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#wouldn’t trade it for the world
megumidulce · 10 months ago
why do you follow me?
‘saw u in an empty k-mart parking lot’
THIS IS POSSIBLE. IF K-MARTS ACTUALLY DO STILL EXIST. i haven’t seen them in years :,,(
reminds me of when blockbuster went out of business. i was so devasted hhhh
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fancyflorallarry · 13 days ago
my poor thumb is workin over time reblogging all the 1d content 🤚
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goldrushmore · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I can’t believe I joined this hellsite 8 years ago for the tumblr valentines and for taylor and here I am. Still here. Wow.
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saeglopurtheseafool · 11 months ago
Maybe I lied to myself...but here I am...that’s just the fear talking. Don’t trust your heart, trust your actions. I know the uncertainty is scary. I know that the things you want to make sense might never make sense. I know you feel lost and alone and are wondering why things have to mean so much to you realize what you’re doing. This is everything you said you wanted and wouldn’t change. Things DO mean so much to you and you get to decide with your actions how true that smile realizing that you’re exactly where you want to be. Despite the uncertainty, you would never take back a word you said...even if it feels like the biggest promise you’ve ever made. Even if nothing comes out of it...that’s a lie. You’re coming out of it. You’re changing because of it. You’re choosing to live because of it. Even if nothing else comes out of it, you just found the secret to breaking the cycle. Just mean what you say. Find something that inspires you and react to it. Care for the things you claim to care about. Always take that next step even when it feels like you’re further away than before, especially when you feel further away. Do the next thing that scares you when you find yourself complacent again. Say you’ll be there, but like commit to it 100% even if you never get the chance. You learn so much in the commitment. You understand yourself. You realize what it’s all about and who you want to be. Give. Always. Just give.
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sterling-jay · 10 months ago
Although Gus is still technically a member of the Human Appreciation Society, it’s just not the same with Mattholomule as president. 
It’s not just that he misses being in charge, he explains to Luz and Willow at lunch one day.
“He brings in stuff that I’m positive isn’t even real human artifacts, and won’t let anyone examine them! I’m pretty sure I saw him pick up a rock outside just before the meeting, draw a face on it, and call it a ‘human pet’!”
“To be fair to him, humans do have pet rocks sometimes,” Luz admits.
“That seems so weird.”
“Yeah, I never really got it either,” Luz shrugs. 
“But what do they do,” Gus asks, tugging at his hair. “Surely a ‘pet rock’ from the Isles isn’t the same as one from the Human Realm!”
“Aaaah, first tell me what Matt’s did.”
“Well.” He thought about it. “It grew its legs,” Luz was already frowning, “then it climbed up another H.A.S member’s leg....then it started trying to eat them.” Luz winced. “It didn’t get very far though. Our esteemed president,” he said mockingly, “is even more against people touching the artifacts than I was, so he grabbed it almost right away.”
“Yeah, ah...human pet rocks don’ that.” She stabbed at her food as Gus wrote down a note. Frowned and stabbed at it again when it kept wiggling.
“So then...what do they do?”
She shrugged. “They kind of just...sit there? Usually they have googly eyes, and sometimes you can put clothes on them- one of my art teachers had me do that for a project once-”
“Wait wait wait.” He leaned over the table, eyes sparkling. “You got to make your own pet rock?!”
Her mouth curled into a smile, Willow watching them both fondly.
“Gus, how would you like to come over after school to make your very own human-style pet rock?”
He gasped.
“With googled eyes?”
“Googly eyes included! What do you say?”
“I...would be honored.”
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somestansomewhere · a month ago
It is frustrating that when Mickey came back for s10-11, his personality was was slightly different and used more for comedic value. But at the same time it makes sense that he would be much more immature than he was in the earlier seasons. I think that this is simply because Mickey was never able to just be a kid.
When he actually was a kid, he was uneducated within the school system but I never thought he was dumb. Mickey is really street smart and very very intelligent, even in the later seasons. However, having that mentality at a teenager and an adult is different. I believe that we can chalk up the way he acts in the later seasons to the fact that he is able to relax more and he now gets to experience life the way he wants to.
Also if you think about it, Mick was working jobs and acting more mature as a teen because he had no other choice. His development kinda went backwards and in s11 he didn’t wanna work.
That’s also why he and Ian had some marital issues too because Ian wanted to be an adult and live life as a grown up. Mickey, on the other hand, was finally able to be childish and not worry about much. I completely see how that bothers Ian but Mickey really just never got to lounge around with his bf or go out to have some fun or other things that children do.
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wasabito · 6 months ago
you can’t tell me noritoshi doesn’t nag. and i mean naaaag 🤣 and i’m just stuck thinking about him with an s/o who really just doesn’t give a fuck. you say and do what you want, traditions, decorum, and propriety be damned. and it’s just hilarious to everyone else how opposites really do attract, because noritoshi kamo is equally smitten and exasperated by you-
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loverofallthingssarah · a month ago
It’s fun being gay
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mr-system-of-a-downer · 4 months ago
man one of my favorite memories from my last deployment was chilling on the beach while my friends swam with a big ol’ bottle of sake at my side
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moo-moo-meadows · a month ago
anyway I have a little bit of free time so mutuals I just wanna say I love you and thank you for the past twelve months of, well, I can’t say nothing but happiness but something quite close to it, I think. Even through all the ups and downs of being in this fandom y’all have made each second worth it by showing me so many great new things and I just really appreciate y’all. Even those who came a little later, even those who I had at the start that I don’t rlly talk with anymore/those who aren’t in the fandom anymore. And the people who I don’t interact with too often but are still around. I love all of y’all thank you and happy anniversary to me 💛
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daily-keyboardsmasher · 2 months ago
I respect the commitment I have to say
Thanks! It’s been so long that I don’t remember not doing this
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eunoniaa · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
leah never fails to make me feel loved @dracoscene <333
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inejqhafa · 8 months ago
I hope for the day that every POC feels comfortable, beautiful, and proud of their own skin and culture. it’s so hard to get there when society and media is constantly putting us down but when you finally grow to love that part of yourself it’s such a warm and life changing feeling.
to those that aren’t there yet: it’s okay. it takes time. you will get there. I can tell you “you’re beautiful” but it won’t mean anything until you believe it yourself. you will one day. I promise.
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commanderkarkat · 3 months ago
vampire dating an Italian werewolf lmao
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