, before finally dropping the towel on the floor to put on the clothes he gave you.
Although they were quite large on you, in the end, you weren’t naked anymore.
“T-thank you.” Your voice was soft and full of admiration as you picked your towel up from the floor. He was so kind and respectful.
He waved a hand in lieu of speaking, telling you goodbye.
Not needing to be told twice, you left his room. Geto hoped that you hadn’t noticed him snapping a picture of you with his slide phone but even if you did, he knew you wouldn’t be able to say anything against it.
Later that day, Gojo apologized to you multiple times, telling you how he was so lost in his thoughts and took all of your clothes with him.
“Here they are though! Washed and dried!” He held the small laundry basket to you. Your clothes were indeed clean but they were… messy. They hadn’t been folded neatly so you had to iron them later. Despite that you thanked him.
Back in your room, you noticed that your underwear was missing from the pile of clothes in the laundry basket. All of them. Your clean and dirty ones.
Quickly, you walked downstairs, past the common room where all the guys were watching television, and into the laundry room. Perhaps Gojo hadn’t washed them out of embarrassment. If it was you, you wouldn’t! At least if it was his underwear you were going to wash.
Checking the large basket and the washing machine multiple times, you couldn’t find them. When you opened the tumble dryer, they weren’t in it either.
You walked back to the common room, feet dragging and meek. Standing beside the large couch, you pretended to be checking the movie they were watching but actually, you were trying to muster up the courage to ask Gojo if he had seen your underwear.
Nanami glanced in your direction through his long fringe, although his cheeks were flushed pink, you couldn’t see it in the dim light. “Gojo,” he said, alerting the white-haired guy of your presence.
You wondered if it was obvious it was him that you wanted to talk to.
Gojo stared at Nanami and when the blonde pointed in your direction with a nod, he whipped his head around to meet your gaze.
“(name)!” he chirped, patting on the empty spot on the couch between him and Geto. “The movie has just started, come join us!”
With everyone looking at you now, you felt obliged to sit down.
Once you were seated, Gojo narrowed his eyes at Geto and put his arm around you. You flinched but didn’t have the courage to push him away, you ended up unwillingly accepting his warmth.
To Geto, what he did was an insult. It felt like it.
If he didn’t hurry and caught up with him, Gojo would have the upper hand.
“Are you okay?” Geto asked, scooted closer to you on the couch, using the question as an excuse to close the distance between the two of you. “I heard what happened, it must've been scary.”
You offered him a kind smile. “It was a terrifying experience but I’m fine… thanks to Gojo.”
Geto tried hard not to let his lips curl down to a frown but with the way Gojo was smirking at him to taunt him, it was difficult. “Yeah but don’t trust him too much,” he said, glowering at Gojo. “He can be such an airhead at times. He took all of your clothes today, didn’t he?”
That made you shift on your seat uncomfortably. You also remembered the reason why you had come here but you didn’t want to be accusatory about it. In simple words, you were just too scared to confront him. “He already apologized.”
Gojo’s face contorted into something vile as Geto feigned worry.
“You shouldn’t let him go off that easily. He will never learn from his mistakes if his actions don’t have consequences.”
“It was a small mistake, I’m not mad or anything…” Subconsciously you were leaning away from Gojo.
“Whatever you say,” Geto snickered.
Nanami sank deeper into the cushions of the couch in discomfort while you were completely unaware of the tension between the two guys.
“What are you trying to do?” Gojo groaned in anger. “We’re all in this together so what’s with trying to make me look bad? I told you that overly friendly guy thing would be the best choice, you can’t blame me for-”
“I wanted to see your reaction,” Geto replied, interrupting him. “It was a joke.”
“It wasn’t funny.” Gojo glared at him over his sunglasses. “I’m going to win her over, is that why you’re acting so childish about it?”
“You’re the one who’s childish,” Geto snapped, sitting up on his bed. “You’re trying to turn this into a competition. Again .”
“It’s more fun that way.”
It was a long moment after Geto spoke. “If we’re going to turn this into a competition, then it should be fair to all of us.”
Finally calmed down, Gojo hummed in agreement. “How though?”
A smile spread across Geto’s face before he gave his friend a response.
“Rock paper scissors!”
Nanami won by picking paper. The other two groaned and complained as they were all walking back to the common room to meet up with you. The game was played in secret.
“Today, you’ll work with Nanami, he’s a pro at using cursed tools.” It wasn’t a lie but it wasn’t anything they had planned either.
Your day with the blonde went uneventful, you actually managed to learn some tricks about cursed tools.
You returned Geto his clothes.
The neatly folded clothes on top of his bed were inviting.
He reached for them. The clothes hadn’t been washed but it was as he wanted. He had assured you he would wash them himself.
Turning the sweatpants inside out, he brought the crotch area up to his face and inhaled deeply. His eyelashes fluttered at the pleasant smell that filled his lungs. So this was how you smelled. Your scent was faint but since you had worn it without any underwear, it had managed to stick onto the fabric, much to Geto’s joy.  
He couldn’t help but take another whiff as he pulled his pants down.
“Rock paper scissors!”
Geto won.
“Like this?” you asked worriedly, holding your arm out in an exorcism position. The flyhead in front of you was in a small cage, helpless and ready for you to exorcise it.
“No, you have to angle your hips right.” Geto placed his hands on your waist, getting awfully close and invading your space. “You have to keep your eyes on the curse at all times, no matter how much it might spur it on, you can wear sunglasses so it won’t notice your stare but not losing the sight of the enemy is important.” He pressed himself against you but you were listening to his soft voice, explaining how you could get better at this. “Try it.”
You nodded, aiming your cursed energy towards the flyhead.
The creature squealed and exploded into nothing.
Thrilled by your success, you turned your head around with an excited smile plastered on your face. “Did you see that?”
Geto offered you a kind smile, enough to reassure you that you did more than well. “You’re a natural.” He gave you a pat on the head, “Good job.” He then used his fingers to endearingly comb through your hair.
