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feytouched · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
a poem written while reading rilke's letters on cézanne. [ transcript below the cut; ask to be added to my tag list ] — the orangery literary society 🍊
[ID: "Still, Life, by Ieva Dapkevicius
Cheese wedges, their white
flat as the shock of exposed bone;
the purple heart of each
shadow suspended like a plum
in slow dim jelly;
stone of fruit held between teeth
(flash of white):
a name spat out; the tawny, bright
sunbeams piercing glass and wine
as a knife of gold slicing through this,
our hollow daily bread.
Still, life
is hallowed by the ordinary: the play of light
against that which, while not yet rotting, is
already dead."]
tag list: @beelovd @arairah @bies-from-wildland @sealavender @muddyviolets @linkedsoul @wrenling @fithragaer
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prompts-in-a-barrel · 2 days ago
“I need you in this fight. Can I trust you to have my back out there?”
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casualwriter · 2 days ago
Dialogue Prompts: “Ask…”
1. “Were you ever gonna tell me?”
“Were you ever gonna ask?”
2. “You know, you could always ask—”
“No, because then they’ll know I care!”
3. “Don’t ask.”
“Don’t need to. I know all your secrets.”
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musingsfromwritings · a day ago
staring at the monitor like a moth staring at a flame, waiting for the story to write itself
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faedaimon · 18 hours ago
I wish we could go back or bring back a time when we could study for enjoyment; when studying wasn’t about getting the best grades from standardised tests that barely make you think outside the box; when people genuinely sought knowledge for the sake of learning. Nowadays it’s all about getting a good degree just to make money, we want to finish our education quickly so we can start earning money quickly and in between we miss out out on the learning and it’s more of just racing to the finish line. It pains me so much that so many people who could’ve contributed a lot to society, are now lost just because of a piece of paper, or because they didn’t have enough money or they just lost the motivation for their passion.
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hannahs-kudos · 2 days ago
Week of 9/12/21 Writer Encouragement Masterlist
Here are my ORIGINAL writer encouragement posts from the week of 9/12:
Appreciation for Paused Writers
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Take a Break if Needed
Word Count =/= productivity
Here are those that asked to be tagged to my writer encouragement:
If you'd like to be added or removed from this taglist (or any of my others), please let me know at the post linked below: Click here.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Work has been so stressful recently, I'm amazed I got any writing done.
Are you able to write when you're stressed?
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glasswaters · 2 months ago
i’m thinking tonight about masterpieces. michelangelo looked at the sixtine chapel and saw; nothing to preserve. virgil wanted his aenid burned and forgotten; only to be saved at the behest of an emperor who thought it flattery. kafka instructed his friend to burn everything he’d ever written - too personal was it, too unfinished.
they were ignored.
instead, their work was taken and held and published and thrown to be gawked at. instead, an emperor, a pope, a friend, took from within the cavities of them their choices; their art.
tumblr rolls out post+. twitter rolls out tip jars. youtube takes half of what creators earn. on social media, there is a ko-fi or a patreon and a polished face in every bio. i show my poems to my mother and she asks if I will publish them before she says anything else. emily dickinson instructed her sister to burn her poetry.
her sister did not listen.
we are a community, says tumblr, we should give back to creators. my last poem had 50 notes. six of those were reblogs that weren’t mine. i lie in bed at 2am and stare at my bright phone screen and the way netflix’s library grows thinner and thinner. the first ad on tumblr that i can reblog is for amazon. amazon takes more than half of what authors earn.
kafka’s friend took barely finished work and hammered it into structure. he is the only reason we know of him.
my father wrote a book and a play when I was barely big enough to reach his knees. when i try to talk to him about writing, he shrugs.
no one wanted to publish it, he says. so i don’t write anymore.
i am filled with poems I have never published, books I haven’t written. There are little snippets of them scattered throughout my life. I link to my ko-fi on my tumblr.
asked capitalism of the artist: what is art, if not for consumption? who does art benefit, if it is not consumed? why create at all if you do not market it? who are you, frothing at the mouth about someone publishing someone else’s poems? who are you to hate your magnum opus? what is art, if not in relation to its reception? if no one sees it, how is it art?
said the artist, baring their teeth: it’s mine.
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thewriterswitch · 8 months ago
Every writing advice ever: If you’re having trouble with a scene, skip it and write a different part of the story.
Me: If I don’t write in chronological order, I will die
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thatwritergirlsblog · 4 months ago
Tips for Writing a Difficult Scene
Every writer inevitably gets to that scene that just doesn't want to work. It doesn't flow, no matter how hard you try. Well, here are some things to try to get out of that rut:
1. Change the weather
I know this doesn't sound like it'll make much of a difference, but trust me when I say it does.
Every single time I've tried this, it worked and the scene flowed magically.
2. Change the POV
If your book has multiple POV characters, it might be a good idea to switch the scene to another character's perspective.
9/10 times, this will make the scene flow better.
3. Start the scene earlier/later
Oftentimes, a scene just doesn't work because you're not starting in the right place.
Perhaps you're starting too late and giving too little context. Perhaps some description or character introspection is needed before you dive in.
Alternatively, you may be taking too long to get to the actual point of the scene. Would it help to dive straight into the action without much ado?
4. Write only the dialogue
If your scene involves dialogue, it can help immensely to write only the spoken words the first time round.
It's even better if you highlight different characters' speech in different colors.
Then, later on, you can go back and fill in the dialogue tags, description etc.
5. Fuck it and use a placeholder
If nothing works, it's time to move on.
Rather than perpetually getting stuck on that one scene, use a placeholder. Something like: [they escape somehow] or [big emotional talk].
And then continue with the draft.
This'll help you keep momentum and, maybe, make the scene easier to write later on once you have a better grasp on the plot and characters.
Trust me, I do this all the time.
It can take some practice to get past your Type A brain screaming at you, but it's worth it.
So, those are some things to try when a scene is being difficult. I hope that these tips help :)
Reblog if you found this post useful. Comment with your own tips. Follow me for similar content.
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digitalachilles · a month ago
I sincerely apologize for spam liking and reblogging your page dear sir I really do, but you must understand I do this to approximately 5 lucky winners a day when I crawl out of my little cave and it really cannot be helped
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prompts-in-a-barrel · a day ago
“Your technique is improved. That sword master of yours is good for something after all. But it won’t be enough.”
“We’ll see about that.”
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me trying to restrain myself from adding a 5th comma to my sentence
Tumblr media
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nikasholistic · 23 days ago
Writing for yourself first might seem selfish, but it’s essential. You have to be fully engaged in your story. You have to write something you enjoy, something that sets your soul on fire. Otherwise, you won’t feel motivated, and you will perceive the entire process as a chore. Write for yourself first, don't worry about the audience. If something is done with love and passion, it naturally attracts the right audience.
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Tumblr media
Drawing Skye to get back into things 😊❤
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universeinapen · 7 months ago
I’m a writer. This means that I only care about grammar when I’m working on my pieces or projects. Texts? Speaking? Random posts? There are no grammatically correct guarantees here.
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thewriterswitch · 6 months ago
Me: Opens document with unfinished writing
Me: Yep, it still exists *closes document*
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