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#writer friends


I’m looking for a long time critique partner.

(Ages 15-17)

I’m 15, a newbie writer, and I write romance and speculative fiction. I’ll read any genre you write.

We’d critique each other’s works and provide each other with feedback or ideas on how to improve.

We’d encourage each other to work past being stuck with ideas or suggestions. And support one another when feeling discouraged in our writing.

We would pretty much just be good writing friends. :)

Feel free to send me a message!

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No worries! :D

I’m so glad to hear you like them! Really if they are any fun to read that’s all that matters.♡

They are fun to write and help me formulate my thoughts, making me think deeper about single aspects of the story I tend to neglect for the bigger picture. They are probably really spoiler-y😂 and I’m not sure how well they fit the writeblr theme, since people normally post their writing itself and not metanalysis about it XD

If anyone feels like they are fun or leaves a reaction to them, all the better, but they are here mainly for me. 😁😂

I’m super honored you take the time to check out my blog at all, so don’t worry about replying to anything. I always love to hear your insights, but there is no pressure whatsoever to anything 💫💫💫

Thank you so much for reading them, warms my heart you like them😂they feel a bit more justified.

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Hi Maria! 

Let’s see… first impressions! I’m gonna change up this question a little bit and say how a few of my OCs come across to others on first meeting. 

People usually can’t quite get a read on Aris, except for the fact that she is quite smart academically, but rather slow to pick up on social aspects. She can come across as reserved, stern, or even cold. In reality, she’s just analyzing the other people she’s meeting and thinking really hard about not accidentally saying anything too blunt/accepting a handshake even though she doesn’t want to/using the ‘correct’ tone of voice.

J was raised a princess and politician, so she has a lot of masks. It can take a long time to figure out which is the true person underneath vs. which personalities are built to suit the situation or what she thinks people around her expect her to be. The constants being that she’s always extremely polite, diplomatic, and well-spoken. She chooses her words carefully, and it can be hard to tell what she really thinks until you truly get to know her. With time/familiarity, she’ll gradually drop some of the pretenses, and you can learn to read her small cues. In looks, she appears delicate and even frail, but she’ll quickly prove to you she shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Rose comes across as quite childlike and exuberant, which she is! She’s naturally social and eager to put forth her best, most cheerful self when making friends. With time, her sensitivity and depth of feeling comes to light. Contrary to some beliefs, Rose is not a dumb blonde, and she’s actually very perceptive about people, easily able to pick up on their moods and reflect them back. 

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Hi Hannah! 

I know for a lot of writers, they have a certain writing routine they swear by in order to write every day, but I’m not really able to follow a strict routine. Trying to force myself to write when I don’t have much inspiration is more frustrating than fun, and for me, writing should be as enjoyable as possible because I do it as a hobby and its good for my mental health. Not to mention that during the school year, I can have periods where I’m just too busy with classes and work and activities to have much time for writing. 

This isn’t exactly something I swear by, but I’ve seen few writers who write in the way I do, with interconnected short stories based around the same cast. I know it might not be super common, but it kind of makes me feel bad sometimes that I don’t have a Big Fancy Plot like a lot of writeblrs. :( 

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No worries! I don’t even play every week, RIP! 

ANYWAY, bad memory OCs you say? I think that would be Rose, Tavi, Aris, and Rissa. Specifics below! 

Rose can be quite forgetful because she’s easily distracted. She changes from task to task without taking the time to make sure she’s taken care of everything. She can’t help it, really, she’s just very energetic! She is very good at remembering small details about her friends, however. Her only trouble there is that she sometimes forgets something was meant to be a secret or a surprise and doesn’t remember until after she’s already told.

Tavi has ADHD. It’s more common than she would like that she just loses a task she knows she needed to do. Basically, that means she has the nagging feeling there’s something she missed, but she can’t for the life of her remember what it is. 

Aris is incredibly smart, and as a doctor and scientist, she is good at memorization and taking in large amounts of complex information quickly. However, she always has so much going on in her mind at one time that some things get buried in the thought avalanche. She sometimes has to rely on her scientist’s ability to predict the most likely outcome to get by without being able to remember a step. She also has autism, which sometimes makes it difficult for her to put her many ideas into words. She knows what she wants to convey, but the specific words just…won’t go.

Rissa has endured serious trauma and injury. Between the many treatments needed for her recovery and the amount of pain she was in (which sometimes caused her to disassociate so she could keep functioning,) there are chunks of time which are essentially blocked off in her mind. She knows time passed, but she can’t remember events that took place.  

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I was tagged by the wonderful @ajbrooks-writes​ to find the words: weapon, slow, great, hold I will be pulling from all my works because i-I know these aren’t in just one. 

