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#wow this so ugly but i love them
rustedsun · a year ago
lovehate being a comics fan bc the majority of comics are terrible but when u find a good one... with a nice art style... takes me back to middle school but in a good way, when i read comics in the library and was just getting into them after growing up on the cartoons and there’s just something about certain art styles idk it makes me <3 <3 <3
but 95% of them suck so much
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muubloom-moved · a year ago
Why do I like the villains of BNHA more than most of the heroes? My major thing in anime, the reason I first got into the genre: CHARACTER DESIGN. Basically, I’m really into character design. I love the idea that you can draw a character and people can look at them and be like “loud boisterous extrovert good guy” or “creepy crusty villain” (Kiri and Shigaraki lol). I always pause whenever we meet a new character so I can decide their personality and role in the story. Anyway, the reason I’m more drawn to the villains in anime is that they almost always have the more interesting character designs.
Let’s take Toga as an example. She looks normal, could blend in with a crowd, but you can tell she’s manic from her wide eyes and misplaced hairs. Deku seems to have unruly hair but it’s just curly. Toga is the only one with hair sticking out, signifying insanity.
Twice looks evil because of his mask. Notice, even the hero suits with masks only have masks that cover their eyes (mina, aoyama, bakugo) but twice has a whole face mask. and it’s in dark colors, which automatically makes me not trust him. 
DABI omfg dabi. He looks like SUCH A VILLAIN akjdsjkdf horikoshi is a genius. He has SCARS. like EMOTIONAL SCARS. and whether he’s a todoroki or not (i vote yes but ok) he has these bright turquoise-ish eyes that compliment and shine against his dark purple skin PERFECTLY! He just looks so... empty. devoid of all emotions. BUT here’s the thing, and i know this is intentional: If you take off the scars he’s amazing. not even the way dabi is already, hot and angsty. he looks cute. like deku and kiri and kami and all the other hero bois. he looks like a cute hero, and i can picture him being a fan-favorite. but his scars. i can’t even- wow. his EMOTIONAL TRAUMA/SCARS get in the way of him being A CUTE HERO BOY! fjkdslfjlka holy shit i realized most of this while typing.
SHIGARAKI FUCKIN- ok first this is Horikoshi flexing on us bc he can draw hands- but also OH MY GOODNESS the DESIGN. THE HAND ON HIS FACE. like dabi, this has symbolism bc it’s his FATHER’s hand. you expect me to say “his dad is always with him how cute and sad” well NO. it’s a constant reminder that he killed his family at five. he does it to punish himself. Like his dad is always there, one giant eternal slap in the face. It’s pure beauty the way Horikoshi writes and draws these characters. so no, i’m not rooting for the League. I am in love with the design, though, and I really hope they don’t all die too soon.
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raionmimi · a year ago
oh whats ur thoughts about cu and emer flirting in riddles the first time they met
I guess it’s interesting? Aife, Emer, and others I have no emotional attachment to because they have little to nothing to do with Medb that if they do cross my mind, it’s just to think of something Cú has done and may not even have to do with them directly so to speak. They’re just kinda there as far as I’m concerned, so not exactly the best person to ask
The only non-Medb specific character I’ve thought about regularly is Connla and occasionally Ferdiad. This is only because on some level, I inexplicably find interest in shitty movies with someone getting famous but loses sight of what’s important and start doing coke lines in the bathroom or whatever. And then just add killing your son and best friend/lover for the whole shebang
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schratfield · a year ago
My regularly scheduled “I love giving Blake and Schofield indulgent mustaches” post thanks
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flyincas · a year ago
you know what i decided i don't want 'back to normal after covid thing'. because it wasn't fucking normal. i want things to change and capitalism to DIE
#i am extra salty today so here's the rest of todays story because i had a major breakdown today and it was UGLY#i am so fucking overwhelmed with elearning in uni bc they assign us so much stuff to write now and i wouldn't be that mad if it wasn't so mu#*so much or if we had conditions to do this at home#like i don't even have my own room and i always did my essays in library or something because i can not focus at home for the love of god it#it's too loud and messy#and you know how many past-deadline essays i have yet to write? a bazilion. and not to mention i was to get my degree this year#but it requires wiritng a thesis and guess what - i don't have time energy or silent conditions to do it#so after smoking half of a pack of cigarettes because i had a serious breakdown today (wow i survived without a breakdown for 30 days straig#in this lockdown thing this is an accomplishment) i decided: fuck it i am not gonna do this. i am stopping stressing about it.#if uni will make me problems i will move heaven and hell write every petition do everything to prove#that it's because the elearning thing SUCKED ASS AND IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO DO THE ASSIGNMENTS i am unable. i am physically and mentall#mentally UNABLE to continue living under that much stress for another... month? months? things won't just magically#and snap back to normal! and we should stop pretending they will! THE STRESS IS EATING ME FROM THE INSIDE OUT#and i can joke all i want about spending days thinking about fictional characters and all but always#in the back of my head there are USELESS ESSAYS TO WRITE that won't even be properly graded and the effort to write them#won't be noticed because lecturers are also human beings and how many papers can you focus on while grading???#we were not assigned this much when we were having normal classes because this is the last year the last semester of  our studies#and we were supposed to focus on our thesis and development !!! and i can't do that because all the materials#THAT I NEDD TO WRITE MY THESIS are in the library !!! that is closed!!!!! I AM SO ANGRY my fury has literally no limits#i refuse to live lika that under constant stress u can get cancer from this shit#personal#ugh sorry but like if anyone read all of this know that i am very sorry pls ignore me i am just having a shitty day#:(((((#gonna reblog some destiel stuff
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icecurse · a year ago
lenore is hakucore. beautiful, charming, diplomatic, peaceful, but not weak. do not for a second think they’re weak. that will be your first & last mistake.
