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So, here’s the deal: in-game, we know quite a bit about certain characters, but we really know quite little about the actual world itself. So, I propose that the devs consider making the following: a side feature where we unlock certain “classes”; where we can basically just unlock little factoids about the Devildom, the Celestial Realm, and the history of it all.

So, what do you all think? Good idea? Bad idea? Feel free to discuss your hearts away

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The gods part 3(?)

The gods get their power from the people that worship them, the less people that worship them the less powerful they are

They have several statues and temples spread throughout the world, if those were to happen to be torn down, they would be significantly weaker.

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That answer would vary from person to person, and would be something each applicant could explore with their character. The most overarching answer is that, yes, the people who have powers are born with them. Some can be seen within the first few months and others can be unseen for quite awhile. Powers are heightened in characters who have an ancient bloodline so they appear more quickly while those who don’t have an ancient bloodline have powers that are more subdued for quite a while. Additionally, most people can just use their powers at will but there will always be exceptions. For instance, Alexei will always need to make sure he has a large meal first. Masha has to be around technology for anything to happen - if she were trapped in a stone room she’d be quite useless. Etc. Etc. I hope this helps!  (& yes, i may be answering this question from outside my workplace. my power went out so I obviously have to steal my work wifi)

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The Beyond consists of two categories of beings: those who were born into the world, and those have died and thus become a part of it.

Those who were born in The Beyond are more so like entities.  They themselves are a part of their world, their magic and power reflecting the well-being of it.  Those who have died and are inhabiting The Beyond are free of the burden of oneness with the world.  Those who have been reborn into magical beings are able to use their abilities on their own accord, without the influence of the world’s state.

An example: The Royal family of The Beyond, The Pandora Family, has been long living since the beginning of time.  Their magic is the strongest, and is always the first to reflect when The Beyond is “sick.”  Their magic is diminished, and they themselves fall ill.  They can feel when there will be a catastrophic storm before the weather turns.  Those who have been reborn into the world are able to maintain their health and full power, regardless of such events.

The Beyond works like The World of the Living, in that the climate changes throughout the lands vary.  However, that is the only similarity.  Differing cultures and languages do not exist; every being in being region speaks the same language.  Religion does not exist, though some of those who have remained human when reborn still hold value in their beliefs.  There is no technology in The Beyond.  The advances made in The World of the Living do not exist, and life is very simplistic.  Travel is done so by foot, carriage, or sometimes even by animal.

This post is becoming very long, so I’ll expand more in a new one later.

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And LTFG anon said: “33 KIDS!!! Oh my…I bet the older kids are like, teenagers when the youngest are born and really don’t want to think about their parents having sex…(LTFG anon)”


If I remember right, Anne of Cleves’ grandfather had 64 illegitimate children and 3 legitimate children, and was nicknamed “The Baby Maker”! So although Brian’s got a lot of children (both genuinely his and legally his), he’s still got competition 😂

But who wants to bet that will end up being one of Brian’s nicknames at court and abroad? 

(And yeah, the older kids like to pretend their parents simply don’t have sex, and the kids will all totally spoil their parents rotten on special events 💕)

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I know “it came to me in a dream” is an artist’s cliché, but that is in fact how it happened, so –

Concept: a contemporary urban fantasy RPG setting – video game or tabletop, doesn’t matter which – where there exists a ritual that causes any artificial, enclosed, human-made structure to “unfold” into a semi-extradimensional maze full of strange creatures and phenomena. The ritual is complicated, though not beyond the ability of anyone with a few semesters of undergraduate math classes under their belt, and expensive, though not beyond the means of private individuals with more money than good sense.

The ritual is also hilariously illegal. Partly this is because of its obvious criminal applications, and partly it’s because a. you’re literally feeding parts of the world to a malevolent hell-dimension; b. once performed, the ritual is irreversible without completely demolishing the affected structure, digging up its foundations, and carrying out extensive earthworks to “collapse the entrance”; and c. when the ritual is performed inexpertly or with insufficient caution (so basically 100% of the time), the affected structure tends to very gradually “bleed”, with effects ranging from monsters wandering into the mundane world to the spontaneous assimilation of nearby buildings.

Of course, even the most vigorous law enforcement efforts can’t stop there from being a thriving criminal underworld revolving around the ritual. At their most benign, these criminal organisations consist of groups who “unfold” abandoned or purpose-built structures in order to plunder them for valuables and contraband. Less savory groups may do the same to currently inhabited structures (since they tend to yield considerably better loot), or else use the mazes as a means of execution, as a venue for underground bloodsports (i.e., forcing debtors and prisoners to brave the depths accompanied by camera drones to record the resulting carnage), or for various other purposes. A minority of the ritual’s users are fringe artists, simple thrillseekers, or people trying to expand their living space, which nearly always ends in tragedy.

