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A different perspective of the Taj Mahal. The contrast between decadence and poverty by one wall.

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okay wait i also find it hilarious going through the bastion storyline where all the npcs say you’re the “most noble” etc etc like our characters aren’t just mercenaries…??? 

my poor druid was just standing awkwardly thinking about all the random murlocs they killed for no reason other than boredom lmfaoo

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okay hi i finally got to start shadowlands yesterday and,,,it’s confirmed i’m only sending one character to bastion just to see the story because that place is creepy as all hell

some other thoughts:

- the questing feels way more fun than bfa

- the art?? bastion is stunning?? maldraxxus is cool???

- i am a draka stan right now and also lady vashj i was not expecting her to come back

- uther in his dark angel thingy form was *chefs kiss*

- not that i care about tyrande, but out of sheer curiosity: do we actually find out wtf happens to her??? 

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