this video leaves out her best lines, but i’ve added them here because they are undoubtedly hakucore: “I am a diplomat. I make peace and because of that, people think I'm soft. People think I'm weak. You won't make that mistake again, will you?"
there is a mile of difference between i am not a monster to i am capable of monstrous things but choose not to. kindness is a choice haku likes to make but is not bound by. they are capable of vindictiveness & so much more. haku, at their worst, is a mixture of lenore & isaac. charming, dedicated darkly, manipulative, vengeful, unforgiving, possessed by a one-track mind.
#haku is my favorite muse of all time because they contain MULTITUDES#and it's fun playing them right after playing jack because?#jack is VISIBLY a dick. he's blatantly evil. says so. spouts it from the rooftops. he SECRETLY wants love and friendship and kisses#he won't stop being evil though. but. it's his Burgeoning capacity for Softness that fucking embarrasses him. he wants to squash it#he cuts and runs from relationships early to avoid being left. he can't handle rejection. haku is kind of the reverse.#externally haku is sweet and very well liked! and they are genuinely kind and loving. big; good; well-meaning heart. just. a fuckin angel.#but. BUT. haku has done terrible things and will do worse. haku has darkness in them; more than they care to admit. it's EASY being cruel.#that's their shame: they're good at being bad. so fucking good at it. their body; their mind; all geared toward being and creating terror#but their heart! says no! it says 'it is better to be loved than nothing at all! and if we cannot be loved we will be useful! we'll PROVIDE#for others and DO THE LOVING!!!! self-sacrificing! that's something jack could nEVER understand in 100000 million years. meanwhile#haku could never imagine the Innately Wild brand of independence jack has? jack feels beholden to nothing and no one?????#jack chooses fear over love? jack chooses himself over EVERYONE ELSE every time???? wow. WOW. i really want to roleplay with myself#i'm not gonna lie....the temptation is real....#anyway. this is about haku not jack. ahem.#haku just. has so many facets to them and i love every part of them no matter how awful no matter how cruel no matter how ugly or bad#i love them because haku exerts utter choice about who they are going to be. what they want. who they want to give it to.#they don't want to be the monster they feel like they are. when it is unleashed it is unleashed on behalf of others and not themself usually#ugh okay i'm writing over here only idiot thoughts..... i fucking love these gay vampires#isaac and lenore as haku's Spiritual Avatars? yes. yes. 10000% yes thank you warrenellis you little shit.#❛ HEADCANONS.#oh god someone stop me from making a castlevania blog kjebdkv i already have 5 blogs i can't DO THIS
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yoshinoritagi · 2 years ago
(seeing all these 'new' theories about Shigaraki's childhood come out when I've been known his family is messed up and his childhood is equally messed up since I first started up in this fandom, like seriously I've known these things I'm sorry y'all were just oblivious af)
Tumblr media
#and also hate Chisaki for having a hinted similar backstory)#like seriously the parallels between Eri/Chisaki/Shigaraki are so fucking cool#yall just like to focus on Eri and Shiggy because yall want every touse every excuse to make them not villains#when Eri's quirk is super dangerous and so is Shigaraki's#theyre both dangerous and Chisakis is as well (though its controlled much like how Shiggys was when he was a kid: both had gloves)#It's almost like.... yall dont see Shigaraki as a real villain or something: especially considering all the murder child abduction assault#and even more! like wow Shigaraki is fucled up and yes: hes a product of hatred#and clearly some people sympathsize with him because of it: he cpuldnt contrpl his quirk and hurt his family#Eri is much the same and so is Chisaki (though his is much more subtle: its obvious he was neglected and dare i say it: abused as a kid)#yall just hate Chisaki because hes conventionally pretty: Shiggy is deemed 'ugly' so yall defend him to the ground#eri is cute (a dibby really: her only appeal is cute and maybe heartthrob factor) so yall immediately want to defend her as well#but where is the sympathy yall give to Shigaraki#for Kai? a man hurt as a child: wound up in the streets (just like Shiggy!) and was found by a villain (just like Shiggy!)#and also raised to be a villain (well Yakuza) as well!#Shigaraki was taught to drive his anger towards the world: Chisaki was taught to fight for everything he loved:#and Eri.... shes the only one to ever get any sort of actual help: something they all so desperately need#i get that theyre villains: dont even want this redemption: and they also couldn't care less about the cost it takes to achieve their goals#Chisaki and Shigaraki havent cared about losing members: both get motivation from AFO and want to follow his ideals: and most importantly#Theyre both so complex#though some of yall have been ignorant to the complexity of Shigaraki apparently
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