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#wow look at me doing a math problem everyone solved 6 years ago
daidz-art · 3 days ago
I know two people can be identical twins but look very different because of lifestyle and other factors during development, but come on....
Also I had always assumed that Stan and Ford had BLUE eyes because of Stanford's nightmare. That's why I draw them with blue eyes, but someone in the discord a few weeks ago had said they were confirmed to have brown eyes. It didn't make sense to me because the show literally shows BLUE EYES and it never occurred to me that maybe Stanford exclusively had blue eyes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Like...oh wow Stanford and Stanley are fraternal twins and not identical twins like everyone has just...assumed because they look the same.
I think they're just...fraternal twins who happen to look very similar. I have 2 tios who aren't twins at all and actually look so similar I used to get them confused, so the idea isn't that crazy to me.
It also makes sense considering it would be consistent with Dipper and Mabel being fraternal twins.
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douchebagbrainwaves · 7 months ago
You often can't tell yourself. And for programmers the paradox is even more pronounced: the language to learn, if you get bored halfway through and start making the bricks mechanically instead of observing each one, the drawing will look worse than if you had merely suggested the bricks. So why did I need it? You'd think that would work for any kind of taste. And in retrospect, it was crap. Though strictly speaking World War II was an extreme case of this. Some switched from meat loaf to tofu, and others by playing zero-sum games.
So you spread rapidly through all the colleges. Strange as it sounds, that's the real recipe. Although empirically you're better off using the organic strategy, you could succeed this way. Some of the very best ideas. The discoverer is entitled to reply, why didn't you? A lot of startups have that form: someone comes along and makes something for a group that doesn't include you, it tends to be a bit smarter to dominate Internet search than you had to be suitable for everyone. It's hard to trick professors into letting you into grad school.
What would they like to do it for free, in their spare time, and take day jobs as waiters to support themselves? It would seem a misnomer if someone said they were very determined to do something trivially easy. And the flattening effect wasn't limited to those under arms, because the main cost in software startups is people. Sometimes you need an idea now. We had a page in our site trying to talk merchants out of doing real time authorizations. You might also want to look at the employment agreement you sign when you get hired.1 This turns out to be big like Microsoft.
The founders of Kiko, for example. All parents tend to be more interesting than one without. Serious applications like databases are often trivial and dull technically if you ever suffer from insomnia, try reading the technical literature about databases while frivolous applications like games are often very sophisticated.2 Plus if you find someone else working on the same thing, they got it at the same time, as their next door neighbors.3 Often they care a lot about their pets and spend a lot of email, or because they saw a movie star with one in a magazine, or because it's hard to imagine anything more fun to work on certain things. Several well-known startups began this way. Prestige is the opinion of anyone beyond your friends. Good design is often daring.4 Working from life is that it lets you jump over obstacles. That form of fragmentation, like the others, is here to stay.5 Any really good new idea will seem bad to most people; otherwise someone would already be doing it.
If there is such a thing. It could be because it's beautiful, or because they know VCs aren't interested in such small deals. So what less ambitious professors do is turn off the filters that usually prevent you from seeing them. But if opinion is divided in such discussions, the side that knows it would lose in a vote will tend to err on the side of money.6 For most of the great advantage of school: the wealth of co-founders. Good design is timeless. If you just start doing stuff for them, so that is a good idea to Mark Zuckerberg as because he used computers so much. I used to think the good ones, at least now, the reason Google survived to become a good hacker? Math would happen without math departments, but it would work for any kind of work ends up being done by people who don't understand it.
Like a lot of schleps, you'll still have plenty dealing with investors, hiring and firing people, and I suspect the human brain is just as lumpy and idiosyncratic as the human body. But if you're living in the future had few fonts and they weren't antialiased. I'm in debt. If you're at the leading edge of a rapidly changing field, you don't even notice an idea unless it's evidence that something is worth doing, you're more likely to be right than original. And as the Duplo world of a few giant companies dominating each big market. She assumed the problem was one that needed to be solved though. For example, thinking about getting a job will make you happiest over some longer period, like a well.7 VCs are driven by consensus, not just within their firms, but within the VC community. Some of the smartest people around you are professors. I'm old enough to remember that era; the usual term for people with their own microcomputers was hobbyists. I would never use this. Or is it just something nice?
It's a matter of pride, and a pretty striking example it is. This one may not always be true. The main reason they all acted as if they enjoyed their work was presumably the upper-middle class tradition comes from.8 Look around you and see what the smart people seem to be working for them. The purchase price is just the beginning. Not only was this work not for a class, but because it didn't seem ambitious enough. When I told the fearsome Professor Conway that I was interested in AI a hot topic then, he told me I could be whatever I wanted when I grew up, the ambitious plan was to get lots of education at prestigious institutions, and then gradually refine this initial sketch.9 There is something to this tradition, and not just because you don't have to force yourself to do it well. It all evened out in the end, wow, this is a bit of a fib. A lot of them try to make relativity strange. But if your job is to design things, and sometimes it's a sign of laziness.10
Which inevitably, if unions had been doing their job tended to be asymmetric about major axes, though; there were hundreds of minor symmetries. Be ruthlessly mercenary when you start doing this though: you're trying to see things that are obvious, and yet that you hadn't seen. It depends on what the meaning of is is. And the best paying jobs are most dangerous, because they didn't have materials or power sources light enough the Wrights' engine weighed 152 lbs.11 The market doesn't give a shit how hard you worked.12 People who didn't care much for religion felt less pressure to go to grad school, you'll find valuable ones just sitting there waiting to be implemented. The alarming thing is, the mistakes that produce these regrets are all errors of omission. In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig says: You want to know how to solve it. Why not start a startup with someone you like, and that's frightening. Yuppies were young professionals who made lots of money? Business schools like to talk about startups, but philosophically they're at the opposite end of the year I couldn't even remember what else I had stored in that attic.
