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littleredhatwriting · 29 minutes ago
Hairdresser: "So, have you been up to much lately?"
What I wish I had the self-confidence to say: "Oh, I did a writing challenge online for April, wrote 30,000 words for a supervillain humour novel..."
What I actually say: "Oh, nothing much, just work - how about you?"
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fleetingfictions · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
writeblr (re-re)intro
As life is full of constant change, I am updating my writeblr intro to reflect this.
My name is nito, and I’ve been around the writeblr community since its inception. In the past I have been known by numerous names, but have happily settled on fleetingfictions this time around. I have a feeling this one will stick.
Currently, I’m studying writing, english, and environmental humanities at an eco-league school. It’s taken me a while to get to this point, and I didn’t know why until I was recently diagnosed with adhd. This is leading me to the point of graduation in ’23 — a point which has alluded me through four other universities. After my graduation I wish to become an explorer of humanity, creativity, and change through country-wide travel while possibly attending grad school online. Life is subject to change as swiftly as a woman with adhd is bound to change her mind — so this all may change, to which I am open to.
I write a great deal for my classes and have had a few non-fiction works published in newspapers and magazines in the last few months due to contacts at my school. Eventually, I wish to start submitting my more creative works of fiction to various lit mags, but lack the time to edit and revise the pieces to their full potential.
In terms of larger projects work on my current wip has spanned the past 11 years, although it wasn’t until 2017 that I began to put any serious work into it. Since returning to school, the story has shifted into something more compelling, deep, and lush, while simultaneously becoming less complicated. Although I originally made it to second drafts on the first idea, I plan to use summer break to re-write this entire re-imagining.
As for sharing my work, this is not something I plan on doing for a while. In the past I have had important work stolen from me and am nervous that may happen again. This even includes titles and names of my characters and locations.
I tend to overuse em-dashes and semi-colons. Tenses give me trouble; while I know how they work, and can usually spot its misuse in the writing of my peers, it’s hard for me to catch moments when I shift from past to present. I haven’t figured out a way to remedy this yet.
My genre preference is speculative fiction; mostly focusing on the realm of contemporary fantasy, low fantasy, and environmental fantasy. When it comes to short stories I am known to dabble in magical realism, fairy tales, paranormal, and monster stories.
I love a busy dash, so I follow a lot of people. Due to school work and personal writing work I won’t be participating in tag games right now, although I won’t get upset if you send me them.
Honestly, I’m just happy to be here, surrounded by so much talent, humor, and inspiration.
nito ✨
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pheita · an hour ago
And today ends with 3545 words in 3 hours writing time  Now I have a headache. Great.  Anyway I need to untangle some threats and plan how Lyran gets his revenge And need to come with some more backstory for his sister.
Tumblr media
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mj-is-writing · an hour ago
A vine compilation for my WIP
Instead of writing the actual novel.
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character-landfill · 2 hours ago
in case anyone wants to know what the fuck dawn is about!!
its about a society of furries vanishing so nature can heal.. and those furries predictably fucking lose it as a collective whole when they come back and have like zero memories
its about:
- the sun and the moon [in a cryptic sort of sense]
- a sad little arson cat
- an old deer guy and his new chinchilla daughter
- a bird mom who doesnt know what the fuck to do with this pigeon baby shes found
- a big hyena family and their one rabbit kid
- respecting nature and proceeding to do heinous things for it!
- and much more
dawn isnt even a real story im just doing whatever i feel like when i feel like until i get bored
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Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Man in the High Castle (TV) Rating: Not Rated Warnings: Major Character Death Relationships: Helen Smith/John Smith Characters: John Smith (Man in the High Castle), Helen Smith, Jennifer Smith, Amy Smith, Bridget (Man in the High Castle), Juliana Crain (Mention) Additional Tags: Alternate Ending, Spoilers, Post-Canon, Basically a different take on the ending of John and Helen and a brief look at what happens after, Nazis, Character Study Summary:
The only good thing she can think of is that at least Amy doesn’t know, that she can carry on thinking that the ground daddy walked on was blessed and not drenched in blood, that their mom was kind and gentle and caring and absolutely nothing else. 
An alternate take on the ending of John and Helen Smith, and what comes after.
