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Tabata Core Home Fitness Tools
Ecco il secondo video realizzato oggi, dopo l'emom con i piegamenti, ho fatto questa sessione dedicata al CORE, utilizzando il metodo TABATA.
10 esercizi con l'utilizzo di alcuni attrezzi per il fitness a casa,
20" per esercizio, 10" di pausa per prepararsi all'esercizio successivo.

Mi diverto ingegnandomi su come utilizzare i fitness tools con esercizi e sequenze sempre diverse (o quasi).

Nel prossimo video, un AMRAP di 7 minuti,
con la medicine ball, la AB wheel e l'elastico…

Se il video ti è piaciuto, lascia un bel like e attiva la campanella per non perderti i prossimi video.


Keep the Workout!

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So much goes into the way we move that we ignore the details.
The devil is in the details.
Pain and gain shouldn’t be synonymous.
Perfect practice makes perfect.
Strength and conditioning that focuses on sports specific skill for athletes of all ages.
Rember athletes don’t retire, we just train different
Form over function.
Creating fit happy lifestyle through affordable training.
DM for details
Or stop by the club and ask for me Mark Mouzone
4028 Little Rd
New Port Richey Fl
Get Bigger Faster and Stronger.
It’s about #Growth, #Talent development, and Confidence Building. #MouzoneTraining  #specialneeds #baseball #football #track #basketball
#volleyball #stength #seniorfitness #Conditioning #personaltrainer #personaltraining #personaldevelopment #activelifestyle #active #activity #autism #workout #workoutmotivation #selfcontrol #fitness360trinity (at Fitness 360, Trinity)

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Can someone let me know why I’m so bad at posting all of a sudden?? 😭 I can’t tell you how many drafts I’ve started with the plan to add to them and post. Here’s me trying again though!

Last time I lifted was on Sunday. Did a shoulder focused workout because I felt like I haven’t been showing them enough love lately. That workout is pictured above, no gifs though. I was in the zone 😎

I’m currently on my lunch break and soon I’ll be headed from here straight to the airport! I’m heading to Cali to spend Thanksgiving with Livvie ❤️ Should be a good experience.

I hope everyone is having a good day so far!!!!

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The Ball is an amazing tool for a gentle progression if you can’t do the Wall Exercises, How To Strengthen Core Muscles Without Compromising Back with Tight Hamstrings? If you have weak core and can’t stretch hamstrings well, try utilizing the Ball, I have a lot of wall exercise videos and if you can’t reach the wall due to tight hamstrings this is a beginner’s program. As requested by one of my viewers inTiktok and this video is also a BIG Thank YOU to everyone who is following me here in Youtube and my TIktok Family. Link down below to follow me on my other social Media Platforms.

This video is also perfect for an Absolute Beginners, anyone with weak Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and with the Ball as we challenge everyday and strengthen our Abdominal, core and Pelvic Floor muscles safely and effectively.

Do you want to learn more from me? Join me, as i re-open my The Back Master Class perfect for any beginners out there.

⏩ Follow the 6 video series Evidence Based At Home Therapy Method and

please try the Free 7 Day Absolute Beginner’s Program ►

This is the gentle progression of Absolute Beginners Pilates Day 4 is adding a ball to fully engage and strengthen your core safely and effectively.

Enjoy this gentle progression click the link below.

A lot of people have asked me in the past few weeks when will I re-open my online course and there are a lot of you asking me about Pelvic floor. Health.

But you have all kept on asking…

And there are so many of you who want to break free from the vicious cycle of back pain , pelvic floor weakness, or pain, , tightness, and weak core

Whether it’s by pregnancy, weight gain, an injury, herniated discs, poor posture such as forward head or rounded shoulders posture, anterior pelvic tilt or even other conditions such as scoliosis and costochondritis to name the few.

And I don’t blame you wanting to get some relief.

Do you want to start living a life of being active again without fear of hurting yourself in order to achieve a stronger core, improve flexibility and stability of your spine, all the way from your shoulders, hands, hips all the way down to your toes?

With These videos, you are in the road of recovery, to regain life to the fullest, decrease pain, stronger core and improve your quality of life.

Subscribe to my YouTube

My Social accounts:

website: subscribe for free workouts

MAIL ME: 2750 S Preston Rd Ste 116-104 Celina, Texas 75009




Patreon: (financial support)

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Annie Pilates Physical therapist , recommend you consult with a physician before starting any exercise program. The exercises give here are not meant to treat, diagnose medical condition. Please stop if you have any increasing pain or discomfort. You understand that any physical activity can pose a risk and this channel you assume all risk and injury, you are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself.

#tighthamstrings #coreworkout #hamstringsworkout #HowToStrengthenCore MusclesWithoutCompromisingBackwithTightHamstrings

Day3WhyPelvicFloorDysfunctionHappens #WhataretheSymptoms #WeakPelvicFloor #printingtechnique #Day2GentleProgressionofPrintingTechniquewithPillows #pelvicfloordysfunction #pelvicfloorpain #pelvicfloortightness #GentleCorePilatesForWeakandTight PelvicFloorMusclesUtilizingaWall

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My first workout post partum ! So proud of myself for starting. I used 5lb dumbbells which was a slight hit to my pride as I was up to 15’s before baby, but I have to go slow.

I also went out for a 1km walk and vacuumed the whole house, so it was a good jump in activity compared to the past 2 months.

I know my cardio is completely lost but I will wait until tomorrow to try more weights. I usually don’t feel the burn until two days after a workout, so tonight will be more cardio focused and then I can gauge my next step for weights tomorrow.

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💥This mornings ab finisher… body weight only! 👇🏽:


1️⃣ Leg Raises.


2️⃣ Leg Raise Pulse.


3️⃣ Alternating V Crunch.


4️⃣ V Hold w/ Pulse. (Thankyou )


5️⃣ Dead Bug.


3-4 sets 40 second each exercise!


#trainingbyrobyn #happywednesday.


▶️If you’re looking for new workouts to do at home, check out my live workout classes on zoom!


*️⃣Every Monday Wednesday and Saturday! *️⃣.






 Please visit the top of the shop page to view the schedule 


Please visit the home page to reserve your spot online

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  • 2 fish croquette (I guess u could call it that????)
  • Rice (idk how much it was.. I just put 100gr on the app)
  • 1 cup of lettuce

491 calories

Since this, for me is way too much to eat at lunch i’ll try to workout a little.

Im meeting with my BF in a while so maybe I could walk back home and then do some yoga or cardio? Idk.

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First time after 9 months 130kg 1RM

#deadlift #powerlifting #squat #fitness #bodybuilding #bench #gym #benchpress #workout #strength #squats #powerlifter #strong #crossfit #strongman #motivation #weightlifting #fitnessmotivation #training #strengthtraining #fit #gymlife #fitfam #deadlifts #muscle #power #legday #gymmotivation #vickythakuraesthetics #raginisingh_nutritionist (at DS Fitness GYM)

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