You leaned into his touch, ignoring how close he had gotten.
That made him smile, it wouldn’t be long until you were ready.
“Rock paper scissors!”
Geto won again, then Gojo, then Nanami, then Gojo again and it went on.
Easy get corrupted but still able to be as meekly cheerful as the first day, you were enough to charm all of them.
One of them a little more than the other two. Enough to make him care about you.
“I’m out.”
Both Gojo and Geto stared at Nanami with wide eyes.
“This eaaarly?” The white-haired one whined, stretching the word out. He was buzzed out of his mind. Cheap beer like this hit him faster than the better quality ones.
“You sure?” This time Geto wasn’t going to say anything to convince him not to drop out of the competition. Nanami leaving meant there would be a higher chance for him to corrupt you for the day.
The blonde in question nodded.
“You’re gonna miss ooooout her cuuutee fidgeting when you touch her waist!” Gojo was giggling, remembering how sensitive you were.
Geto chuckled, a smile appearing on his face. “The way she gets teary when you push her a little too much is the cutest.”
“Nooo, the way she starts stuttering when you act friendly is cute, her face as if she’s ready to cry is sexy. Her brows furrow and she looks at you like she’s begging for you to stop but-”
“She’s too pathetic to speak up!” The duo said it in unison and started laughing while high-fiving each other for their similar thinking.
Nanami took a sip from his beer and ignored them. This was for the best. He was going to continue ignoring it.
Ignorance was bliss.
“We’re out of necessities,” Nanami informed everyone in the common room.
Gojo tore his eyes away from the television and hung off the back of the coach to look at Nanami. “Already?”
“I can go and buy them if you gave me a list?” You were quick to pipe up.
Geto put his hand on top of your head and ruffled your hair, “You can’t carry all that, we’ll do it.”
“Well, why don’t I go with one of you?” There it was, the meek tone. Something was going on.
“Why? Do you need something specific?” Gojo sat back on the couch, returning his attention to the Saturday morning comedy sketches.
“Y-yeah.” Fidgeting with your fingers you looked down at your lap.
“You can put whatever you need into the list and we’ll buy it,” Geto answered but his true intention was to see how flustered you could get over a simple task being done for you. He could or rather anyone could easily guess what this was all about. They had been living with Shoko for over three years now, who unlike you wasn’t shy about anything.
Nanami who had been pouring out coffee for himself noticed how your shoulders slackened in defeat. Although he had promised to stay out of their game, he spoke without thinking. “We can go together.”
As soon as he said that both Gojo and Geto glowered at him from the corner of their eyes.
You whipped your head around with an innocent smile, “That’s so kind of you! Thank you, Nanami!”
“We can all go,” Geto replied.
“It’d be too crowded.” You got up from the couch to walk over where Nanami was standing to talk about if you should get ready now or later.
An imaginary lightbulb lit up over Gojo’s head. “Let’s decide who’s gonna go by rock paper scissors.”
“Nanami just said he’d go with me-”
“He wants to avoid his cleaning duty. We’re supposed to do the cleaning today since Shoko is coming back tomorrow.” Geto backed Gojo up instantaneously. So sly.
Three of them held their fists up from where they were and almost as if they’d done it a million times, they chose their gesture without even saying anything.
You looked at each gesture and your eyes landed on the winner.
“Write what you two personally need on a list, I’ll go grab my wallet.” Geto got up from the couch and beckoned you to follow him.
The two of you took the bus to the store and split up with separate baskets to do the shopping. You finished quick, put enough sanitary pads that would last you until the next month into the basket, and hid them under a bunch of other things so Geto wouldn’t see it.
You found Geto by the cleaning aisle.
“Done?” he asked, noticing your full basket.
“That was quick.” Geto grinned, “I have a couple of things left, after that, I’m done as well.”
“Can we go to the new cafe that opened down the street?” you asked cutely as you followed him to the next aisle in the grocery store.
He nodded in response without looking at you.
As he turned into the next aisle, which happened to be where the hygiene products were, you continued following him. He walked past the toothbrushes, shampoos, and colognes.
You proceeded to follow him until he abruptly stopped.
He put his basket down and inspected the products on the shelves.
Blood rushed to your cheeks when you saw what he was planning to buy. “Ah.” It was a noise you made out of surprise, nothing more. You were completely flushed, dizzy from embarrassment as Geto stared down at you with a packet in his hand.
Extra thin for ultra pleasure.
“You okay?” he asked, dropping the packet into his basket.
He was a guy, yeah, he was a man. This was normal. Yeah, he had a-
Your brain wasn’t working.
You shook your head without meaning to. “I-I forgot to buy something.” Not letting him say anything else, you rushed out of the aisle, omitting the way he was grinning.
After the two of you paid for the stuff, you started walking to the cafe together. You were lucky to have Geto by your side since he carried more bags than you ever could. He wouldn’t let you carry anything either so you ended up carrying the toilet papers.
Holding the door open for him, you walked inside the cafe. The employees behind the counter greeted you, smiling brightly.
“I’ll take normal coffee, black, no sugar or milk.” With that, he quietly walked to the furthest end of the shop by the large windows. Apparently, you were the one who was going to order.
You walked up to the employee who was waiting for you to order, you decided to try out their signature drink and ordered filter coffee for Geto. After getting your drinks on a tray, you made your way down to the table he sat, placing the tray carefully down.
Plopping down on the chair, you let out an exaggerated sigh, “I’m exhausted.”
“You didn’t do any of the heavy lifting, so you don’t get to complain,” he replied, taking his coffee from the tray.
You pouted your lips as you reached for your own drink. It got quiet as he looked out of the window, taking small sips of his coffee and enjoying the view. You on the other hand were fidgety. Mind still going back to recall what he had bought.
Well, he was handsome and charming. Geto clearly had a girlfriend. But… you hadn’t seen him with any other girl. What if it was Shoko?