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pheita · 5 hours ago
Shadow Play Part 1 - A “Guild Hunter Sojan” AU
Tumblr media
[Picture ID: A banner with a gray background of shadows from windows with a gray oval in the middle with the light gray writing “Shadow Play” in cursive with dark red shadow effects. End ID] Welcome, to my “What if bards are also assassins” and “Sojan and Lyran go enemies to allies to lovers” AU. That is all you need to know  No warning for this part.  @adie-dee​ @ashen-crest​ @cometworks​ @vivian-is-writing​ @viskafrer​  Let me know if you want to be tagged for this as well. You don’t need to know the main WIP for this. 
Tumblr media
The reception was everything one would expect from a ball at the king's court for his guests: bards, musicians, the finest food, and actors wherever the eye looked. Sojan had attended such receptions far too often, but his mother insisted that he come along this time as well. She meant as a precaution. Whatever that was supposed to mean. It was common knowledge that she ran the family business, and it would be passed on to Arritit, as he was not much into trade or plants. Still, he stood in the banquet hall feeling like an outfitted peacock, even though the people of Wealmoore had certainly never seen one, since peacocks were native to Amitan, not Duwos. His gaze kept passing through the guests and, for good measure, the bards. As a demon, he had lived long enough to know that the bards were often the king's finest assassins as well, and it would not surprise him if among the five bards at least one had that training. Sojan tugged at his jacket. The thought that he was getting a little out of shape occurred but was immediately pushed aside. His gaze went again to the group of bards. They were led by a young man with curly hair and the greenest eyes Sojan had ever seen, which in his opinion indicated said bard was no mere human. He chuckled into his glass at the thought of how the priests of the five would react. "I see you have your eye on my chief bards, Nismo Sojan," King Mendi's voice sounded beside him. 
"Chief bard, then? I was beginning to think he was leading the group. But isn't he a little young for that, Your Majesty?" King Mendis smirked slightly. "He already served under my grandfather. Don't let his youthful appearance fool you. Just as I am not fooled by yours, my friend." Sojan bowed slightly. "My mother has never made a secret of what we are to you or your ancestors." "That is probably true, Nisma Rahnirin is an extraordinary woman. My mother trusts her blindly and my mother is a wise woman." Sojan licked his lips, so his grin didn't show. "I can't always say that about my mother. There were moments when her judgment had deceived her." "Like with your father?" "One of those moments," Sojan confessed gravely, "But surely you don't want to talk about it, Your Majesty?" King Mendis nodded with a laugh. He raised his glass toward the bard. "As I said before, I've known Lyran for a while, and I recognize that look you have when you look over at him." The question of what the king saw and meant formed in Sojan's mind as he looked questioningly at the king. "I don't quite understand." "You are wondering which of them has the certain training," King Mendis leaned forward and spoke softly to Sojan, "I can tell you two of them. Who it is, you'll have to figure out for yourselves. But I would be wary of Lyran. Those hungry eyes have devoured many a guest like a snake devours its prey." Without another word, Sojan was left alone again. It was not clear whether it was a warning that Lyran was laying eyes on him, or whether the king had let him know through the grapevine that an assassin was on Sojan's tail. But the most important question was: why had Sojan never seen Lyran before, if he was already at court under King Kierenes? "Oh, I know that look. What's wrong now?" Arritit joined him with a new glass. "Either the king just threatened indirectly or is trying to be a matchmaker." "Either would be extremely odd," she admitted, blinking and taking a deep sip, "And since when has he had such an eye candy of bard?" "That one is mine," Sojan warned, growling. She just grinned and nudged him with her elbow. "Didn't I know it. You and the bards, you and the bards, my dearest brother. And by the looks of it, you might be in luck." Sojan turned a little away from the bards and looked at Arritit with amusement. "Well, we can work out whom he's leaning toward." "Oh, a little game?" Her eyes narrowed a little in anticipation. "If that's what you want to call it? Why not. Superficially, I want to know why the king thought the bard Lyran has been here longer and looks younger than he is and ..." "... whether he is dangerous," she whispered. At that moment, he wondered if he and Arritit hadn't also inherited their father's slightly inhuman tendencies, the way she immediately shifted into hunting mode. "That's