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A poem I made because I hate what modern society does with those who have passed away.

Fleeing to the woods,

The only comfort may I find.

Running from the flames,

Wishing they weren’t so unkind.

The tree line opens its arms,

Welcoming me in.

The leaves conceal me instantly,

Letting me forget all that has been.

There is no fog,

No wood has been petrified.

Coming here,

All my needs are satisfied.

It’s no cliché,

There is no lurking witch.

You can do anything here,

Those who see do not snitch.

Never letting the wind break through,

Such a tranquil scene.

A perfect place to lay my head,

To not age past sixteen.

At a certain willow,

My fingers all curled.

You can find my body,

But I slipped into another world.

Where five minutes is five hours,

Everyone puts on rose tinted glasses.

And I make my home in a field of flowers.

The smell of my rotted corpse so foul,

Assaulting everyone who confronts it.

You tell yourself I am in this heaven,

A lie, I am still here rotting through in this pit.

It’s not supposed to be personal,

Yet everything was done to contradict.

My soul was dormant,

Sweetness of bring in a trance.

Now I awake to nothing but torment.

Interrupted the shock,

You have brought this new world to an end.

Back in what used to be me,

Now death is my only friend.

It was euphoric,

It was everything I needed.

Falling in love with this place,

I never felt like a burden.

Then you came here,

And kicked down my door.

My pain was revealed,

Seized, crushed, and hurled straight at the floor.

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Desire To Stray Away From City Lights On Winter Nights (1/25/21)

Winter nights

Wouldn’t be so hard

If I wasn’t left out to deal with the cold


I long for a small town,

With good friends,

And a sweetie to call my own.

A much needed warmth

During such a frigid season.

The coziness of a home,

Where the fridge is full,

There’s always good company,

And there’s somebody in bed

Beside me.

That’s all I want.

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You can’t find me where the sun is up and tan the skin. Catch me, if you can, when the dawn paints the sky of red and the morning is already cold. Catch me, if you can, at the sunset when the lands became dark and the ghosts walk around.

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Because of my inability to stop thinking of new stories I’m just going to be one of those people that has 5 stories I constantly strain myself to update <3

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A poem I made about letting go of them.

I don’t think about you every day anymore,

I don’t check for you in my emails.

Without you I’m healing,

I’m coming back on the rails.

I’ve been doing better,

After you I refined a lot,

Yesterday I burned your sweater.

I guess I just wanted you to know how hard I fought.

Now I can listen to the songs that came in August.

Those albums I bought don’t make me cry,

They’re hidden away in my closet.

Along with your memory that has started to die.

I miss my favorite clothes.

My vinyls haven’t been played since…

It’s okay though I’ve learn a lot,

I’ve learned to hear that song and not wince.

You’d be surprised at how mature I am,

My smile even came back.

I began reading again,

I even bought a new hardback.

This isn’t really about you,

Even if it was, you still wouldn’t listen.

I’m so close to where I want to be,

That is if I keep taking my Wellbutrin.

It’s become somewhat careless,

Relying on these drugs.

If I miss a day,

It feels like my head is full of bugs.

Of course that isn’t your fault,

But I could have been vain longer.

I guess it’s better to know now,

Because of you I’m so much stronger.

I say with confidence now,

I don’t love you.

In fact I never reminisce,

I don’t miss the things we used to do.

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There is something exquisite about you, you stir something inside me although I can’t exactly describe how I feel, it’s a strange feeling but it leaves me warm. There is something about your smile that is so enchanting I can’t look away. There is an uncharacteristic twinkle of crazy in your cinnamon eyes that can hold my attention for hours.

via @onesecondbeforesunset

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The Funeral Cabal

The moonlit night exposes your fear

The frantic ghost whispers in your ear

“Do as I say or you’ll be dead by morn.”

“I can’t see you! Who’s there?” inquires 21 year old Sophia, waking from a slumber in her comfortable bed.

“My identity does not matter,” says the masculine voice.

“Stop pulling my hair! You’re hurting me! Dad, help!” screams Sophia.