Then it hit you. Shoko’s words she told you when you first arrived at the campus. It all started to make sense, she was trying to scare you so you wouldn’t make a move on his boyfriend.
You were curious.
Curiosity killed the cat.
“I-I didn’t know you had a girlfriend,” you said, trying to hide your blushing cheeks behind the straw of your drink.
“What?” he chuckled and put his drink back on the tray.
Dumbfounded by his response you stuttered. “Your g-girlfriend.”
“My what?” He had heard you right but he needed to see you get flustered but when you stayed quiet he continued. “I don’t have a girlfriend.”
“I-I’m only asking because you bought-” your voice became faint, “ -that… ”
“The condoms?” This time he leaned forward on the table, raising a brow at you. “Do I need to have a girlfriend to buy condoms?”
“Keep your voice down,” you hushed him, your brain was turning into mush from shame and embarrassment, you couldn’t even think straight. “Please.”
“Huh? Why? We’re the only ones here.” He tilted his head to try meeting your eyes but you wouldn’t look at him. “Besides, why are you so why about this? Didn’t you and your boyfriend go out to buy one of these at some point?”
A silent thud made you look down at the table. There it was, in broad daylight, anyone could see it.
You were going to faint.
“Hmm?” Geto was waiting for an answer.
“No,” you said, head spinning from embarrassment, you had never felt like this before. You needed to go home. It was too overwhelming. There was this other thing bubbling in your stomach, your face was getting heated and your nails were digging into your palms.
That was anger. Rage.
“I don’t believe you. Haven’t your boyfriends ever-”
“I never had one.” For the first time in your whole life, you raised your voice.  
“Never?” Geto was more shocked at the revelation, not too surprised at your change of demeanor.  “That’s a shame.” Awe tingled in his soft voice.
You didn’t say anything.
Geto sighed, relenting quietly but his grin didn’t falter. “Okay,” he said, taking the condom packet from the table and putting it back in his pocket. “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”
“It doesn’t sound genuine,” you spoke firmly. "Besides, you were the one to tell me not to forgive tactlessness. Isn’t it ironic?” Your tone had changed, you were speaking through your teeth, anger had taken over you.
Oh, this feisty side of you… he wanted to see how it would break.
“You think so?” A thoughtful yet mocking humming noise left him. “Aren’t you the one overreacting? All I did was to show you something I bought. You were the one asking about it. Shouldn’t it be me who should be upset with you?”
“If you want to believe it’s my fault, I’ll let you think that way but don’t go blaming others for corrupting your virtue like a prude. It’s annoying and harmful. If you said those words to Satoru, he’d be devastated. So, be a good girl and grow up.”
Your chest tightened, no matter how much you inhaled no air was reaching your lungs. The panic had started settling in but it was all internal. You had put the facade back on, desperately trying to hold back your tears.
What he said was true. That was why it hurt so much.
“Ah, let’s head back,” he said, getting up from his seat. “It’s getting late.”
You nodded languidly, leaving your still full drink on the tray and shuffling after Geto with glossy eyes.
The guilt you felt was sublime, no words would be enough to describe it.
“She’s never had a boyfriend?” Gojo was baffled by the fact. “Does that-”
“Most likely,” Geto answered without needing to hear his question.
The two of them exchanged a competitive look with each other before they balled their good hands in fists.
“Rock paper scissors!”
There was a knock on your door. You pulled the sheets over your head instead of answering it. You hadn’t joined the boys for dinner, there was no way you could look them in the eye after what had happened today.
“We’re going to have drinks in Nanami’s room.” It was Geto. “I want you to join us.”
You pressed your face harder on the pillow.
Maybe it was better if you answered the door before he burst into your room, which was unlikely since it was Geto. Gojo would have but Geto… no.
You walked to the door and falteringly opened it.
On the other side, Geto had a hand on your door frame, leaning forward.
Your eyes met but you immediately averted your gaze in shame. An apology was the first thing you needed to do. “I’m sorry.”
He scoffed, “Why are you apologizing?”
“For saying all those mean things.”
Geto leaned further down and used his free hand to pat on your head, ruffling your hair. “Don’t overthink it. I shouldn’t have teased you that much.”
The feeling of his warm, calloused hand on your head was reassuring, it made you regret saying those words to him even more. He had been nothing but kind to you.
“I’m so sorry, I must be so annoying and weak.” You lifted your head to look at him, eyes glossy and cheeks tinted. Your lower lip was trembling as your eyes were acutely watching him, waiting for a response.
Unable to resist your face in despair, Geto smiled. His hand cupped your cheek, caressing it softly with his thumb. “Don’t apologize. You’re a girl who’s desperately working hard to improve herself. There’s no way I could ever dislike you.”
“You’re not upset?”
“Why would I be?” His hand slid down along your jaw stopping when his thumb was hovering over the corner of your lip. He ran his thumb on your lip. “You’re such a sweet girl, it’s impossible staying mad at you. You’re adorable.”
Petrified, you stared into his eyes. The half-lidded eyes were hazy with an emotion you had never seen on anyone before. He was leaning closer towards your face all the while your heart was hammering inside your ribcage.
He was going to kiss you.
Instinctively, you closed your eyes, puckering your lips.
Geto watched your eyelashes flutter and cheeks flush with dark amusement before retrieving his hand from your face.
“Shall we go?”
His question made you open your eyes and instantly your cheeks flushed harder. Ahh, how embarrassing! You really thought he was going to kiss you.
You walked out of your room and closed the door to follow Geto downstairs to Nanami’s room.
Gojo’s chipper voice filled the empty hallway before you arrived in front of the room. Geto opened the door for you, gesturing you to walk inside first.
Nanami’s room was cleaner than yours, it was neatly organized and decorated but it reeked of cigarette smoke.
“Ahh, (name)! You came!!” Gojo quickly waved at you and patted on the bed for you to take the space next to him. “Come sit with me!”
Nanami glanced at you over his shoulder but didn’t do much other than bow his head slightly to greet you as he was smoking.
