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#wow i talk

ok so what if- WHAT IF my comfort show is about a serial killer cannibal? WHAT IF my comfort character is a mentally unstable man that falls in love with said serial killer cannibal? WHAT IF i turn it on every time i feel sad or have the chance to watch anything? WHAT IF i refuse to watch anything else? WHAT IF it’s about gruesome death and murder and the questioning of human morals?

huh? what if? SHUT THE FUCK up it’s not your BUISNESS!!!

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aight aight aight

i’m in the mood for some FUCKED up hannigram fanfiction. send me your recs. can be almost anything except for TOO MUCH explicit sex(like every fucking chapter lmao) or incest

but everything else i want. ESPECIALLY if it’s vivisection, vore(hard or soft), or hannibal somehow eating will while hes alive(similar to gideon)

don’t ask me why i’m in the mood for this shit idk either but i WANT it

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listen, it can be my favorite anime of all time and i can hate it at the same time. it happens.

also rip to you wanting to rewatch 😔😭 good luck!!

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my seven year old blog is such a mess and idc anymore. one post you’ll get serious politics and global warming. the next you get clone jfk’s stupid face. have fun.

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