exactly it. His name is Lyran. Remember it." "Always." Only a short while later, the bards paused, leaving the musicians to take the field alone. From a distance, Sojan watched as Arritit was about to set off. As a well-known patron of the musicians of Duwos, it was not unusual for her to converse with the bards. In her mind, Sojan counted through the bards, looking for Lyran. "Are you looking for me?" a pleasantly warm voice sounded beside him. Surprised, he realized that Lyran had snuck up on him. That was already a good indication that he might also be an assassin. "Indeed, I have." "Well, I am here and all yours, my unknown friend." "Sojan." He extended his hand to Lyran, but Sojan's eyes went over the body in a quick glance to see if there were any recognizable daggers hidden anywhere. "Pleased to meet you, Sojan Mahelgris of the far north." "You knew who I was?" "In honor of your family, this is all taking place, so I need to know such things." Lyran's cheeky grin almost completely hid the hungry smile that matched the hungry expression in his eyes. "And what can the honored guest of the evening do for a poor bard like you?" Lyran coquettishly cocked his head to the side and looked at Sojan from below. "Making music is hard work, my friend." It couldn't be that easy, or Sojan had been wrong about Lyran. "How can I provide rest?" Lyran stepped a little closer and bent over so that the center of his body touched Sojan. Sojan almost laughed out loud. If Lyran had the certain training, he relied far too much on his looks as a lure. "Relaxation is the better word," Lyran breathed, "Standing for so long makes your muscles stiff." A sip of wine was to prevent Sojan from really laughing out loud. At that moment Arritit joined in with an expression most would interpret as pleased excitement, but Sojan saw her hiding her annoyance underneath. "There you are, Nismo Lyran, I've been looking for you. The way you play the lyre, it's fabulous, and your voice first!" Sojan heard a slight grumble from Lyran, but the bard still had his smile on his face and now turned his attention to Arritit. "Nisma Arritit, I have heard much of your work. You are truly on a mission for the sake of Siharin." "And, as always, a lifesaver," Sojan commented. Her gaze went to him briefly, and he briefly pointed his eyes at Lyran. "What would you do without me again, dearest brother?" "By all means, I'd be home, stretching my legs and enjoying a relaxing evening by the fireplace. But I'll be happy to leave our bard to you." Only those who looked closely could see that Lyran disagreed. Sojan pulled back and looked for his mother, who could be found near a fireplace, as she often was. "Are you making enemies again, my son?" she merely laughed when he was within earshot. "I'm rather afraid I already have, though I'd like to know what I've done to have a royal assassin set upon me." "That's really interesting. I always thought I was the one who would eventually meet her end like that." Rahnirin gestured with her glass to Arritit. Sojan just nodded. "There are surprises in this life after all, Mother." "What are you going to do?" "What we always do." Her soft giggle told him she understood what he meant. After nearly a hundred years in the human dimension, and most of that time as the king's main merchant, it wasn't the first time an assassin had been sent after one of them. "Let the games begin," Rahnirin spoke loud enough that only Sojan could hear. "May the better man win," he added with a smile.
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pheita · 7 hours ago
A wonderful Sunday, my dear Tumblr friends.  I already washed the dishes and did the laundry, now I have time to write.  2 hours left till lunch. Sounds like a good start. 
Tumblr media
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pheita · 8 hours ago
The OC ask Succubus whispers in your ear:
What physical features does your OC most appreciate/look for in their sexual/romantic partners? Among them what aspect would be considered a deal breaker in terms of importance? What aspect is the most “take or leave”?
Ah, what an interesting ask @oc-ask-succubus I'll answer it for Lyran, since I think the last ask of yours was answered for Sojan. Of course, the general looks are the first thing he notices but not in the "Is he/she hot?" kind of way but what vibes they give him. Is it someone that feels safe or like someone who is easy to be around? He will see if the person he is interested in is on the same wavelength as he. Surely physical features are also of interest, but it is not that small breasts or a small dick is a dealbreaker, it is more, so he knows what he is in for. An absolute no-go is a disrespectful behavior, people who think they can take what they want or who think he is easy to get because he is a bard. Those who think they can use force on him will meet his small dagger he always keeps hidden for such moments.