Decidedly, you took a step to join Gojo but a hand on your shoulder stopped you.
Geto led you to where Nanami was smoking and instructed you to sit down beside him on the floor. “Do you smoke?”
“Um… No.”
“Let’s not make her smoke,” Nanami suddenly said when he noticed Geto was bringing his own cigarette pack out.
“He’s right! She’ll reek of cigarettes!” Gojo was practically yelling, from the way his cheeks were tinted bright red, you could tell that he had been drinking. He was slurring most of his words.
“It was merely a question,” Geto sighed, putting a cigarette between his lips to light it.
Nanami pointed at the large plastic bag in the middle of the floor and spoke to you. “These are for everyone, you can take one if you want.”
With his remark, you crawled towards the middle and checked inside the bag. There was beer and a large bottle of wine along with a bunch of cigarette packs in it. “A-are we allowed to drink these on campus?”
“What? You’re gonna rat on us?” Gojo barked out a laugh.
“No,” you mumbled and reached for the wine bottle. “C-can I have this?”
“The whole thing?” Geto raised a brow, “Didn’t you learn to share?”
“Not the entire bottle, I just wanna try it.” You were too meek again, they had all figured you out enough to know what that meant.
“Don’t tell me…” Gojo was pointing a finger at you and grinning. “You’ve never tried alcohol before?”
“I never had the chance.”
You were just getting better the more they learned about you.
Nanami stubbed out the remaining of his cigarette. “Try not to drink too much on your first time.”
Geto glared at Nanami, the wine was there for you specifically. Higher the percentage, the bigger the chances of you letting your guard down.
When you made a move to put the bottle back in the bag to get a can of beer instead, Geto encouraged you to drink it. “We’ll all drink some from the bottle, don’t worry about drinking too much. We’re here with you to prevent that.”
Lies, lies, lies.
The way your eyes sparkled with appreciation when you looked at him as you were unaware of his intentions, was all too innocent. Pure as snow.
You opened the bottle and took a sip, grimacing right after. All of them laughed, making jokes about their first times and chatting about all of the other things until there was a lull in the conversation.
The silence was often filled by Gojo’s horrendous singing or your tipsy giggling, trying to tell a story and being unable to finish it because of how hard you were laughing in between each word.
“So,” Geto started, taking a long drag of his cigarette. “Satoru, when did you have your first kiss?” he asked as if he didn’t know every detail.
Gojo hummed in thought, pretending to try to remember. “I don’t know, maybe when I was twelve or fourteen.” There was a pause before he asked the same question to his friend, almost sheepishly. “When did you have yours, Suguru?”
“I was also fourteen if I remember it right.” Geto put his cigarette down on the ashtray to take a sip from his beer. “Nanami-”
“No.” Nanami didn’t pay attention to any of you and lit up another cigarette.
“Okay.” Geto rolled his eyes before they landed on you. “(name), what about you?”
“That’s… a secret.” You pressed your forefinger against your lips, shushing with a giggle.
“We’re all friends here,” Geto replied, biting back a laugh. “Friends don’t keep secrets from each other, right?”
His words made you look up to the ceiling to think for a long moment. Deciding that he was right, you bobbed your head. “Yes.”
“Yes to what?” Gojo chuckled, he was hanging off upside-down from the bed, pouting while you were thinking and thinking and thinking.
“I’ve never kissed anyone before~” you stretched the word out, barely managing to keep your eyes open. The bottle of wine in your hand was half empty. It wasn’t really a surprise but hearing you say it out loud when you were too shy to speak up your mind was purely erotic.
“Never ever?” Gojo was trying to drink his own beer upside-down.
You shook your head but then started nodding. “Ahh, sooo confusing! I really didn’t have my first kiss. Like ever.”
“That’s a lie, it must be! You’re very friendly.” Gojo sighed his next words, “All the boys must love you.”
Starting to fidgeting with fingers on your lap you shook your head to deny. “I’m not popular amongst boys. Not popular at all with anyone since I’m not that extrovert or pretty.”
“Perhaps you haven’t noticed the attention,” Geto went on to say. “You’re prettier than you think.”
Cheeks flushing, you lifted your gaze to meet his. “You’re just saying that.”
“Have I ever lied to you?” Geto chuckled, “As adorable you are, you’re also the nicest girl I’ve ever met.”
You beamed at him, eyes twinkling like stars. “Y-You really think so?”
“Yes, you’re soo cute!” Gojo joined, crawling towards you. “You’re gorgeous!”
“Aside from your stunning looks, you’re quite talented. Your cursed technique has a promising future and you’re able to learn quickly to improve yourself.” Geto put a hand on his face, covering the lower half of his face. “Hardworking and determined to become a special grade sorcerer, it’s inspiring if not admirable.”
Being bombarded with compliments made you feel like you were on the clouds. The validation you didn’t get from your own family past forgotten, you got lost in the sweetness of their words.
It all made you feel special.
“I’m so happy I came here, it feels like I belong here with you guys. I feel at home.” You started fiddling with the sticker on the wine bottle. “I’m very lucky to have you guys as my friends.”
Gojo pouted his lips and jumped towards you with his arms open. He wrapped them around you, rocking side to side. “You’re soooo adorable! How are you soo cute? I wanna eat you up, you’re like the cutest thing ever! Argh, what did I do to ever deserve you?”
Caught off guard, you hesitantly wrapped your arms around him. “I should be the one saying that.”
Pulling himself back, Gojo turned to Geto, “We should kiss her! Her first kiss should be with people who treasure her deeply. It’s such a sweet thing and as friends, it’s our duty to make that happen!”
“R-really?” Despite what he was saying was outrageous, you were giggling, eyes on him. Looking at him like he meant the world to you.
Innocence being corrupted. Poetic.
“She wouldn’t be comfortable doing that sort of stuff, Satoru. (name) is timid, don’t tease her.”
