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The “counter” just got a call from a customer we don’t care for, Hell we do not like him at all. His number just comes up as wireless caller like the 500 other calls I take in a day, so you never know. Anyway, I take the call and and the order. I hang up and turn to the other counter guy and deliver my best Michael Scott to Toby line ever… “Every time I hear his voice, I like you less.”

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This week has been a good week so far. I am staying home and working, I am taking time for myself when I need it, I am expressing my emotions as I need to.

I have been missing my family, though. My sister got a puppy and I want to meet him so bad. Plus, my mother having surgery to remove some skin cancer and I can’t be there. I am trying to remain positive. My husband and I are planning a weekend stay at an Air BnB with a pool just to relax and not worry.

I hope all of your weeks are going good!

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Working outside in the garden, just infront of my Sewing Studio/Home Decor Shoppe, my Blue Jay is putting on spells of show for me. Each time the wind picks up, it starts “flying”. Keeping me entertained! #working #inthegarden #wirkinginthegarden #windyday #birds #birdwatching #flying #bluejay #mygarden #loveit (at VernDecor Home and You with Valrine Vernon)

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Just a note on how to be a better customer (person) and get better service. Do not walk into a place of business where you need to communicate with a person working there while on your cell phone. When tell me what you want while you are on the phone you are making me feel like less of a person. It’s like “fetch me my bucket Piss Boy, like I was saying before we were so rudely interrupted by the help…” You will not get my full attention, you will not be helped to the best of my abilities and you will not get my best price. Also, I will ask a lot of random questions I already know the answers to or are irrelevant, just to interrupt you. If you are so caught up in your conversation, I will stop helping you all together and move on. Maybe I will walk to the back and take 10 minutes to post about you on Tumblr while you wait.

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Originally posted by fuzzyghost

Since my last posts…things got a little crazy. Work basically evacuated me from my living space and I traveled back “home”? Which was super weird to do during the spiking global pandemic. It was sad to have an era end the way it did…But I’m back home and got my legs under me again. And I have been working on so many things I’d love to share. Posts to follow. But for reals. I’m back. I have my space at home set up again and I have podcasts and videos for you to enjoy. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Protect each other!

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I had a good weekend. I am feeling good about my relationships and friendships. Tomorrow, I have to go into work but I am dedicated to making it another good day. My husband is working hard and being the best he can be. And my boyfriend is also making huge improvements. Sometimes, taking a step back and asking for a break is what is needed. I have no doubt that we will mend our friendship and carry on.

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#Repost @1st_street_fah
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(SAMPLES)THE MIXTAPE🔥🔥🔥DROPPING THIS SUMMER BY 1ST.STREET FAH & @hgm_borey 💯💪… A REAL HUSTLER DON’T JUST SELL DRUGS A REAL HUSTLER KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY OF HIS SELF AND ANYTHING HE TOUCH💪 I SHOWED MY HOOD I COULD SELL 1ST.STREET ENT INSTEAD OF SELLING COCAINE. AND ANYBODY FROM THAT HOOD IS WELCOME TO EAT OF OUR PLATE…1ST.STREET ENT… HIT THE LINK IN MY BIO FOR VIDEOS AND MUSIC…#bawsentertainment #trapmusic #grindmusic #newyorkcity #nyc #hitmakers #goodmusic #newjersey#nj #hgm #hitmakers #working #newarknj #newark #jerseyartists #unsignedartist #undergroundartists #streetmusician #newyork #california #northcarolina #newarea #hgm #realhiphopmusic #hiphop #trapmusic #hustlemusic #repost #hot97fm #beatmakers #newmusicvideo  #somuchpotential

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