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#workout challenge

Day 7

Okay I did my workout today and i forgot to messure me today so I messure me tomorrow and update my progess.

I wanted to do more workouts today but I didn’t want to rush into it after feeling so bad yesterday but tomorrow I’ll work harder💪🏻

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No workout for day 6?!

Yes, today i didn’t do any workout because I had headache the hole day even after drinking enough, eating something or taking painkillers.

I tried to move at least a little bit more but I just feel so bad all the time that I just wanted to go to bed…

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Day 5

I was so weak today I started with a other workout from Chloe Ting and then the Abs workout. I was so weak and couldn’t hold my body so I did about 45minutes of Yoga to satisfy my bad demons. I hope that I’m stronger tomorrow…

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Finish day 4

I finally nailed it to do my workout at 10:30 and not after 11! It isn’t easier now and my hips dont make it easier in any way cause they crack in some movements and i should avoid the cracks so I can’t do some exercises correctly, have to change them or skip if I can’t change them…

Well I’m very proud of me for doing my workout no matter how late it is 💪🏻


Originally posted by fitnessfor-me

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Did I finish the workout 25 minutes ago? Yes! Did I nearly forgot it and don’t want to do it? Yes… but I did it and I’m proud of it!☝🏻 I had started it for a reason and even if my muscles were sore from yesterday and hurt while I was doing this workout i gave my best and did it!🔥 I want to have the willpower and that what I’ll try to show!💪🏻 This shitty situation named quarantine won’t made me a sad fat bitch… well at least not a fat bitch cause I’m sad all the time 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

And I felt very guilty to skip the second day already. I know that if I skip the second day I would skip all the others as well and I don’t want that. Motivate yourself is hard and start the workout is even harder but even if you feel like dying after it you feel like hulk💪🏻💪🏻

I want to share that cause I know that I’m not the only one feel like that. And because I want to say that I update my progress at the 7th and 14th day of the challenge🤗

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I continued doing it today. It’s gotten a bit easier (I think). My stamina doesn’t seem to have improved yet so it’ll probably show more in the long run. I tried my best to focus on the right muscles while I did sit ups. Usually I pull myself up using my legs which isn’t the point of the exercise. I watched a reality show and played games while cycling so 30 minutes passed a bit faster. Decided to cheat and stoo cycling 3 minutes before my timer goes off. My excuse is that I cycled faster today. That’s all for the report.

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My arms are still sore from yesterday’s push ups so I switched it to wall push up.


Also, today I skipped the 30 minute cycle because I just didnt want to be in my parents’ room. Whether that’s an excuse to avoid exercise or not, let me just say, I’m already incredibly socially distant from the beginning so people’s existent genuinely bothers me.

I also started doing stretches to get more flexible. Mainly in aims of being able to do the splits.

That’s all for today’s report.

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Seeing as I’m stuck at home for an unknown amount of time, I decided to start working out. I’m using the One Punch Man routine as a base atm.


But I halved the number and I substituted the running with cycling on an exercise bike for 30 minutes. And instead of the standard push up, I’m doing chair push ups, because I’m currently physically unable to do regular ones.

My thoughts on the routine:

  1. In order of almost impossible to bearable: push up, sit up, cycling, squats.
  2. It took a great amount of will power to finish 50 but I got through them. My arm strength is severely lacking so I might reduce the number of reps if it’s too straining on my body.
  3. I thought the sit up would be the easiest but I actually got really dizzy doing it, even though I wasn’t swerving myself up into the sitting position.
  4. The squats were more bearable, likely due to the existence of my unstable digestive system and my dorm’s squat toilets.
  5. The issue with cycling for 30 minutes isn’t losing stamina and pace but rather because it just felt like such a long time. I should bring entertainment next time so it wouldn’t be so boring.

In total, it takes an hour for me to finish doing all this. I scheduled this exercise in at 2pm. After I cool down, I’d eat something or maybe just drink water.

I’ll be doing this for 2 weeks and see if I feel fitter (?) afterwards. Maybe change things up and try a different routine. I’m open to suggestions that is within my capabilities.

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Lose 4 Kg In 7 Days - Daily Home Workout

When we need to lose weight, the first thing that pops into our head is to cut our food intake and to exercise. And that’s true. Exercising and eating a healthy diet are both essential in making weight loss a success. One cannot succeed without the other. At least, not in a healthy way.

Today, I have some new exercises to show you that will help you burn calories and lose weight in JUST 7 DAYS. These exercises will burn a lot of fat from all over your body as it helps you work all your major muscle groups from your upper to your lower body. 

This is a 30-min workout so make sure you’re physically prepared to do this! Good luck everyone and let’s begin the workout!❤️💪

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