“I’m not teasing her!” Gojo looked down at you between his arms and blushed bright red, “I mean, I’d kiss her, wouldn’t ya?”
Nanami rolled his eyes, he had heard them rehearse this a million times and it still managed to make him feel the secondhand embarrassment and additionally physically make him grimace.
Nonetheless, it seemed to work for you. Time stopped moving for you, cheeks flushed and mouth agape, your eyes were on Geto, eagerly waiting for his answer.
Stubbing out his cigarette, he averted his gaze. “I would.”
“Nanami,” Gojo called next. “Would you kiss her?”
Nanami stared at the white-haired idiot, he had to be kidding. It was clear as day that they were trying to drag him back into the game.
“Nanami has the most experience between all of us,” Geto lied, now unable to hide his smirk. “You should kiss him, (name).”
This time, you were blushing faintly, eyes blinking slowly with a charming smile on your face. All of those were directed at Nanami and the longing look on your face was enough to make his breath hitch.
“Ah, he’s blushing!” Gojo pointed out with a laugh. “This might be the first time I’m seeing him blush!”
Of course, he would blush from seeing you the way they described you for the first time. Oh, so timid and innocent, begging to be ravished.
“Who do ya want your first kiss to be with, (name)?” Gojo asked softly, his voice coaxing you into safety. They were all your friends, they wanted to help you. They loved you. You knew that, right?
“I don’t know.” Your speech was slurred, the alcohol was starting to hit you harder now.
Gojo squeezed your cheeks together until your lips puckered and turned your face for Nanami to see. “She has such kissable lips, don’t ya think?”
Nanami was trying his best to hold his composure, not wanting to let himself lose control.
“If you don’t kiss her, I most certainly will take her first kiss.” Gojo pressed his lips on your temple, giving you a chaste kiss before moving to whisper in your ear. “I love you so much, so pretty and gullible. So adorable. I don’t wanna share you with anyone else.”
You tilted your head in delight at his words, letting his lips brush against your neck.
How easy to please!
Gojo smiled into your skin, pressing another kiss on your neck.
A cute noise left your lips.
Nanami twitched at the noise and Geto noticed it.
“You should take over before he eats her up,” he said with an amused grin.
Nanami shook his head but he was still unable to tear his eyes away from Gojo planting kisses on your neck and you squirming in pleasure in his arms.
He put an arm around your waist, pulling you a lot closer. You pulled your leg up on his leg to turn your torso towards him.
“What should we do, hmm?” he murmured, his eyes hazy behind his sunglasses. “Nanami doesn’t wanna kiss you but I do…”
Nanami couldn’t bring himself to look away from you. He wanted to jump on you, taking you right here and now as the two idiots watched in awe. Quickly he suppressed the fantasy with his own free will.
Gojo leaned down and you closed your eyes shut, puckering your lips to patiently wait for the kiss.
Nothing mattered anymore.
He put one hand on your waist, the other cupping your cheek as his lips pressed against yours. Your heart was beating rapidly, enough to make you conscious of everything your body was going through. The hand on your waist was hot against your skin and the lips pressing against yours… let heavenly.
You thought that was it. A simple kiss. You didn’t know you could kiss someone more than just pressing your lips against each other but Gojo took it further.
His lips moved harsh against yours, biting and sucking your bottom lip. His hand on your cheek slid to the back of your head and he grabbed a chunk of your hair. Once you opened your mouth to protest, he snaked his tongue inside.
You clutched on his shirt, tears dwelling in your eyes as you involuntarily tasted the bitter taste of beer on his tongue.
The hand on your waist moved to press on the small of your back to pull you in his lap. You moaned into the kiss, arching your back. He knew that was your weak spot, Nanami had told him. He also knew that your inner thigh-
You shrieked when another hand went to your inner thighs.
Breaking the kiss, you looked at Geto in surprise. He took the opportunity to use his free hand to pull you back by your hair and press his lips on yours.
Gojo made a small noise to protest but then turned the situation to his own advantage. His hands went to your waist, then up, up, and up until his thumbs reached to the swell of your breasts.
You opened your mouth in panic but it only helped Geto to force his tongue down your throat. The slick muscle twirled around your own tongue and you started to get dizzy from the taste of tobacco coming from him.
Gojo cupped your tits over your pajama top before starting to knead the supple flesh, you moved your hips subconsciously. Geto put a hand on your hip to move your hips, grinding you on Gojo’s knee. “That’s erotic, (name). I thought you never had a boyfriend before… You’re seducing us, aren’t you?”
Your cheeks flushed but you couldn’t give him an answer as Geto was busy ravishing your mouth with his tongue to savor your taste.
Finally, Geto pulled himself back, a small strand of saliva connecting your lips together broke apart as he smiled looking at your bruised lips.
Like Gojo had said, Geto’s smile was beautiful. A sight to relish. You were grateful to be the reason for his gorgeous smile.
“She’s definitely seducing us. Look at her.” Geto cocked his head to the side, staring down at you with a mocking expression on his face.
“I’m not…”
“You are,” Gojo joined, teasing you was too fun. “You were humping my leg ya know.”
“T-that was Geto-”
“Don’t lie.” Geto’s hand on your hips slid down between your legs and you slouched forward. You let out a moan when he pressed his fingers on your slit over the pajama pants as if he knew exactly where it was. You felt the wetness soaking your pants and leaving an icky feeling. You were about to ask him why he did that but he spoke, saying things that were so not true. “Only little sluts get this wet enough to soak their pants entirely.”
Gojo gasped dramatically. “You’re such a liar! I thought you were an innocent little girl.”
“I’m not…”
“So you’re not an innocent little girl?” Geto moved his fingers side to side, toying with your clothed clit as he pressed himself against you.
“Noo… I didn’t mean it that way…” Legs already shaking, only later you felt something firm and thick pressing on the cleft of your ass.
“You’re moving your hips, begging for it. I’m seeing it with my own two eyes! Having your first kiss must’ve made ya into a slut… You want it, don’t ya?”
