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#worldbuilding shenanigans

Thanks for the ask!

I’m going to answer for a new WIP I have coming soon ;)


Commoners: Depending on which class of commoner you are, your life could be relatively decent or absolutely terrible. Serfs and servants have it the worst, as they work for little to no pay and their living conditions are questionable. Members of the middle and upper classes of commoners have it relatively easy; these are the merchants, skilled workers, and artisans. Serfs perform menial tasks. At the palace, their job may be to simply announce someones presence, serve wine, or other dishes. Legally, the serfs are allowed to be treated as their lord/lady desires, which often leads to punishments that are painful. Life is not easy for them whatsoever, but not all lords and ladies are cruel.

Nobles: Most of the time, members of the nobility will live at the royal residence. However, these are often favorites of the monarch only. They enjoy beautiful estates that are bought or even gifted, vast lands, profit from their crop growth, and expensive foods, jewelry, and clothing. Disgraced nobles may not have all of these privileges. Reasons for their becoming disgraced mainly correspond with some sort of scandal. The monarch is legally allowed to strip any and all nobles of their titles, lands, and servants as punishment for disobedience of the Crown. Security of one’s family is never guaranteed.

Royals: The life of the Royal Family is the best in the land. They own a share in all industries in the nation. The Crown has possession over all the palaces in the land, which are managed by servants overseen by the local lord. At the main palace, the main location of the royal court, the members of the Royal Family get the greatest apartments and treatment. The goal is to make sure that the monarch is pleased so that you don’t lose your head. They have someone for almost everything. Siblings of the monarch are able to enjoy themselves a bit more, as they don’t have the factor of being deposed to be afraid of. The monarch is the most revered person in the kingdom, seen as a gift from the God Heliosavreth.

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Thanks for the ask!

For worldbuilding, I tend to start out with the main setting of the book, so for Heart of Asvar that’d be Fiore Castle, and for Ascension, the city of Alexandrios. From there I tend to think about social structure a lot, such as different castes/social classes which tend to be veeery important in my writing (especially in Ascension).

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Thanks for the ask! To be honest, I haven’t thought a lot about this, but I do have some information you may find interesting.

History is of utmost importance to Alexandrians, especially in the capital of Alexandrios and throughout the provincial nation of Parthenia. Scholars appointed by officials are to detail the history in length, mostly through writing scrolls and occassionally by instructing laborers to make frescoes or mosaics of important events. For Emperor Eros’s coronation in fact, an estimated 200 frescoes and mosaics were made, as the Emperor was a huge patron of the arts.

Scandal often plagues the Holy Alexandrian Empire, and some of the Senators wish to hide their own faults. (Ex: Maximus having himself crowned, only to be shut down by the rightful heir). Some of the Senators hide their own scandals, but also that of the Imperial Family, as the Emperor/Empress (not their consort) is seen as a god and worshipped as such, and, therefore can have no faults.

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Answering once more for Ascension:

The entirety of the Holy Alexandrian Empire is based off of the Roman Empire during the age of Augustus, and a bit later during the time of Claudius to show the Empire’s excesses. In history, we often talk about how the decadence of Rome ultimately led to her downfall, and the same holds true for the HAE. I’ll be doing a separate post about social structures, though.

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Thanks for the ask!! I’ll be answering for my WIP titled “Ascension” (official intro coming soon)

In Ascension, stories are mainly orally passed down. The top 40% of Parthenians are actually sufficiently literate, so orally told stories are very important, though the Imperial Family built themselves an entire library for their enjoyment.

Most stories are based around the Trinidad (the three Gods of the land) and the Savior Alexandrio. For example, a common story throughout the Empire is how Alexandrio shed blood in order to liberate Parthenia from the former rule. This marks the capital of Alexandrios as the most important location in an Empire that spans continents.

Another is the story of the Trinidad. Soleia, God of the sun, Tethys, God of the Sea, and Diomos, God of the Earth. Soleia is said to have brought Alexandrio into the Earth, and thus why he was made the first Emperor, and why the Emperor or Empress is generally worshipped as a god through their ancestry.

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Thank you for the ask!!

So for my book Ascension, not much has changed as far as worlbuilding goes, however the three Gods that are of paramount religious importance to Alexandrian citizens play less of a role in the governing of the Empire. Originally, it was said that each new Emperor had to be selected by the God of the Sun, Soleia. Now, it is mainly based off of bloodline, but the Gods are still very important to the Alexandrians.

For my book Heart of Asvar, originally Asvar was going to be a middle climate type of area, but later I changed it to a colder climate. Fiore Castle, the main location throughout the book, was originally in the plains, but now resides on the edge of a cliff overlooking a rough ocean with a rocky coast. Weather is normally pretty gloomy in winter and fall, but things improve and gain more color in spring and summer.