In spite of the premise looking a whole lot like an excuse to include dungeon crawling in a contemporary setting, the actual game focuses very little on the mazes themselves. Rather, it’s a political soap opera about the affairs of the criminal underworld that’s sprung up around the use of the maze-conjuring ritual. The player characters could be members of some sort of enforcement organisation tasked with curbing the ritual’s use, though for the right group of players it’d probably be more interesting if they played as one of the criminal groups that’s conjuring mazes everywhere.

(And yes, to anticipate the obvious question, in the dream this criminal subculture was explicitly called the “dungeon underground”. Apparently even my dreams are stupid puns at this point!)

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I really owe Omega!Freddie, what with all the hell I put him through. So in the opposite situation of the “I Lay My Life Before You” ‘verse, here’s Freddie’s kids in the Empress AU:

Fathered by the others:

Princess Jasmine May, Alpha, fathered by Brian
Prince Heydar May, Alpha, fathered by Roger
Prince Damian May, Beta, fathered by Brian
Princess Soraya May, Omega, fathered by John
Prince Caspian “Cas” May, Alpha, fathered by Roger
Prince Roshan May, Omega, fathered by Roger
Princess Manizheh May, Omega, fathered by Brian

Fathered by Freddie:

Prince Gale and Princess Jennifer May, twins, both Betas mothered by John
Princess Hannah May, Omega, mothered by Roger


Because when you think about it, it’s a “medieval”/ancient Greek type setting, and Freddie’s married by nineteen and has his first child when he’s barely twenty. 

And yeah, I’ve listed the royal kids that appear in the story itself, but you can bet Roger and John will be having more babies too 😂

Roger’s kids (mothered by him):

Princess Felicity “Flick” May, Alpha, fathered by Brian
Prince James “Jamie” May, Alpha, fathered by Brian
Princess Lianna May, Omega, fathered by John
Prince Jordan May, Beta, fathered by Brian
Princess Hannah May, Omega, fathered by Freddie
Prince Morgan May, Beta, fathered by John
Prince Lucas May, Alpha, fathered by Brian
Prince Sky May, Alpha, fathered by Brian
Princess Phoebe May, Beta, fathered by Brian
Princess Daphne May, Alpha, fathered by Brian

John’s kids (mothered by him):

Prince Rowan May, Beta, fathered by Brian
Princess Matilda May, Alpha, fathered by Roger
Prince Henry May, Beta, fathered by Brian
Prince Gale May, Jennifer’s twin, Beta, fathered by Freddie
Princess Jennifer May, Gale’s twin, Beta, fathered by Freddie
Princess Anna May, Omega, fathered by Brian
Prince Cyril May, Alpha, fathered by Brian
Prince Matthew May, Omega, fathered by Roger


So overall…
Roger has 13 children
John has 11 children
Freddie has 10 children 
(Counting those they fathered and gave birth to together)

I mean it, Brian’s got no shortage of heirs 👀👀😅

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EARTHCASTERS commune with the primal element of earth in its various skins, channeling destructive energy or the nurturing spirit of growth. 

EARTH KNOWS RESILIENCE, persistent and stubborn. Its keepers are hardy and weathered, jewels in the rough. They are the dust in the streets, the rock in the riverbed, the roots spread deep in the earth.

EARTH PROVIDES and thrives in the most unlikely of places. Casters replenish fields and nurture new growth. Damage heals beneath their touch.

EARTH is not gentle. It writhes with growing pains, skin littered with battle scars. Part its jaws, and find a mouthful of diamonds.

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Heart of Asvar Worldbuilding: Map of the World


Above we can see the map of the world, circa 1610.

The two oceans are the Lavaterran and the Antivalan; wirh the Lavaterran known for being considerably colder than the Antivalan. The Antivalan Ocean is said to be much more ruthless during tropical storms.

Asvar is located north of Aletis on the continent of Cedica, in the northeast. The climate here tends to be moderate; with the capital having all four seasons.

South of Cedica is the continent of Antivala. Sparse tribes live here, but most have assimilated into Asvarian cultures. Asvar wants to annex the entirety of Antivala.

Islands in the centers of the oceans serve as trading posts for both Asvar and Aletis, as well as an imaginary border between the New World and the Old World.

Ingrid is a tropical continent full of jungles in the north and deserts in the south. Asvarian colonies line the coasts, but Aletis maintains control of this continent for the most part.

An unnamed continent ans subcontinent in the northwest area of the world is simply known as “The New World”, for it is mainly unexplored by any civilization. A kingdom rests here that will not take kindly to the Asvarians or the Aletisans trying to annex them.

Tags: @inky-duchess @songsofaleria @writing-in-rain @kespada @the-writers-bookshelf @scribonaut @ladywithalamp @anomaly00 @writer-with-no-life @raevenlywrites @kaelie-quill @writinglyra @clockwork-storyteller @saxoniowrites @nicopeppah @ezra-ezra-ezra @treesandwords

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With all of this discussion of face-masks and customizing them, the fun that can be had with one, the emerging culture of making your one for yourself, and the jokes of masks continuing to be mainstream even after the pandemic…

It’s really making me consider my world-building For Bionicle: RaE, and how for the Okotans, having a personal mask you wear almost all the time is kind of a big deal. Obviously, in-universe the reason behind this has to do a lot more with personal identity than the practicality of warding off illness, and there’s also a more spiritual lore cause for the mask-culture that I’ll elaborate upon later.

