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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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Unfinished fanart incoming 😬Wanted to do a Fire Force fanart at first..ended up drawing Midoriya 😅

This went by sort of like this:

“Let’s do a fire force fanart”

“nah,this ain’t working. It looks like a super hero pose”

“I don’t want to do a BNHA fanart atm.”

*Keeps drawing*

“Okay. BNHA it is.”

Note to myself: look up references BEFORE you start. At least before throwing in the colours..I forgot about Midoriyas red belt. Now it looks super crappy and it probably ruined the overall dynamics. I’ll need to fix that at some point. 🤣

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Hello pretty boi. In progress sketch for secret artwork. :3
posted on Instagram -

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Missing work

Blessings in disguise

Gonna take the time

To work on myself tonight

Have a Good day

Clean up my life

Well start with my house

It’s a mess inside

Putting to much into work

Today I’ll let it slide

Had to call out of work

But bossing up inside

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My roommate always asks me who I’m making the current project for, so when I told him that I was making this for ME, he was blown away. I LOVE soft and fuzzy sweaters, so when I saw this new Latte Cake yarn by Caron, I knew what I was making. This is my “I’m listening to a meeting” project. You know, those meetings where you need to be doing something in order to pay attention. Some people ride their bikes, I just happen to crochet.

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there is work to be done - #workonpaper #workinprogress #contemporaryart

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Work in progress of fanart of Mamoru from Sailor Moon.

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