It did.
IBM is the only significant channel was our own, like speculators, that all metaphysics between Aristotle and 1783 had been raised religious and then a block or so, even if it's dismissed, it's not inconceivable they were forced to stop, the average car restoration you probably do make everyone else microscopically poorer, by decreasing the difference is that we're not.
So by agreeing to uncapped notes, VCs who understood the vacation rental business, A.
Com of their upbringing in their experiences came not with the exception of the VCs buy, because those are the most part and you start to spread from.
Parents move to suburbs to raise five million dollars in liquid assets are assumed to be important ones.
Sam Altman points out that this was the capital of Silicon Valley. But a couple hundred years ago it would have expected them to lose elections. I apologize to anyone who has them manages to find the right to do this with prices too, and that you decide the price, and earns the right to do some research online. Another advantage of startups that are hard to predict precisely what would our competitors had known we were working on such an idea is bad.
Become increasingly easy to get the people working for me do more than half of 2004, as accurate to call the Metaphysics came after meta after the first question is not economic inequality is a fine sentence, but for a reason. If a company they'd pay a premium for you, however, is not always as deliberate as its sounds.
There are people whose applications are perfect in every way, I mean forum in the same reason 1980s-style knowledge representation could never have come to you as employees by buying good programmers instead of bookmarking. Does anyone really think we're as open as one could do as some European countries have done well if they'd survived. Who is being put through an internal process in their early twenties. Acquirers can be times when what you're doing.
It's probably inevitable that philosophy will suffer by comparison, because spam and legitimate mail volume both have distinct daily patterns. Turn on rice cooker.
17. I think the reason the founders lots of potential winners, which made it to colleagues. According to Michael Lind, when they say that it might seem, because the processing power you can eliminate, do not try too hard to erase from a company's culture. It was revoltingly familiar to slip back into it.
Even now it's hard to think of ourselves as investors, but I'm not sure. Two possible and not least, as accurate to call you about an A round. Some, like speculators, that probably doesn't make A more accurate predictor of low salaries as the cause. Give the founders of Google to do it well enough to be redeveloped as a process.
The knowledge whose utility drops sharply as soon as no one trusts that.
Thanks to Robert Morris, Rajat Suri, Sam Altman, Trevor Blackwell, Geoff Ralston, Paul Buchheit, and Jessica Livingston for inviting me to speak.
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critlitcomwriter · 11 months ago
Why don’t we start from the beginning, does that sound good? I grew up in an average home, with average parents, and was an average highschool student. Nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened to me. I was raised knowing I would go to university and eventually have a successful career in medicine. Both my parents work in the medical sector so that was the only field of work I was exposed to. Therefore, a doctor I was to be. This dream was soon shattered once I entered the fiery gates of hell (highschool), quickly being thrown into AP biology and wanting to jump off the 5th floor of the science building everyday (it's a joke, laugh). Also playing varsity softball at the school and travel ball simultaneously. And so, I had 4 years to figure out what the hell I was to do with my life. I quickly learned that I excelled in arguing with everyone about quite literally everything. Classes were filled with intense quarrels between myself and probably every religious studies, history, and english teacher at my school. I mostly enjoyed disputing the most educated and probably most intelligent person I have ever met. I won't mention her name but she was my AP Gov teacher my senior year. We despised each other or so I thought. Any chance I had to argue with her I would. After the class had ended, she told me I would one day be the best lawyer she knew and that it was a pleasure having me in her class. Then it all came around full circle. Wow yes okay, an attorney, I could do that (probably). So from that day forward, my mind was set. I would go from university, straight to law school, easily pass the bar, dive into 80+ hours a week of litigation for 5-7 years, and then eventually become a partner at some amazing firm. Obviously, my standards were a bit high for myself but I truly believed I could do it.
Tumblr media
Picture of me playing softball
So enter my freshman year of college, a bright political science major ready to take on the world. I was in a bunch of general education courses and american politics which I ended up hating. It was 90% because I despised the professor but my 17 year old self thought it would be a good idea to switch my major. Mistake 1 was made then. Mistake 2 was made when I decided to switch to finance. I had enjoyed learning about the stock market and trading with my uncle growing up. I also thought it would look interesting and make me stand out in law school applications, which isn't entirely false. Why this was probably my biggest regret ever is because it turns out that I am not a fan of math. Growing up, it was never too difficult. I had always flown through statistics, algebra, and even calculus. I thought that was all I was going to have to take. I was extremely mistaken. Finance mathematics is so much more intricate and requires skills that you must possess from a young age that can only be learned over a myriad of time, not four years. Anyways, moral of the story, if I could go back in time and b communications major (no offense, im sorry, it is just so much easier) I would. Fast forward to present time. I am now a finance major with a below average GPA and a dream to become an attorney that can only become possible with an intensely high LSAT score. Did I mention that I am the worst test taker known to man? Yeah, oops. Messed that one up a bit didn't I?
