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heywriters · 6 months ago
{video description: a man standing in front of an abstract painting in-progress.
"One time I told a friend that I enjoy painting, and his response was, 'Oh yeah? Are you any good?'
And I was stymied in the moment, and I just today realized why.
Pretend instead of painting, I had said, 'I really enjoy going on walks.'
And then he had responded, 'Oh, are you a pretty skilled walker?'
What?! That doesn't follow. People go on walks to feel good not to be good. Not everything is about improvement or skill.
If I wanted to be good at painting I'd have to worry about composition, color theory, texture...taking care of my tools instead of just dumping them into a milk jug of water that I never rinse out.
I'm bored just listing that sh*t, let alone doing it.
If I had to be good, I would quit.
I paint because it takes me out of myself. The end result doesn't even really matter.
I'm sure some of you relate. That's why we get along. Thanks for listening, see you tomorrow!"
via @ abrahampiper on Tiktok}
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promptdumpster · a year ago
Me, the writer: "I should write the whole story before I post it."
Also me, the writer: "Let's post the first chapter now although I don't how to continue the story."
Tumblr media
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heywriters · a year ago
how do i write when i have adhd and cant even outline the first three chapters:( i always get stuck after three, get bored, and never come back. any advice ?
Writing with ADHD (by a writer w/ adhd)
1. Consume caffeine and/or do cardio for 30min before sitting down to write. Listen to music, a themed playlist perhaps. Do not log onto the internet or have any distractions nearby (books, pets, clutter, food, unfinished projects). Keeping a dohickey like a stress ball around or even a lightweight dumbbell is a decent proxy when your brain craves distraction. Chewing gum can also help you focus.
2. Don’t outline by chapter, I cannot get farther than five or six when I do that. Outline from beginning to end, but make sure to have a middle! Write a synopsis of what happens and break it into chronological chunks. Only outline by chapter once you’ve got a general outline of the whole story, and even then only outline a couple chapters at a time.
3. Write whatever comes to you, but keep it in order in your document. You want to write how your character discovers a secret, but you know that’s not until chapter 20. Write it anyway and title it chapter 20. Do this with every scene you’re inspired to write, then slowly fill in the gaps. If that proves difficult, it’s okay to make the reveal chapter 9 instead and connect everything with [and then this happened] so you’ll know to sew it up later.
4. However short or long the story ends up being, finish it. You can set a goal of 30 chapters, but if 10 is easier finish by chapter ten. Come back (much) later, reread, and add any new ideas you come up with. A short story is sweet! A novella is nice! Train your brain to write longer passages until it can achieve a story of the length you want.
5. (optional) Outlining is for people who can focus, just start writing somewhere and figure it out along the way. I had a very general outline for my longest novel, but mostly I made everything up and ignored it. Maintain focus, know your end goal, and even if you stumble there and take some shortcuts it still counts. Any messiness can be improved in future drafts.
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promptdumpster · a year ago
Me, the writer, naming a character that appears once in my fic after searching through at least 36 baby names websites.
Also me, naming my main character:
Tumblr media
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heywriters · 6 months ago
The relief I feel after writing two solid paragraphs of cohesive, linear storytelling has no peer. It's like paying off a debt a little at a time.
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therealglowup · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Remember your mind will believe what you tell it! Many people are still skeptic about manifestation, journalling and visualisation but I’m telling you I’ve done just that -and a little more to create the reality I’m currently living, my world is not exactly how I would want it to be, but I’ve done a whole 360 from being depression, suffering with major anxiety and panic attacks, we are most certainly getting there. The truth is there is power in writing things down, and I want to introduce you to the idea of future self journalling! Especially for 2021, it’s important that we keep or mental in a healthy and positive place daily...
How have I been feeling lately?
What is one thing from 2020 that I am proud of?
What and whom am I grateful for?
What behaviours do I need to change or replace in order to become my higher self/ future self?
How will these behaviour changes impact my life?
This year (2020) I overcame...
The nicest thing I did for someone in 2020 was...?
What does a ideal day look like for me in 2021
If money wasn’t a issue what would you do right now?
What can I let go off? What is no longer serving me?
How will I feel once I let go of certain things?
What are you ready to receive?
What does 2021 me look like and feel like?
What is something you haven’t done yet that you want to do?
What kind of people will I be attracting into my life in 2021?
Who or what do I need to give more attention too?
What can I do for my body that it would love.
What does a place of peace look like for me? (Write about all your senses)
For the year of 2021I will be earning
For the year of 2021 I will be .......
I declare ......
The word of 2021....
A quote for 2021
The colour of 2021 will be and why...
What 4 thing will you do to push yourself out of your comfort zone in the year of 2021
What’s one hobby I will take up this year?
A book, subject I’m planning to read or learn more about?
One thing I wishing will happen but mite not happen this year....
Places I would like to visit?
What are my personal goals and intentions for the year of 2021
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promptdumpster · a year ago
My characters @ me, the writer, when I put them in an unexpected angst scene:
Tumblr media
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heywriters · 4 months ago
{description: stitched Tiktok
" '...would you consider the 1980s to be historical fiction?' "
"You're gonna hate this, but the 1980s is absolutely historical fiction. So I was a kid in the '80s, and back then I thought that World War II was like the oldest thing in the world, but guess what? When I was a kid, WWII was 40 years earlier. For kids today, the 1980s is 40 years earlier.
Here, I'll do another one! When I was a kid I thought that like hippies, 1960s people, Woodstock were like totally ancient history, right? For kids today, that's Y2K. That's how long ago that was; 9/11.
I work in children's books, so I mean I deal with this a lot, and I recently sold a book set in 2005...that is historical fiction.
If your target audience wasn't born, it's historical fiction. Sorry?"
via Tiktok @ literaticat)
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iggy-of-fans · a year ago
Tumblr media
Your characters are like geodes. If you want to see what they're really made of...
Tumblr media
You have to break them.
I saw this years ago and thought I'd share it again.
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heywriters · 6 months ago
If I pick up a book and the first line is solid but the rest of chapter one doesn't interest me, I'll put it down.
If I pick up a book and the first line is basic, I may hop to line two just in case, and line three if nothing bothers me, and soon I might be into chapter two.
A great first line is a goal, not a requirement.
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