You were blushing faintly, eyes blinking slowly while you looked up at Gojo. This was exactly what you wanted. Right? You had to be hoping for it if you were moving your hips like Gojo said. You had become a slut from having your first kiss.
“You cryin’?” Gojo was smirking.
“No?” Confused as to why he asked it, a purposeful grind of Geto’s hips on your ass made your mouth gape open. He was mimicking the movement of fucking you.
“So you like Suguru?”
Of course, he was such a gentleman… most of the time. He was kind and helpful. He always helped you train and looked out for you, giving you the best advice. You trusted him with your life.
“Hmm?” Gojo wasn’t about to repeat himself.
“I like him.”
Geto smirked and gestured with his head for Gojo to move away. With a sigh, the latter crawled away from you as Geto lifted you by your armpits to turn you to face him on his lap.
Your eyes were clouded with lust and your mind slurred with alcohol.
“You’re my little pipsqueak,” he said, caressing your cheek.
A nod.
“I’m going to take your innocence.”
Another nod.
Grinning, he grabbed the hem of your pajama top, lifting it up to your breasts and over your head. You lifted your arms above to help him get rid of the shirt. Since you hadn’t been wearing a bra, your tits bounced free.
Three pairs of eyes were on your bare chest, it made you blush and you covered yourself.
“We’re friends,” Geto assured, grabbing your wrist. “Friends don’t keep secrets from each other, remember?”
You let him pull your arms away from your chest and with a gorgeous smile, Geto placed his hands on your tits, rolling one nipple between his knuckles. He leaned forward to take your other tit in his mouth, causing you to moan audibly.
Gojo wasn’t shy to pull his pants down unlike Nanami who was still desperately trying to act like he was better than them. He wouldn’t stoop low like them. He wouldn’t. He knew he wouldn’t. But then why was he palming himself through his pants?
“Suguru,” he told you, planting warm kisses on your chest.
“Suguru,” you repeated, gasping as he gently laid you down on the tatami floor.
Stunned, Nanami was unable to say anything as his upperclassman climbed on top of you on the floor of his room. He had told them to do whatever they were going to do anywhere but here. He had told them and Gojo-
“Yo, Nanami,” the guy in question spoke. “Wanna take her oral virginity?”
“What are you talking about?” This was all too much, he didn’t know anything about this.
“Ah, Geto’s taking her virginity cause I lost and he told me to decide whether to let you take her ass virginity or not but I’m feeling greedy, ya take her mouth.”
“I’m… I’m not a part of this!” Nanami’s voice was suppressed by your moan when Geto pinched your nipple. His cheeks tinted pink and he pulled his shirt down to cover his growing bulge.
“You are,” Gojo said, unashamedly spitting in his hand and wrapping it around the base of his cock while his eyes were on you. “I’ve seen ya jerk it off to her. With my own six eyes.”
Although the older one wasn’t looking at him, the mocking tone slapped Nanami in the face. At that moment he felt exposed. Gojo knew. He knew.
He knew how behind closed doors he had your panties scrunched in his hand, inhaling them deeply and jerking off to the picture Geto had emailed him. The low-quality photo had given him such good quality fantasies about you. But he wouldn’t act on them, he wasn’t like them.
He wasn’t-
“Suguru, wait,” you whined when he grabbed the waistband of your pajama pants.
“Nope, not waiting~” He pulled them down, and despite your protests, you lifted your hips to help him. Hooking his fingers into your panties, he peeled them down your legs agonizingly slowly.
(Without you seeing, he tossed them towards his friend who gratefully took them and wrapped them around his cock for extra friction.)
Immediately, you pressed your thighs together to cover your bare pussy. “I-I changed my mind.” Your cheeks were burning and your head was starting to spin. It was all happening too fast for your mind to catch up. “It’s so embarrassing.”
“I told you, we are all friends. Don’t you have any guy friends? This kind of stuff is normal between friends.” Geto’s calming tone was back, lulling you back into safety, telling you that it was all fine. “I’m going to be your first so that you’ll know exactly what to do next time.” There was a long pause and he pretended to frown, feigning being hurt. “I can stop if you want me to.”
Not wanting to disappoint him and fail this ritual of friendship, you shook your head. “N-no. I-I want this.”
Geto spread your legs and grabbed you by your ankles to pull you flush against his hips. “I want you too, pipsqueak.” A hand moved to palm himself through his pants, your eyes followed, watching him grab his bulge to show you how big he actually was.
Flustered, you averted your gaze but came face to face with something even more explicitly naughty.
Gojo’s pants were down to his thighs, enough to expose his cock. You saw his hand moving rapidly up and down on his cock with your panties around it, as he noticed your stare he quickened his hand.
“You shouldn’t look at some other guy when you’re doing it with me.” Geto put a hand on your cheek to turn your head to face him. Although you wanted to keep your eyes focused on his face, your gaze dropped onto his cock released from his pants.
Before you could get flustered over it, Geto cupped your pussy using a hand. His thumb grazed over your sensitive numb and two of his digits slid easily inside. You let out a sharp gasp, toes curling.
Ahh, this was why virgins were the best, awfully sensitive and obedient. The way they didn’t know what was being done to them was the best. Shy girls were the best. Geto loved fucking timid girls who trusted him with their whole life. Corrupting them, making them believe he loved them, and taking their innocence. You were his dark fantasy come alive as if you were made for him and him only.
However, Geto wasn’t that selfish. He could share. Sometimes.
“You’re soaking wet.”
“Don’t say that…”
“Why not?” Smiling he slid his fingers out of you and held them up to your face. Clear fluid was covering them from tip to base. He separated the digits and small strands of the fluids connecting his fingers thinned before splitting apart. “It’s the truth.” He opened his mouth, taking the digits in his mouth to lick your juices as you watched in shock. A low hum emerged from him as he contentedly licked his lips. “You taste sweeter than any candy.”