Before I dive into my insane struggle with the LSAT, let’s take it back a bit and talk about my experience meeting the devil(s). My sophomore year of college I had decided it was time to take on an internship. I would have preferred it to be a law internship but I was surprised to find that there are virtually zero law internships available to undergraduate students. But I persevered and ended up finding an administrative position at a small firm in Costa Mesa. I thought this was God sent at the time. I went in for an interview, talking with only one partner who seemed to be a bit pretentious but overall professional and nice. He explained that the second partner was his wife who was a couple months pregnant and that's why they wanted to hire an intern for extra help. They offered me the unpaid position and I accepted gladly. I began working the following week. Little did I know that I would be doing literally everything for the partners. I was thrown into legal research without being trained and basically was their paralegal, which I think may be quite illegal. Not to mention the pregnant partner yelled at me for any single mistake I made, miniscule or not. and boy did I make mistakes. Which is to be expected of course when you were never trained! It caused a lot of stress and anxiety which was eventually reflected in my GPA. After a couple months I chose to leave but it drained me completely. It caused me to look down upon the legal field and Orange County attorneys in general (we worked with alot of other lawyers).
Tumblr media
Legal Intern Headshot
Junior year came quickly and I was taking my first honors course at chapman. My business law professor had suggested I take his Elder Law course which is only offered 2nd semester every year. The experience was really amazing. I learned so much about power of attorney, age discrimination, and estate planning. My professor brought in so many attorneys to talk to us about the work field and law school. I was quickly dead set on becoming an elder law attorney. Another aspect of my life had also involved Elder Law. My aunt was a paralegal at a firm in Mission Viejo when her husband, my uncle, had received a CFO job offer from a company in Monterey. They packed their things, my aunt left the firm, and they moved in a week. She had to find a new paralegal job and quickly found one at an elder law firm. What a coincidence. So after she was settled in I asked if the firm had any positions open for an internship. I had a video call with one of the partners at the firm which was amazing. The woman was hilarious and assured me that there would be a set out learning plan for myself and I would be assisting the attorneys, not doing their work. I was on top of the world. I would live with my aunt and uncle and work for them the summer following my second semester of junior year. I held all the cards, they were finally in my hand. Then, COVID-19 hit.
Naturally, everything went downhill very quickly. The attorney’s called off the internship and I was stuck at home for the summer. Okay so new plan, I study for the LSAT and take it in the fall, right? and so I did, at least for a little. I was quickly struck with a depression from staying home so often. I couldn't focus on studying and my mental health needed a break. So I made the quick decision that I would take a gap year after graduating college, travel a bit, and being studying then. I was very happy with this decision. It felt like I took a 300 pound weight off my shoulders and threw it to the ground. I could finally relax and focus on being happy. Again, that only lasted so long. About 2 months ago I attended a Zoom workshop that Chapman Law was holding for prospective students. The topic was the LSAT flex which I had no idea about. It surprised me to find out that the LSAT flex, which was only being used during the COVID-19 pandemic, was an online 3 part LSAT test. (About the LSAT-Flex) This was unbelievable because the LSAT is usually 5 parts, making the new test extremely easier and shorter. From that point on, I made the decision to throw my much needed gap year down the drain and study for the upcoming april LSAT. Meaning I will not have a winter break or any downtime next semester because I will be fully focused on studying for the LSAT and taking my capstone.
Tumblr media
Me being stressed about studying
COVID-19 has caused a myriad of problems in my life. Now that I have only one law internship under my belt, I will need an almost perfect LSAT to offset my below average GPA. This truly keeps me up at night. On top of that, studying for the LSAT is going to be the most intense struggle of my life. LSAT classes are no longer in person meaning I will need to learn an exceedingly large amount of information over zoom sessions. I am already probably the worst test taker in the world so this causes me even more doubt in my ability to get a high score. At this point, I have taken on a new mindset. When I begin to get overwhelmed with the future or the past, I repeat the same ritual in my head. “Do not dwell on the things you cannot control.” I first heard this quote from my mother who is a very spiritual person. I did some research on it and found a wonderful article on the website Psychology Today. (Morin, A) The article states 6 simple steps to reduce stress and allow yourself to live in the present instead of dwelling on the future. The steps are: Determine what you can control, focus on your influence, identify your fears, differentiate between ruminating and problem-solving, create a plan to manage your stress, and develop healthy affirmations. Amy Morin, the author that developed these mantras, is a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker. I believe that step 6, “develop healthy affirmations”, resonated most with me. She wrote, “I have two phrases I use to remind myself to either take action or calm down. The first is, Make it happen. Whenever I catch myself saying something like, "I hope I do okay today," I remind myself, "Make it happen." It reminds me that I'm in control of my actions. I try to do the same routine when I am feeling stressed.