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HOA Worldbuilding: The King’s Guard

The King’s Guard is one of the most important groups at the Asvarian Court. They are seen as a bodyguard to the King and Queen, and thus tasked with guarding their lives.


The members of the King’s Guard are men who are skilled in combat, generally charming (a good tactic for spying), and are around the King’s age (21) and up. Members can be drafted, hand-picked, or they can enroll. Jasper was picked by King Constantine, and was previously a simple castle guard.


Throughout the years, the King’s Guard has changed drastically, mostly in size. Initally, the Guard was kept at four members, guarding the King’s person at all times (almost). However, as the years went on, the number slowly increased until King Alaric V took the throne. A paranoid man, he expanded the Guard to include five hundred total men.


Members of the Guard hold special influence at Court. Their closeness to the King is paramount for information and safety. They are also promised better marriages, sometimes even promoted to being noblemen to marry the woman of their choice.


The main characters in the Guard are:

  • Jasper
  • Valencio
  • Oliver
  • Jared (unintroduced as of right now)

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Snk society probably has some sexism, because let’s face it, it probably will always exist to some degree there just like anywhere. But women are assumed to be equal there just like in real life for the most part.

“Assumed to be equal” is a really big claim to make, anon, especially when the canon gives an awful lot of proof that women aren’t equal (which I’ve posted about enough in the past and don’t feel like doing again from work).

Edit: assumed equal and actually being equal are two very different things, and the former means 100% of the time that they’re not even close to being equal.

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Your emblem ask got me thinking about how the military members are paid. I think you mentioned you thought the SC members might get "hazard" pay and that would make sense and be incentive to join. I assume the MPs are paid the best and the garrison lowest. I think it's safe to think Pixis is paid well at his rank. What about characters like Hannes, Ian, Anka or Rico? They had or have rank but are they paid enough to be middle class? Thank you for your time! Enjoy your trip!

There are a few ways to make the worldbuilding of SnK just a bit better, and writing the military branches believably is one of those things. Militaries can’t rely on wide-eyed foolish enthusiasm for recruits; there have to be incentives to join. Think about real-world militaries. They offer decent pay, room for advancement, room & board, paid college, and sometimes other things, too, like prestige, depending on where you live/what branch you join.

Lemme break it down really fast.

The MP is for the elite badasses/best training recruits. It’s also pretty safe. They’re only stationed in walled cities and if they leave it’s temporary and for like, tax collection and stuff. 

The Garrison isn’t exactly safe because its soldiers are on the front lines and they seem to be used to clear the way for the Survey Corps when necessary, but it’s still primarily a defensive position.

The Survey Corps goes out of its way to reclaim territory/bring back useful things/map the known world. It’s dangerous as hell every single month when they go out on missions.

Most people who join the military know they won’t get into the MP and so have to choose between the Garrison (potential front-line defensive duty& temporary offensive duty at the worst) or the Survey Corps (offensive). Most people are going to pick the Garrison, even if they’re like woo for humanity, because it still offers them a chance to defend humanity. Sure, the SC will get a few dopes every year from each training corps but they absolutely must be offering these people something they can’t get if they join the other branches. And no, fighting for freedom isn’t going to be enough. For goodness’s sake, it’s been 100 years, and five since the wall fell the first time. Was there a surge of SC recruits after Maria fell? Probably!! The military was probably all but overrun the very next spring, not by refugees per se, since many of them died in the bullshit retaking of Maria scheme, but by people who were pushed into poverty by the sudden overpopulation + lack of resources. But that time is well over, and so too are the overflow of potential SC recruits. It’s been five years; people aren’t really feeling patriotic or whatever anymore. They just don’t want to die.

(The rest under a cut.)

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Your world building is better than in the manga. *ducks for cover* The world building in the story is not great.

HAH. To be fair I have time to sit around and not only think about it, but focus on it and how certain things are applicable to the world that’s been created. I don’t think Isayama really has time to go, well, what would make more sense, torches, lanterns, or candles? and then research all three and where the overlap lies and in which situations one might be better than others. Gelgar suddenly like, DOES EVERYONE HAVE A TORCH like bitch…….where did you get those. Did you have them the whole time?? Are they standard fare/gear for soldiers? Or did you just pick ‘em up in town? If they’re not standard how did Nanaba’s team get them, too? Little things like that can have a huge impact on how people perceive the world, and through the world, the characters themselves. That line alone could be saying a lot about Gelgar even if it’s not telling us where he got the torches from; like obviously he’s thinking well ahead and is displaying a serious dose of leadership skill there, but is he the type who is always prepared? Did he go out of the way to find/acquire those torches? Or was he just utilizing something that was already accounted for as being in his possession? As we later see, everyone’s terrified of the dark (due to the situation at hand) so it’s also possible his preparedness is a typical reaction for a veteran regardless of status/rank in the group. 

