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I’m writing hella smut right. I use Google Docs for portability, ease of use and material interface. TELL ME WHYYYY I JUST GOT RECOMMENDED “TESTS” INSTEAD OF TESTICLES I CANNOTTTTT

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I’ve written out the timeline for you so beautifully!! Why won’t you just follow?!?!

Why must you INSIST on going on another side quest when i have an adventure so intricately planned out for you!!!!

You know what? I give up!

I give up writing!

You want to act like that?

You, my dear character, are going to be writing yourself.

Since you so insist on having your adventure instead of following the plot i have written out, you are on your own from now on. 

Write your own story, you little brat!

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Me giving me oc’s sad and obscure traits in my book: hell ya

Me realizing that I relate to my oc’s even though I didn’t mean to write it based off of myself: oh

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Here’s a small update about this unknown story that nobody would ever read anyway lmao

- As you may know, the draft for PART 2 was finished on January 7, 2021. I put a lot of effort in it and I think it’s really good and emotional, and I do feel a little sad about never publishing it since I worked so hard on it;
- My intention was to revise PART 1 and PART 2 by taking out all the false info, making it more accurate as possible. This would require a lot of time.
- My other intention was to publish PART 1 again, but with a difference: I would post only the most “interesting” extracts/chapters, and I would just write a summary of what happens in the other chapters. The story would be significantly shorter and easier to read but anyone reading (= no one) would still have a general understanding of what’s going on, what could have gone on, the reasoning behind actions and decisions in the story and so on. The same would happen with PART 2.
- Of course, PART 3, the last one, still has to be written. Unfortunately with work and uni classes, I am having a difficult time finding time for other stuff.

Just wanted to write this intention out. At least know that I did think about what to do! 


- Alex

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Hey, I know it’s late
I’m at the place we used to
Sorry for bothering you
But I just need someone to talk to
I have voices deep inside
And they’re begging me to stop the hide
I can’t keep them inside
They’re stronger everytime
And I know it’s been a while
But I just need you beside me
I’ll take the fault every time
If that will keep you by my side
And I know I’m wrong for you
But I can’t seem to give up on you
I can’t be on my own
The pain keeps getting worse
And nothing else seems to work
The smoke gets denser
The drinks expensive
The metal next to my veins
Does nothing do ease the pain
I know I’m too much
But please, just for tonight
Stay by my side
Tell me all the right things
Say that you are mine
That you’ll be with me all the time
Come morning you can go back
And I’ll pretend everything’s alright
Baby it’s 3 am
So come and tell me what I am

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Following the story of Two young fools through growth, love, confusion, and lack of control, within a supernatural world.
Everett Porter is a young teen who is entering adulthood. In desperate need to take control of his torrent life, he flees from his isolated home to a small fishing town of Logwood Bay in hopes to start a new. Along the way meeting another man named Ash, who will change his whole perception of himself and his feelings. 

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Most people see only our outline as they pass us, few see the rest of who we are.

They make judgements based on a fleeting glance, a first impression, one or more moments of lust, rage, passion.

We each have a lifetime inside us, a whole world of thoughts, imagination and dreams.

Do not be merely an outline because they would not take the time to see all of you.

Do not let others make you smaller, do not become less to satisfy someone else’s false expectations, do not live in a box because others fear what might be outside the walls.

No backward steps, my friend no giving in.

No more needed, no less wanted.

Let who you are breathe deeply amidst the tears.

For the future is in you,



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God calls Goose

Life is frightening or boring. Seldom in between.We grow up educated into fortune telling.Preparation, and expectation, share the quiet partthat both of them are predicated on prediction.Gambling, just, the pessimistic edition.Track all the ways shit goes sidewaysand put money on it. Preempt. Ensure.

Guaranteed duck nine times out of tenjust not the one time God calls Goose.Ten bucks says today.…


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Everything will try to make you weak when you will try to become weak.


Rahul Roaring RC


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I’ve had a go at making a feminist relaxing chatbot 🙌🙌 if u fancy a friday night chill give it a whirl


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I don’t know what’s going on with me. 