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tiredfandomwriter · 8 hours ago
I have multiple wips and don't know what one to focus on
1. Vampire Family series
2. Found family fantasy lgbtq+ series
3. Demigod in a university
4. Rwby young Ozpin fic
5. Villain story
6. Wonderland superhero story
7. Dragon series
I could use help on what one I should focus on. I'm happy to give more details. Just help is needed.
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youandyourbeautifulsoul · 11 hours ago
May 4, 2021 11:40AM
Grey's Anatomy.
This series has already been running for quite a long time already. One of my previous interns, now my good friend wanted me to watch this. She bugged me every now and then. Since the pandemic started last year, a lot of people didn’t really have a lot to do or places to go, and of course I was one of them. This was when I chose to start watching it.
At first, I found the story too cheesy. There were a lot of relationship like stories going on but I then found some of them relevant. I might not know if some of the procedures done will really be the first choice of the real health practitioners, but this just makes me realize how much I really wanted to become a doctor. Or if I may correct myself, I still want to be one. Extending the life of a patient may not really be in our hands because it is and it will always be God’s call, but given the chance to at least try is one of the greatest things that amazes me.
House MD is still my first love when it comes to diagnosing diseases. But the passion for medicine showed in Grey’s Anatomy struck me pretty deeply. I have always dreamt of becoming a surgeon to be specific. A lot of people always tells me that I should pursue this dream. That they will be glad to see me and work with me. And that they know that I will be one of the best someday. But my fears and weaknesses always came first then affecting my life decisions. I have failed a couple of times and I have always had the fear of adding more to it. Because I do not know if that would be the cause of my greatest downfall. I am a person who does not easily accepts positive comments nor excessive gestures. This might be one of the biggest impacts of being bullied because of my physical appearance before. Because ever since then, I have always kept myself hidden as much as possible. I have never considered myself noticeable.
The chance to help patients along with their doctors and other health workers is the only thing that I hold onto in times like this. Thinking that I might not become a licensed physician someday, but having the chance to be part of their journey to heal and get well is already a big deal for me. My friend knew how much I wanted to become a doctor someday that is why she wanted me to watch this series. She knew that Meredith Grey’s passion towards medicine might be like mine someday. But sometimes, I already am accepting that being a doctor, or being a surgeon will already be one of those that I have to list under my greatest frustrations already. This might be one of the things that I have to learn to let go.
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drbibliophile · 11 hours ago
Find the Word Tag
Tagged by @catharticallysarcastic   Thanks for the tag!  
I’ll hunt through The Hand of Flame aka my unfinished Nanowrimo 2019 project.  Also Microsoft?  Your Sticky Notes should be able to stay on top of all the other apps.  That it doesn’t is Bad and Annoying.  
Tears threatened her eyes, but she was not going to cry.  There was no way in the Nine Planes of Hell that she would cry.  However, the past week’s work was gone, destroyed, and only because she made a mistake.  Not any mistake, but at least two beginner ones, mistakes she shouldn’t have been making at her grade.  
“You only say that because you have a thing for pointy ears.”  
Carali’s face flushed a dusky pink.  “No, I don’t.”  Malia raised an eyebrow.  “Well, not really, but Raphael is a handsome man.  I mean, he’s got the red-gold hair and those green eyes and his hands.  He’s got some really nice hands and we all know what you think about hands.”  
He sidestepped away from her attack. He aimed for her again.  He was taller, but she had the longer blade to keep him at bay.  She also had more experience with a sword.  If it came down to it, she would beat him.  She just didn’t always need to remind him of it.  Besides, they weren’t trying to hurt each other, just practice. She just wanted to be sure that what she’d done to his hilt hadn’t thrown him off.  They had done this dance many times before.  Yet, Malia sensed an edge to Jhalil’s attack.  He seemed to be annoyed, angry almost.  
She snarled at her inner voice. It really could be a complete pain in the ass sometimes.  Like now.  She didn’t need that reminder.  She had put up a good fight, but the fake Jhalil had used magic on her.  She knew that spell that had frozen her the moment it had started.  She had flashed backed to when she had experienced that spell before.  A thra-keen’s bladed arm flashed in her mind. She closed her eyes tight and willed that memory away.  She would not dwell on the memory.  She absolutely would not.  She needed to focus on escaping and getting away from the people around her.  