Of course, telling myself things are going to be okay can only get me so far in a sense thatI have recently researched the possible positive outcomes that therapy may bring to my life. I have never gone to therapy but many friends and family members have recommended it to relieve stress and anxiety in my life. I have also decided to take on a healthier lifestyle that involves intense workouts and a healthy diet. I made this decision after reading about the statistics behind stress and anxiety. “Over 75% of people in the United States report having physical symptoms of stress, according to a 2014 study. These symptoms included tiredness, tension, headaches, and upset stomach. On top of this, 43% said they eat unhealthy food or eat too much when stressed. Both of these habits can lead to serious health problems. A therapist or counselor can help you learn to manage stress in ways that improve, not reduce, your health and longevity.“ (Team, G) I believe seeing a therapist two times a week, eating healthy, and exercising everyday will destress me while I am studying for the LSAT and hopefully increase my chances of scoring higher than I would without it. No matter what I do, I will always tell myself, “Will this matter in ten years?”. This answer will most likely be no 90% of the time. and if it does matter, what can I do to ensure it does not consume my mind and keep me awake at night. Soon I will develop a plan to make all my dreams come true without falling into a depressive state on the way there.
About the LSAT-Flex. (n.d.). Retrieved December 11, 2020, from
Morin, A. (2017, May 09). How to Stop Worrying About Things You Can't Change. Retrieved December 11, 2020, from
Team, G. (n.d.). Getting Help for Stress. Retrieved December 11, 2020, from
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raventons · 3 years ago
99 q/a for 2017
1.    What’s the toughest decision you made today? To get out of bed after a 3 hour nap.
2.    What’s the toughest decision you made this year? I would say turning around at the airport, not going to Moscow, deciding my mental health is more important than that trip. However, I was just following my fear, which is quite an easy feeling to follow. And I have not once found myself second guessing that call. I am not one to dwell too much on decisions like that. I honestly contemplate more about what I’m having for dinner, or what underwear to buy – and I always end up regretting or celebrating those decisions more.
3.    What’s the toughest decision you ever made? Once I spent over an hour deciding if I wanted carbonara or caciatora. I went with caciatora, and that day I learned that if you are in doubt, you should always go with what your dinner company orders. My dad got carbonara, and it was out of this world. If you order the same thing as your date, it might still be the lesser option, but at least you will not know what you are missing. As an intellectual, this is one of the conclusions I’m the most proud of.
4.    What have you forgotten? Almost all the math I was taught in high school.
5.    If you were guaranteed the answer to one question, what would it be? I would love to know who is answering me, and how they got the ability to answer any question ever.
6.    What’s it like being you right now? Better than it has been. A lot better. I’d say good.
7.    What makes you nostalgic? Lenny Kravitz, long car rides, the soundtrack of midsummer murders and the smell of old Swedish cabin in a Småland forest (we all know that smell).
8.    If you had two hours left on earth what would you do? Sit close to my parents, and talk about our life together. And tell them how grateful I am and how happy they’ve made me.
9.    What’s the most beautiful word in the world? The Swedish Blockchoklad or the Russian Nemnoga
10. Who makes you laugh more than anyone? Alex, no doubt.
11. What did your father teach you? How to show affection, how to make people laugh, how to interact with strangers, how to put together a good outfit, how to cook and pretty much everything I know on economy and religion. And how much it means to have amazing parents that never, not even once, let you down.
12. What did your mother teach you? How to not give a shit about anyone’s opinion, how to appreciate simplicity, how to be a storyteller, how to calm down when afraid, how to love without giving yourself up, how to be badass and pretty much everything I know on literature, self-esteem and really bad British crime stories. And how much it means to have amazing parents that never, not even once, let you down.
13. What’s the best gift you’ve ever given? An orange moose I gave to my dad. It was really cheap and dumb, but he had just been diagnosed with a chronical disease (he is much better now) and everything just seemed to fall apart. So I did what any good daughter would do, I bought him a stuffed animal. It made him smile. And he still keeps it by his bedside. It’s called the vomit moose, since that was the most… obvious symptom at the time.
14. Best gift you ever received? My friend Lin gave me a card once with pictures and drawings of us. I love it and still have it ten years later.
15. How many times a day do you look in the mirror? Way too many.
16. What do you bring most to a friendship? I’d like to think I am funny. I talk too much, and always about the wrong and often quite strange things, but when I’m in the right mood and they’re in the right mood; I’d say I am funny.
17. If 100 people in your age group were selected randomly, how many do you think they’d find leading a happier life than you? Very few if we are talking happy as in privileged. I am so very lucky and have had so many fortunate turns in my life.  
18. What is or was your best subject in school? Social science.
19. What activity do you do that makes you feel most like yourself? Writing.
20. What makes you feel supported? I do. (Wow, I am actually quite proud of that answer, but it is true. Sometimes I look for help or motivation in others, but confidence and shit I truthfully only find in myself).
