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Studio Giftig, Mitzy Renooy, Pedro Quesada Sierra en Bill Withers @galeriebonnard #studiogiftig#pedroquesada #mitzyrenooy#billwithers #galeriebonnard#saturday #workplace#workspace #art#artgallery#artist#arte#instaart#contemporaryart #streetart #modernart#fineart#figurativeart #contemporarypainting (bij Galerie Bonnard)

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This was the fourth or fifth layer...
This was the fourth or fifth layer...
This was the fourth or fifth layer...
This was the fourth or fifth layer...
This was the fourth or fifth layer...

Work in Progress: “BJR NYC RNB” Commission

I am currently working on a really fun commission! I can’t show too much, but these were some of the first photos and these layers have been covered up already—so I’m not ruining the surprise. It’s been keeping me busy, but it’s a long process of layering, stripping, adding more layers, and pulling away what isn’t needed. I have to wait hours in between layers, so I am also working on other stuff at the same time. I’ve got a new sketchbook in the works, organizing some vlog videos, and working on mail art. I have also been cooking up a storm and tweaking all my favorite vegan & alkaline recipes. I missed cooking…

The last few days I have just been steadily building up the colors on this piece to mimic the style of the first painting, and make sure I’m staying within my color scheme. I want it to have a similar vibe, but with a Spring feel— I chose green and blue as the base and the brights will appear at the top like a blooming flower. Beauty rising out of darkness…common theme with me lately. The original is one of my favorite paintings I’ve done in a long time, so I wasn’t ready to part with it. I promised to make one just like it—It’s been fun to make a new painting, just like the first but with a twist. This process makes me want to work on a series. I am digging the neons, the stripes, and I even have some drips on this one. I think my friend will love it— I’m sad to see this one go already! Have you been painting? Reading or writing? How are you staying busy and focused and positive? Stay safe and be grateful! Happy FriYAY!

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Mobile Office | Call 516-333-7483 | Buy Affordable Used Minibuses For Sale and Convert Them Into Mobile Offices.

A mobile office is a workspace on wheels. These offices on wheels can move from one site or location to another. Mobile offices are in motorhomes, trucks, shipping containers or trailers. But you can also change a used minibus for sale into a mobile office. These offices stand on the axled steel frame of the bus body. Mobile offices appear on construction sites. Or where ever there is a need for temporary offices. Advancements in communication, creativity, and technology have encouraged the manufacturing of mobile offices. Like entrepreneurship has led to the creation of modern equipment. For example mobile phones, computers, printers, and many other office equipment. Its entrepreneurship that has led to the development of mobile offices. They are portable as well as effective. Especially in places far away from bustling city centers and human settlements. Wireless communication and internet services have made it possible to work from any location. Provided you have the right equipment.

Some businesses depend upon mobility than do others. For example, the regular office of a manufacturing company can have all the office equipment that is available in a mobile office. Like, wireless communication devices, printers, scanners, desktops, laptops, etc. But these offices cannot become mobile offices. However, their sales and marketing divisions can become mobile offices and reach out to potential customers in distant locations.

In a mobile office people, equipment, as well as data, are mobile. They have become an important tool for salespeople, business executives and busy entrepreneurs. There are several advantages of having a mobile office, a few of which are. You don’t have to pay for operational costs like rent, utilities, furniture, etc and several other overhead costs. Moreover, mobile businesses have reduced rates of employee thefts and insurance premiums. These businesses can immediately establish their interest in satisfying customer needs. They even create an environment where the salesperson and the customer can focus on each other and not get distracted by their surrounding, for example, other customers. But, there is some caution too. Owners of mobile office have to adhere to high standards of professionalism so their legitimacy and quality are not questioned.

Used short buses for sale are the ideal vehicles to convert or change into a mobile office. These small buses can accommodate up to 15 passengers and do not need a commercial license to operate them. They can operate across North America on a regular license. After removing the seats you can get a floor space of roughly 250 square feet. This is ideal for most small shops and businesses. Once the seats are gone, you can move in your furniture, chairs and electronic equipments to get your office running in less than a day. These used small buses for sale have diesel or gasoline engines. If you have the budget you can even install solar panels on the rooftop to save on fuel consumption.

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Day two! GI day! I like systems so much more than cramming biochem and pharm/path into my brain though I have five pages of pathology left I missed yesterday (oops). Striving and keeping on going with virtual parallel studying buddies (people I know and the fantastic Dr. Andrea Tooley, her past self and I are doing practice questions together right now)

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March 25, 2020

Je suis chez moi.
Been staying home most days and only going out when I really need to. 
I had brunch in bed, did my private tutoring lesson in the comfort of my room using video chat (thank you technology) and still in the progress of rearranging my room. I also painted my phone case with nail polish out of boredom… turned out nice tho.

today is a beautiful day. the roads are quieter than usual so I could hear the birds chirping from outside. 

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25.03.2020 Working from home! I have taken over 140 calls so far this week which I’d crazy but with the country in lockdown everythings getting quiet. I’m hoping to work on finishing my personal statement for masters’ courses this weekend. I’m hoping to start posting more now that I’m not leaving the house and arriving back 12 hours later. Xxx Emily

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• today’s plan and workspace •

I’m trying to maintain a routine so my days have some structure and I manage to get things done that I’ve wanted to do for ages during the lockdown.

studied one module of the digital marketing course today!! felt good for being productive and completing a module today.

stay home, stay safe and take care everybody !!

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