But it is fun to consider, the idea that perhaps a major plague in Okoto’s past contributed to the Mask Culture that is so prevalent in its present-day. In contrast, the Xians don’t have this Mask-Culture, and approach Masks about the same way as humans do in real life. But then… Given how air pollution is totally a thing in Xia, perhaps I can incorporate the idea of Xians wearing practical, mass-produced masks that focus less on individuality, and more on function? It could be a more urban take on Okoto’s Mask-culture, and that’s sort of what Xia is; A parallel to Okoto in as many ways as it is different.

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So I’ve seen a bit of a fuss kicked up in the atla fandom about betrothal necklaces in regards to ships like zuko x sokka, sokka x suki, katara x aang, katara x zuko and kora x asami. And there’s been a bit of discourse about it mostly concerning the fact that the Southern water tribe doesn’t do betrothal necklaces. So I’d like to talk about why that is.

So we know that up until the gaang gets to the northern water tribe that Sokka and Katara have No Clue that their mum’s necklace was a betrothal necklace so this implies one of two things: betrothal necklaces are a north only thing OR betrothal necklaces were a thing in the south pre-war but fell out of favour/practicality.

Let’s start with the second option.

So the south split away from the north long enough ago to be well established before the war (aang’s clearly not shocked by people living in the south pole so we know that they were there at least pre-aang’s time), the reason why they split? dunno. whatever. so the south kept some of the traditions and beliefs of their northern fellows including the betrothal necklaces. then the war begins. air nomads get murdered and the south is next because of the likelihood that the avatar will be reincarnated there. so what’s that mean for the necklaces you ask? well, with incredible losses to the southern population (due to waterbender removal, casualties from battle and civilians alike, plus whatever horrible other things the fire nation did *like removing the women*) the south’s survival hinges on practicality. and to be frank, when you’re under constant threat of having your home ransacked, your warriors, women, children and waterbenders being killed or worse, plus living in the south pole, there isn’t a lot of time or energy left to something as trivial and archaic as putting a collar on your bride. It’s just not practical.

The other option, of course, is that it’s a north only thing. which implies that during the split into two separate tribes the founding group in the south had different values than the north. In the north we see that the betrothal necklaces (as cute, pretty and romantic as a lot us see them as (myself included)) are essentially used like dog collars; a way to identify a woman as belonging to her husband or fiancé. It’s possible, looking at the way that sokka and katara interact, as well as how hakoda and bato recognise katara’s agency, and the way that sokka reacts to yue’s engagement, that in the south there’s a significant difference to the agency that women can have compared to in the north.

So we’ve got two possible reasons for betrothal necklaces to not be a thing in the south. Regardless of which you choose to believe, it’s not very likely that anyone from the south is going to be using a betrothal necklace as a link to their culture.

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Aaugh, I’m doing it again! (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ Getting lost in completely unnecessary worldbuilding! 

This time, the timesink is a floorplan: the first floor of the Pridehold Calahne. I was having trouble visualizing a scene, so naturally I had to stop everything and make a map. But the crazy thing is – the scene happens on the second floor, on a balcony, at the back of the house (in one of the little round towers). None of these gardens and driveways and pools are visible in the scene. But I guess it took me drawing all this to figure that out, goddamit. 

Next time, I’ll actually label the rooms, but right now I’m all wrung out from trying to figure out how to make all these shapes fit together… And this stuff is actually a lot harder than it looks. Ate up way too much time. But at least I haven’t tried to chart the population and demographics of my world over a hundred years. Never again!

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Things of this nature are still in development and unreliable at best. The best the Empire can do at this point is messenger birds that are kind of… hm. They’re “directed” by magic. Like they’re still birds, but they know exactly where to go on an individual message basis, not just a “this is your point a and this is your point b every time” kind of way. They’re selectively bred to be very fast about this, but they are in fact still birds. 

Otherwise, yep. It’s conventional methods of message conveyance. It sorta requires the central government to leave a lot to their regional appointees, which means people like Adriana have a fair amount of latitude and autonomy, but not an unlimited amount, of course. 

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Boundless Blessing

A wizard of great power with a soul sufficiently free of corruption can in a mighty ritual give a boon to an individual that will endure through generations. This powerful working must be done with great care and when complete will leave the wizard nearly drained of arcane power. Not done lightly those wizards who choose to bequeath this blessing do so with a vision to change creation for the better. When placed upon an individual and his bloodline the blessing is conditional predicated on righteous action and moral astuteness. Eventually the potency of the blessing will fade after generations of those with degrading character, however a single egregious action may cause a backlash of fortune greater than any curse.

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