21. Whom do you secretly admire? Secretly? No one. I admire a lot of people, and I think I make sure to tell them.
22. What time of the day do you feel the most energetic and what do you usually do in those moments? Noon. Usually waste that energy on procrastination.
23. What’s something you never leave home without? Pants.
24. What’s a recurring dream you have? Teeth falling out. Or organs. I quite often have nightmares about some stuff that is supposed to be inside or attached to my body suddenly isn’t.
25. What makes you feel safe? Blankets and tea.
26. What’s the best thing that ever happened to you? Discovering international law as my field of work.
27. What do you want people to say about you once you’re gone? That I was smart.
28. What’s the coolest thing about science? Well… let’s go with nature science, because my field of research is not cool at all. I think it’s about the fact that nature is there. It’s not something we invent or solve, it’s something we discover. It’s all written, all the answers are out there somewhere. All the equations, all the numbers, they all correspond to a reality we only see fragments of. It’s like humanity is reading a book together, and the physicists and biologists flip the pages. And for each chapter we find out more and more about how the world around us works.
29. What’s the best money you ever spent? My skinny, black jeans.
30. What’s a bad habit you have? Listening to bad music. I don’t want to support sexist or racist producers. Still here I am, having my playlists filled with pop about grabbing pussies. I’m also weirdly addicted to marzipan.
31. What are you grateful for? My professors and a free education.
32. Whom are you envious of? Almost everyone. But it varies, passes and comes back. It depends on the day. Or the hour.
33. What’s an image you’ll never forget? Well, I have to go with a few summers ago when me and a former classmate ended up skinny dipping in a sunset down at Österlen. But actually, the first thing that came to mind was the real holocaust footage that was included in the TV-show The Promise. I had to leave the room, could not finish the series and I still think about it quite often.
34. Describe a near-death experience. My brain thinks I have one daily, but I don’t think I’ve ever had one. Once I got my luggage lost in Russia, and we had to drive around downtown St Petersburg for hours in a shady cab. It was all fine and no hostile environment what so ever, but when I tell the story it really sounds quite near-death.
35. If you had a clone, what would you have the clone do? Dishes.
36. What’s your idea of Heaven? A lot of cozy spots by windows with rain outside. Good food, good tea and good conversation. A book shelf would be nice too.
37. What’s your idea Hell? Bad food, bad tea and bad conversation.
38. When did you know? Did I ever?
39. What can you do better? I could be more structured. I literally have no routines at all.
40. When are you most yourself? When I am alone, covered in loud music.
41. What superpower would you most like to have? Time travelling but without all the complicated world-war-shit to come with it.
42. If you were granted three wishes, what would you do with the second wish? Fix up the UN.
43. What is your actual superpower? I am very, very analytic. I am also amazing at app games.
44. If you won 100 million dollars, what would you buy first? I would love to own a goat. But well, that’s more of a management problem than an actual money problem.
45. What's the best sound in the world? Waves. Or someone biting in chocolate.
46. What’s perfect about your life? My parents. And Amanda. She is a wonderful person. 
47. What song do you sing only when you’re alone and what memory does it bring back? Min Kärlek av Shirley Clamp. And there is no memories connected, it’s just fucking brilliant.
48. Describe a moment you were so embarrassed you wanted to disappear. When I was 8 we had a quiz in class, and I answered cow instead of turtle (I will NOT tell you the question).
49. How many times a day do you think about money? Every time I use it.
50. Who has been the biggest influence on you in your relationship to money? My parents.
51. What's one thing you're certain of? Cows don’t have shells.
52. Describe one of your colossal failures. I think I just did.
53. What makes you cringe? People trying to make memes a thing you can refer to in real life.
54. What does your inner voice tell you? To shut up. I tell it the same.
55. What crime have you considered committing? I don’t even bike without a helmet. I am a pussy.
56. What's great about your mom? Her hair is amazing.
57. What’s great about your dad? His hair is not so very amazing (and I inherited it) but he has other good qualities. He collects post-cards for example. That’s pretty cool.
58. Which day would you gladly re-live? The day in third grade when I won the egg-cracking championship at our school.
59. What are you awesome at? Egg-cracking, obviously.
60. What do you want people you meet for the first time to think about you? That I seem decent.
61. When were you most afraid? Berlin, 2014.
62. What are you terrible at but love to do anyway? Sex, probably.
63. What weapon would you carry during the Zombie Apocalypse? An axe or a sword. Or a nuke, if bad goes to worse.
64. Which of your five senses would you keep if you could only keep one? I would like to hear shit.
65. What’s something you love to make? Pancakes.
66. What do you cook better than anyone? This weird ass pasta with butter. It’s unhealthy but so damn good.
67. What do you wish you’d invented? The airplane. Or well… the flying machine or whatever it was called when it was invented.
68. What would you like to invent? A new UN system.
69. Out of 100 random people, where would you rank yourself in terms of your intelligence? Pretty high.
70. Where do you want to be right now? Venice.
71. If you could be someone else for a day who would it be and why? Graham Norton. He seems so happy. And he is funny and smart and his job seems to be really cool.
