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#tearoom / #koffiebar / #chocoshop Choco Loca is al om half 10 geopend. #miniterras voor 2 en #toilet Ook fijn! loop eens lekker de #hinthamerstraat helemaal uit! Naar de mooie #sintanthonis kapel. We vertellen je ook graag over de stad. Vanaf 1 juni ook #workshops voor kleine #groepjes boek je #bosschebol #zelfmaken #wandeling en ga lekker #losindenbosch met aan het einde een leuke prijsuitreiking. #fruitfondue.
#bonbon #zelfmaken #lachworkshop met lachpilletjes.
#eetbaar #schilderijmaken #nieuwekansen #chocoladeisdeoplossing #komgenieten.
#uitjevoor2 of meer? #historische #kelder Als je boekt kun je kiezen welke ruimte je wil! Bijv onze net uitgediepte en opgeknapte kelder van 1500, of lekker in de Opkamer. In ieder geval op afstand en #safe.
Boek jouw mini #uitje bij #tanteannie en #koekwaus en #macherietje (bij Choco Loca)

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Hallo liebe Community!

Wir suchen Unterstützung für unser Mosti Team.

Bewerbung mit Lebenslauf an:

Weitere Infos gibt es dann per Mail.

LG Mochi

Euer MostiCon Team

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baaofnyc: 💥🚀YOU WANTED IT! A BRAND NEW WEEKLY CLASS SERIES starts THIS week! And registration will open officially at 12:00pm ET on Tuesday, May 19th! Be ready to click and reserve your spot for this first series featuring ALEX BRIGHTMAN, DEREK KLENA and Casting Director TINA MARIE CASAMENTO. 🙏 Registration will remain open until class is.🌈🌈 Series is three week and taught by a new Broadway instructor every week. Forge new relationships, connect with BAA friends, and gain a wide range of insight from the best of Broadway – right from the comfort of home! Who’s going to be ready at 10:00am ET to register?! 🍨🎂And, don’t worry… MORE SERIES COMING TO YOU SOON!








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#BAA2020 #ClassSeries #MasterClass #OnlineClasses #Zoom #Broadway #Musicals #MusicalTheatre #AlexBrightman #DerekKlena #CastingDirector

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How to Steal Your Ideas

Welcome to Lesson One of the Let’s Write Some Novels Online Workshop!

This is the first lesson for obvious reasons. Before we start talking about first drafts and micro revisions and three-act-structure, we first need to talk about ideas.

There are tons of ways to come up with ideas for novels. This lesson focuses on a couple: refilling creative wells, stealing ideas from the stories you love, love-it lists and writing what you know. It’s aimed at the writer who’s stuck on the blank page, whether that page is meant to be page one or page one hundred.

I actually used something like the exercise at the end of this video to come up with the novel I’m currently working on!

I asked myself “if I was going to pick up a random book on a shelf, what are some things I’d love to see in it?” and came up with: ghosts, female rulers with terrible reputations, secret passages, castles, and strong female friendships. It didn’t take long for all of those things to snowball into an actually story idea.

Hopefully these tips work as well for you as they have for me!

If you’d like them, I also have the slides and script for this video.

Video Slides

Video Script

NB: this isn’t a transcript of the finished video, but the filming script I used while making the video. There will be differences between the two, but the content is largely the same.

Next week, we move onto Lesson Two: The First Draft (Running a Marathon in a Taxi Cab). See you then!



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Der Weg des Martin

Martinschule Greifswald


Mitmachprojekt , 2 Wochen Wandgestaltung mit Lehrern, Eltern und Schülern

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