No pressure tagging @azuwrites @dragon-with-a-pen  @juls-writes @writing-is-a-martial-art @goblingraveyard and anyone else who wants to play.  
My words are fire, forge, gold, and steel.  
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desirably-blackandbleu · 13 hours ago
In a world where everyone is bored, I like people with emotion. Show me your excitement, show me your fears Show me your tears, the hurt that you've been carrying around for years. Let me show you who I really am, let me show you my scars Show you what it means to be loved by me, give you my heart I don't want to be like the world, I want to grow in love. But I can't do that if you keep me in a box.
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ericboydblog · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Submittable hope: These are all in-progress because they love my work and want to accept it ✨😊
Submittable likelihood: These are all in-progress because they marked my work "to decline" 🌧😔
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deviiancetv · 13 hours ago
OS// Starworlds Book 1 5/8/21
CH 4: Astromancer
Created by: deVii from @deviiancetv
Rating: teen, fantasy, life, grief
Summary: Tensions rise as The Wells adapt to a new member of the family.
Characters: Ginny, Dr. Wells, Michael Francis, and Astromancer
Song: In Motion by Trent Reznor
Author’s Note: the drama of it all... hope you enjoy ♡
~ Meanwhile Downstairs ~
Michael Francis and Damien began to show Astromancer around the house, showing him the many rooms and corridors.
Michael Francis: “And this is the kitchen, you’ll be in here more often than any other place... besides my room of course, where we’ll play video games and play with my ACTION FIGURES!!!”
Astromancer: “HAHA that sounds wonderful My Lord”
Astromancer turns to Damien.
Astromancer: “My Creator, you won’t abandon me with Lord Michael Francis will you? The pleasure of playing with children is wonderful, but I am programmed to do much more am I not?”
Dr. Wells: “Hah, of course, you are!! You’ll be coming with me to work most days or looking after Ginny and Michael Francis if I ever have to stay late in the office. I’ll demonstrate all of the necessities when it comes to cooking, driving, and combat, in case robbers try to break in. I did program you all of the basic fighting styles of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Robo-Wrestling.”
Michael Francis giggles: “Sksksk Robo-Wrestling teeheeheehee”
While the android and the guys were downstairs chatting and laughing, Ginny began to recuperate and prepare herself to go downstairs. She talked to Floppsy imagining that she could talk back to her.
Ginny: “Sometimes I wish you could talk, then maybe we could have common topics of conversation to talk about. What’s going on in your little bunny brain, huh?”
Floppsy tilted her head and stared in bunny, twitching her nose at what her human was saying.
Ginny: “And you’re just a bunny... don’t know why I even tried. *sigh* Come on Flopps, let’s go downstairs and see what they’re up to.”
Ginny paraded down the hall and glanced over the balcony of their two-story house/laboratory. She marches down the stairs, past the TV and furniture, down to the kitchen where she sees something that she’s shocked to look at.
Ginny: “OH. MY. STARS—“
Squeezing Floppsy tighter, Floppsy shivers and drops two pellets of bunny poop on the ground.
Astromancer, Damien, and Michael turn to see Ginny’s ghastly expression.
Dr. Wells: “Hey sweetie, you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost... and when did you get home?”
Ginny: “Yeah, No, and 4 hours ago... are you two not going to tell me WHO THE FUDGE IS THIS IN OUR KITCHEN!!!”
Michael Francis: “Ooh Dad, Ginny said a bad word!!”
Ginny: “I said ‘fudge’ not fu-“
Dr. Wells: “Hey, kids easy on the language, I don’t want Astromancer to be influenced by your young vulgarity. Ginny, I’d like you to meet Astromancer, Astromancer meet Ginny, she’s my daughter.”
Astromancer turns and extends his hand from halfway across the kitchen to greet Ginny.
Astromancer: “Ginny, I’ve heard such wonderful things about you. I hear you like to cool is that right?”
Ginny, hesitantly responds: “Uhh, yeah hehe, you must be the robot that my dad has taken 3 years to build right?”
Astromancer, smiles: “Precisely”
Ginny: “Huh, nice metal, where’d you find it Dad?”