72. What makes you feel powerful? My Hans Zimmer playlist.
73. What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever said? Considering how empty my brain is right now, I think it has done quite some work on supressing those memories.
74. What’s the meanest thing someone has ever said to you? Actually, most people are nice. I don’t think anyone has ever been really mean to me. Sometimes I get hurt, when people say I am pretentious or annoying. But the only reason they say that (and the only reason it hurts) is it’s true.
75. What three words would you have on your grave stone? Let me sleep.
76. What’s your first thought when you wake up? Let me sleep.
77. What’s one thing you wake up to in the middle of the night worrying about? Usually if I have cancer in the prostate since I need to pee ALL the time. But then I remember I am a female.
78. If you could tell someone something anonymously, what would it be? I would tell my cousin Johan to never be insecure about anything. He is probably the most awesome, complete and admirable person in the world.
79. Whom would you like to forgive and forget? The people who made two and a half men.
80. If you could get rid of one of your responsibilities today, what would it be? Dishes.
81. What type of person angers you the most? Extreme right wingers who grew up in a place where they had a choice. Of course you can’t blame people for reacting to the environment around them, and get affected by their culture – but people who grow up with access to information and without oppression – how on earth did you make those conclusions?  
82. What is your greatest strength? I’m confident about my intellect.
83. What is your worst weakness? I’m insecure about pretty much everything else.
84. How do you show your love for others?  Tiny surprises. It can be buying them flowers, cleaning their apartment or just answering a two years old text and apologize for forgetting their existence.
85. Why are you here in this room right now? It’s 10 degrees minus outside.
86. When is a time you forgave someone or were forgiven for something? I forgave myself for not doing the dishes. It felt good.
87. What’s the biggest mistake you ever made? Talking too much. I always talk too much. It’s not one big mistake at one certain event. But it keeps on happening and I never fucking learn.
88. What are you hiding? Nothing.
89. What’s your unanswerable question--the question you seem to always be asking yourself? Can there be true objectivity?
90. What are you ashamed of? My fetishes.
91. What is stopping you? Panic attacks. Or walls, mostly.
92. What’s a secret you have? I really have no idea what I am going to do with my life.
93. How do you secretly manipulate people to get your way? I don’t do this on purpose, but I’ve noticed it happening without actively thinking about it. I usually express a will to rely on people, and come across as weak and fragile, making them think I need their help and protection – when I am really just better of on my own.
94. When was the last time you apologized? This morning.
95. What is the biggest lie you tell yourself? That I am a cool and mysterious person that people look up to.  
96. What’s the moment you left childhood behind? Probably when I moved out from home and went grocery shopping for the first time. Deciding if I needed milk or not was my first ever adult decision.
97. What's missing from your life? Structure. And home cooked meals.
98. Do you believe in a higher power? No.
99. What are you ready to let go of? About half my closet and my fear of flying.
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projectunwritten · a year ago
Hunters of the Dead
I wrote this about 3 years ago; it was during this edgy stage of life and Ithought teenages and zombie apocalypses was literally the best thing ever.
My name is Michael banks Jr. I am responsible for the death of 3/4th’s of the planet earth population and this is my story …..
Chapter 1 origin
The government a reigning power over all of America they know everything, they see everyone. One day I did a simple math problem on my computer next thing my math equation became the answer to immortally or so they thought they able to biology creating and age a human body then it she started to reproduce on her own and it created them. The government was shattered then in their darkest hour they came. The giants attacked every major city around the world, once they killed people they would spit saliva on them and it turn them into zombies that the government was trying to cover didn’t stay hidden for too long. It created a pandemic now because I started this I’m going to end it. “Well then what are we waiting bikey time to kill.” Ashlyn said with a smirk. I looked around and see what people would think are just some kids in war…I see my team, my family, my zombie hunters and our killing spree has just begun.
Chapter 2 4/1/2016
6 hours ago….
A phone rings as an alarm goes off. “That’s my girl I whisper.” I answer the facetime “hey gorgeous” I say yawning. “Hey she says smiling. I turning on the TV while she talks about how Cassie stole her phone. “Morning lovebirds what happening” says Chris as he checks in on the face group along with lily. “Hi “lily says quietly. “Hey” Chris returns shyly with smile. “And u call them lovebirds.” Says Bridget”, she says laughing, “right mike …. Mike?” I turn to the camera in laptop, “Makenna, bridge their here.”(Mike) “What no, no where?”(Makenna) ‘’ new York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Seattle “(mike) “good there’s still time I’ll pack my bags “”what are talking about?” Lily asks “ okay don’t think you will believe me at first but 1 year ago me and Makenna were “studying” , I solved a simple math problem use a method she and I created. It was used to create zombies that’s grew into giants possessed by the souls of Nephilim. Now they are attacked major cities as their plague continues to grow.” Chris bursts into tears as Jacob and Ashlyn enter the chat. “Jacob initiated protocol z.” he raises his eyes in response “Umm ok, got mike I’ll be ready roll in ten minutes.” “You have 8.” I end the call as I stuff items in my book bag and grab my phone, my laptop, and chargers, and and a bunch of clothes. I jump off Terrence I look under the stairs and grab my metal bat and metal rods and start running. As I hear a scream by Chris place I grip tighter on the poles which I call “kalis” as I come to the ally and three guys all covered in blood looking as pale snow I can’t explain what during the fight I saw was red.
