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The panic is really setting in. I mean, really settling in. I don’t want to go in tomorrow. I wish I could contract the virus and avoid it altogether. I know that sounds silly, but it’s the truth. I’ve vowed to myself before that if I doubt some part of my work, that I should get help before risking an error. And in a rush, I couldn’t be bothered to double check, so now I’ve had to pay for it.

I pulled out my Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes to Mesmerize Instant Eye Palette. I got this and haven’t even used it for a regular day’s makeup yet. I decided to do a two toned eyeshadow look. The second trio on my right eye. The third trio on my left eye. I was actually surprised at how much I liked it. 



I keep looking at the clock. Over and over again. It’s getting closer to work where I have the possibility of being really embarrassed by my error. I keep thinking “What if they didn’t check their emails last week at all?” What if they never checked the email at all last week? I was getting comfort this week from thinking that if one of them had read it and figured out the issue, it would be already solved on Monday. Now I think no one has checked into it and I’m going to be so scared tomorrow morning when I see them. I really shouldn’t have sent that email. I should have waited to see if anyone noticed the possible error. If no one ever noticed, that means I wasn’t wrong. And if I was wrong, I wouldn’t have to deal with it probably for months.

I won’t die over it. I probably won’t be fired for it. I will be really embarrassed. That’s all. If I can learn to accept that before 9AM, I will be okay. I won’t though, because I’m a born worrier. This time I have learned my lesson. I will recheck every bit of work and if I have any doubt about instructions, I will ask for help.

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Hi so I’ve had a bearded dragon since January and he’s about 4-6 months old. I haven’t had tons of time for him, because of school, work, theater, and now the pandemic, yet im trying hard to change that. Now that i have much more time im trying to bond with him and give him more of my attention. He’s been at my grandmas this past month, as i was at my fathers, however i plan on bringing him to my dads next weekend since ill be official moved in.

What are some good ways to bond with him? Also, is there anything wrong with his set up? He seems happy with it, but the internet hasn’t helped me much on whether or not it’s proper for him.

Here is his set up:


One last thing, is he getting overweight? I know beardies are a little plump, yet im worried i might over feed him. Should i change what im feeding him? I give him mealworms twice a day and romain once with one of his meals.


I want to ensure he’s a happy, heathy little boy, im just struggling to do so without the proper info.

Thank you so much!

(Also if anyone cares his name is Atari)

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Oh boy…my Resident Evil 3 Remake pre-order is suppose to come out today…not sure how I’ll be able to get it due to the fact the store is closed as well as the mall it’s in.

Note: I pre-ordered it (fully paid) at EB Games…

I’ve called and every time I get no answer…ugh and other people already have it by now…

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colby | colby released | desmond and kip | desmond and kip released | sonia

“Do you think she’s in pain?”

“Uhhh… I don’t know. She hasn’t, like, yelled, or anything.”

Lux frowns as he gets far enough into the safehouse to make out what the kids are saying. He steps into a living room stuffed with mismatched couches. There are two teens hovering by a woman who’s shoved herself into the corner, knees drawn up to her chest, arms over her head.

“She’s scared,” Lux murmurs, expression drawn with concern, and the kids startle, staring at him with wide eyes. “I’m with the Resistance, it’s okay. You guys need to back away from her, though, you’re making her feel trapped.”

“She’s hurt, we wanted to help. She won’t talk to us, though. We tried to pull her out, fix her up. She started hitting us.”

At one of them dabbing at their split lip with their sleeve, the listening warlock nods. “Yeah, well that happens when you grab someone who’s scared, huh? Give me some space, guys. I’ll try to help her. You two find another place to crash, this one might be burned.”

The kids scatter at his advice. Lux allows himself a moment to look over the room, to remember what it’s like to cower in a place like this. One that’s safer than hiding out on the street, but rundown and full of survivors who watch for weaknesses, who are just as likely to mock you as help you. This girl cowering in the corner seems like she’s had a bad scare and she can’t muster up the energy to get herself anyplace safer.

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Some days I miss home. Some days I never want to go back. I used to have days that moved so fast and I felt so overwhelmed that I just wished the world would pause for a minute for me to catch up. And now the world has paused and I feel lost in so many different ways. I worry about how I’ll pay my rent, my food, survive throughout this with no one to help me. Today I feel lonely and sad and slow. Nothing new happens so I don’t have anything to share with my friends. I just want a hug but we aren’t even allowed. Today just feels heavy.

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Hey stay safe okay?

Hey stay safe okay? As I’m worrying about my own well being, I’m also worrying about everyone else, especially my parents since they’re so old.

You will always come to mind, I don’t even know if you’re doing well over there but everything has been pretty hectic lately. Pretty crazy how things are going, I would never expect we would be in a pandemic in our lifetime. I just want to say let’s get through this safely. I’d love to see everyone safe by the end of this crisis. Please take care of yourself. There’s so many ways how the media pumps negative information into our minds. Like where are the articles about good news, the recoveries?? I feel brainwashed, every night my anxiety spiking and I can’t even sleep because I’m worried I’ll catch a case of the virus. On top of that my work is essential because we’re military related, so having the idea of social distancing/isolation and having to go to work really triggers me. I go to work scared of touching anything unless I disinfect the area. And when I get home I’m afraid that I’m carrying the virus and passing it to my parents. I really don’t know what to do, I guess I can say only time will tell. As of right we just have to do our part to stay as clean as possible. Please take care, I worry about you. Whatever you do, makes sure it’s something that will brighten your day, even for a moment. We need more happiness in this world. Feels like a prison now, no matter how free you are, even going to buy groceries is pretty scary now, I don’t even want to touch anything.

Sorry I have a lot say, rambling about random things. I’m just typing as I go. I’m just concerned for your well being, physically and especially your mentally. You don’t want to turn into me, having all of these anxiety problems, it feels like PTSD and I don’t even know what PTSD feels like, but I get triggered easily when I have to do things that requires my hands. I always have hand sanitizer now, dry AF hands.

Anyways moral of the story: stay safe, try to enjoy things even when times are bad because your happiness is a must. Oh I forgot to mention, be cautious with potential racism in the future. I want to see not just you but everyone to pull this pandemic through and maybe one day in the future we can all talk about how scared I was when it was going around. I still care and I’m worried sick about you. Be safe Aileen.

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I have debated posting this for a few days now. It’s beyond embarrassing, but it is honest and it is real. This was when I found out that I had lost both of my jobs so have no way to pay my bills. My husband was going to take a picture of me and one of my cats, but then I broke down when my kitty baby crawled into my arms. I have never asked for financial help from strangers before, but I literally don’t know what else to do. I have credit card debt, student loans, a car payment, and mortgage. 2020 was the year I was going to work really hard to pay off debt so I could be confident going into my 30’s in 2021. That dream is gone and I just need to make ends meet. Even if all you can do is share this and show moral support I would be beyond appreciative. I know we are all going through a really hard time. I appreciate you even taking the time to read this.

Venmo: @CarlyMcDevitt-13

PayPal: carlyem13

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