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I remember when my goal was to get my 5k times under 30 minutes, and I was stuck at running them around 32 minutes 😤

Now, my average is between 28 and 29 minutes 😊

My new goal is to get it under 25 minutes. I know I can do this, because I have met my goals before.

I don’t have a 10k goal right now. Well, unless you count trying to get home alive a goal…😅

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“Every workout is better than no workout”

That’s what I tell myself before every workout I do because that way I won’t be disappointed in myself.

There will be bad days, there will be days when exercising or running will suck, when it’s too hot or you’re too tired or you just don’t want to. But that’s okay. As long as you remind yourself that every workout is better than no workout, you won’t be disappointed in yourself, instead you’ll be proud of going out there, of putting your training clothes on and trying anyway.

Every workout is better than no workout. Remember that to avoid disappointment and frustration because that’s what will trigger a binge or make you give up again.


I went out for a run today even though it was raining. It was a good run. I actually enjoy running in the rain because less people are outside and for me running is easier when it’s not that hot. Also it makes you feel super cool like you’re the main character in a movie^^

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Today’s Workout:

Hour long walk
Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism
Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Level 3
Denise Austin Sculpt and Burn Body Blitz (Warm Up, Kettlebell-Inspired, Cardio Sculpt, Cool Down)
12 ½ mile bike ride
2 mile swim

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Chobani pineapple on the bottom Greek yogurt, coffee
Dinner: Whataburger: Honey BBQ chicken strip sandwich, French fries and ketchup, Dr. Pepper
Cocktail: Nasty Woman
2L sparkling water

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Inauguration ceremony of our Virtual NUTRITION Club with Throwback Thursday theme based on Real Love Stories of our club members and friends.

It all started with an auspicious Ganapathi prayer and an amazing Welcome to all our members.

#niravkora #throwback #thursday #live #workout #nutrition #memories #lovestory #wellnesscoach #community #new #trending #mindset #FREE (at India)

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Flex strength
Spine + legs + tricep + chest heavy strength + stretch
#pushups #lotus #poses #dips #strength #stretching #flex #form #gym #exercise #aesthetic #fitness #power #training #home #workout #fresh #creation #downwardfacingdog #yogletics #bodypoetry #bodygami #suppport #love #peace

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Day 3 again of the 15 days challenge. I’ve stopped working out for 1 week because I had a minor surgery last last week and the doctor advised me not to do any vigorous activity for a week.

Slow progress is still a progress. Don’t compare yours with others. Just keep going. You can do it! Werk werk werk!

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