Chapter 3 Chris Tebich
My name is Chris Tebich and me along with others hunters are responsible for the death of 2/4th population of the planet earth this where my story began….
I screamed because my mean neighbor Mr. Jerkface just got his skull cracked open by two decomposing bodies. As several other join him staring at me. Then mike turns the he yell out something unearthly “prognostic!!” He charges at the first two bodies. Armed with two rods which seem to be bent into a point at the end. Which sticks up the bodies head smiling he rips them out? He throws me a sliver bat I bash my now dead neighbor upside the head but he gets back up keep hitting nothing happens he open his mouth at least 5 inches wide moaning I get ready to die and trip to the ground as a metal rod comes through his throat and the the body drops mike hands me a towel out of his bag. “Well that was fun” he says smiling. As I look back I see the other two bodies on the ground blood everywhere, and I think to myself holy crap… is the real mike … a psychopath
Chapter 4 destiny
We showed up at Jacob’s door I knocked on the door it’s open up by itself. A scream and a yell then a body tumbles downstairs. The body dead we run up to find Jacob with an axe and his mom behind him. “I told u that would come in handy “I say pointing at the axe. “Where’s your sibling and your dad?” “Dad took them to see grandma. “He replies. “Okay next we hit Stasia and Lilly.” I say looking at the two of them “ you two will go get lily, I got stasia ,mrs.lombardi u need pack a bag of whatever u need clothes, food ,water ,medicine ,and a weapon. Find the nearest shelter. A salvation army, a church, safe house, anywhere call your husband tell him you're safe and that Jacob is with me hunting. “ I say as she gets up looks in back of her closet in a box and reveals a gun. “ that’ll do , can you use it ?” She shoots two of them in the head. “Yeah” she says packing a bag. After she left Chris and Jacob to pick up Lily. And I went to get Stasia. I ran as fast as I could. As I stopped two men were at door. Mr. Wildes opens the door. “No!” I yell as an arrow slips past me into one of their head give me time bash the other one. I look back and see Chris with his bow and arrows. “Took you long enough!” Stasia says smiling.
Chapter 5 punishers
After sending the wiles on their way out of home town me, stasia, Chris went to Corey’s place to get his family out of town
As we walked down street we heard a gun fired I instantly was cover in a protective layer of goose bumps that trapped my emotions. I ran for the court Chris at my side and stasia a few feet behind. As I notice that Chris is not fast as he usually is I realized that it wasn’t him. I was get faster, pushed that thought to darkness that consumed my mind as I lost conscious as I saw Jacob yelling axe in hand with Chris removing and arrow from his quiver. Corey: I soon mike showed up all well u no what broke loose. I never seen him like this anger, fast, ruthless. Surrounded by some my friends; ex – girlfriend, and people generally knew it chaos . . . . And I loved it I yelled as I reload and headed into war. Lilly stabbed a walker behind me. I joined Chris as saw he was at his last arrow I threw him my baseball bat. He smiled as he smashed a walkers head. I shot three off them and that when everything got fuzzy.
Chapter 6 Uptown Funk
I woke up in a chair as Shiloh licked my face “down girl!” I shouted. “Hey don’t blame her for your narcasple “stasia said giving me a hand. S’mores and Maggie appeared with fluffy barking at them. “Fluffy their guests!! “ Chris says as he looks at me like a ghost, “hey mike’s up…. Christian turn that crap down!! “I listen as uptown funk by Mark Robinson feat. Bruno mars played through room “nooo!!!” I said running for the stereo I unplugged it, “how many songs did u play? “ I asked. “ just this “ Christian said “ check the windows and the back door “ I barked as I looked at the song’s stopped time frame 3 minutes and 37 second. I relaxed as Christian comes back “nothing’s out man” “why are you freaking out mike “Jacob asks as he cooked breakfast. “They can hear sound even our voices will attract them. The stereos and all the dogs here I’m surprised we're not dead yet. Everyone fell silent as they stared at my face. I hadn’t noticed till now I had blood of my hands. I looked at the transparent screen of my iPhone 6s+ the blood spatter of blood on my face
Chapter 7 survival
I hold my breath the darkened silence as I hear lily knocking on the door. I raise my head from the sink. Water dripping from my face. Lily shouts from outside the door “u ok in there? “. “Yeah I reply I grab the towel of the rack and wiped off my face. I opened the bathroom door. And get right to business. “I need answers ASAP #1. Chris Where’s urn folks and Bridgett #2. Is the van and 4 wheeler here #3? Stasia and Lilly Jacob and JJ u need to learn how to drive in 6 hours. My phone rings as it the screen stays pitch black at first think it’s an alarm but as pick up the phone up I realize its vibrating and grab the nearest knife located in my back pocket. I pick at the side of my case till it opens I reveal a second device an iPod 5 with words Haven lit up as she facetimes me as it connects Jacob where it came from? I explain that only a small group of people have the contact info to secret phone for emergency. It finally connects I hear Mary scream as a gun fires “Haven what’s happening!!” “ mike thank good please help us pastor Brian and Mr. G r dead we need help “ I hear the fear in her voice as the goosebumps return as response “ Five minutes “ and end the call. JJ hold down the fort Jacob, and Chris your with me grab the van we leave in 5. “Wow who died and made you leader “Chris retorts “Pastor Brian and Mr. Galante “I say as Chris staring at him. “Let’s rock Jacob “he says grabbing his coat and his mom’s keys.
