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the-east-art · 47 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is dumb and deserves to be posted at a bad time
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lunamyangel · 56 minutes ago
celebrate this win but remember it isn’t over yet.
roll your sleeves up and crack your knuckles because we still have rest of these fuckers and systems to put on trial
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sugurugetosbrain · an hour ago
Please please please stop giving racists attention on social media. We don't need a constant reminder every time B*n Sh*piro or T*mi L*hren says something anti-black. These people feed off of negative attention and they believe "all press is good press." The only way to get rid of these racist trolls is to ignore. Block, mute, and report, and please stop spreading their ideas even if you are publicly denouncing them.
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xelyxirx · an hour ago
I’m new to the TWIN XL Fanbase. Can anyone please help me how to identify the difference between Stephen and John? Thank you so much Ł
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synapse-retrogenesis · an hour ago
Tumblr media
thinks about them and starts crying
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powsolution · an hour ago
Tumblr media
It’s not about police conduct, it about state sanctioned violence.. systemic not individual
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hyliareborn · an hour ago
phoenix insists that he and miles hyphenate their last names as wright-edgeworth when they get married and miles has no particular opinion on it so he agrees and he only realizes why phoenix wanted that so badly when his sweet, ridiculous husband keeps saying some variation of “you’re wright, edgeworth” or “wright, edgeworth?” at every opportunity
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the-east-art · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Not in love with Phoenix but I think Trucy and Edgeworth are good - lol I was talking to Brownie and coming up with a bunch of lord. They don’t live in Hallownest but a different civilization founded by a distant Pale Being that was Libra, the Scales.
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artful-browniebites · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Okay so she'd be, like, seven years old, but also,,,, isekai au turcy
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dont-touch-my-balls · 3 hours ago
Fuck the Police
Ma’Khia Bryant (4/20/21, aged 16)
Adam Toledo (3/29/21, aged 13)
Anthony Thompson Jr. (3/12/21, aged 17)
Daunte Wright (4/11/21, aged 20)
Legend Smalls (3/3/21, age 1, critical condition in hospital)
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average-issooverated · 3 hours ago
“Need Help-?”
[This Is My HC For How Tim and Brian Met]
A Small Brunette Child With Messy Coffee Brown Hair sat On a Bench Swinging His Legs arms Crossed
No One Would Play with Him
Fine Who Needs Them-?
Another Child Took Note Of this a Blonde Little Boy With Pretty Light Brown Eyes
He Approached The Other Boy and Flashed a smile “Hello-“ He Said The Other Boy Raised His Head
Why Is He Talking To Me-?
“Hi-?” The Boy Responded Raising an Eyebrow
This is Stupid he thought
“I’m Brian-“ the Blonde Boy Said Shooting The Small Brunette another Smile
“Whats Your Name-?” Brian asked
“Tim-“ The Boy Response Unamused By the Other Boy’s Excitement
“Nice Too Meet You Tim-!”
“Mhm-“ Tim Mumbled Rocking His Legs More
“Why’d You Come
over Here-?” He Questioned
“No One Ever Talks To me-“
He Stated Rather Bluntly
“I Saw..So I Was wondering If You wanted To Be Friends-“
Brian said Still Smiling at Tim “I Didn’t want you Too Be Alone-“
Tim Rolled His Eyes His Expression Not Changing One Bit “What If I Wanna Be alone-?” He asked Earning a confused Expression From
“Whatdya Mean-?” The Blonde Questioned
“No One wants to Be alone-! Want a friend-Don’t you want a Friend-?”
Tim shrugged “It Doesn’t Really Matter” He said Kicking at the Rocks Below Him
“Can You Go Now-?” He asked Brian sighed “If It’ll Make You Happy-“ He Responded
“Thanks I Guess-“ Tim Mumbled
[The Next Day]
The Sound Of Children Screaming and Running around Filled Tim’s Ears He Looked Irritated A Young Teacher Wearing a Blue Dress Approached Him
“Tim Sweetie—Why aren’t You Playing with the Other kids-?” She asked Bending too Tim’s Level Smiling warmly at Tim
“Because They won’t Play with Me-“ he stated Bluntly Kicking Below Him again
“Go Try-Will you-?”
Tim Sighed “okay-“ He Said Slipping Off the Bench He Walked Over to the small Monkey Bars The Teacher Still Watching
This Is stupid
The Brunette Attempted To Climb Them the Teacher went to Tend To another a Child Tim Gripped the Bars Tightly His Knuckles Going White
“Uh Oh-“ He Stated Realizing He wasn’t Holding On Tight Enough His Grip Released And He Dropped Down It wasn’t All that High But He was small So It Knocked The Breathe Out Of Him
“OW-“ Tim Hissed Rubbing His Knee
“You Need Help-?” A Familiar Voice Asked He Looked Up too see a slightly taller Boy The same Blonde Boy From Before “No I don’t need your Help-“ Tim hissed Sticking His Tongue out at Brian
“You’re On the Ground” the Blonde Boy stated “Maybe I Like It down Here-“ Tim said Glaring at Brian “The Ground-?” The Boy questioned Once More
Tim Glares More Only Earning A Giggle and a slight Smirk
The Brunettes Face Tinted A Light Pink Color
“STUPID SMIRK” he Hisses Hastily Taking ahold Of Brians Hand
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the-institute-promos · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
FULL NAME: Makenna Lightwood NICKNAME(S): Kenna PRONOUNS: She/Her BIRTHDAY: March 5 AGE: 26 STATUS: Mistress MAJOR: Culinary Arts SPECIES: Phoenix SPECIAL POWERS: None SEXUALITY: Straight I AM A: Submissive I WANT A: Dominant TURN-ONS: Bondage, pet play, daddy kink, rough sex, anal sex, sensory deprivation TURN-OFFS: Scat, vore, gore, bathroom play
Makenna is an only child who grew up taking care of herself. Being a phoenix you grew up learning to fend for yourself and take care of yourself as a way to learn control over your abilities. She was home-schooled for her entire life, not being able to attend a normal school in fear of exposing her species to the human world.
Being home-schooled and an only child left Makenna without many friends and not having the chances to experience many things teenagers got to when attending a real school. She never dated didn’t get to go to dances or prom, never even got a kiss until she was twenty-one.
She lived a rather sheltered lifestyle and it started to grate on her. She was an extremely outgoing and friendly person but her parents kept her close to the nest. She ran away from home when she was twenty-five, deciding she needs time to experience life and the world since she would be around for decades to come. Deciding to go back to school for a college education, she found her way to The Institute, a school where she didn’t have to hide who she was and was excited for the first time in a long time to make new adventures for herself.
✚ Enthusiastic, positive, diligent ▬ Sarcastic, flighty, brash
Makenna’s faceclaim is Bonnie Wright. // Could Makenna be right for you?
Main - Plot - Rules - Ask - Apply
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