“Stooop,” you were giggling now, too flustered from his mellow words.
Even though he would love to tease you for hours and take all of your firsts for himself, Geto had to move on. He could hear Gojo grumbling under his breath aside from him jerking off. Also, there was the blonde one.
Geto glanced over his shoulder to steal a quick look at what Nanami was doing.
The second-year was watching intently. Waiting for his turn.
That made Geto chuckle and he turned to you, giving you all of his attention once again. He wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, giving it a simple pump. Though he wanted to stop at that thanks to his spit and the remaining of your juices on his hand, it helped his hand move smoothly, making him want to jerk himself until he came.
He quickly snapped out of it, positioning himself between your legs and dragging the tip of his cock along your folds before tapping lightly.
You murmured something.
“T-the condom,” you reminded shyly.
“It’s your first time, right?” he asked, almost too impatiently.
“You’re completely safe on your first time.”
With that he shoved his entire length inside your virgin cunt, tearing your hymen. Both of you moaned for different reasons.
He slumped forward as your virgin walls pulsated around his cock, stretching around his girth and taking the shape of him.
“It hurts,” you mewled, grabbing onto his bicep. “Suguru, it hurts.” Tears welled up in your eyes and seeing that made Geto grow bigger inside of you. He tentatively pulled his hips back and pushed himself up from the floor to look at between your bodies.
His eyes were on the small amount of blood on his cock and dripping from your hole, staining the floor under you.
A sickeningly excited smile spread across his face and he slammed his hips into yours, making you cry out in pain. He planted both of his hands on the floor, each side of your head to gain more control over his pace, and started fucking you frantically.
Gojo let out a breathy laugh and tried matching his pace o his friend’s pace of fucking you. He wasn’t going to last long but Geto seemed like he was going to last longer.
Your hands went to his shoulders, pulling him closer rather than pushing him. He knew you needed the closure. This was something lovers did with each other and Geto wanted to teach you all of it. Definitely not because fucking timid and innocent girls was his fetish.
His thrusts were like an animal in heat, desperately and frenziedly hammering into your pussy. Each time his balls slapped against your ass you let out a shaky moan, the pain now a faint memory.
Your narrow entrance and virgin walls clamping on his cock were heavenly. Every time he moved, your pussy throbbed, clenching around him and you let out those adorable moans he was desperate to hear. He couldn’t stop moving his hips, it was impossible.
“Am I doing good?” you asked, gasping sharply between each word.
Innocent, so innocent.
Geto completely lost himself.
He grabbed the back of your knee and pushed both legs until he could mount you entirely.
In this position he was going so deep, it made your eyelashes flutter and you lost your vision for a moment.
His cock continued stroking your gummy insides while he thrust in your cunt with a vigorous pace but he couldn’t last long because of your virgin walls squeezing around him like you were trying to milk him dry.
He managed to steal a few more thrusts before his cock started twitching inside you. Geto pushed himself balls deep inside you and the tip of his cock kissed your cervix, making your toes curl as his cock spurted thick ropes of cum inside your womb, filling your tummy.
You could feel his seed fill your womb and overflow, as well as the slight twitch of his balls on your skin. It made you bite your lip, your face was wet with tears and possibly snot. However, it didn’t stop Geto from leaning down to kiss you while he continued fucking his cum into you.
Once he broke the kiss, you got to get a good look at his handsome face. His hair was a mess, his bun had mostly come undone and small strands were sticking to his forehead from sweat.
Before the two of you could enjoy the afterglow or catch your breaths, you heard Gojo clear his throat.
Suddenly, shame overflowed all of your senses. Geto on the other hand was unphased, he pulled out of you to watch his cum ooze out from your pussy with amusement. He then whipped his head around to glare at Gojo. “Can’t you stop breathing so hard and moaning when you’re jerking off? I don’t wanna hear any of that when I’m fucking.”
The breaking of the character was fine. You were still lost in your own thoughts and unable to comprehend anything other than how you had lost your virginity to some ‘bad boy’ who was only kind to you. You laid on the floor, exhausted and stuck in your mind.
Gojo laughed, “Nanami, you’re seeing this? I told you he gets sooo mad when you do it, heheh”
“You’re speaking too bravely for someone who has his dick out.” Geto sat on the tatami floor, furrowing his eyebrows.
“What? Ya gonna suck it?”
“I will kill you,” he hissed.
The two were arguing with each other when Nanami got up from where he was sitting and walked over to you.
“Ah.” Gojo was smirking, staring at the tent on the blonde one’s pants. “He’s going at it.”
Geto hummed approvingly.
Nanami crouched next to your head, staring at your bare chest up close. You were gorgeous, your skin looked so soft and your face stained with tears…
He had been trying and trying and trying to hold back but you were too stunning. Seeing you from their perspectives had enchanted him, arousing him to the point of being unable to think clearly.
Your eyes were clouded with lust and he could see his own reflection in them. Right now, you needed him and he was more than willing to provide.
Nanami placed a hand on your cheek and caressed the soft skin before leaning in for a kiss. You didn’t refuse, accepting his lips pressing against yours. You tried moving them like Geto had done with you but Nanami’s kiss… It was more gentle yet more possessive. He pushed his tongue inside to twirl your tongues together, to make sure you remembered his taste for a lifetime as he desperately tried savoring yours.
Placing one hand on your tit to knead the soft flesh, he used his other hand to pull down his pants, releasing his aching cock free. As soon as his cock was out, he grabbed your hand and guided it to his exposed cock.
Your eyes widened and you pulled your hand back, breaking the kiss.
“Nanami, you can’t-”
“You are friends, right?” Gojo interrupted, appearing behind Nanami.
It was quiet for a moment before you nodded ever so hesitantly and looked at Nanami, attempting to avoid looking at his cock hovering over your face.
“Nanami wants you to be his first.” Gojo grinned down at you, pushing his sunglasses up to his hair.
“F-first? His-”
Nanami flushed bright red at the revelation and you found yourself blushing as well.