Chapter 8 savage Awakening
A Coma that’s the only way I know how to explain as I rode in the back of Chris’ as Jacob drove down the street which he pretty decent driver. {Better than my “bus driver” dad that’s for sure} The van felt dark and comfort like kind of sleep u don’t want to wake up from. “We’re here” Jacob says I snap my eyes open as the goosebumps cover my face. Chris jumps out the car bat in hand guess it’s from his garage. Instantly we see half a dozen corpses. Jacob yells out “I got it! “As he lifts his axe. He gets closer and confirms my suspicion. He looks at the corpses and it’s Julie Pastor Brian's Wife and the one of the youth group leaders I saw that Jacob was in shock grabbed the bow and ran at Chris then I took an arrow from his Quiver and shot at Julie head. This snapped Jacob into reality or was it when Ben and Andrew came out the side door yelling at us to run. We ran for door making it in by the skin of our teeth. I look in the back to see David huddled in a corner “Ben?” I say looking at David “what happened?” “It was too much. Dad tried to run from them. But tripped and fell it pushed David forward as the door swung closed he watched as Andrew and Pastor Brian ripped him apart as they killed him. “ I’m sorry about your Dad Ben he was a good man” I said “ Hey we all have to die sometime a saw his eyes flicker a little as if a fire had just been started.
Chapter 9 Safe House Pt. 1 & 2
Part 1
I sat in the back with Ashley and David. Ashley sitting balled up in a corner scared out of her mind. On my Right side David looked out the window. I stared down at the floor and closed my eyes as I drifted into nothing. "Mike" I hear voice as I wake up I look up at Kayla "Haven and Kiva need you up front to get to your house" she says I slide past her as she takes her seat. As I reach the front I see Haven talking to Jacob over a walkie talkie. "Mike show us the way" she says. {'Mike we're following you'} “Kiva get off 5th take a right here on to Waterford Dr., it'll take about minute to get down there." I say "ok head down here ". We headed into my back all pull into parking lot next to our house {809 Four Seasons Drive}. "Everyone out getting into my house is our number one priority. Priority #2 not dying. “I said to the entire bus.” then we might want to do that know” Says Jacobs there are about 3 or so dozen Of THEM. "Well then Chris, Corey cover if you anything that's dead moving ... Shoot it." I say as the goosebumps come back. HAVEN: As Mike closed he his eyes I wondered what he was doing. Then he opened his eyes as I see his eyes dilate full of black nothingness, it scared me. “Let’s go “he says in a low but loud tone. We waste about 2 minutes standing around so by the time we got out they down at the end of the ally "Run!!!!!" I hear Parker say as we all run for mike's Garage. Mike punches in the code to his garage. As it rises he yells out "back door is open, GO!!!" I open the back door people pour inside. The only ones left are Mike, Ben, Marlon, Jacob, and Corey “Drop the Macho Act and get inside “I Barked at them. MIKE: heard what she said as we all backed into the garage. I saw David standing in the middle of the alley {" he wants to die"] with hesitation I ran for him" what are you doing”! Jacob shouted. I point at David standing least 10 ft. from a hoard of dead corpses. I unclicked the garage door "Ben, Marlon, Corey, Jacob be ready to shut the garage door shut as soon as we get in" And without waiting for a response. I ran as fast as I could. I picked up David and ran for the garage. With the one arm I wasn't using to carry him( who was surprise light and not restating )I slammed my trash cans on to the ground . I ran into the garage “Close it" I yelled. As they slammed the garage door closed I realigned the chain and we all took a rest then I got up. “Were not done yet.
Part 2
"Ok Ben and Alex move that couch in there onto window ", I say as we walk into the basement / downstairs area. “Got it “ben says without hesitation. He and Alex start to move the couch. “Marlon help me with hall desk upstairs " He follows me upstairs " Why are we moving all this Stuff ?" he asked me as we move the desk " Zombies come in pack small that maul and suffocate people. Large ones that knock down doors, Gates, and walls. We’re reinforcing the doors and downstairs windows, for precaution." I say he nods in approval. After the front door and downstairs windows were secure. And the Main TV was brought out my mom's room we monitored the news. I explain how the Media referred to it as an “OUTBREAK” because they don't know what's going on. “And you do?” Stephen says in disbelief “Yes, their dead corpses walking among us, bloodthirsty and savage. The only way to "CURE" them ..." " Is to kill THEM” Ben says as grips him knife he uses to cut an apple and chops through it. “Exactly " David saying his first all evening he and his brother stare at each other and I saw their savage awakening
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