“Your Father is not home … your Mother is dead … you’re all alone little cherub.” He releases her hair.

“How do you know that my Mother died?” asks Sophia.

“I was at her funeral. No more questions!” cries the phantom.

“Okay, I won’t ask any.”

“Don’t turn on any additional lights. Go upstairs and open your father’s safe. Take out five thousand dollars. Put it in an envelope and place it outside the front door. Go back to bed.”

Sophia doesn’t like taking orders so she grabs a small flashlight from her purse and turns it on. The voice whispers in her ear, “Turn off the light!” When she doesn’t obey, the flashlight mysteriously flies out of her hand and smashes against a wall in her room!

Sophia, shaking like a leaf, decides that it would be wise to follow the ghost’s instructions. She walks as if she’s in a trance, up the stairs to her Father’s room. Lights are on and are sufficient enough to read the tumbler of the safe, behind a Wassily Kandinsky painting. She opens the safe and discovers an envelope addressed to Ronald Lunsford. Sophia thinks to herself, “Ronald Lunsford … I was at his funeral … back when I was in high school … I was in classes with his daughter Shelby.” She opens the envelope and discovers $5,000!

Sophia runs down the stairs with the envelope in her hand. The front door swings open, Sophia screams! Her Father walks in, sees the envelope in her hand then drops his head in sorrow.

“I was drinking one night, terribly missing your Mother, when I inadvertently killed poor Ronald with my car then left the scene of the accident. As you know, Sophia darling, he had a wife and five kids. He’s been haunting me for five years and for five years, I’ve been paying him $5,000 a month! I’m sorry that I was late. I usually place the money outside but tonight I was talking to a priest about turning myself in!”

Sophia takes a moment to absorb everything that her Father and Ronald told her then says, “No Father. We have the money. Keep paying Ronald. I’m going back to bed. I’ll make breakfast in the morning!”


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Creo que nunca te escribí a ti anteriormente, el porqué es un misterio. Si, la que siempre me causa problemas y con la que tengo más sentimientos encontrados eres tú. 

Sé por todo lo que has pasado, sé por toda  la mierda que has vivido, pero aún así; no es NADA comparado con el verdadero sufrimiento que otros viven. Y aún cuando eres consciente de esto, te vale madres y te sigues hundiendo en esa miseria cada vez más. Y por ende te sigues llevando a la gente entre las patas.

Quiero hablar contigo, decirte lo que siento. 

Querida Denash, te he visto crecer, vivir y pensar en que eras feliz, cuando no es así. Te tragaste las mentiras, te cegaste por el amor, porque solo de ello vivías, comías y deseabas. Amor. 

Una palabra tan pequeña, pero poderosa. Tanto que te destruyó a ti, y hasta donde sé, se supone que el amor es para construir, no para destruir todo a su paso. Pero felicidades mi niña, acabas de descubrir que también es un arma muy filosa de doble filo. 

Diste tanto amor que te quedaste sin el tuyo propio. Sé que son demasiadas, es más incontables las cosas de las que quiero hablarte, pero cada punto lo hablaremos a su tiempo. 

Ahorita es una concepción de lo primero que vino a mi mente de ti, no de lo que objetivamente es. 

Y pues es que la verdad, no sé cómo empezar. Y no porque no sepa de lo que te quiero hablar, porque by the way… si sé. Pero solo quiero explotar, a ver si con eso ya entiendes.

Ufff, necesito respirar. 

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No title or commentary for this poem, just don’t read if you get triggered by SA.

Your earbuds are making you bleed,

Yet you can’t hear a thing.

All you can think of is,

The upcoming chastening pain.

You remember how agressive he was,

Bruising up your leg.

Told you how much you wanted it,

While he held you down, making you beg.

Demanding him to stop,

Wanting to scream for someone,

But his weight crushing you on top.

Thank god you were interrupted,

You know it could have been worse.

Something inside you breaks,

All you can do is cry and curse.

You forgot for a damn good reason,

But even when the memory was covered by dust,

Still it sat close by to remind you,

There is no one who can earn your trust.

