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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Being a writer means allowing your true self to express itself. Being a writer means welcoming creative ideas without questioning them. Being a writer means discovering different parts of your psyche and learning something new about yourself every single day. Every character, every scene, every word you use at some deeper level, is just a reflection of who you are.

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The moment when you are commuting, think about your WIP, a scene pops into your head with a topic you never thought of, and then you make yourself sad by how the scene plays out in your head. 
Yeah, that is writing. 

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Ok, so an addition to yesterday’s post.

Called the doctor about my toe and exactly what would need done. They say I’ll be needing a procedure done on my foot and that afterwards I won’t be able to walk for a few days. So we postponed the procedure till Friday or Saturday (I can’t remember which). That way I can help cook and stuff on thanksgiving. I didn’t need to leave the house. So on the bright side I get to stay home for a little longer. Downside is I have to have some form of surgery on my toe. Ugh.

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NaNoWriMo is always difficult and this week was no exception. I still have a lot of catching up to do, so let me just say that I’m writing as much as I can and am excited by the progress I’m making. It finally feels like my WIP is coming together and that is definitely a testament to the work I’ve put in this month.

Whether I win NaNoWriMo or not this year, I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made this month.

2020 Word Count: 69,883
Novella Progress: 9,331
WIP 2nd Draft Progress: 83,173
NaNoWriMo Word Count: 33,128

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What is in my heart, if not the desire for home? Undoubtedly, I pray for a fixed place in the world like the stars in the sky and the stones within the earth. His question rings in my ears, tolling like the groan of the bronze bells of the island fastness where once I been loved. What do you do now?
The challenge in his eyes is clear cut as diamonds on jeweller’s cloth, the edge to his words almost rattling like a coin upon a table. What are you willing to do? How far are you willing to go to?

-Extract from Val 7, BOOK 9 of The Thirteen Kingdoms series

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I’m on the fifth chapter of “I’m gonna lure you into the dark” and I’m still wondering how to introduce the kids, since I’ve never written one in my fics before.

I guess it’s research time.

btw fanfic is helping me forget that I’ll go back to teach ina school where people are already getting infected with COVID -.-

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Fantasy Guide to the Medieval Household (The noble family)


*I may have sang that in the Addams family theme*

I often get asked what goes down in the noble household of a lord, an Earl or a Duke & how the family unit usually worked. So I have decided to compile everything one needs to know in this guide. If you are looking for the description of the actual house of the family or the jobs of their servants, check these links.

The Lord/Title Holder


So the Lord (or insert any noble title & insert other genders, its really that simple) is the head of the estate as well as the household & family unit. They were in charge of hearing the troubles of the tenants either local or from afar depending on the severity of the case being heard and the size of the lands ruled by the lord. They would adjudicate criminal and civil matters. They would also meet with the alderman and other servants of both the household and estate such as their Marshall and steward to oversee the accounts and protection matters of the land. Their main role within the family unit is a decision maker and  a driving force. Nothing gets said nor done without their permission or at least their knowledge of it.

The Lady/Consort


Again, insert other titles & genders. The lady or Consort was usually involved in the running of the household. They would have their finger on the pulse of the house, and expected to be on top of all the goings on within the household, such as knowing the expenses, the stock of supplies and the welfare of the servants. The Consort basically works as the manager of the actual home, with the servants communicating with them or the steward. They will also be heavily involved with the poor of the region, heading charities. The Consort would also act as an ambassador of mercy, preaching mercy and forgiveness on behalf of criminals to their spouse who would be judging their case.



The children of the household lead relatively similar lives in their early years. Before puberty, children would grow up in the nursery. Babies would be given around the clock care, cared by wet nurses, rockers and a governess. Older children when about five, will begin their lessons with their tutors. When about ten or so, they to emerge in the household, trained by the Consort in how to run a household, the Lord on how lands should be ruled, how to fight from the master at arms and how to comport themselves in a mannerly way by their dancing master. They would also share their lessons with foster children known as wards (noble children taken in to be schooled by the Lord) & sometimes are sent to other nobility to be fostered. Thus tightened relations between nobles as well as provided the child with education. Teenagers would usually begin to be used as pawns in the marriage game about now but were rarely married young as some fantasy works suggest, most nobles would be married by the time they were 20. During their teen years their parents would begin to look for a spouse for them, they will usually begin to enter the society at this point, going to court and entering royal service.

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