Weapon-From a written piece where I explored Rose meeting Jay who belongs to @freemansmockingjay​ from her series Mockingjay. (Check it out!)

“I’m also a serial killer.”He added.

“That’s correct.”She nodded, sounding rather matter of factly.

“Meaning I could kill you.” He spoke, gesturing to the weapon in his back pocket. Rose paused for a few moments.

“Well, I think that if you wanted to kill me, you would have by now instead of asking me these questions…So I think I’m okay.”

Slow-from chapter one of Shadows of the night

“Roxas.” George’s voice joined the loud chatter which filled the sinful room, but it was easy for Roxas to pick it out through the noise. His voice was loud, clear and authoritative but had this underlying low tone throughout his words. His son walked over, resting his arms on the table before holding up his hand to gesture for a drink. When the drinks were brought over, Roxas turned his head to look at his father whose eyes were focused on his own glass, slowly swirling it, the ice cubes clinking against the glass while he did.

“That girl, you like her?” George asked, bringing the glass to his lips once more.

Great-From the prologue of NO/BiNaRy- a new wip I am building up (Maybe I’ll make an official WIP) 

The great Litherium Dome, capital city of the binary movement, the…Only city that survived the RESET of society in 2071. 300,0000 residents, each of them fitting beautifully within the binaries given to them at birth. Male, female. 399,0000 perfect subjects.

-And then there’s me. 

Bethany Greene, F2901206. But you can just call my Bailey.  Why am I different you may ask? Well, I don’t fit the binary. Not like everyone else in this city, in this world of female and male, pink and blue, jerseys and dresses.I am none, Neither and nothing in between.

I’m a glitch. 

But this isn’t my story, no. 

This is our story. 

Hold-From a (CENSORED NAME) X Belle one shot (I can’t give up a spoiler like that now, can I?) 

Strobe lights flashing, music so deafening it drowned out everything other than the lustful whispers and a beat that pulsed through the nightclub keeping the very place alive- Belle’s heart had synced up harmoniously with the repetitive throb of the bass. She was on the dancefloor letting her body move to the music however it pleased. Her hips swaying seductively to the rhythm while her fingers became tangled in her golden curls. This was the excitement, the fun that she had been aching for- an escape away from the responsibilities and expectations she was supposed to uphold. She could just be free, though it seemed like the young woman couldn’t escape the eyes of those around her- staring in awe at her presence; hypnotised by the sensual dance.

Thank you again for tagging me and I’m sorry I took a while. I’m going to be tagging: @freemansmockingjay @theadrianticsea @quilloftheclouds @lord-fallen @reeseweston @maple-writes @cincinnat-i

With the words: Alone, droplets, desire, drowning, invisible, maybe.

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Oh, thank you! 

12. How do you deal with self-doubt?

Uhhh not very well. :/ I’m prone to second guessing everything I’ve just written like…right after I’ve finished a major plot point or something. I’m too afraid of writing something people won’t like, or when the finished product ends up WAY different than the outline and I’m not sure if that’s a positive thing or not. Sometimes I talk to friends about it, but sometimes you just have to set aside whatever it is so you don’t compulsively delete it and just feel sad for a bit. 

13. How do you deal with writer’s block?

Put aside that project and start on another idea, whether it be a new writing format, a roleplay, an AU, fleshing out a short scene idea I had…If you ever want to know why it seems like I can’t get WIPs done? This is why. But I feel like it’s better to at least be writing some words rather than no words at all? Even if the words aren’t devoted to the place I’d most like them to be at that moment. 

16. Ridiculous things you’ve done for worldbuilding?

A list of Nonsense Dove Has Done:

  • Created an entire presentation about the different sorts of magic available in-universe, why the magic system sub-populations are Like That, how magic is usually passed down, people’s beliefs about it, etc. (Maybe this will be useful for a writeblr project someday? I don’t know.)
  • Begun the overwhelming task of crafting a WorldAnvil, only to work on it in sporadic bursts with months in between.
  • Kept a document which lists the name of every single person in the cast and the meaning of that name if applicable. (That really needs updating…)
  • Kept a document of all the words I know so far in the Constellan conlang and also asked my friend to make an alphabet of pictographs for me. (She did it, amazingly.) 
  • Tried and failed to make a map.
  • Filled out waaay too many character questionnaires. 
  • Googled to find nonsensically specific information that would never be mentioned more than a few times (ex: What minerals can you find in the desert? What temperature range do birch trees grow in? Would this fruit I’m mentioning in passing be able to grow here naturally or would it have to be imported? In what year did this medical equipment come into common use?) 
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Well here’s an interesting one! I would say yes, most of them do because the majority of my OCs have longer hair and conditioner is good to make the ends less tangly and difficult to work with. Ash, however, does not, since their head is mostly shaved. They just scrub on a bit of shampoo and are good to go! (They tease their partner Aris because she takes so much longer in the shower by comparison.) 