Again, though, Isayama’s got like five minutes at best to decide what to hand the characters. A torch makes a lot of sense; easy to use, you can carry a ton of them, they last a long time but if one burns out you probably have more so you can light another before that’s a risk, et cetera and so on. Isayama’s not going to be able to weigh all the pros and cons or think, what would this character grab if he had all of these things at his disposal? 

The truth is that if lanterns and candles also exist in this world, all of these things were prooobably attainable in Ragako Village. Gelgar still went with the best option; it’s probably not a reflection of Gelgar’s leadership or survival skills so much as the author trying to make a common sense choice in general. In a novelization you could probably say that he saw them and grabbed them because the sun was starting to sink and he knew it wouldn’t be too long before it got dark. In a novelization written and edited, you could probably say it was deliberately done to reflect the character’s ability to choose wisely–that Gelgar’s choice reflects on who Gelgar is as a person and gives us a small piece of his personality.

But in the canon it’s hard to attribute anything to Gelgar when we don’t know anything about where those torches came from. Back to my first comment: is it standard, were they just there in the village and Gelgar was like, oh, hey!, or was it simply not considered at all? I’d say it’s the latter. They needed light to travel at night and so Isayama gave them light–not Gelgar.

I’m not saying we can’t extrapolate that information and say Gelgar chose wisely and he’s clever or street-smart or anything; we can totally do that. And I encourage it. It’s fun. But worldbuilding-wise it’s not actually intentionally adding anything for us. The distinction is, I feel, important when it comes to talking about how good the worldbuilding of SnK actually is. (How much of it’s actual worldbuilding vs. aesthetic coolness just for the hell of it with no working thought behind it.)

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@avalu40k I figure Tel-Rethan is about 100 km long, 40 km wide at the widest point, and 15 km tall. It’s crammed full of basically adjoining arcologies complete with food production so the population was very high- just above 20 billion living, 15 billion in the infinity circuit. About 3 billion able-bodied volunteers have departed, along with most of their war materiel, to go hunt She Who Thirsts.

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Been thinking about the exodites of Ionia, the new and last destination of Craftworld Tel-Rethan. Obvious inspirations would be wood elves and/or Tolkien moriquendi to my space elves’ more Noldor vibe. Probably they’d revere Kurnous over Asuryan, but obviously Isha still, as well as Kaela Mensha Khaine and Morai-Heg. Cegorach would be sort of their Anansi or Raven, and they’d probably have had some contacts with Harlequins since Ionia has a few webway gates.

In terms of appearance I’m thinking the dominant culture would be like… vaguely feudal Japan with a foresty, elfy twist… wraithbone scale armor, mithril nodachi, dinosaur cavalry with huge fuckoff glaives/naginata and mon, mempo stylized after the eldar pantheon.

This also gives me the excuse to imagine their warrior High King as basically elf Honda Tadakatsu as depicted in the old Samurai Warriors video game- huge beast of a man with a huge spear and helmet with antlers. Just give him a big fancy pelt cloak and pointy ears. Maybe a phoenix to ride on so he can be a Skyrunner Autarch?

Idk, probably I will only ever pick up some glade guard to be Rangers but it’s fun to think about.

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(legit question though: how would catholics and protestants work in the pokemon universe?

from what I do know about catholicism, I imagine in the pokemon world, Arceus would be ‘God’ and all the other legendaries would be saints but–

protestant would be difficult because like- I’m not sure what they actually think of saints but people in the pokemon world can’t deny that legendaries other than Arceus exist–)

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WORLDBUILING FUN! I love making up thing and the like :) Working on two separate race worldbuilding things. One is the robo-no organic race. The other is a minority of angels, so more a minority group than a race. Sort of like how China has minorities within the larger culture sot of thing . Both based in phasellus​ ‘s Bitter Bite world u_u

WANTED TO SHARE GRIGORI WEDDING PRACTICE THOUGH. There is a page more in addition to what is below, but I just like this part the best <3  Pretty much you want to get married, you go steal your partner from their family and prove yourself WORTHY.

….I should also post up how they propose. With a dance of seduction.  :I Another time!

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I mean, most people in that world, ESPECIALLY people from Small Rural Villages, are going to be scared of anything more unusual than like, a stray Riding Boar coming out of the forest

Forests are filled with Grand, Primordial Magic and things that can use it while humanoids have Parlor Tricks at best

A DEER of the wrong colour could stir up a fright, it might be a shapeshifter or a ghost or something else unholy like that

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The only things that the Slenderbeings in Ambrose’s Home Universe have in common with the ones we know are that they’re tall, faceless, and live in the forest

One probably attacked a woodsman once or something and that’s how they became scary to the Common People (Aside from the preexisting scariness of being a Strange Forest Thing)

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I imagine something similar to Slenderman exists in Ambrose’s Home Universe but they’re a lot less common than your parents would let you think as a kid

(Forest People of various sorts are used as bogeymen to keep children in line a lot despite the fact most of them are pretty docile in that universe, they just LOOK freaky)

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