Astromancer, interrupts: “I am made from some of the finest space metals, and Amethyst purple lining, and I have this special star-shaped processor that helps power me.”
Dr. Wells: “Haha okay Astro, that’s enough on telling Ginny about your body parts. Hey Gin, do you mind if we uh, go talk for a moment.”
Ginny: “I was just about to say the same thing.”
The two head off into the laundry room down the hall to speak in private, Michael Francis is left to look after Astromancer.
Michael Francis: “Astromancer, do you know how to order pizza?”
~ In the Laundry Room ~
Dr. Wells: “Okay, so tell me, what do you think? Is this my greatest invention yet?”
Ginny: “Dad, why? Why did you go about creating an AI android helper bot? You’ve made a ton of things in this house that is actually useful and have become national treasures, the built-in light on a keychain, the 10-minute mini-wash, and dryer set, you’ve even created an all in one app for weather and space phenomena... What was the reason for making a living- I think, robot man?
Dr. Wells: “Listen, I know school has been stressing you out, I’ve seen your grades, and I’ve put so much of the responsibility on to you to take care of the house, cook, clean, shop for groceries, look after Floppsy and Michael... I thought I’d alleviate some of the stress and add a pair of helping hands. Especially since your Mom's not here anymore.”
Ginny: “So you’re trying to replace Mom, aren’t you?”
Dr. Wells: “What, no. Ginessa I would never replace your mother, she’s the most amazing woman to ever had existed, but she’s not with us any longer, it’s been 9 years. I’m not saying we have to move on, but I wanted to relieve the stress of having you, my only daughter, waste your life to cater to me and your brother. I’m busy with work, traveling to conventions, meeting other scientists, and inventors, I can’t take the time to take care of you too.”
Ginny: “Then let’s try being a normal family for once and hire a nanny, a babysitter, an au pair, someone that can look after Mikey while we’re both busy... but instead you waste resources to create a hunk of metal junk that serves us no purpose besides helping when a human could’ve sufficed. Why can’t we just be normal people for one day...”
Dr. Wells: “Our family is far from normal, but I took the time to do something that I felt would benefit my kids, I love y’all so much. And it breaks my heart, that I can’t always be here to look out for you. Astromancer is going to change everything. You’ve just gotta get used to him. Okay, Gin?”
Ginny: “Nothings ever been okay, it’s not like you care anyway... you never have.”
Ginny ran out of the laundry room, Damien called after her.
Dr. Wells: “Ginessa?! Hey, get back here and apologize to me right now, GINESSA!!! *sighs*”
The doorbell rings, a stressed Damien leaves the room to go answer the door. He opens the door to see a tall lanky skater guy with piercings holding a box of pizza.
Pizza Guy, nasely monotoned responds: “Peppery Potters Pizza, The Hotter The Pizza The Lower The Price here’s your delivery dude.”
Dr. Wells, taken aback: “Dude? Listen ‘dude’ I didn’t order any-“
Michael Francis comes from behind
Michael Francis: “$12.25 correct?”
Pizza Guy: “Yuh.”
Michael Francis hands him the money and takes the pizza, Astromancer extends his arms from behind Damien to close the door. Damien confused at what just happened.
Dr. Wells: “When did you guys order pizza?”
Michael Francis: “While you and Ginny were arguing in the laundry room, we heard everything.”
Astromancer: “Is Ginny all right, Creator? I saw her running past us and dashing upstairs.”
Dr. Wells: “I hope so— You guy’s, or Michael fix the table, I’m gonna go check on Ginny. And put Floppsy in her dinner cage.”
Michael Francis: “Yeah I’m not doing that, come on Astromancer let’s dig in.”
Astromancer: “I’m afraid not my Lord, I can only be charged to receive nutrients.”
Michael Francis: “W e i r d.... Oh well, more for me!!” He grins in excitement about having an entire pizza to himself.
After her argument with her father downstairs, Ginny ran upstairs all the way to the upstairs balcony. The balcony was her safe haven, besides being in her room, the balcony was where Ginny would go to clear her head when she was stressed out and would go to observe the stars. The balcony had a large telescope, several bean bag chairs, a small coffee table, and a tarp to cover in case of rain. The balcony connected to the upstairs library and to Damien’s room. Ginny locked the door to the library and her dad’s room, to be alone, with her and her own thoughts.
