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writing-prompt-s · a day ago
A superhero and supervillain just discovered that they used to date. The irony that their hero-villain dynamic is healthier and friendlier than their actual romantic relationship ever was is not lost on either of them.
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Could you possibly do one where the villian finds out the hero is their best friend and freaks out because they could have hurt them? ThAnk yo:)
"No - don't."
Too late. The villain had whipped the mask off the hero's face. Then, the villain froze.
The hero stared at them, having expected some sort of triumph, or even unsatisfied anti-climactic gloating.
They didn't expect that. They didn't expect the villain's voice to sound quite so broken.
"How do you know me!?" the hero demanded, sharp with fear. They wished they could read the villain's face below their mask, entirely too aware of how every one of their own emotions was now exposed.
The villain reached out, and the hero flinched back. The villain paused again, fingers curling into a white-knuckled fist that seemed a terrible promise of violence, before dropping.
"How do you know me!?" The hero asked again, when the villain still said nothing, and seemed to only stare at them. Because if the villain knew who they were...that meant they could hurt the hero's friends. They could hurt Vic. Or...did that mean that the villain was someone who the hero knew? How could they have been so blind?
They wanted to pounce, to shake the villain until the truth rattled out of the villain's teeth. They couldn't. The restraints wouldn't let them.
But, that tone...
The hero's mind swirled, tornado-swept and ravaging through the possibilities.
The villain still wasn't saying anything. They weren't moving. It was eerie, and it made the hero miss the gloating, because at least if the villain was being a smug arrogant bastard than it would mean that something was awfully wrong.
"I didn't know," the villain said, almost pleading. "I didn't know it was you...if I'd known..." The villain's hand twitched, again, towards the hero's bloody lip before faltering and falling once more. "I hurt you. I could have killed you."
"I mean." The hero strove for normalcy, however raspy. "I'm not that easily killed."
The villain didn't seem to hear them. Their shoulders have slumped, with that same broken set as their voice had. It should have felt like some kind of winning and it didn't. It really, truly, didn't.
"Who are you?" the hero asked, in a softer tone, not sure they wanted to know the answer. Needing it, though, all the same.
"I'm going to untie you," the villain said. "Don't come back here. Not ever."
"I need to know who you are. How you know me. Your - your voice."
The villain knelt before them, undoing the knots with deft hands.
The hero didn't move, even though only a minute or so ago they would have taken every opportunity to attack, to run, to ensure that everything they had sought to protect didn't fall to ruin.
The villain must surely know that the hero wasn't going to stop? Wasn't going to let their plan continue?
"Go." The villain said. "Before I - before I change my mind. Before I - I don't want to hurt you."
The villain spoke as if they weren't sure they had a choice.
The hero rose unsteadily to their feet.
The villain didn't move. They stared at the floor where the hero had been, almost blindly.
The hero reached out, and the villain flinched back. The hero fingers curled into a white-knuckled fist, uncertain and explosive, unable to cup the enormity of what was going on into something understandable. They let their hand fall without finding a place on the villain's shoulder first.
"Please," the villain said. "Hale."
The hero ran.
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pens-swords-stuff · 23 hours ago
There's a tumblr post floating around somewhere that says "We think that if we get better at writing, it will someday stop sounding like we wrote it" or something along those lines.
Does anyone happen to have a link handy? I want to reference it in an advice post.