I feel like I have an uncomfortable amount of energy going through my body.

I feel so sad and alone and I can’t get my head to stop thinking about it. 

I feel like such a fuck-up, making bad choices and screwing over everyone else in the process.

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know what to do.

It feels so bad right now. 

I couldn’t stop crying and I told him I had been thinking about hurting myself again. Like how crazy is that? Hasn’t been a thought in my mind since I was 16 and four years later, I have become increasingly fixated on it. 

My face feels so warm. Is that a side effect of the new medication or am I just freaking myself out? 

I, no longer, have a lump in my throat.

That’s good at least. 

I feel like I am just spewing onto the page.

I have such little motivation to do anything. I thought a new major would excite me and make me want to do well but everything is always just the same. Why can I not be happy with anything?

Why do I feel like I have no purpose?

I keep trying to find things that I want and I get excited and want to appear like this is my calling and my passion and really I am just faking it deep down. I’m not actually interested in anything. 

I’m just pathetic to everyone. My roommate came into my room and told me how messy I was, but I just don’t have the energy to clean my room. They know I can’t stick to my word. They know I don’t go to class. I’m just this funny loser who makes everyone else feel better about themselves. 

I don’t have the energy to respond anymore. Not to even my best friend. Conversations are boring and exhausting and I just don’t need the pressure of constantly responding. 

I should stop telling people my problems. They always ask to know but I don’t think that will make me happy. They’ll just think I’m exaggerating anyways. 

I hope this new medication works. I really am hoping for things to be better. 

My boyfriend kept saying I’ll get through it and I have to keep fighting. I just kept wanting to say “I know this is morbid but if this is how life is, I wanna stop fighting.” I’m so tired of feeling like this. Just ups and downs constantly. Neverending. Cannot breathe when I sleep. Feeling alone so much. Everyone’s doors shut. Only see him at night.

I’m so manipulative. I love making people feel bad. I just don’t talk about it. Or I lie and say I don’t. 

I really don’t feel like a good person on the inside sometimes. I think I am a good person, but I have some really nasty traits and I don’t actually know if I am ever gonna really address them.

I don’t wanna write anymore. 

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I still remember who we were that night.

I watched the stars dim with each word that tripped past your imprisoning lips.

I drowned in the waterfalls of moonlight that softened the edges of your twining hair.

I tangled my soul into your heart that used to beat for someone else.

It’s in the days

Where I vanished into your eyes and drowned in the thrill of falling,

with you holding another’s gaze in your thoughts.

It’s in the hours

Spent wrapped around your smile,

not knowing it was caused by another’s touch.

It’s in the love

I felt in every breath I took,

the care I put in every stroke against your cheek,

while your heart was yearning for a name that isn’t mine.


I still remember who we were that night I lost myself in you,

The night I lost you too. 


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Hi nice to meet you I am repulsed by Christianity I like pitbulls I like Nine Inch Nails the worse

a storm gets the better I feel if I

could stand before a fucking tsunami you know I would

if it weren’t for Kurt Cobain I would have killed myself but it’s because of Kurt that I knew exactly what age to die and

yes I forgot to take my meds and

yes I’m addicted to amphetamines

and yes I wish you’d pin me down and carve me a Glasgow smile because that scar in my eyebrow and those

two white parallel lines on my cheekbone

aren’t as fucked as I feel, baby.

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my goal in life is to reach a skill in every art form that allows me to enjoy it without being proficient at all 

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I was tagged by the lovely and ever-friendly @seaspiritwrites. Thanks, dear! <3 Here goes!

coffee shop or flower shop – alternate universe or fix-it – enemies to lovers or childhood friends – angst or fluff – love at first sight or piningmodern au or historical au – soulmates or unrequited – fake dating or secret datingbreakup and makeup or proposals and weddings – get together or established relationship – oblivious pining or domestic fluff hurt/comfort or crack – meet the parent or meet cute

Failing to think of anyone to tag, but if you want to do it, I say go for it! :) Also: This may or may not be a reflection of both the Pemzim/LOK fic and Symbiosis, so… Mild spoiler alert? Maybe? Xoxo

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