Ginny, talking to herself: “Ugh it's so stupid and creepy to have a massive animatronic robot walking all around our house being annoying because it’s apart of his programming... What does he think this is, a space odyssey or a horror movie? All of a sudden ‘HE’ decides to give a crap about someone to take care of us. I’m 17, I can cook, clean, drive, I can do all of that on my own... but it sucks because I want to still have that innocence of a kid again without the pressure of what I’m going to do with my life... *sigh* Why is being human so confusing?”
Damien was on the opposite side of the library door listening to his daughter vent out her frustrations to the wind. He felt guilty and remorseful about his lack of being in her life to talk to her about her feelings of being a teenager.
Dr. Wells: “Hey... princess, it’s your awful Dad... sweetie can we please talk.”
Ginny’s frustration began to build, her body convulsing, her hair curling, a glow of red light forming around her, the wind began to blow as if a tornado was quickly approaching. The library balcony doors swung open, and to Damien’s surprise, he saw Ginny beginning to levitate in her fury. He slowly began to approach, and with shock, Ginny looked to see him, and a wave of red energy pulsed through the air within a 10-mile radius. Damien was blown back.
Dr. Wells, in pain: “— oof”
Ginny, yelled: “DAD!!”
Ginny quickly realized what had happened and sprinted over to his aid... barely phased by it, Damien brushed it off, took off his now cracked glass lens, and looked at his daughter.
Dr. Wells: “Ginny— I— Are you okay?”
Ginny: “Yeah, but are you okay? I don’t know what just happened... it’s like I just had no control over myself... I’m so so SOOOO sorry!!!”
Ginny hugged her father, holding him tight afraid of her own powers.
Ginny: “I don’t know what’s wrong with me...”
Dr. Wells: “It’s okay sweetie...” he murmured to himself “I guess your mother was right.”
Ginny: “Huh?”
Dr. Wells: “Nothing sweetie.”
Then, Dr. Wells looks out into the treetops and sees a bright dome-like orb glowing in the distance. Ginny glances up to see the same thing.
Ginny: “Dad, what is that?”
Dr. Wells: “I don’t know...
Suddenly, they heard the front door slam. The two quickly ran downstairs to investigate.
Ginny: “Guys this isn’t funny, where the fudge are y’all?”
Noticing Astromancer, Michael and Floppsy weren’t present in the house, they both stared at each other and said-
Ginny and Dr. Wells: “Oh no—“
They quickly ran out of the house, into the unknown...
(To be continued)
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benevolentbirdgal · 14 hours ago
“13″ Worldbuilding Questions About The Physical Landscape and Climate In Your Fictional Country
1. What bodies of water exist, both within and bordering the country? Are there large rivers, coastlines, lakes? What are different bodies of water used for? 
2. Are there any mountains? If so, are they accessible? Are they used for economic, spiritual, or symbolic reasons?
3. Is the country primarily urban, rural, or suburban? What is population density like? 
4. Is there enough arable land to provide for their own food needs? Enough to export? Are there large portions of the country that are not arable? 
5. Is it an island? If so, how does this impact the country and culture? 
6. Are there forests? What kind of associations do people have with them? Are forests scary, magical, both? 
7. What is the average temperature? What’s considered cold and what’s considered hot? 
8. Do people stay in one place or they move around regularly? If so, what drives this? 
9. Is there a kind of natural disaster that’s common and accommodated for? (i.e. hurricanes in the American south, winter weather in northern places). What kind of natural disasters are “once in a life time?”
10. Are there any artificial infrastructures connecting different parts of the country (i.e. roads, canals)? 
11. What are internal divisions of the country like? Where did they come from - politics, natural boundaries, something else? 
12. What do residents think of the physical landscape? What do outsiders and visitors think?
13. What are the natural resources? How do they impact the country?
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s-cry · 14 hours ago
The harsh words you said turned my loving heart to stone.
And the hot tears that I wept turned to fire in my bones.
A fight that I will always regret and a pain that I could never forget.
The foundation trembles beneath a future that hasn’t even started yet.
8 May 2021
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