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screnwriter · a day ago
Hi, I don't know if you've done this before but can you do a enemies to lovers with fake dating prompts? Thanks :)
enemies to lovers — fake dating prompts
“ you fucking hate me. “ “ hate is a very strong word. “
“ would you just do me this one favor? “
“ maybe this will be a chance for us to see that we're not so different after all. “
“ if you want to kiss me, all you have to do is ask. no need to orchestra this whole ordeal just because you're too afraid to admit what you want. “
“ it's one weekend. “ [beat] “ is the sight of my face really that repulsive? “
“ you're too much of a wimp to be honest about what you want. “
“ don't flatter yourself. you're simply nothing more than a means to an end. “
“ what better way to piss off my parents than to date the one person in this world they would actually consider driving over? “
“ with your mouth on mine, there's less bullshit coming out of it. so i guess there's that. “
“ don't fucking speak, or you'll ruin everything. just sit there and look pretty, and maybe hold my hand. “
“ don't be such a grump. you should be honored. “
“ considering how you treated me last night — you're lucky i didn't kill you, so unless you want that to happen, why don't you shut up, and do this one thing for me? “
“ remember that time you stabbed me, left me to die? yeah, you owe me one. “
“ clearly, you're desperate. otherwise you wouldn't be here. “
“ i can't stand the sound of your voice — let alone the thought of kissing you. “
“ if i give you ten dollars, will you do it? “ “ i think that's an entirely different service, but sure. “
“ just kiss me. “
“ you? protective? boyfriend? “
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mayakern · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
What do you do when your husband has fucked up the most enduring relationship in his life? Rescue his boyfriend.
Firebrand, the sequel to Spitfire, is live on AO3 and will be updated serially with chapters going up early for my patrons!
Unabashedly queer and horny. A polyamorous dragon shifter romance.
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casualwriter · a day ago
Dialogue Prompts: “Again…”
1. “You’ve done this before.”
“Then you know what my reasons are.”
2. “You again?”
“The universe sure wants us to meet, huh?”
3. “So… we’re stuck.”
“It’s your turn to come up with a solution.”
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lamenade · 2 days ago
“there's nothing / more holy than holding / a man's heartbeat between / your teeth, sharpened with too much air.”
— Ocean Vuong, from “Night Sky with Exit Wounds: Devotion”, originally published c. 2016.
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novelbear · a day ago
confession dialogue prompts
"can we talk?"
"yeah..about that.."
"promise me you won't hate me?"
"i really don't want to lose you, please keep that in mind."
"i have this weird feeling when i'm with you, i can't explain it, but i know it's a good feeling..."
"i love you."
"i loved you!"
"please correct me if i've been reading this all wrong but.."
"don't even tell me, i already know. i just needed to get that out.."
"i like you. like a lot..."
"i just really enjoy spending time with you and you really have become someone very special to me and-"
"go on a date with me, just once. and if you still don't feel the same then i'll let it go."
"i know you feel the same."
"it's you. it's always been you."
"i've never seen you so nervous..."
"you're so cute."
"you weren't joking?"
" you're still asking if i feel the same? what do you think that kiss meant?"
"hey... calm down, it's okay."
"love is a strong word.."
"what the hell do you mean?"
"me? as"
"oh thank god, i thought i was the only one"
"i've been waiting for you to tell me..."
"you weren't as discreet as you thought."
"how long?"
"i'm so sorry but..."
"you must be confused."
"i think we need some time away from one another...i'm sorry.."
"i love you too.."
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writing-prompt-s · a day ago
You have passive mind-reading. You hear the thoughts of those closest to you. Rather than use it to your advantage, you instead use it to give precision compliments to brighten people's day.
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Short Prompt #219
"W-Why are we doing this again?" - the hero asked, desperate for clarification as they looked down at the tied-up captive.
"Because someone needs to teach this bitch not to go falling for villains." - Mentor explained, cracking their knuckles as the civilian at their feet trembled in terror.
Hero's uncomfortable and unsure expression went unnoticed by their mentor as they neared Civilian with ill intent shining in their eyes. Mentor's arm reared back in a punch, and the captive tensed up and snapped their eyelids shut, preparing for pain.
However, as a THUD sounded next to them instead, they flinched and reopened their eyes, shocked to see the older hero's body on the ground, now unmoving. The civilian's tear-stricken gaze fearfully drifted to the younger hero, who slowly kneeled down beside them.