I’ve had to go through SO MANY shampoo/conditioning regimens in my life because of sensitive skin and allergies, so now all the brands basically run together in my head -laugh cry- But I know some types they might need or prefer over others, like:

  • Ione uses hair products designed for natural Black hair to keep her tight curls healthy. She most often wears her hair in box braids. She would also have some sort of hair care product to use on occasion to keep the dyed portions from fading.  
  • Rissa has some curl to her hair as well, but not near as much as Ione’s, so she can use products for “wavy” hair. 
  • Tavi uses products that strengthen hair to prevent breakage, especially the ends. It helps cut down on tangles, and as an added bonus, it keeps her feathers in her bird form in good, sturdy shape! 
  • Azura would use a lot of natural products made from plants and oils. (I remember a brand called Tea Tree working really well for me for a while, and it smelled nice, too!)
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Hey there! I wouldn’t call any of them necessarily established, but lots of them have art-related hobbies!

  • Aris is very Science Minded™, but she’s also quite good at Constellan calligraphy! 
  • Ash likes welding! 
  • Azura enjoys both gardening and arranging flowers she grows!
  • Beth is a photographer, especially of the natural world and her friends!
  • Ione is a skilled visual artist. Her favorite is painting, especially abstract. 
  • J has been a lifelong pianist, and she also composes her own songs. 
  • Katri likes to write! She’s also studying calligraphy with Aris. 
  • Liz doesn’t consider herself very artistic, but she enjoys watching artists work and visiting museums, exhibitions, and the like.That said, the light shows she can create with her spell-work are often considered works of art by awestruck friends. 
  • Rissa can use her hydrokinesis to create her own ice sculptures, as well as frozen flower bouquets and snow globes! For just water, she can make various fountain effects and tricks with light!
  • Rose enjoys designing and making her own clothes! It’s a very practical skill these days, but to her, it’s also an art form. 
  • Tavi, like J, is quite musical. She plays guitar, writes lyrics, can mix tracks, and also rap verses. 
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Tumblr isn’t letting me send STS asks…again. So, here’s today’s question for all the gang! 

What other characters (from books, TV, movies, plays, video games, tabletop games, anything!) do your OCs remind you of? Bonus: Tell us why!

Tagging the usual group! As always, no pressure to play, and you’re also welcome to join in without being directly tagged!

@waterfallwritings, @chaos-writing, @uraniumwriting, @knightedwriter, @dove-actually, @dotr-rose-love, @toboldlywrite, @corasnowbooks, @homesteadchronicles, @cogesque, @lady-redshield-writes, @cjjameswriting, @theshadowsofthenight, @insearchof-solace, @hannahs-creations, @thewrittenpost, @musicofglassandwords, @chauceryfairytales, @golden-eyed-writer, @incandescent-creativity, @jaimistoryteller, @quilloftheclouds, @ravenpuffwriter, @victoria-writes-sometimes, @jade-island-lives, @no-url-ideas-tho, @rhikasa, @raevenlywrites

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Most recently, I’m excited to get to the next reveal of a major character which is in a few chapters and happens to be the series’ first major antagonist. But more than this, in twice as many chapters, said antagonist is going to challenge Schuyler (MC) in her own home and reveal she has been keeping a secret from the club and audience.

Which is ironic, because I made such a big deal about Sky making a point to enter the club being totally honest and trustworthy, knowing the lies were right around the corner. The reveal of Sky’s “dirty secret” is the beginning and the rest of the story consists of turning over every stone and checking every dark corner for secrets and lies.

Thanks so much for the ask! I appreciate the interactions. I’ll be answering questions all day for Storyteller Saturday!!

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I was tagged by @sunlight-and-starskies !! Thank you so much for tagging me!

Name: Char

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 5′2″

Sexuality: Bisexual

Hogwarts House: I know nothing about Harry Potter lmao

Favorite Animal: Snakes!!

Average Hours of Sleep: currently it’s between 6-8 hours

Current Time: 00:53

Dogs or Cats: I have a miniature dachshund named Mr. Weenie and he’s 6 years old and I love him so much!!

Blankets You Sleep With: Only one

Dream Job: Author!

When I Made my Blog: August 2017

Followers: 565

Why I Made a Tumblr: To share my writing via the writeblr community and have the opportunity to interact with other writers :)

Reasons for my URL: I write lmao

Tagging: @qelizhus @arynneva @childrenoflight-darkness-nothing, but anyone else is free to do this!

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