It’s such a privilege to be distracted,

Few moments to relieve you the weight on your back.

It’s one little reminder,

And then your potential will begin to slack.

The prescriptions you take hold together all they can,

Drown your sorrows in substance,

Just trying to forget that man.

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Sometimes I wonder.

There are people who will just use you for their benefits. And then?

Then. They will throw you away. Like you were never there in the first place.

Hurts much.

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I look at my mother

Then think of her mother


Then look at my father

And think of his father


And how they‘ve learned to live on

To live through the promises or proclamations

I‘ve made to my younger self.

Finding it hard

To mesh it onto life itself.

So I live on

And pray for them.

I’ll find the right time for them

To recommend them yoga

Because it is kind to meditate


To close YOUR DAMN EYES. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. BREATHE.

To let out what you’ve been hiding within yourselves underneath.

When you’re angry at the world

Or often getting mad at herrrr.

BREATHEE. Close your eyes. Think it out. Then breathe.

See the sun that has already been givuun

To you and me

Just breathe.

For you and me.

Let go.

Bad energy.

Blessed with a home.

Let out that energy.

Then breathe.

Remember who you are.

Remember who you were blessed to be past‘s past tense.

But I do pray yieldingggg

I love them both

Conscious of them both

And pray that they both find healing.

Sometimes its not the lover you‘ve had

That‘s damaged.

It probably,

The love that you have for yourself

Or for life that is damaged.

The way we look life


The giver of the sun.

Of the rain.

Then go away all of yesterday‘s pain.

In a Generation. I am

Still with the motherland.

With choices

Hereos of our own.

We are our own. Given choices.

So where will life go and where this will lead idk.

Im in a job calitalized by society but

Instagram might probably make my dreams a reality.

A quote repost on my feed about reality.

And the importance of breathing. dreaming.

Be more calm. Feel more small.

Then open your eyes and live it all.

In an imbalanced world.

It is all prophesied from the moment born

Beings that lives

Born with own set of eyes.

What will we our owned pair of eyes.

Own sense of mind.

The powers of a bless-ED eyes

The being blessed with a mental disguise.

Just rambles nonsense I apologize for no grammar checks 🙏🏾

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Kissa humari barbadi ka


Log humse aaj jab bhi puchte hai humari barbadi ki dastaan to hum suruat us ek naam se karte hai jiske bina akele se ho gye hai , kyoki wahi ek shaks hai jiske wajah se aaj ye humare halaat hai , usme galti sirf ek ki nahi humari bhi thi ke usse pehli mulakat me hi hume ishq ho gya or is ishq ke chakkar me humne na jane kya kya na kiya or is mukaam par aa thehre ke aaj barbaad logo me humara naam bhi sumaar hai..

Meri Barbadiyo Ka Kissa Yahan Se Suru Hua,

Main Unse Jab Mila, To Pehli Dafa Me Hi Ishq Hua..

Written by ketan shendey

Admin @_unkahidastaan

Wanna talk @iirreplaceable_me

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It doesn’t matter how many times life knocks you down, if you are determined and strong enough, you will get back up and move on. In every fall, you will have something to learn. Learn from your mistakes, get back up and walk on with the same spirit.

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“Game of Love”

A future in my mind…stolen.

I no longer get a choice

But when it comes to falling in love

I rarely do.

Every time

It gets taken away too soon

Before it really had a chance.

So why should I love?

When I never wanted to hurt.

Not a choice

In either one.

No release.

No break.

From one heartbreak to the next

When I could never love before

Love is a game

A risky game of chance

A game of maybes and what-ifs

But I don’t want to be an if.

If he isn’t mine then I’ll come back to you.

There’s always another she

And so there’s never me

For anyone

And nobody for me

Once again I’m alone

To feel the pain in my chest

And to learn to turn my cheek

And get past it again

I’m never enough

But I’ve alway had to try to be

Enough for me.

It’s getting harder to succeed.

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There is only one way to solve a problem - TO SOLVE IT

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