"I- I'll get you out of here." - Hero said, carefully laying a hand on the other's shoulder. "I just need to-"
The door suddenly flew open, banging against the wall as everything around them slowly became covered in ice. The hero barely had time to register the bloodlust in Supervillain's eyes as spikes of ice suddenly emerged from the floor and lunged straight for their-
"THEY HELPED!" - Civilian yelled suddenly, the icicles stopping just millimeters away from Hero's throat, making them flinch back and away from the tied-up captive, who continued speaking. "T-They knocked Mentor out. P-Please don't hurt them."
The hero swore that they saw the supervillain's features soften for a split second at their partner's worried tone. But as quickly as it appeared, it also vanished.
The master criminal stared down at Hero for a few moments, simply watching them cower in the corner of the room. And deciding that the hero was probably smart enough not to start a fight, Supervillain approached their lover and swiftly picked them.
The two of them then left without another word, leaving Hero alone with their thoughts and letting them make up a story about how 'Mentor got knocked out by the supervillain and the hero themself threatened into cooperation, allowing Supervillain to steal back Civilian.'
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void-fireworks · 2 days ago
To all you authors out there, here’s a little advice that will help you so much. 
Do not write for other people. Yes, this sounds like classic writing advice, but I’m going to go deeper into it. Because I realized today what that actually means.
When you write for other people, you find yourself constantly being anxious over how they’ll perceive it. As you’re writing you’ll be looking at it like “there’s no way anyone will ever like this.” You’ll point out every flaw and that just makes writing a burden. You’ll get writer’s block or quit writing altogether, because it’s just not fun anymore.
So instead of doing that, just...turn off that part of your brain that points out the mistakes and tells you people won’t like it. Save that for later. It might be hard to do this, but you’ve got to understand that you’re telling this story for yourself, and that at this point it doesn’t matter if it sucks or not. That’s for your other drafts. 
Enjoy the writing. Smile when you make some cheesy joke, even if you know you’ll have to delete it later. Write out the parts that you like about the story, whether or not they matter to the plot.
Writing for other people has its place, but that’s for after you’ve written for yourself. 
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Prompt #551-600
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Prompt #600
Here you can find all the prompts!
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Healthy vs Unhealthy Comparing
Comparing yourself to another writer in a healthy way: gleaning inspiration, seeing ways to improve your writing, getting excited by the way they write and wanting to try out pieces of how they write in your own writing to see if it works with your style
Comparing yourself to another writer in an unhealthy way: putting your writing down, saying “I will never be this good,” getting discouraged, making yourself want to quit writing.
I understand it can be difficult not to fall under the unhealthy comparisons when you see a writer who just seems so far beyond you but remember: everyone’s been in your position at some point. Hell, for all you know, that person is looking at your writing, being like “damn I wish I could write dialogue flawlessly like them.”
Everyone has their vices with writing; everyone has that thing they do imperfectly, that brings them discouragement from time to time. That is just part of being an artist.
However, don’t let it stop you from your passion. Keep writing. Keep improving. You can and will be better, if you keep going.
Happy writing!
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superbeans89 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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chaoschaoswriting · a day ago
Scottish Gothic Aesthetic
Tumblr media
If you stay in the forest too long, the pine trees move closer together to make an artificial night. That’s a bad sign.
The bus station junkie is confusing but wise, if you don’t thank him for his time, the worst will come to pass. 
Abandoned miners union halls ring with light and laughter on Burns’ Night. Don’t enter. 
The bones of great giants jut from the ground in the north, climb with care. 
 The gaping wounds left by crofting cottages are still bleeding - new inhabitants should make room for the spirits dispossesed. 
The last mainland to island Ferry may stop in the sea fog - go below deck. 
Hunting lodges have never been safe havens for local people, but they might trap visitors with false charm. 
Feed the bothy a share of your meals, or you may find yourself lost in the hills. 
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lamenade · 7 hours ago
“the difference / between prayer & mercy / is how you move / the tongue.”
— Ocean Vuong, from “Night Sky with Exit Wounds: Devotion”, originally published c. 2016.
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