“You should help him out like Suguru did to you! That’s what friends are for!” Gojo’s encouraging words and the power of friendship talk were too much, Nanami almost went limp until Gojo grabbed your hand and guided it back to Nanami’s cock. “Here, I’ll help you.”
Both of you flinched at the intimate skin contact.
Gojo assisted your hand to wrap around the base and slide it up slowly towards the tip glistening with precum. You didn’t need to use your spit to get him nice and slick as his own precum was more than enough. Your classmate made you pull the thin skin towards the tip down to expose the pink tip of the blonde one’s cock whose shoulders tensed in response. “He seems to be sensitive around the tip. You should use your mouth and tease the tip, (name)! On second thought, he would love it if you let him use your mouth!”
All you did was to open your mouth to approve.
Oh, so obedient.
Nanami on the other hand was being torn apart.
He was better than this. He was a good person. He wouldn’t be the type of person to take advantage of some dumb girl to indulge in his own fantasies and-
“Here, lemme help, Nanami.”
Putting his hands on the younger one’s hips, Gojo pushed Nanami forward into your mouth. Your teeth barely grazed against the tip and he moaned at the sensation of your warm mouth. He couldn’t even get angry at Gojo.
Geto sat on the other side of you and instructed you to move closer to Nanami so you could take him in your mouth completely. He placed a hand on the back of your head and helped you bob your head, giving you praises.
Gojo didn’t need to move Nanami’s hips anymore, the blonde one was too lost in pleasure to hesitate or think about his nonexistent pride.
With you being on your hands and knees as you were giving Nanami a blowjob, Geto gave Gojo a thumb up, telling him everything was good to go.
Finally, getting his turn, Gojo slowly crawled behind you like a predator about to bounce on its unaware prey. He spat in his palm and started jerking himself off to get hard again, he had lost count of how many times he had come when Geto was devouring your cunt but he could go on until the morning.
“Arch your back, pipsqueak.”
Complying Geto’s words, you lifted your ass up in the air.
“Now, Gojo’s going to do something really naughty. Be careful not to bite Nanami.”
You made a noise in protest but Nanami silenced you with a sudden thrust of his hips. The tip of his cock grazed the back of your throat, making you gag. Which worked in his favor because now he could shove his cock further down your throat thanks to your tongue laying flat and jaw unclenched.
Gojo put a hand on your ass cheek and spread it, groping the soft flesh before drooling over your hole.
A wave of panic washed over you and you moved your hips to get away. Gojo had you exactly where he wanted though, he pushed two digits inside and stretched them slowly in a scissoring motion. He was breathing heavily while rubbing his cock at the display of you getting skullfucked and ass being played with by him.  
You started squirming, letting out panicked noises that were being muffled by Nanami’s cock in your mouth. The blonde was going insane by your throat clenching around him. His hips slammed into your face, shoving his cock down and down and down until your nose met the blonde hair on the base.
A cough, a gag, and suddenly your face was turning blue. Nanami had a sick expression on his face and the other two were too busy to notice your current problem of not being able to breathe.
“Satoru, stop making gross noises.”
“I can’t help it, she’s so erotic.” He gasped, incapable of holding another second back. He pressed the tip of his cock on your entrance and slowly pushed it inside.
Nanami grabbed a chunk of your hair and started fucking your face. He couldn’t stop thrusting inside your mouth and ravishing you. Making you his own cockslut.
Gojo was still trying to push himself inside you but you were just so tight.
“Shouldn’t you prepare her a little more?” Geto hid a laugh behind his hand.
“I like it tight,” Gojo replied, placing his hands on your hips to pull you towards himself as he was pushing into you.
Not letting you rest, Gojo pulled his hips back, only to suddenly slam into you until almost his entire length was inside. Gojo’s fun was cut short though, as Nanami was choking you with his cock, your walls clenched around Gojo’s cock enough to make him cum instantly.
Geto still hadn’t noticed your face turning blue and had thought his friend just couldn’t hold back anymore. He burst into laughter, making fun of him
The vibrations coming from your throat while you were trying to scream were too much for Nanami to handle. His cock twitched inside your throat moments before he came down your throat. He pulled out and rested his cock on your lips as the tip was still spurting his creamy seed.
He held you in place by your hair as your mouth opened and you tried spitting out his cum. Brows furrowing in pain and anger you glared up at him through your lashes that also happened to be covered in cum. Closing one eye, you continued glaring at him.
“Ahh, you look great covered in cum,” he said, wiping his cum away from your lips using his thumb and pressing a long kiss on your swollen lips. “Sorry, I got over myself.”
After his apology, your mood changed instantly. “Did it feel good?”
“It felt amazing!” Gojo answered instead of Nanami, “This guy probably felt good too, I saw his legs shaking in pleasure. You’re such a good girl, (name)!”
“She’s talented and lovely too.” Geto used your own pajama top to wipe your face. “Just my type.” He patted on your head, pressing a chaste kiss on your hair.
Now, you were blushing. “T-thank you.” You sat on the floor in the middle of all of them. Realizing that you were the only bare-naked person in the room made you cover yourself. “Um… Can I get a blanket or something?”
Nanami did as you politely asked while the other two started plotting their next move.
It was too easy to please you. Easier than to trick you.
Nanami joining them would make everything go butter smooth, this ‘friends don’t have boundaries with each other’ play could go on until you graduated. Geto was smirking at Gojo as he lit a cigarette, their senior year was going to be as boring as he thought it was going to be.
When Shoko returned to the campus three weeks after leaving, she wasn’t expecting you to be there.
But there you were in the secret smoking spot, sitting on Geto’s lap and trying to smoke a cigarette while Gojo laughed at your coughing. Nanami was smoking quietly but a gentle expression was on his face as he watched you try taking a drag from the cigarette again.
Perhaps, you were dumber than she gave you credit for. She wasn’t the one to judge though, she lit a cigarette and walked towards the group to join them teasing you.
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